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Beginner friendly if listened to in order! For anyone interested in an educational podcast about philosophy where you don't need to be a graduate-level philosopher to understand it. In chronological order, the thinkers and ideas that forged the world we live in are broken down and explained.

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  • eelahtoofgib_
    Love it
    Stephen West is the best! So glad I found this podcast. So informative and FUN!
  • FadedNight
    Best podcast host ✅
    Stephen West is an excellent host. He is incredibly thoughtful and kind. His website mentions his only goal in life is to make a podcast that brightens people's lives a little bit. I think you’ve nailed it man! The sheer scope of work that you explain & summarize is revolutionary. I get some amazing insights into subjects and listening has been huge inspiration for my creative endeavors. Also, I like how you use humor. It helps keep me engaged. Thank you so much Stephen
  • Kate AM
    Opened up a lot of doors for me
    Excellent podcast; so clearly the product of a dedicated, measured and incisive mind. I started listening to try and understand a concept in a paper I was reading for a class and I kept listening long after the class ended. This podcast inspired a love of philosophy that I wouldn’t have had otherwise and has helped me become more open-minded and curios as a person. (Particular favorites so far: the Isaiah Berlin/Frankfurt School episodes and the Simone Weil episodes)
  • Lyuba Barcelona
    Mind Expanding
    I’ve been listening for years and love how Stephen manages to take complex ideas and break them down in a way you can not only understand but also apply to your own life. Oh and he’s hilarious. What more could you ask for in a podcast?
  • mikeymcdangerface
    Go Big Brain
    I wanted to upgrade my Grey Matter and consume something other than social commentary dribble so I thumbed in “philosophy” and this was a top result. Listening chronologically. Host goes in depth on some stuff i casually consumed in college and at the local library. Good listen. Whats up with the haters who didn't like the metal guitar intros to each new philosopher who gets introduced?!? I thought that was awesome, and definitely the wake up call/ professor slapping the ruler on your desk that it was intended to be. But I guess the podKarens among us will always insure we never have nice things. Thank you.
  • curiousjG
    Engaging and informative
    I came across this podcast accidentally and loved the more recent episode. I decided to heed the recommendation to listen chronologically. Even in the very first episode you’re very engaging. I am glad I found this show. Thank you!
  • OG Fowlst
    I was wrong
    I wrote a premature, immature review a couple weeks ago because of some minor things. While this podcast does have its flaws, as a student of philosophy I'm seriously very grateful that Stephen has taken the time to educate people the best way he can about not only the history of philosophy, but with an obvious passion also teaches in palatable and engaging methods philosophy itself. I really only use this podcast supplementally to self teaching but in an existence where I don't encounter anyone who wants to discuss philosophy, this really helps me see things in a different perspective. Something in particular that I'm thankful for is Stephen not avoiding tough topics. I feel like I don't see enough actually intellectual people in my life but Stephen is one of the few I feel like I can listen to and not worry about being led in the wrong direction.
  • joyous n
    Best philosophy podcast to date
    literally such a great resource, and makes philosophy very digestible to newcomers!!!
  • PotStuck
    Top notch
    Right up there with Spencer Klavan!
  • Dragontailrider
    Philosopher you can live by
    Stephen is awesome! Over the years, I’ve been listening to him, he’s given me countless jewels that have better enabled me to serve others around me while enriching my own life.
  • Thrill-seek
    Eye-opening —Treasure of a Podcast
    Stephen West’s talks make concepts of philosophy which I have always wanted to know more about, accessible.
  • mwg32
    He finds diamonds and presents them
    There is a lot of poor philosophy that comes from many of the philosophers presented here, but what Stephen does is find what value they do hold, and presents them here in a clear articulate manner. Even while faiths like Christianity and Marxism have stifled much thought, Stephen has shown that their thinkers can still present many perspectives worthy of examination.
  • Mishtrish
    As a philosophy major in the early 00s… if this podcast has only existed then. Zero percent esoteric. I recommend listening in chronological order, start with whatever era.
  • Hood Ninj4
    Historically Inaccurate
    How could Christian’s persecute Democritus several hundred years before Christianity was founded?
  • Kikiveran
    Bravo! makes me want to go to my favorite site on philosophy, the Stamford, encyclopedia of philosophy, and see Latinas in greater detail. Thank you, Stephen.
  • Approved Customer111
    Really Interesting and Thought Provoking!
    A really nice podcast to listen to while walking from class to class at Uni or while I have free time outdoors too!
  • Comedyfannnnn
    Love it
    Best Podcast about Philosophy I’ve heard
  • Jessero83
    Great insights
    Wonderful breakdown of various aspects of thinking taking into account of the author’s zeitgeist!
  • Laurainsua94
    Best Podcast Ever!
    I love this podcast!! It keeps me company every day driving to or from work :) Thank you Steve!!
  • Leensta
    Provocative concepts clearly presented
    I needed a crash course in philosophy prior to starting a PhD program in art criticism and aesthetics, and Philosophize this! was exactly the tutoring I needed. Thank you Stephen West for breaking down complex concepts and making easier for newcomers to access. Most of these texts are difficult read and need some kind of contextualization and interpretation, West lends his enthusiasm and clear commentary to these writings and connects them to related concepts with ease using comprehendible examples. Well done! Long live the humanities :)
  • Vtz
    It’s perfect.
    Remember that one teacher you just loved in High School? This is all I wanted from an educational philosophy podcast. Thanks Stephen!
  • tianbelo
    Sort of a Dan Carlin for philosophy.
