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The Explorers Podcast is about the greatest explorers and explorations in history.On the Explorers Podcast, the explorers we cover include Ernest Shackleton, Ibn Battuta, Roald Amundsen, Frederick Cook, Adrien de Gerlache, John McDouall Stuart, Francisco Vazquez de Coronado, Matt Rutherford, Jacques Marquette, Louis Jolliet, James Cook, Abel Tasman, Alice Morrison, Fridtjof Nansen, Yuri Gagarin, Jacques Cartier, Richard Francis Burton, Teddy Roosevelt, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, James Beckwourth, Alvise Cadamosto, Henry the Navigator, Andres de Urdaneta, Edmund Hillar, Tenzing Norgay, George Mallory, Marco Polo, Xu Fu, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, Burke and Wills Expedition, Robert O'Hara Burke, William Wills, Hanno the Navigator, Lewis and Clark, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Hernan Cortes, John Franklin, Lost Franklin Expedition, Francis Drake, Diogo Cao, Pytheas, Nellie Bly, Christopher Columbus, Panfilo de Narvaez, Bartolomeu Dias, Mungo Park, John Cabot, Erik the Red, Leif Erikson, Zebulon Pike, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Ferdinand Magellan, and Zheng He and the Chinese Treasure Fleet, Neil Armstrong, Aztec Empire, Moctezuma, Montezuma, Robert Falcon Scott, Tom Creen, Frank Wild, Cândido Rondon, Brendan the Navigator, and Vladimir Atlasov.We also cover a variety of subjects and events and travel to many places. Topics include the Far East, the River of Doubt, the Manila Galleons, Mount Everest, the Moon Landing, Apollo 11, the circumnavigation of the world, the source of the Nile, the New World, Vinland, the Niger River, Timbuktu, the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Horn, Antarctica, the Arctic, the Northwest Passage, the North Pole, the South Pole, the Congo River, the Chinese Treasure Fleet, the Corps of Discovery, Tenochtitlán, Japan, China, the Silk Road, the Spice Islands, the Moluccas, the Caravel, Mecca, Medina, Lake Tanganyika, Sputnik, Tasmania, Australia, Siberia, the Mississippi River, the Great Lakes, the Seven Cities of Gold, and much, much more.

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  • Frisco Danny
    Fascinating show!
    Love hearing stories of these people who bravely explored the world; in the cases of Humboldt and Stark their motives were simply to enlighten, not to exploit. Very cool.
  • manayunk wall
    Ok these are great! The host has a cadence/humor/speaking style very similar to Mike Duncan of History of Rome. Great info, full of interesting and accurate facts. Well researched and nicely presented. The info isn't overwhelming or stale. A bit of humor thrown in adds to the story. Going through the entire catalog now. Keep them coming.
  • mbinqns
    A New Favorite
    What a wonderful podcast. I find the host’s voice extremely soothing. This podcast is a wonderful escape from the news when you can’t handle any more of that. The stories are presented thoughtfully and the host explains carefully areas where things may be misrepresented by the conquerors or historical record. I find myself adding more and more of this podcast’s episodes to my never ending “next up “ stack
  • Bonster222
    just enough info
    it’s in depth, but not too much your scripts are well thought out and written. Keep up the good work!
  • Amlash63
    Excellent Podcast
    I just finished the 4-part series on George Mallory which was well researched and riveting. I am looking forward to many more.
  • Pennsylvania Guy
    Informative and fun to listen to
    My 11 year-old son and I listen to the series together. We have listened to many different episodes and we always learn something new. Great for car rides to and from activities.
  • gibbs-art
    Excellent podcast
    Excellent historical podcast, told in a unique way. Great subject matter! Thank for the work you put into it!!
  • Sevvybevvy
    My son and I love this podcast - we listen most nights . Highly recommended.
    Great podcast
  • PFTExplorer
    Exceptional Exploration History
    Matt chronicles the canon of exploration history. Through his dry humor and thorough sourcing, Matt creates fascinating narratives of significant yet little known tales of exploration.
  • deeroy1000
    Great Podcast!
    So glad I found this podcast! I have learned so much more than was ever taught in school or any documentary.
  • Anita - R
    Been there. It's pronounced koo-ma-NÁ.
