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A podcast for serious individuals dedicated to their study of self defense, concealed carry, tactics, gear and the use of force

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  • Gnathand
    Good info
    Good info, but definitely part of the gun industry of needless spending. Few ordinary, working class folks who just want to protect themselves have $2500+ to spend on gun and the accessories just to start out. Every item of high quality costs $150+ that is “required” for gun ownership. The unwritten clause in the 2nd amendment states that “all people if they want to bear arms must be of middle-class or higher social standing to protect themselves because the working class people are not worthy of owning a gun.” Sheesh. These folks support this absurd idea
  • Leo1234543211
    Racism in truck gun episode
    I just started carrying and was looking for good resources. While the information is great, I really didn’t like the comment about “Tyrone and his baby mama.” Not gonna cry about it but I wanted anyone wondering to know that, no, if you’re a person of color who appreciates gun culture, they aren’t speaking for you. I don’t know why so many of the resources out here are political or racist, but it isn’t a great way to get people to start taking their safety into their own hands. By making comments like that, you push away people from the great information you put out, and that’s worse for everybody. Please do better. Understand that we want to learn from the best, but we don’t deserve to listen to racist comments when we do.
  • RPM7577
    Is the podcast dieing??
    I have listened to every episode up to a couple months ago. They always boasted about how the podcast was always going to be there because that is what has made them who they are. Went from 2 episodes a week to 2 episodes a month now. This has been a 4 star podcast but now I don’t know. I get it 2 a week was a lot but sometimes 20 days between episodes…. Always found the content interesting and educational but this has left me wondering if the sun is setting on this podcast.
  • Ctownz83
    Great show
    Great show. I look forward to every new episode. Legacy Media is Dead! Podcasts are the only way to get news and info nowadays.
  • jmp1008
  • PRS6565
    Big announcement podcast?
    Just changed my rating.. that announcement podcast was plain dumb! I like you guys less now.
  • Puro Trash
    Too Much Blah Blah Blah
    I get it, shows need sponsors. Seems though the first half of each show is just noise about the sponsors.
  • NerdyScholar
    Great resource if you’re pro 2A
    Really like this podcast!
  • YouWishYouWereMe2
    Excellent content
    People new to EDC as well as long time conceal carriers should listen to this podcast. Proper mindset and educational concepts are covered here in a straightforward & no-nonsense format. Keep up the great work guys!
  • M.D. Umm
    I’ve got a new drinking game!
    Take a shot of Pucker every time Riley smacks his lips. See if you can make it through the intro.
  • CZ-CC
    Great Podcast Great People!
    Been listening at work for about a month now, and have absolutely loved it! I have never been a podcast guy but these guys are very informative, likable, and respectful to all viewpoints! I am new to conceal carrying and highly recommend!!! Learned so much from this group and look forward to all else to come!
  • Cokehead4200000
    Excellent podcast
    Great show! The hosts are well spoken and do a good job making their points and having relevant conversations about ccw and self defense. Just found this show recently and have been binging on old episodes at work. Keep up the good work, fellas! 👌
  • Mr Lozada Salazar
    Thank you Ryley
    I appreciate the time you and your guests take to educate us the 2nd amendment community!
  • september stank
    Decent subject matter, hosts are mind numbingly boring
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for about year off and on. The subject matter is usually pretty good but there’s zero personality on the hosts sides. It can be mind numbing and make me want to just sleep. I typically only make it through the first 10-15 minutes unless it’s a subject I’m really wanting to learn more about and can make myself stick it out. I feel like they just have to fill an hour so they drag it out. Get to the point boys.
  • Bignatethegreat08
    GREAT way for self defenders to learn
    This podcast is great for new self defenders as well as experienced ones alike. Lots of great talking points, lessons, and practicality here. If you’re serious about protecting yourself the right way give this podcast a listen.
  • JacobHugo
    Thoughtfully Presented
    Excellent content for those interested in self-defense. Presented with safety, legality, and morality in mind.
  • ScottytheMenace
    Good content, too much jabber
    I basically like the content but they really need to streamline the content and probably stick to a single issue for 30 minutes twice a week. It’s just too much to listen to all the umms and ahs and random chatter for an hour or more, especially when the content doesn’t even start until minute 6 or 7.
  • tftgroup
    One of the best
    I checked a few gun podcasts and this one by far is my favorite. These guys are knowledgeable while keeping facts and opinions separated. Very informative and entertainment at times. Great job guys!