  • angelina xoxox oxoxox
    This is hands down my favorite podcast.
    Stephan West’s Philosophize This! is a great podcast to listen to whether you’re a newbie to philosophy or not. Every episode (and I’ve listened to all of them) is relevant and thought provoking. Stephan West is really good at making what are usually difficult philosophical topics understandable, easy to follow, and enjoyable. I am supremely grateful for this show. The vibes are great, the content worthwhile and informative. My day is made brighter every time I see a new episode. Thank you Stephan West!
  • Jeri Lawler
    Wonderful - but please talk slower
    I love this pod but he talks WAY TOO FAST please for the love of god take it down by 25%. If you do that you're going to be HUGE
  • _b.kelly_
    Refreshingly human show. West provides a deeply impressive presentation and thoughtful perspective. I’m hooked.
  • DutchEighty
    Hats off to how much work is put into each and every episode. Easy to digest and well presented. Just getting into philosophy and loving every minute of it. Thank you sir.
  • RobSub
    Good podcast for those who have some knowledge
    This is a decent podcast if you already have some knowledge of the philosopher or subject matter. This can only serve as a supplement and not necessarily a deep source of the subjects.
  • lllevielll
    Extraordinary from episode 1
    A brilliantly conceived and easy to listen to approach to philosophy from the earliest history of humans. Constantly worth revisiting episodes to see what Stephen has to say on an idea, or a philosopher. Having sampled many other philosophy shows, I find them to be anywhere from useless, to meh, to downright irritating. This is Stephen West’s calling, and with the assistance of this podcast, I continue to learn how to open my mind, set aside personal biases (which Stephen does VERY well for the good of the show), and think through various ideas and concepts in a way I never imagined I would. It’s like waking up for the first time.
  • am so C all go go d
    Thank you!
    I’m so grateful to have a podcast that makes me smile whenever I see a new episode is up. There are a lot of podcasts out there- this is one of the good ones.
  • Woolfmaster
    Important podcast
    Title important sounds little over the top but this is truly the most consolidated and digestible source of philosophy I have ever come across. This is important because these podcasts demonstrate various modes of thinking that honestly every person should at least be aware of. Centuries of philosophy compiled into bite size samples. Even if people choose not to subscribe to or use philosophy in their life, all people should have the opportunity to be exposed to these ideas. This podcast is a wonderfully delightful and easy way to do that. Thanks for the excellent podcast!
  • sj_valencia
    Thought provoking
    These are a salve for the twitchy attention span - so assessable. a treat to think about how we have framed out and structured our world
  • Kurrts
    Best show
    This is going to sound exaggerated, but I mean it: My life is better because of this podcast. Genuinely grateful for the ideas expressed and all involved in making them more accessible.
  • eggprotienisgood
    Great for school
    I’m a graduate student in anthropology with no philosophy background. This podcast is a great way to get that basic training, but also it teaches me how to ask provoking questions that have impact. Great stuff!
  • Non permanence
    Great podcast to get into Philosophy
    I’m in my 2nd go through this podcast as there is so much to take it. Great way to get a simple clear (if there is such a thing in philosophy) of the basics. I find this very therapeutic! Also no commercials as of yet, but I wouldn’t blame Stephen if he did!
  • SexMedNP
    Can’t Get Enough!
    One of the all time top podcasts. Listen at night and get wise while you get sleepy!
  • jdkskskejhrjeje
    So, So, So Good!
    My favorite podcast, ever. Any curious person should hang out with Stephen West.
  • Hooray for Weil
    Straight, No Chaser
    This show is excellent. I have listened on
  • representIowa
    Thanks for all of your work on sharing these ideas, loved it for years from the Midwest U.S.
  • Jajaganja4/20
    I’m starting from the beginning and bingeing the show. The host is well spoken and succinct. I love it.
  • frqnt tvlr
    My college age son introduced me to the Phosophize This! podcast. I started off a bit skeptical but quickly found the material to be even handed, detailed and filled with modern context. It is clearly not the typical approach of “philosophy is so high and mighty you can’t understand it”. Great job and I look forward to more episodes.
  • jimmythejim
    The best!
    Hands down the best philosophy podcast out there.
  • Lights8301
    Love your podcasts
    Absolutely favorite podcasts to listen! Wish there would be more new episodes! Thank you 🙏🏻
  • hgg did dyshdg
    The only podcast I listen to
  • Half blood saran
    Amazing guy, Fantastic show!
    Greetings from Iran! I practically stumbled upon your podcast by chance and instantly became a fan. Your humble and down-to-earth manner, precise info, and easy-to-follow script have combined to create a fantastic podcast. I wish you all the best. Thank you for philosophize this!
  • Dalo dadoy
    I enjoy every single episode. Thank you so much for this wonderful podcast!
  • areagray
    Grateful for Stephen. Opens up worlds for discovery.
  • The bandersnatchers
    Much appreciated
    Great insight into a field I hadn’t known much about before. A new favorite.
  • Coolness465
    nothing beats this podcast. Mr. West, and I’m not talking Kanye, you are one of a kind.
  • Gabriella Ghiselli
    Best podcast around
    Stephen, Thanks for making this podcast so accesible, philosophy can be overwhelming but this podcast makes it attractive! This podcast is so well made, thanks for the consistency along the years!
  • ZenAbba
    Beautifully Done!
    Just listened to episode 161 on Karl Popper. Absolutely beautifully done! Thanks you so much for the clarity and elegance of this series. Well done!
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