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The Official Podcast of Bourbon! The best in bourbon news, reviews and interviews with people making the bourbon whiskey industry happen. The show dives into bourbon culture with informed, captivating, and casual dialogue. Join hosts Kenny Coleman, Ryan Cecil, and Fred Minnick as they talk with prominent guests and tackle critical American whiskey issues 3 times a week. Catch all new episodes every Thursday with special Whiskey Quickie reviews on Tuesday and get caught up on bourbon news with This Week in Bourbon on Friday.

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  • Bigjay1584
    The Gold Standard
    The quality of the show and insights provided are the best out there. For me it sets the standard for what a Bourbon podcast should be like. I really liked the recent series “Is bourbon broken.” It gave many different viewpoints on how to understand what has been happening with bourbon over the past 15 years and where it is going. Keep up the great work gentlemen!
  • Swimmer0049
    Love you guys
    Found this podcast a couple weeks ago and have been making my way through the older ones. I love the chemistry at the round table and was laughing my butt off at the one episode where Blake’s bottle pop was so loud and Kenny was no pleased. Even though it wasn’t meant to be, it really turned into a great podcast moment. I need to get to KY to have a couple with y’all. Keep up the great work. I also really like the new format of giving bourbon news a whole episode.
  • From Maysville
    Best Bourbon Podcast
    Kenny and Ryan are great and have been doing this for years. They are honest and thoughtful about what is right and wrong in the industry. They also bring on quality guests who know the industry. A must listen. Keep up the good work guys!
  • Bdal10
    Really love the new TWiB show! Get all the news in bourbon for the week in one podcast. Excellent idea guys! Always listen to the original BP podcast too! Keep up the good work guys!
  • NaturalL0G
    Best Bourbon Podcast and Informative Source
    Well produced, great content, and extremely knowledgable hosts. My go-to for bourbon news, release info, and reviews.
  • TptJAM
    If you’re into bourbon…
    If you’re into bourbon, this is your podcast. The hosts are down to earth guys who are knowledgeable and genuine. Fred’s Above the Char segment is always informative. There are always great topics with industry guests, great reviews, and bourbon news. Listen/subscribe now!
  • Frers 36 sailor
    Lack of journalistic integrity
    Just listened to episode 323. Normally I like the show but I was very disappointed today. The round table talked about the heaven Hill strike, but they didn’t mention that heaven hill is a sponsor of the show. Their reporting of the strike seemed to be very pro management and dismiss the unions grievances. Additionally it sounded like the guys had previously crossed the picket line to do a barrel pick while workers were on strike at 4 Roses. In the past I’ve listened to the show more for industry news, because usually I don’t care that much for their tasting notes. Overall though really weak reporting, including when Fred said “a strike may have killed Pappy Van Winkle.” If you aren’t going to support the strike, I just wish they’d give more insight into why these working class people are striking, instead of just saying these things happen.
  • Wes Hardin
    Simply the Best
    By far the most informative podcast available. No drunken nonsense, everyone is knowledgeable, and interviews with industry who’s who are great.
  • Bradley1968
    Entertaining and educational
    Kenny, Ryan, and all the guests do a great job of letting you into the bourbon world. It feels like you are sipping a dram with them on a couch somewhere. Highly recommend.
  • NickInTheValley
    Engaging and Helpful
    This podcast groped me learn about bourbon years ago. They helped me navigate the bourbon world and learn about great whiskey without paying stupid prices or chasing the wrong stuff. The conversational nature of the show and personalities of Kenny, Ryan, and others makes it fun to listen to as well.
  • SB Chi/KY
    What are you waiting for?
    Great podcast! Entertaining and informative. Always fresh content plus a huge catalog of past episodes that are still relevant. Perfect for the seasoned bourbon enthusiast as well as those new to bourbon.
  • RandomAndroid
    Informative and personable
    These guys get all the best interviews with insiders in the bourbon industry. Their back catalog is full of excellent info.
  • codfish09
    Favorite Podcast
    This show is always a great listen for anyone interested in Whiskey. Every show is entertaining and full of information. I am always looking forward to the next episode to be released. Perfect way to occupy my time on my commute.
  • Evan Pittsburgh
    Great stuff!
    Love listening to Ryan, Kenny, Fred, and the BCR crew on a weekly basis! Keep crushing it !
  • CaptainQuint
    One Stop Bourbon Shop
    10 Minutes, 10 Days or 10 Years … it doesn’t matter how long have you been drinking Bourbon. This podcast covers everything from basics to industry insights from experts that many people will never get to meet. I only found this podcast a month ago but now I listen every day!
