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  • sweetheart gram
    Your programs of anger are worded so well that it hit me hard! I realize I have unresolved hidden anger. I save the programs to help me work through my own anger. I cry in order to work through my unresolved anger. Thank you Dr. Stanley for hitting me to the core of my issue. You are appreciated more than you know. Life is more difficult for me because I am homeless. Thank you!
  • wall whacker
    I sleep to this man All my dreams are about me naked in a city and it is amazing. Everyone looks at me in disgust. Amazing
  • Thumper36
    Thankful for this man
    This podcast is an absolute blessing and gem. I’m very thankful to have found it. Wonderful listen!
  • threeleggedstool
    Changed my life
    I’m a lifelong Catholic. I listen to Dr. Stanley nearly every day. It’s part of my “routine” and has enhanced my faith immeasurably!
  • SSgt Chas
    America’s Pastor
    Dr. Stanley IS America’s Pastor.
  • Kathuch
    Thank so much a man of God
    I have learned the Bible and changed my life. This is is the only pastor that I listen to.
  • Queen Anne's Lace
    Food for my Soul
    Dr. Stanley always enriches and enlightens me, filling me with insight, hope and encouragement. I love this man of God.
  • Wallace Hunt Camp
    Simply the Best
    Charles Stanley is the best at explaining the scriptures and what God desires of us. Great great man of God. I’m a more intelligent Christian because of him. Thank you Dr. Stanley.
  • Subaru360Carlsbad
    Lots of love
    Great man, great teacher .
  • annesquivel
    So beautiful
    So beautiful and comforting
  • kjw.79.
    The highlight of my day!
    I look forward to listening to Charles Stanley everyday! He is a very wise man and he has taught me so much about the Lord!
  • dearlisaa
    Praise Jesus 💕
    I’ve been listening to Pastor Stanley since I was 7 years old. I am turning 30yrs old this year. Praise Jesus for this ministry and for giving Pastor Stanley the wisdom to guide God’s people. Thankful for this ministry and thankful for my Lord Jesus 💕
  • bGuiles
    My fave teacher and LOVE the current version!
    Wow! Some years ago I actually quit listening to this great Dr. Stanley sermon podcast - which had been my first and main teaching after returning to Christ, because like so many other podcasts, there was extra contact both before and after the sermon, which was all I was interested in. So I began listening to Francis Chan instead. Now many years later, how thrilled I am to have returned this week to discover that each episode is only the sermon! Thank you so much. God bless you Dr. Stanley as you bless millions of us souls! Praise the Lord!
  • Beloved by 👑God👑
    The anointed man of 👑God👑!
    Dr. Charles Stanley is the very best Pastor I’ve ever experienced! Charles explains The Living Word of 👑God👑truthfully & exactly the way I believe our beloved Creator would have it preached! Anointed indeed!!!
  • Ja91973
    Best Podcast
    One of my favorites. So biblical. I absolutely love this podcast
  • ky.jns
    Absolutely love!
    Dr. Charles Stanley has helped me in my walk with Christ. I absolutely love how straightforward he is in his teaching, yet so gentle. He reads right from the Bible and provides key points to take from the scriptures making it easy to understand. He isn’t doing this for the “feel good”, he actually speaks in a manner that will cause you to look into your own heart and be honest. Are you truly loving this life for Christ? God has taught him so much throughout his life, I’m so thankful to be able to learn from Dr. Stanley. God bless him!!
  • duncankim304
    Dr charles stanley has helped me so much
  • hxjxbshd
    A new beginning!
    Thank you Dr. Stanley for helping me to become aware of God’s presence in my life and to understand that with Jesus, all things really are possible! Praise the Lord!