  • at sfufsggfsagh
    Great job
    Awesome to listen to while bored and very informative
  • Rickisdaman
    Very informative and helpful
    Great podcast with insight into how to protect yourself and your family.
  • Patrick35789
    Become an Informed Gun Owner
    I love the information provided by the Concealed Carry Podcast. A level headed and common sense point of view providing education for people of all levels of gun owning experience.
  • Bill is Saved
    Fantastic source of useful information
    My wife and I recently purchased our first handguns and have scheduled our Concealed Handgun Carry License (CHCL) class. My intention from the moment we chose to improve our ability to protect ourselves by adding handguns to our tool set was to become as knowledgeable and proficient with the weapon and concealed carry as possible. One of the primary challenges for us has been to find a source of information that would assist us in resolving the “we don’t know what we don’t know” conundrum. The Concealed Carry Podcast has been an invaluable resource for us in this regard. If you are currently a member of the concealed carry community, or are considering becoming one, this resource is one you should add to your list.
  • indygolfnut
    All the concealed carry new and info you need.
    Bought my first handgun and 2 years ago, and found the podcast. The podcast has given me information about safety, laws, mindset and what to do in a situation. Hope for another 500 episodes.
  • ASAP11jordan
    Great Job
    A great way to learn all types of information on ccw topics. Keep up the good work!!
  • jamesdfabrizio
    Outstanding Podcast
    This is an amazing podcast. I just listened to episode 493 about “Universal Background Checks” and totally agree most people do not understand what a straw purchase is.
  • bass boosted 4 LIFE
    NO GUNS 🚫🔫
  • IamTheTunaking
    All the way back!
    What a great podcast!! I went back and started @ 2016. I’m so glad I did, there’s so much great info and not annoying either! Keep up the great work! Thanks
  • asap rolfy
    Best podcast in its niche
    Blows away all other firearm/ccw podcasts. I admit they don’t have much competition, I’ve been thoroughly disappointed by other podcasts in its category. That doesn’t detract from how good this podcasts is however. Highly recommended to my fellow ccw enthusiasts.
  • Thudd
    Good job
    I learn a lot from these guys.
  • nanabeejon
    If you wanna live in the 60s then this is your podcast
    Although the guys in this show talk about some useful topics, they mostly complain about “liberals”, “politics”, and social stories that only align with their biased viewpoints. Very little in none diversity within speakers and guests. Feels like my 50 year old dad complaining about things with his narrow minded viewpoints. The “practically tactical” podcast is a million times better if you want to live in present day carrying in America
  • Oreos2
    Make it more concise
    I have enjoyed many of your podcasts, but today as i was listening I was frustrated by the long winded intro. After 10-15 min of listening, you still had not started the discussion on the topic. No more time today to listen and I will check back once in awhile, but you really need to make the podcast more concise. Such as a 1 min quick intro, discuss the topic w accurate facts and good summaries and make the podcast shorter and more informative.
  • Smi277
    Episode 453
    Episode 453 is the best podcast I’ve listen to in a long time. Taking a new permit holder out over the weekend to try some pistols before he buys. Before we go I plan on having him listen to 453. Thanks
  • Duhfiyaman
    Love these boys
    Always enjoy listening and learning for you all. I am fortunate to be able to listen to podcasts at work, so I always have you on. Wish you guys did daily episodes!
  • AndrewA_804
    Partisan Hogwash
    Obviously couldn’t research the facts regarding Kenosha because it doesn’t align with their political beliefs. Couldn’t get the reason for the police call right (it was a fight that Jacob Blake intervened in so it would be deescalated), and couldn’t find any facts about Wisconsin carry law in regards to Rittenhouse. That, along with leaning into conspiracy theories that paint protesters and rioters as “Antifa,” “anarchists,” or “BLM” instead of a mixture of various political beliefs and positions, basically proves that this podcast doesn’t care about facts. Absolutely disappointing.
  • BobbyB98712
    Expertise & Ignorance
    I’ve noticed how if it fits their narrative then they’ll go in depth on the position. If it’s a valid position, but it goes against their narrative then they’ll say “I’m not super educated on the subject, I’m not sure of the laws in this area, etc.” We are all entitled to our points of view, but this podcast is definitely not objective.