  • togepreee
    9 minutes of ads
    I listened to one episode and it had over 9 minutes of ads in the beginning of it. Ridiculous
  • Big Hitter13
    Great podcast, informative and great fun
    Content is always entertaining and informative, if you have even the slightest interest in bourbon, this is always a must listen.
  • thekaiser82
    Years of great content! Enjoy!
  • Limmy80
    Love the content! Always enjoyable to learn more about bourbon. The history is always super interesting!!
  • Pakata99
    Great guests and topics. Lots of Private barrel selections if you don’t mind high prices
    The podcast is exceptional. They always have good guests and topics. The also have a prolific private barrel selection program to which you can subscribe. The selections are usually expensive with shipping in addition. Despite the cost, if you’re a fan of private barrels, they have some great picks.
  • sulli_sulli
    Great content
    Lots of quality content from C+C. Keep up the great work guys.
  • RyanJoseph7
    Love this podcast!
    Always interesting topics about the world of bourbon. These guys do a great job.
  • Ideakitchn
    Expand your mind and your palate
    This is a great podcast to learn about all aspects of bourbon. It’s a great way to learn about bourbon’s people, business, history, methods, and brands. You get long format episodes that dive deep into a topic, eg. all about yeast, or quick reviews on new bottles. It is the one podcast that I still listen too, even though I no longer have a commute.
  • Gibsonsgorlp
    Best bourbon & whiskey podcast
    This is a very informative and entertaining show for any whiskey lover. I learn so much from these guys. Thank you for all the great content.
  • SiptoSotaBetsy
    Bourbon Jackpot!
    These guys are fun, entertaining and well worth a listen. I’m a long time bourbon and coke drinker, that transitioned into a neat tater drinker about ten years ago. I could have stopped living in the horsey stables long ago, if I had only found these guys sooner!
  • jrobuck
    Great podcast for bourbon enthusiasts!
    Kenny and Ryan are great. They get really good guests from the industry and have interesting and thoughtful conversations. If you’re a Patreon member, the barrel pick program is great. I have reached out to Kenny with questions a couple of times and he’s always been quick to respond and helpful. Of course Fred Minnick is a legend in the industry and his Above the Char segments are always enlightening. Thanks guys!
  • hickmanoid
    Everything you need to know about bourbon
    Informative, professionally produced, timely, with all you need to know about bourbon. Guests include the master distillers of bourbon and rye, and others in the business including brand ambassadors, tasters, and others in the whiskey world. The hosts are KY born and raised and, though young, have years of knowledge in that industry. The Bourbon Community Roundtables, occurring about every 3 weeks are an added bonus covering many topics with bourbon as the underlying subject, and given in a casual manner by other bloggers, authors, etc. Definitely worth the time. They’ve completed more than 250 episodes and there’s not a loser in the bunch.
  • RobBishop66
    Great Content
    I’ve been listening for a few years now and I look forward to a new episode every single week. Kenny and Ryan have a great format that makes you feel like you’re sitting around with them talking bourbon. They always have interesting guests and cover important/timely topics. But the roundtable episodes are the best! By far the best podcast in bourbon out there.
  • troutslayer93
    If you know, you know. If you don’t know, you need to... Hands down, THE GOAT of whiskey podcasts! Check it out💯👍
  • OF 1915
    Bourbon Pursuit podcasts
    I have enjoyed immensely Ryan and Kenny’s podcasts these past couple years.Learning new things about bourbon and every facet of the industry, distilling, blending,Production as well as distribution .I will continue to be a supporter of this great content.
  • Dude2020!!!!
    Top Bourbon podcast
    Consistently informative, insightful and a fun listen. I look forward to each episode. Keep up the great work!
  • LV-426 Colony
    Great Bourbon Podcast
    Love the round tables, love the guests they interview. It’s super insightful to have Fred Minnick on and to hear his perspectives on things. The Whiskey Quickies are...well, quick, and that’s a nice change. I’d like to hear more from Kenny on them. He lets Ryan do most of the evaluation of the pours. Thor’s hammer, if Ryan gives the description of “creamy” on one more tasting, I’m gonna lose it! 😉
  • kn1rtho1
    I really enjoy the Bourbon Pursuit podcast. Thank you for the content. I started listening approximately a year ago when I began my Bourbon journey. The podcasts are extremely informative. I think that I have listened to all of the archived content and the new content. Thank you for a job week done.
  • Ahnuhlayuh
    Thanks, guys!
