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  • epillot
    Good podcast but need more!
    First I wanna say that this podcast is very good but only if you already got your ground done. When he talk about a topic like approaches for example, he don’t actually explained have to do them. I know this are free but if you are listening because you are new students or staring will not help. I used this podcast as a awareness of what to study. Also I want to suggest less advertising your ground school. A normal comercial is a minute or less and almost every podcast start with him talking about his ground school for about 5 minute, which sometime make me bored and make me skip forward. Beside this, very good podcast and he know a lot. You can see that he has a lot of experience as a pilot.
  • --A7X--
    Good concept. Awful execution
    We need a podcast like this in GA to dive deeper than the book. But 90% of it is jason loving to hear himself talk. For example, Latest episode “are VORs going away? Kindve. We… I say we like I’m part of the FAA… I’m very happy with my current career at MzeroA… THEY… that’s a much better verbiage to use I’d say haha…” So so unnecessary and it’s constant throughout each podcast. It’s 10% decent information and discussion and 90% babbling or self promotion. BoldMethod live streams are the way to go to get these deep dives.
  • The Juice21
    Content is great but the fresh peanut butter scoop he ate is a bit much when funneled directly into my ears via headphones! Professional content, not so much professionally published! Great work and thank you for the very valuable outlook.
  • astralisdustin
    The personal minimums and self promotion podcast
    There is some content buried in there if you can stand hearing the same self promotion and harping in personal minimums over and over again. Be prepared to hear “notice I didn’t say ceiling, I said CLOUDS,” mentioned in 80% of the episodes as Jason turns any topic into a personal minimums crusade. I think the M0A paid products are decent, but most of the free content is too saturated with casually or overtly mentioning paid stuff to be worth consuming. If you put out quality free content, people will seek out your paid content without having to spend 30% of your time talking about it.
  • D1h5d7j2k9c0
    Thank you
    You said “thank you for making this podcast 5 star rated”.🙂 no no no sir thank you!! You make it 5 stars by doing a fantastic job.
  • Javi_5098
    IFR Training
    Jason, thank you for the great podcasts you and your team put together. These are helping me get through my IFR training and seeing things a bit different from how my instructor teaches me. Keep on Rocking Javier
  • r2mast
    Hey Jason and Team, I’m working through my IFR rating and the podcast has really guided me to see how critical, not just knowledge is, but how critical understanding the knowledge is. Appreciate the podcast and what you do. Keep up the good work. Don’t be afraid of the details and think your listeners will get lost, if I speak for myself alone, I will say the more info the better!
    This is a wonderful podcast to listen to you. I love listening to it and learning from it. I only wish they did this podcast more often. Daily if possible.
  • jossie134
    Great info!
    I enjoy listening to this podcasts on my drive to the airport to fly. This podcast gets my head in the game for flying. I enjoy the advice and talks about reality vs training.
  • Highscore07
    Great content!
    Great quick discussion on IFR flight planning, including finding departure procedures for unfamiliar airports in the takeoff minimums and obstacle departure procedures publication. Appreciate the content!
  • TuckerAxum
    Keep up the great work!
  • Alcapin55??
    Only rating it a 4star because there should be more!!
  • CabreraR
    Great and helpful!
    I always enjoy listening to thise podcast.
  • bbkid
    Keep them coming!
    I'm a big fan of all of the MzeroA podcasts! Perfect for my long drives home!
  • Coloradokayaker
    Great stuff I really enjoy all of your podcasts. Keep up the great work!
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