Bombing with Eric Andre

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Join stand-up comedian Eric Andre every week as he hangs with his friends to talk about BOMBING. They talk about their worst moments bombing on stage, in public, in life, under the influence and many more gnarly stories that may or may not involve audience members throwing a punch.

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  • calvin the fortnite guy
    Dildo Baggins
    Post some episodes!!!
  • BonkaTonkaToy
    4 min?! Are you serious?
    How is it a bonus? I’m not starting a 4 min pod. 2 out of the 4 min are probably ads. This is disappointing cause i like the premise. This cash grab ain’t it tho
  • Gordmaybe
    Now why does Steve-o sound like Whoopi Goldberg?
  • Yoryaki
    Funny. Sound effects bad.
  • Prozizzle
    Talking about stealing jokes is funny because
    Almost all your act is stolen from Paul McCarthy. Comedians mostly have no idea about fine art so they can’t say anything.
  • yung$ancho
    Capitalistic Greed
    Podcast are suppose to be free I’m tired of everything being behind a “paywall” I was excited about Eric Andre doing a podcast but not anymore #unsubscribed
  • ARKLucero
    It’s Vince Staples
    They’re talk about Vince Staples.
    This is
    A nice treat
  • TC Well
    So fun
  • gentlemen's pocky
    An awesome podcast, just plain fun and hilarious !
    If you like any of Eric Andre’s other stuff than you will dig this
  • podskank
    Eric Andre is disappointing
    1 star to anyone who signed that horrendous letter for genocide Joe. Unsubscribe.
  • Aspiringcomic
    Eric is a treasure.
    Love his syrup.
  • Twiterrrrrr
  • Msr7676
    Keep the sound effects
    Don’t know why people don’t like the sound effects… it makes the stories even better. This pod is awesome.. thanks the entertainment ❤️
  • Dkalie
    I like it
    It’s funny.
  • Duke_92
    Great Behind the Scenes Insight
    I’ve being listening to this both as a fan of stand up and as an aspiring writer. Some guests are more my speed than others, but overall there’s great insight into thinking about the connection between an audience and an artist. Despite my nerdy take, EA is worth listening to just for the laughs. A welcome addition to my regular podcast rotation.
  • sarknows
    Love it
    Eric Andre is hot. Cool to see him be real
  • Username: aquarock
    Legalize ranch
    Legalize everything!
  • Brian Beaton
    More sound effects!!!
    F$&@ing hilarious
  • Kmaygatg527
    Only an @hol karens about sound effects & ‘editing’
    Great content , with amazing true stories! More sound effects !! (Forget these 1 and 3 star jabronis complaining like an old lady at a metal concert whining about the noise !)
  • Glompix
    Classic Eric Andre
    I’ve been a fan of Eric’s since season 1 of his show. The Mac DeMarco and Sarah Squirm episodes hooked me. The over-the-top editing is on-brand and I hope they keep it. (yes I just wrote this review to rebut another review)
  • ttdddjjjj
    Sound design makes this unlistenable
    A case study in how to ruin good content with editing
  • a2e2p2a
    Five for potential
    Gave the podcast Five Stars for potential, but good lord, drop the sound effects! They’re horrible and detract from the amazing stories. You don’t need them. They’re like music cues for the dumbest audience of all time.
  • Phantasmalmirth
    Ride or die
    I’m not sure why this isn’t getting better ratings, aside from that people don’t have good taste 👌🏽 I love everything this strange man does and the guests are phenomenal as well. It’s like being a fly on the wall for a laidback conversation between two of the most hilarious people you know. What a treat! And to everyone who says “enough with the sound effects,” do you know Eric Andre? He is nothing but extra.
  • Rachel885
    Engaging and interesting
    This is a fun listen. The host and guests tell great stories. The sound effects are distracting and do not enhance the experience. It’s like a laugh track on a sitcom.
  • Hasil F
    Great guests-super Eric Andre-y Just what u would want & maybe even need
  • tornpolyester
    Love the podcast but can we lose the sound effects
    Great podcast and I’m a huge Eric Andre fan!! However, the sound effects are very distracting and unnecessary.
  • Bojado72
    Thankfully manages to keep politics out of it
    This show could have gone down a rabbit hole of blaming everyone but themselves for a show that bombed but instead of the host is very self depreciating which makes the show much more enjoyable. In addition, thankfully there are no identity politics or other society imposed political correctness
  • Owlboy49
    subtle sound design please
    Fewer background sound effects during the stories.
  • Narjis189
    5 stars
  • VictoriaG8
    Eric the man the legend the boss
    This show was exactly what I was hoping it would be. It’s so funny and Eric’s comedic brain is elite. I love his guest Sam Jay who is also hilarious. Chefs kiss.
  • Nullity
    Shecky, is that u?
    Sound effects are very Shecky Green-like. Whole show is just meh.
  • Hello from SW...VA
    Off The Cuff Hilarity
    Saw Eric Andre on an episode of Chelsea and he was absolutely hilarious. So I had to check THIS out. Amazingly funny interactions and a sharp wit that manages to be civil.
  • Enterthewagon
    I’ve been a fan of Eric Andre, since his adult swim show started
    This pod laughs in my butt off and it sounds strange, but I feel like I can relate to Eric Andre better now because Il get a sense of who he really is.
  • Monkey Maze
    Fantastically Funny
    Wow! I could not stop laughing. Amazingly funny stories!
  • beiges fun 21
    Women’s World Cup
    Love you all by the way you are really good Broadcasting yeah 😍
    Eric Andre is a MESS
    I love this man, he is so funny!
  • fuglygang
    Love Eric. You should listen
    Probably will keep listening to this cause Eric is funny and I like him. Not into the sound effects tho, too much and too often.
    Eric Is Funny
    I heard the first episode and it’s some wild, wacky stuff! Nice production values too. God Bless America and Eric Andre!!
  • ILoveMozzStyxs
    💣 💣 💣
    I could listen to Eric and Michelle talk all day. Looking forward to upcoming guests! 💣
  • Bicto12
    i can’t wait
    this podcast sounds like it will be hilarious ! can’t wait to finally hear it
  • bradywright5
    This is gonna be good 😃
    Eric Andre cracks me up, and being produced by the ridiculously funny Andy Harris - cannot wait for this! 👍👏🙌
  • Parking angel
    Comedy best in class
    I’m so excited to see what they have in store! Andy is a comedy genius!
  • geeniegeenie
    So good
    So excited for this!!
  • Berman Brother
    Andy Harris is horrible
    Andy is behind on scenes on this podcast because he’s unfunny and has zero talent. He’s right where he belongs!
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