  • Aelfred of Wessex
    One of my favorites!
    I hope this podcast goes on for a long time! There are so many amazing men and women who explored new frontiers And we can learn a great deal from their stories!
  • Alexander Vasyuk
    One of the best on the subject
    A combination of great storytelling and narration makes this podcast one of the best when it comes to the topic. After finishing the entire thing, I tried searching for the next best thing, but the next best thing turned out to be to start listening to this podcast for the second time from the start. Keep up the great work, Matt!
  • 3675()
    Exploring history
    I have been listening to a lot of great history podcasts and I usually take a long time to leave a review, but I’m really excited about this podcast. It is informative and entertaining and he does a great job with each episode. The sound quality is one of the best I’ve experienced, which is a definite plus. Thank you for this great voyage of discovery of the great explorers of history.
  • olivia10520
    Fun, fascinating and informative.
    This podcast has become my best traveling friend lately. Matt, great work. Keep them coming, please.
  • Awesome driving hind
    Love it!
    I really love this podcast. I love history and this podcast does a great job and of giving the details and history of each subject. Keep up the good work!
  • JMCmadison
    Shackleton episodes are the best ever!
    I have listed to almost all the Explorer’s Podcast episodes at this point. I left all the polar and mountian climbing episodes to the end because I thought I wouldn’t enjoy them as much. Was I wrong! The Shackleton episodes are the best! The Endurance Expedition was very exciting, very suspenseful. I couldn’t wait to continue from one episode to the next.
  • 8&!-
    Love this podcast
    I love this podcast I’ve been addicted for about a month now. 10/10 this guy is great!
  • Donnyboy16000
    Love it!
    This is my new favorite podcast! So many of these stories should be miniseries or tv shows and movies. The burk and wills story is amazing
  • WD in Dallas
    So well done
    Every episode keeps you on the edge of your seat. You live through the journeys of great explorers as you listen to one of the best narrator in the podcast world. Highly suggest this for everyone, especially young men that need to get off their video games and learn about history and the men that made it.
  • Jasscharp
    Great Podcast
    I really enjoy this podcast. The subjects are interesting and the host speaks well with a nice pace. I’ve listened to all the episodes and find myself repeating them!
  • sarahtartaria
    Bingeworthy history
    I needed a break from true crime and chose this randomly. I had little to no interest in the topic but thought it wouldn’t hurt to learn a little history. I then proceeded to binge the Magellan series. The storytelling is amazing and what an adventure! I love this podcast and am hooked. Thank you for your research and for putting this together. What a wild world back then. And today we whine if we have to walk a mile. We have no idea what our ancestors went through so we could leave a review on a podcast.
  • Pissnvineger
    Beautifully crafted and easy to listen to. My new favorite history pod thank you so much.
  • tenderweave
    Low quality production
    Seems like he uses his AirPods to record these episodes. Very poor quality microphone. On top of that if you try to use this podcast to fall asleep it won’t work because the episodes are short and each one starts with very loud intros and animations. Lastly, extremely monotonous delivery. High potential but disappointing execution.
  • ZachUWS
    The best history pod cast out there. Fun, entertaining and educational. Can’t wait for the next release.
  • Maude The Third
  • Mr. Striving
    If you love stories of exploration...'ll love this podcast. I've been listening for a few years now. Although he has a very straightforward delivery, his enthusiasm comes through. He lets these great stories tell themselves. I'm glad he's been picked up by a podcast network. Great job!
  • Brianrw00
    Top notch podcast
    Matt is a good storyteller and makes the history accessible. Really enjoy it.
  • ArtGirlSAH
    Thank you!
    I’m so glad I found this podcast. I’ve listened to Shackleton and am now starting on Magellan. I like your attention to detail & ability to hold my interest from beginning to end. Thank you!
  • DBESS340
    Elon Sent me 🤷🏿‍♂️
    Elon recommends; I follow that simple‼️
  • mgendvil
    Thanks Elon..
    You guys just got the ultimate recommend.
  • Friday Girl 714
    Must listen!