  • MamaCardal
    Never stop
    My husband and I have always read from the monthly devotional individually, but when he had Cov. for four weeks we began reading the devotional and listening to the radio broadcast, and that has continued since September; an answer to my prayer to study God’s Word together. Five years ago my husband and I had to make a decision that would effect the rest of our lives. For a month Dr Stanley’s devotional would guide us. Then on July 14, 2016, the words in Dr. Stanley’s devotional were, “Under the Spirit’s guidance, I accepted their offer.” We had read the devotional separately, and we both knew exactly what we were to do. What an amazing peace God put in our hearts. Please never stop the In-Touch app, nor the pod-casts. Charles Stanley is one of God’s men who will always continue to speak in an easy way to understand, and more importantly, truthful way. Again, please continue his God honoring legacy.
  • OneDayAtaTime Mom
    Thank you!
    Thank you so much, Pastor Stanley! I am eternally grateful for you and your ministry.
  • Nuavia
    Leaving abusive situations
    I love Charles Stanley. I listen to him almost every morning. This episode hits close to home. I don’t think God would ask someone to stay in an abusive relationship. I don’t think it’s God’s will to stay and be killed or have your spirit be emotionally killed in order to “help” or understand that abusive person. I can pray from them from a distance. But never will I stay.
  • Kerry Knepper
    Solid teaching
    I listen to Dr Stanley everyday and have gained a solid Biblical faith! So thankful for his genuine heart for God and his unwavering commitment to Biblical teaching.
  • Ixxis
    My daily morning boost
    I listen to this podcast every morning while getting ready for work, I’m grateful for Dr Stanley and his dedication to teach the Word of God in a simple yet deep and profound way.
  • Aye Hlaing Win
    Dr.Charles is the ultimate disciple and his message changes llives!
    Have been listening to Dr.Charles since 2014 and his message and love for God is too inspiring! Absolute truth in everything he says.
    Charles is great
    People stop giving the podcast one star because of the apples app is working, contact apple directly. It looks bad to rate the podcast with a low star count for that reason. I assure I’m frustrated about it too, but I don’t think In Touch has any control of it. If I was to wear a foil hat I would thing these companies wish to silence Christian voices. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • ISCSaint
    Daily Devotional
    Dr Stanley has such wisdom. This is my daily devotional. Sadly, they aren’t loading everyday anymore; not sure why
  • Savior70
    Anger Series
    I’m so happy and Blessed that I found this sermon when I did! I’ve been listening to Dr.Charles Stanley for a couple of year’s & his devotionals and sermons have been a Blessing for my husband and I! I was able to share this sermons with my husband just today & it has opened Steve’s eyes & heart to see how his anger is affecting us all! Dr.Stanley, God is using your wisdom & sermons and it’s reaching Steve’s heart. He can begin the process of healing 🙏 I Glorify your name Jesus
  • Pamela Small
    Not updated
    Love Charles Stanley’s teaching. However, this podcast platform is not functioning. It is not updated. Frustrating.m
  • MarchAnnie
    Finding Charles...
    If only I had found Charles Stanley’s teaching years ago. Growing up Methodist and then visiting many denominations, Including 5 years in an Amish/Mennonite Church, I learned a lot. However, much of that paled in comparison to Dr. Stanley’s teachings. These podcasts help me start each and everyday. Best of all was Dr. Stanley’s book ETERNALLY SECURE which teaches anyone who questions their salvation a very detailed explanation of the Biblical passages that people use to show that you might loose salvation, with Dr. Stanley showing the full explanation of each scripture showing how you are eternally secure. That realization brought me peace. Thanks for this wonderful Podcast by Charles Stanley. I would encourage anyone looking for a Biblically sound Preacher to give him a try. You will be blessed. C.Power
  • Chelerae
    Love this app for many reasons. Especially when i can’t sleep when anxiety kicks in.
  • Cuba Gutierrez
    I just happened to randomly find, or so I thought at the time, a video of Dr. Stanley on YouTube one day and after listening to him, I realized he had an incredible gift of drawing in and sharing God’s word in a way that was refreshing. You can tell he just loves the Lord and has completely surrendered to His will. Listening to him has gotten me through very dark times in my life, and along with studying scripture and growing in my spiritual disciplines, it had been a beautiful growing experience. Check out their website (intouchministries) for a ton more sermons, videos, and reading material.
