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In the Allison Loves Math Podcast, host Allison Dillard invites you along on her journey to learn about how we, as parents and teachers, can best help our children and students to succeed in math and challenges in general. In each episode, Allison interviews a math, education or parenting experts to learn their best strategies for teaching students to love math, for making math easier and less stressful for parents, and for setting the next generation up for long-term success in math, STEM, school and life.

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  • ST Rapps
    Growth Mindset gets me every time!
    I love the growth mindset discussed on the Allison Loves Math Podcast as I too work daily supporting others in developing their growth mindset. Math is something that so many people have a fixed mindset on and the way Alliosn discusses growth mindset is so needed. Thanks for this!!
  • Gisele_Oliveira
    Helping Parents Be The Best Version Of Themselves
    I just found this show. What a great idea. I love the work that you are doing of helping parents be their best version by learning how to teach their kids. Keep up the great work.
  • JPS364
    Making me a better parent
    Math struggles are often a stressor in our family, but this podcast helps! She’s got tips, great guests, & ties math to everyday life to make it relevant for any path.
  • Bdj65
    A Fresh Perspective on Math
    As someone who has never loved math and struggled with it in school, this podcast has given me a new appreciation for it! The host and her guests provide great advice and positive points of view that will help any listener conquer their fear of math and learn to appreciate the value of math in the real world!
  • Kent Sanders, Writer
    An inspiring show, and not just for teachers
    Allison clearly loves math! She is not only a math genius, but a great teacher, writer, and communicator as well. If you are a parent and want your kids to do better with critical thinking skills as well as math, this is the show for you!
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