    Found this wonderful podcast while looking for info on George Mallory. Those episodes were really wonderfully done and the best I’ve heard on his Everest attempts. What was a wonderful surprise is how great the rest of the episodes were. I’ve very much enjoyed listening to episodes on topics I had no previous interest in and look forward to hearing them all. THIS is how all podcasts should be done. Research is meticulous, the host is easy to understand, and the material presented interesting. Try it out! You won’t be disappointed.
  • corp app crap
    This is why podcasts exsist
    I play this podcast in the car with my little son as we drive around ‘exploring’ the area near his house so he can try to imagine what it might have been like for the explorers featured in this amazing broadcast. This podcast is a content-soaked unpretentious goldmine. I feel like I was in search of a podcast like this with the determination of Zebulon Pike, but without the organization or leadership of Lewis and Clark! If that simile means nothing to you, then you need to stop and listen! The stories are very thoroughly researched, including occasional notes, corrections and asides—and the narrator always leaves the focus on these incredible explorers and their adventures: it’s never about him, or his podcast. This is something that is completely lost on most podcast hosts, and it stands out everytime. I wish I could shake this guys hand and thank him in person. Please keep up the amazing standards you have set. Thank you for all of the hard work, research and all the writing/re-writing it must take to stitch these journeys, accomplishments and adventures into a single narrative tale-wow!
  • willydnplacetobe
    Right to the point, great research, great stories. The best take on Shackleton I’ve heard. Sharing it with my son. Thanks !!!!
  • x.catherine.x
    Great show ⚓️🏔️🌍
    So well written and researched, and with an engaging and articulate host. He makes history really accessible and is a great storyteller. I wasn’t that into explorers or history until I stumbled across the podcast and started listening. The Shackleton series is so well done.
  • Swill hill
    Always entertaining
    I have little to no background knowledge of most of the explorers, and this podcast consistently makes their journeys entertaining to follow while explaining the historical significance. Highly recommended.
  • cgfss33
    It’s great but…
    A great podcast but sometimes there are basic errors. For example in the Pythias podcast he keeps referring to Europe as west of Britain. A bit cringeworthy.
  • Harvey Butthole
    Amazing podcast
    I love falling asleep while exploring the Amazon River
  • sooty chat
    Great content, but fuzzy audio
    Interesting and educational. Would have gotten 5 stars, but hard to listen to due to: echoes making audio muzzy, as if voice is bouncing off within a small closed space with nothing to absorb feedback.
  • patd2foxfire
    Informative and entertaining
    I love this podcast. Thoroughly researched, entertaining and allows me to be a mental traveler!
  • SamM339
    Great podcast!
    I have been listening to this podcast for awhile and I find it very educational and interesting. It is a great podcast to learn about the history of exploration.
  • DanielBarnes22
    4/5 Stars
    The only reason I can’t give this 5 stars is the sound modulation. The sound goes from whisper quite to loud squelching fairly regularly. The sound quality also makes this modulation significantly worse. Other than that, it’s full of amazing stories.
  • jenlucero
    Explorers podcast keeps your interest
    I have listened to and enjoyed this podcast for years, but never rated i nor wrote a review. How selfish of me! I have learned so much and it has awakened a sense of adventure and love of history. I especially enjoy how many of these podcasts are about little known explorers or adventurers that I had not heard of or knew little about before. Keep up the great work!
  • UuunkZ
    Great storytelling
    Well researched and passionate storytelling.
  • Tekreck
    I’m on my second time through
    I listened to them all and have now started over again.
  • J0_K0
    Great content
    One of my favorite podcasts - been through most of the back catalog so now have to wait for episode releases, which actually adds to my enjoyment vs binging. Keep up the great work!
  • Rusty Shackeford the Second
    Incredible Detail!
    Thank you for creating this incredible podcast. I love the detail into the logistics. All of your series have been extremely enjoyable and informative. Please consider more mountaineering first assents and attempts. The Eiger north face or Matterhorn would be great topics!
  • Mr.pittlepants
    It’s great
    Do more fatal expeditions, (disasters)
  • PSubbaraya
    Excellent podcast
    Thank you for such good work. Your content is fantastic for someone like me who’s heard the names of these explorers and would like to know more about them without scouring through huge books. Keep them coming please.
  • CSD Vermont
    Seriously the best podcast I have come across. Anyone with dreams of adventure needs to listen to this.
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