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  • Karolocs
    Love listening to y’all 👌🏼
  • Bryann._
    This podcast fire, started listening to them last year and haven’t stopped listening 😫😫
  • TinyAzpeitia
    Well Balanced Podcast
    I love how these moros are the perfect crew for the Mexican American culture! They keep getting teased about being “no sabo kids” but honestly who isn’t growing up in Cali? It’s such a Spanglish dominated state. (I’m from Anaheim, but live in Seattle now) Anyway, I have biracial kids, I’m first gen Mexican American and my kids are 2nd generation. My 12 year old wouldn’t even listen to Spanish music 3 years ago. After he started watching these kids on YouTube last year, he was so into Mexican music! He even keeps asking about going to bailes which melts my little heart! I just bought tickets to his first concert ever to see Fuerza Regida, and that would have never happened if it wasn’t for this podcast. All he wanted to listen to before was Travis Scott, Drake, Lil baby, etc. so good job guys! I’m a subscriber 4 life!
  • JoséRamirez10
    Too Good!
    Always up on the chisme in the regional with these guys! So funny and my new favorite podcast.
  • sammy2513
    best podcast ever
    i love this podcast, always making me laugh.
  • YoungNarco9mm
    Whoever doesn’t listen to Agushto papa podcast is trash. Best podcast to enjoy listening 🫡
  • AriR..
    Agushto Papa
    Love this podcast! I love how they are always energetic and amazing!
  • Memo5.0h
    Muy bien👌🏽
    The marca mp podcast was funny asl😂
  • lwk fire
    Lwk fire
  • Agushto papa fanatic #1
    Agusto papá READ THIS
    This podcast is my news broadcast. It is my regional chisme I listen to you guys all the time and I want to meet you guys one day
  • Alex~lol
    Agushtin 🐠
    Prayers for agushtin Love the podcast but i rather watch it on YT
  • Fattii7
    The Best And Only Podcast I Watch!!
    Been supporting since the beginning y puro Agushto Papaaa!! 💙
  • takuache123
    It’s awesome,personally I think they should bully keko more but like just awesome.
  • AlondraPando#19
    Amazing Podcast
    I love this podcast! I think it’s super entertaining and funny. Please don’t stop bullying Keko.
  • wiendnduc
    Saludos de luis desde san jose
    I started listening to agushto papa since flat foot angel first was on and you guys where keeping up with all the grupos and stuff I listen to then while work and when i get home i watch it again but on YouTube to see it i like how there long as well bc it never gets boring always fun keep up the good work and keep bullying keko and Hopfully ese wey keko forgives angel 😂 and party’s more Puro agushtoooo papa!!!!
  • Marky_mark760
    Aqui agusto listening to this awesome podcast! Saludos desde Palm Springs Ca. De su Compa Mark!
  • Daniel aka woody
    Best podcast
    Super funny pa I love it I never thought I would get into podcast 💯💯keep it
  • Osieldo56
    Love this podcast tbh, would be sick if these dudes and yayotv got together or collabed, good stuff tho!
  • Dj Michoel10
    10/10 Recommended
    Funniest Podcast !! Shout out Diego , jason and Keko🤣🤣💯
  • karimar4
    Sheeeesh, great podcast coming up 🔥
    Who would’ve thought I needed a cuh/takuache podcast in my life 😂 love it!!! Keep it up guys.
  • pineda.antonio4
    One of the best upcoming podcast
    They taking out the best Tacuache content out there ‼️
  • elcuhluis
    Very entertaining for los cuh most def a 5/5🌟
  • maarylizz
    1st and best takuache podcast out there 📍🎧
    Could listen to all night, funny af. can’t wait for more!!
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