Philosophize This!


Beginner friendly if listened to in order! For anyone interested in an educational podcast about philosophy where you don't need to be a graduate-level philosopher to understand it. In chronological order, the thinkers and ideas that forged the world we live in are broken down and explained.

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Recent Reviews
  • TSSfan2020
    Amazing content!
    Thank you for putting together concepts in a digestible way. Now I understand logic better.
  • Unironic Unironic
    Arguably Okay
    The first few episodes are bad, the more recent ones are much better.
  • braddalton
    Stop putting yourself down
    I’m learning a lot from these although the tone is as if I’m a third grader with ADD I just want the guy who does these to stop saying that he’s really boring or that the subject is really boring or that philosophy will put us to sleep. Just do the show. We want to learn about Philisophy. it’s working so I said just stop talking about yourself so much and judging your material. Just tell us the ideas. It’s fantastic!
  • Cremlock
    Philosophize This!
    New to this podcast. I found it accidentally, and I’m glad that I did. I was hooked instantly even through Mr. West himself has described the earlier episodes self-deprecatingly as cringe worthy. Thank you for the excellent show.
  • lovedthisthing
    Just great stuff
    If you have any interest in philosophy you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast
  • Iloveit123098
    First episode Africa
    Hey, I’m enjoying the podcast so far but I think you should address the outlandish remarks about Africa you had made within the first 10 minutes of episode 1. I understand it may seem unimportant but your entire show is fundamentally teaching philosophy so I think it’s fair to address your ignorant remarks about it being 170 degrees everyday or there being no water. It’s ignorant and your platform doesn’t support ignorance, at least I hope it doesn’t. I look forward to hearing the rest of you work.
  • bonjouruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Great Podcast
    This podcast has helped me grow as a person more than I imagined because what he’s saying in the podcast is extremely applicable, informative, or both!
  • kong rong
    Worth your time
    Whether you have a prior interest in philosophy, its history and its thinkers or you just want to dip your toe in and broaden your horizons, this podcast is worth your time. The host makes complex topics accessible and interesting while still taking them seriously and going into a reasonable amount of depth considering how brief the episodes are.
  • Spirodontist
    I love this podcast!
    Fascinating, real, accessible, Stephen’s attitude completely sums up my attitude towards philosophy; it should be used to help us understand the world and help us live our lives. And I don’t mind the rock music one bit!
  • Jonnymchittison
    Chad Podcast
    My boy loves what he’s doin and it shows. Magnetic enthusiasm and interest. Very well written and communicated.
  • JohnsonRhianna
    Where has this been all my life
    I finally found a worthy way to spend my time in quarantine. Thank you sir.
  • babababiiiusss
    Excellent podcast
    Really helpful and insightful podcast. Would recommend!!
  • cosmic placeholder
    My go to for entertainment and education
    I did not graduate high school. I didn’t grow up in a set of circumstances that directed me towards placing any importance on higher education. I have not been to college because I’ve always had to work several jobs to scrape by. Despite all of that, this podcast has continuously provided me a space to expand my thinking. It is presented in an interesting and engaging Manor that encourages intellectual creativity and introspection regardless of your prior knowledge or interest in philosophical matters. I have and will continue to listen to several episodes over and over — each time learning something new about myself and the world around me. Without resources like this, people like myself would find it difficult to dive so deeply into a subject that can often feel exclusive and unaffordable. I am eternally grateful :)
  • Drew_LMT
    Helped me personally
    Really enjoy these reflections. Helps me to breathe a little easier. Super validating, relatable, funny yet deep. I enjoy the development having started with episode one. I feel stephen is a close friend, despite never having met him and being a lot less inclined to intellectual excursions. Thanks Stephen for your consistency and hard work that is available for free to me, a humble admirer, and my friends.
  • Oya Boya
    Like taking a college class from a great prof, even better because there’s no homework
    This podcast made quarantining, which has become a lifestyle, a whole lot better. Big ideas are made so accessible, so meaningful with the way Stephen connects them to the time-period and shows their significance in the grand scheme of things. A great podcast to listen to for anyone with simply an interest in philosophy, with no background necessary to understand.
  • Pinner1098
    Necessary listening
    So appreciative of this podcast. Especially now with COVID, this podcast has kept me motivated and curious to learn. It’s been a lifeline in a very dark time. Thanks Stephen for all you do!
  • Björkian
    So glad i found this podcast!! I studied philosophy years ago and listening to this gave me so many new perspectives about certain philosophers, often quite hilarious. Currently on a binge of ‘philosophize this’!
  • Rudolpholus
    Relevant, consistent, entertaining, balanced and stimulating
    I could list many more adjectives for this program and nary a negative word would be heard. The best conversations I have with friends, family and colleagues are often inspired by a recent episode of this show. That’s the best thing I can say about a podcast. Thank you!