  • foodboy767
    Facts in Advance, Written Down
    You’re recording a podcast about events in Kenosha days or WEEKS after the events transpired. Get the actors’ names right; find out what Wisconsin law says about minors in possession of weapons; WRITE THE FACTS DOWN. Then do your podcast, so you don’t fill air time with comments like “I don’t really know what the applicable statute is...” or “I’m not really sure how his last name is pronounced...” Do the research! Be the experts your listeners think you are! Be better! Other than that, thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.
  • psychoink
    A Must Listen for Gun Owners
    These have become the main thing I listen to while driving. Wonderful, in-depth reviews and discussions about current events and dissecting pros & cons to the different types of scenarios. Also considering what we could encounter ourselves. Jacob and the team are the best! They keep you thinking about how to handle things and why.
  • Ahabneededbetterweapons
    I live this podcast
    I LOVE this podcast. Educational--informative--great speaker with sense of humor but invariably focused and serious. I listen all the time... Great for commuting... I'm new to this whole gun thing and this podcast is a GREAT introduction. Thank you for doing this... It satisfies my obsessive need for detailed intelligent talk about the Pew Pew life.
  • Girldad77
    Hoping to clear some fog around gun questions
    Finally got the bright idea to check out a gun podcast and after only listening to the 2 most recent episodes i feel good saying this is a quality, knowledgeable, informative podcast that i plan/hope to get some questions answered and become more comfortable carrying
  • Morrisscienceteacher
    Essential for learners
    I’m brand new to learning about firearms. I haven’t even shot one yet because I’m trying to take in information and I want to take it very seriously. This podcast is essential for my learning before I even sister firing a firearm because it’s helping me with information, how to get the most out of my classes, how to be safe, and much more.
  • sharproofingkc
    Responsible content
    I love this show! Solid, responsible content. Good topics. I am working my way through past episodes. Thank you, gentlemen!
  • Sharp1423
    Very Very good show!!
    I started listening in early 2020 to the current episodes. I now find myself all the way through 2016 and and halfway through 2017. The information you are providing should be a mandatory listen to anybody that wants too conceal carry responsibly. The “justified” shows are definitely my favorite. The training episodes have led me to incorporating things I never considered before. GREAT show! I share this podcast with all my carry friends. PLEASE keep this up!
  • Diego Redondo
    The Total Package
    I feel fortunate to have discovered this podcast. Riley, Jacob and Matthew, as well as the guests, always provide useful and timely information, and they do it in such a way as to make me feel like I’m hanging around chatting with my friends. As a result of the podcast I also found their website and Guardian Nation. Talk about the icing on the cake! The members only events are worth the price of membership by themselves. Then on top of that I get a quarterly gear box, great discounts on quality merchandise AND a recent 4th of July sales event!?! I almost feel like I’m taking advantage of them. Somehow I will find a way to live with that guilt. Great work guys. Keep it up!
  • howlincoyote
    Highly educational and entertaining
    I work as a us postal service letter carrier, I walk 13 miles each and every day and listen to the podcast the entire time. Literally 8 hours a day. I’ve learned so much not only about the laws of concealed carry, but also about the responsibility. It has opened my eyes to the lifestyle and how to really train for self defense to protect me and mine if the need arises. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time I spend listening every day, I will be completely caught up on the episodes in no time and will have to actually wait for new episodes. I dread when that day comes hahaha! Seriously, great podcast! Keep it up.
  • ermware
    Great firearms information shared. One ask, please stop dropping two shows in one day. This past week, you did it twice. It messes up my podcast listening to all. If two ready, just delay the 2nd one for one day.
  • 122211453
    As a future gun owner (Just passed my LTC cert class) im now 3 episodes deep and have learned something new in each. This podcast is a MUST for anyone new to guns or experienced.
  • Lowzdel
    A must listen to if you EDC!
    Great Podcast! The guys are pretty funny, yet very informative. Have found others to listen too, (Law Dogs). Great products and medical gear.
  • Derek141
    Ep. 410
    One of the best episodes ever.
  • Tui Siusega
    Great listen
    The content these guys produce is just great. It mainly focuses on concealed carry but they also touch on other gun topics as well. They are well informed, funny, and best of all pro 2A!
  • pherc123
    Great show
    This show is an amazing for anyone who loves gun, carry’s or is interesting in carrying. Also people who never owned a gun and wants to understand more about them. Including what you can and can’t do with these beautiful weapons. Amazing show!!!
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