    I’m not new to bourbon but I’ve only recently expanded my pallet and I’m kinda cheap....thanks for the ideas on what to buy for your ‘new’ bourbon collection. I went to a local place I don’t normally go and got six of the bottles recommended in the episode I just listened to....and now, cheers to tasting!
  • Pwbnyc
    Best Bourbon Podcast
    This is the one to listen to. All others are only if you have extra time. These guys are great and the news is crucial. Great interviews.
  • Pete Sabo
    Best Bourbon & Whiskey Podcast
    I've been listening to Bourbon Pursuit for over two years and have listened to over 100 podcasts. In terms of a general podcast for whiskey, nothing can beat Bourbon Pursuit. I've listened to hours of interviews with my favorite master distillers from my favorite brands, and I've also enjoyed learning information about distilleries, whiskey history, and the whiskey community that I would've never been exposed to without the hard work of Bourbon Pursuit. I recommend this to all my friends who, like me, have been converting over from craft beer to American whiskey and especially Kentucky bourbon.
  • bourbon rookie
    A resource for casual to advanced enthusiasts
    I started my bourbon experience due to COVID (like most people) and I find that this podcast is the most comprehensive resource for information related to bourbon. From Bourbon 101 to warehousing, trends, supply and demand, a better drinking culture, store picks, bourbon groups, whiskey quickies... they cover it all!!! Plus they have fun... which is the most important part. Can’t rate this high enough.
  • jordan bernsdorf
    Weekly Routine
    Love this podcast! Listen to every week and always find it informative, fun, and a great way to decompress during the week. The hosts are fantastic and they always have a topic that is worth listening to!
  • Awesome1983
    Easy listening
    I enjoy listening to well informed hosts discussing all things bourbon related. Very interesting variety of topics and guests, good quality transmission and appropriate length. This is a podcast you can learn from.
  • bsl28
    Bourbon chase
    In the latest episode on the bourbon trail you discuss the bourbon chase (race). That was probably the worst and most incorrect description I have heard. I have done it and other point-to- point team races (like hood to coast) so I know.
  • Jeffy2001
    So great!
    Love this podcast. Informative and entertaining. So much Information packed into many episodes. You have to listen twice at times to absorb all the good intel.
  • tigersrule!!!!!
    Turned tables
    Fantastic episode on Pursuit Series! One of my favorites. It was great to hear Kenny and Ryan on the other side of the table! Keep up the good work guys.
  • rabbydee
    Love it!
    Great show, interesting hosts, delicious topic!
  • sadjeans
    Quality information
    I love the industry focused angle. I come away feeling like I've learned something and am keeping updated in the bourbon world. Down to earth and relatable yet high on useful content.
  • Turvburglar
    An enthusiasts delight
    Love the round tables. Everything Nick from breaking bourbon contributes is gold ! No offense- Kenny, Ryan, et al !
  • Shamu_afterlife
    Really enjoy the show.
    I’ve listened to every episode. I have become a Patreon sponsor. I’ve even bought a bottle of the pursuit spirits whiskey. I’ve met Ryan, Kenny, and Fred. Nice genuine men. Ryan and Kenny started the podcasts as people interested in whiskey and have become Ndp and Whiskeylebrities. Fred is very well respected in the industry as an author and media person producing a magazine, writes for multiple media sites, spirits network shows, amazon prime show, music festivals and MORE....these guys also give back by assisting charities with time and contributions through their other endeavors. You may be motivated to go back and listen to them and get more deeply involved like sitting in on utube live-streams. If you’re whiskey or spirits interested, even a little bit, listen to an episode. You may get hooked, in a good way.
  • ChadHuggins
    Great Podcast
    I love this podcast. Great combination of entertainment, education, and bourbon tastings for ideas about new bourbons to try.
  • michaelmstewart
    Distillery 291
    I’ve known Michael Myers since 1983 in Savannah Ga. I was one of Michael’s room mates at SCAD. Great how you guys got him to tell many of the stories of how the distillery began. Very enjoyable podcast.
  • Dh40
    Can’t get enough
    Amazing show about the world of bourbon. You get all aspects of the bourbon life! Every bourbon nerd or people interested in getting into bourbon should be listening! Sweet corn for life!
  • kcwoods25
    My go-to bourbon podcast for up to date news and interviews. Kenny and Ryan do a great job. Pleasant listening and lots of content. Seems they get most of the major players in the bourbon scene. Only one time did i find a guest too boring to hold my attention. They seem to keep the show moving at a good pace.
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