  • Call me Ishmikekell(y)
    Great Show!
    If you are new to philosophy this show is super accessible! Seriously, it is very impressive. Even if you are more experienced in philosophy (raises hand) this show can really help fill in the gaps in your knowledge due to the sheer scope of Stephen’s mission
  • AugustJacquel
    Great listening
  • MastersApprentice
    Philosophy and metal <3
    I love love love this podcast! Informative, interesting and has a little metal type intro?! I think I’m infatuated 😍😂
  • Karl Wegner
    Making the profound Understandable
    West makes so much of philosophy understandable. I was a philosophy major at UCLA in the 70's and wished I had this podcast as a resource
  • Ashley_patel
    My Favorite podcast! So addicting and Stephen West is the least biased, most knowledgeable host!
    Phenomenal Podcast.
    The host is so charismatic and down-to-earth that it’s difficult to not want to binge each episode. The content is very informative on each topic it covers and also manages to connect to our world seamlessly in a way that makes me see even concepts I previously thought as inconceivable as having some weight. Beautiful.
  • Bdeeesh
    International treasure
    Hi, This show should taught at schools instead of all the useless education you can sometimes get. It should be in public libraries. Thanks for doing this
  • Jatin19k
    I wouldn’t have learnt philosophy without his though experiments.
    Steve’s thought experiments helped me to understand not only the philosophy concept he introduce us to in this pod, but in my general life as well. Thank you.
  • lathammh
    Such incredible content, what a resource. Thanks, Stephen.
  • GustavoBibleStudy
    West is a Thought Experiment Genius
    West’s thought experiments are as valuable as the philosophy he’s teaching. These creative, everyday life, updated thought experiments are his contribution to philosophy and the English speaking world. I’d hope this work will be one day translated to other mainstream languages and reach all humanity. This podcast is a course. A fantastic one. Life changing for me. And West is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my life. I’m a Chemical Engineer and I’m 62. And this younger teacher motivates me to keep learning for the rest of my life. Thank-you, Thank-you, Than-you. Gustavo Bacce
  • ErnOhm
    Long time listener, first time commenter
    It’s amazing how much of an affinity I feel for each philosopher’s worldview explained here in this amazing podcast. With each passing episode, I feel I get closer to learning the essence of who I am, or can become. “Palpating the unknowable” as Deleuze would say. Thank you, Mr. West for delivering the goods so eloquently. May I have my Philosophize This! pens now?
  • RockYoShiz
    The best
    My absolute favorite podcast.
  • A75X3
    Great podcast!
    I listen to it every day! The host is clear and entertaining and I learn a lot!
  • Scurry Ray
    Best podcast I have ever listened to
    I’m only on Episode 10 as I found this late, but this is the best podcast I have ever listened to. Top quality production and research and the host is incredibly humble and likable.
  • T. Mayus.
    Clear and Distinct Ideas
    After years of seeking and listening to philosophy podcasts, this one has become my all around favorite. It lacks the discussion that make many Phil podcasts a pleasant, causal listen, but this means its actually a focused treatment of a single theme, making it perfect for introducing ideas and actually having something to take away from it. There is also an incredible variety of authors considered. The series on Gilles Deleuze is what convinced me that this is my first stop when I’m looking for podcast support of my reading. Highly recommended.
  • DalenGsiech
    Simple and easy to understand!
    I know nothing about philosophy so this is a PERFECT start! Honestly I loved the rock music in the first couple episodes and maybe he brings it back I don’t know. This is definitely for anyone that’s new to these types of concepts and wants to get a basic understanding.
  • Regardlesslol
    Open minded
    If you can open your mind, understand the importance in perspective! I believe you will enjoy listing to this podcast!
  • IJustKantDoIt
    My problem with this podcast
    Is the work that it takes for one man to summarize, pluck, condense, massage, and cram huge works into these tiny digestible and wonderfully enjoyable morsels for plebeians like me is exhausting and can render one mad I imagine. I wish you good health and minimal distractions, Mr. West. Go now. Read more stuff. Carry on for my listening pleasure. And thank you.
  • interindependent
    Listen. Think. Find.
    If you don’t like what Stephen says (or how he says it) then ask or figure out why you feel that way, then give a well-founded explanation. Sometimes Stephen starts his show with a certain sway, story, or antidote; please listen through that part and the rest of the show, then ask, “why did he start the show that way?” Don’t just leave 3 (or fewer) stars and say, “he’s very disrespectful of....” or “he’s too one-sided.” If you listen through the show you’ll see he’s not. Listen to the whole show. Think for yourself. Find your own path through the material he presents. Question things, then email him about it, and have a discussion. That’s life. I don’t review podcasts - this is my first review. Stephen is a great delivery man of food for thought...better than Grubhub. I put off listening to this podcast. I subscribed in 2019, but started listening in 2020 - I don’t know why. Glad I’m listening now and you will too.