  • samijo usa
    Love the powerful man who teaches the word
    Amazing teachings from the Bible - the Dr. gets it, as if he was there in the Bible. He unfolds the understanding of the scripture to allow us to understand to apply in our daily life. He has a gift. He has helped me get through another day.
  • laverneRich
    Servant of Christ
    Dr Stanley teaches the truth in carefulness and respect for the Word. His years of ministry gives us a wealth of knowledge in practical Christian living! I listen to him almost everyday.
  • tough if you dont like it
    How to handle your thoughts
    This message goes to the heart of why we Christians succeed or fail and how we can be our own worst enemy. I am 68 and this message was a necessary slap in the for me. Thank God for Pastor Stanley
  • pixeled JoHSHUA
    Thank you So Much
    Thank you So Much for beautiful Podcast. It is so rewarding for me listen your messages. I get so much out your messages. I am so happy I found this podcast I listen it very often. God bless you Dr. Charles Stanley and all your team.
  • Slick Rex
    Love In Touch Ministries
    Dr. Charles Stanley is such a good delivered of the good news and the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I start just about every morning with this Podcast! Trust in the Lord with all your Heart 🙏🏼 UPDATE: the podcast doesn’t update or upload new sermons. I’ve had one podcast the whole month. Can’t see past sermons! Please fix. This has nothing to do with Dr. Stanley
  • Hannahlael7!
    Last update
    It is horrible. I can’t see past sermons so you have to listen to today’s. It is useless to me and I have practically stopped listening. Man does not progress- he digresses.
  • itune4movies
  • TheAppLMan
    Please continue Pod Casting!
    While I do have the InTouch App, the controls are tiny and very limited. With the casting, there are playback speed controls, forward & rewind. And the buttons are large for people with disability challenges. Podcasts also allow you to download and archive messages for use years later.
  • fighterbass
    Charles Stanley is Awesome
    The “inTouch” app has everything now, check it out, this podcast has been abandoned. Don’t worry, there’s also OnePlace app, has everything too.
  • HDSF37
    Missing Podcasts
    This podcast used to be how I started every morning; however, lately there are missing shows. Hopefully, this can be corrected soon. I truly miss these messages in the morning.
  • Rollins911
    Daily with Dr. Charles Stanley
    I lesson to Dr. Charles Stanley on a daily basis. I used to get one download 6 days a week. I’m not sure why the downloads stopped? I love ❤️ lessoning to Pastor Stanley every day going to work and on my way home. His sermons helps me every day of my life. Thank you Pastor Stanley for giving me Gods word!
  • listener from Illinois
    Daily with Charles Stanley?
    I used to get a daily podcast from Charles Stanley Monday - Friday. Now I am only getting maybe one a week. Maybe. Are there problems? I have tried Unfollowing and Then Following. It hasn’t helped. I just saw where someone else might be having trouble also.
  • Starscream probably
    Podcast error
    Seems like I’m not the only one having issues with any new sermons / old ones … hopefully they fix them bc I’ve listened to him my whole life and he is by far one of the greatest pastors I’ve ever heard
  • LDL111
    App Error??
    Most of the previous episodes are gone, nothing new is downloading. Please let us know what’s going on. I miss Dr Stanley’s sermons.
  • womantp
    Charles Stanley
    I feel like I am always judging people. I am not God but my heart breaks to see Christians Dunning on a daily basis. Can you preach on this please.
  • Mamma Randi
    Dr.Stanley has been the greatest influence in my Christian life for many years. He's a wonderful teacher and doesn't succomb to the latest and greatest fads related to teaching. He teaches topically, but you are getting many Scripture references to be certain he's giving his message in accordance with God's word. He's also understandable for young and old alike. If you want to really grow in Christ Jesus, then tune in to Dr. Stanley. Hopefully they will bring the podcasts back on a truly daily basis.
  • 1jeannie
    Help with May/june/july - many podcasts missing!
    Most of My May/June &now July podcasts don’t show either and my saved podcasts are gone from my iphone😢Thankfully most seem to still be on my ipad!!
  • lenoleumliqr
    Where are the sermons?
    Is everything ok?
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