  • Farnazzzi
    Avicenna was a persian Philosopher, not Arabic. Even if you google it, the first thing comes up is that he was a persian scientist.
  • D.alfouzan
    Highly recommended
    Favorite podcast
  • Nmgg754
    Great podcast for curious and reflective listeners
    Love this podcast. I truly think it has made me a better person.
  • WillTomB1111
    Tinged by unobjective disrespect
    I listened to his Machiavelli podcast hoping to learn more about this fascinating figure, but was immediately turned off by his (what I would call) opinionated rant about the Church at the beginning. I’m not sure if his other podcasts are like that, but I just found it unobjective and disrespectful to those who practice Catholicism, Christianity, or really any religion.
  • kuhukg
    A fantastic podcast for introducing philosophy
    Relatable, well-explained & thorough introductions to each author. Love the author’s approach. My one personal request would be that you cover more theorists that are women or people of color. Catherine MacKinnon, judith butler, edward Said, gayatri Spivak, franz fanon, Frank Wilderson, etc Thank you for your hard work on these & hope your podcast gets the exposure it deserves. I recommend it frequently to others.
  • Werewerewere
    Amazing podcast
    I’m only on the third episode and I know I’m going to listen to all of these. Excellent information presented in a cohesive and clear way! This is every philosophy student’s dream podcast.
  • The Human Condition
    Shake up your world view
    This podcast is a delight, and has taken listeners through so many phases in philosophy in history, right up to helping introduce incredibly complicated, often inaccessible post-modern philosophers to modern listeners with ease and humor. I’ve always had a hard time understanding the ideas of modern philosophers especially, because the style of writing is often designed to gate-keep the general public out. This podcast does an incredible service to introducing listeners to valuable ways of understanding the modern world, including the political and economic systems we are living in today that is causing a lot of grief — from “fake news” to capitalist backlash to understanding fascism and what the human condition is and what it means to live a good life. I have never supported a podcast on Patreon before but this podcast changed my worldview and gave me so many small nuggets to delve deeper into that I really feel like this got me farther in understanding some difficult problems with the world. I thought I needed a therapist but what I really needed was… a philosopher! (And hey, Patreon is WAY cheaper!)
  • Lady Coco Rose
    Very Interesting!
    So much information but easy to follow and entertaining at the same time! Keep up the great work!
  • jmeso20
    Best Philosophy Podcast
    Such an easy to follow and interesting podcast. Never have found a philosophy podcast this entertaining! Much respect for someone whose been doing this for years
  • mikekasper1985
    Good at first.
    I started listening to the show when it first began and was with it for quite some time. It was great. I did like seeing how the sound quality and his discussions progressed. I enjoyed the wide range of topics the show presented. I stopped listening to the show about two years ago when it became bland and focused primarily on one subject, namely political philosophy. It is an important topic but the themes and ideas between the philosophers on the subject become repetitive. I check back every once in a while to see if there’s any refreshing material but that’s not the case. I gave some innocent criticism about this show on twitter once, about how the show seems to be steering in the same direction and lacks variety to give some constructive feedback and the very next episode Mr. West recorded a line directly related saying that people with this kind of criticism are simply shallow or have a lack of knowledge, which is a very narrow outlook on his part. The host makes comments like this throughout the episodes with other comments he has received in emails, etc. The host needs to know that ignorance does not equal lower intelligence. The point of the show is to give information in an easy, quick, and accessible way for people in a hurry looking for intellectual stimulation. This is like his gossip on a media platform. He has difficulty handling criticisms. He’s also a beggar of donations. Mentioning how someone can donate here and there is permissible and understandable, as someone may just know not. But there are several times Mr. West explicitly asks for donations, pleading to not have to go back to the warehouse work he once endured. If people truly enjoy the show, they will seek out a way to help if they know that the show is run by donations. They will look for the official website that has all of the information and links provided to help donate and keep the show going.
  • ZeePrezent
    On podcast 4 now. I don’t get entertained easily but this is great information and entertainment. Thank you!
  • falsefloors
    My favorite a podcast!
    Stephen has a terrific and relaxed teaching style mixing top notch insight with humor. I’ve learned a great deal about the history of philosophy from his podcast and each episode leaves me with a great deal to ruminate on. Best of all listening to his podcast makes the hours at work fly by!
  • marikeh
    Really interesting and highly engaging!!
    Always wanted to learn about philosophy, but I’m more scientifically oriented in school and haven’t had the opportunity, and this podcast was exactly the sort of resource that I needed! All concepts are well and plainly explained with lots of background, giving each episode not just depth, but breadth too.
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