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  • stopbuggingme!
    All of the In Touch sermons
    I love listening to Charles Stanley. Such a wealth of great preaching and teaching. I imagine that when he got to Heaven, the Lord said, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”
  • gentiva
    Helps my life
    Thank you for the living word that lives beyond!
  • tshontae
    Blessing from God
    I have been listening to Charles for a few years now and I have to say that he has been a blessing in my walk with God. I love to listen to him, because he speaks to me in every episode which let’s me know that I’m much closer to the Lord than I think! He’s always on time and his teaching is so sound and Gods truth. God use him in a mighty way and he definitely lived for the Lord with every breath in his body!
  • Bthwis
    He has been so good and a blessing for me. He talked as if he was speaking to me. He was a godsend in my life. I will be forever grateful for his teachings.
  • The Lord my strength
    I am so grateful for the gift that Pastor Charles Stanley is to the Body of Christ. His godly legacy continues to be a blessing. His messages on God’s Word bring strength, clarity and holiness to my life and I enjoy every sermon that is made available. The Lord be with us all as we seek to glorify the great name of Jesus!
  • Mizzoulifer
    God’s work
    Such a blessing to hear such a tremendous preacher teaching God’s word. It has been incredible!
  • Pebbles 💕💕
    I have learned so much since I started listening . It is definitely helping me grow in my faith. Catch myself excited to see the newest ones post.
  • Bikirk
    A gift from God …. November 4 2023
    God put one of the many gifts in Dr. Stanley’s heart and mind to share to millions of people like me what it means to be loved and to love our lord and savior Jesus Christ. I will always be grateful ❤️! Janet Irby
  • Clark Cleve
    God’s gift to us all
    Truly he is the voice of the lord for us here on this earth. He’s gotten me through many difficult times hearing his words.
  • urbhippie777
    I adore this Pastor
    I pray in Jesus name that we speak to Pastor Baylesconly in California and we see you live
  • juljulann
    So Helpful
    Please continue to share Dr Stanley’s wisdom and words.
  • @$&(
    Love this Man of God
    Rest In Peace Dr. You’ll never see this but you’ve gotten me through some tough times. I love you and I’ll miss you. I pray that I’ll see you one day.
  • Phoenix82518
    Great Love Teaching
    I’ll never forget the love expressed in the teaching of the late Charles Stanley. Yahweh has truly blessed him with a gift of teaching! Thank you Jesus for sharing your disciple with us❤️
  • Steveo Montana
    True Man of God
    This amazing bringer of The Word of the Lord is unparalleled for spreading God's message and the Teachings of Jesus Christ. No matter where one is in their life and walk with God Dr Stanley will never steer you wrong. He is truly a blessed servant of God. May he rest in peace
  • So Underserving
    I learn something every time I hear Dr Stanley’s messages.
    I do need to hear the word preached as Dr Stanley preaches it. Please keep his podcasts going. I go back and listen to them over and over. He was definitely hand picked by God and his sermons and influence will continue to bring others to Christ in the future.
  • Mamak331
    Answered prayers!
    Please Amway keep Charles Stanley with I touch in your podcast! It’s truly a blessing and gets me through my days Charles Stanley is such a Godly man and an inspiration
  • MGThill
    Such a blessing
    Please don’t ever remove Dr Stanley’s podcasts. His wisdom in so needed in todays age! I am blessed every time I listen to his messages
  • woman of chayil
    What a blessing
    Charles Stanley is amazing
  • Mamamebear
    Dr Charles Stanley has been a huge part of my walk with God. I have learned the truths about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I watched him on TV For all the years I was raising my children. The past few years as a widow I have traveled around the country, I listen to his sermons On Podcast. The value of that is I can go back through the years and listen to his sermons. Also if a daily sermon especially Touches me I listen to it over and over again. I have a deep appreciation and admiration for the sweet, gentle yet Firm in his beliefs. His standard of living Is to be a valuable lesson on how to Strive to be a godly person. I was Blessed to meet him at a book signing At our Christian bookstore in Brea California, many years ago. His plane had been delayed and we stood in line for hours just to get that hug… it was so Worth the wait. I personally have never heard a blemish on his character. I hope before he passed he realized the impact he had on so many lives.
  • nciba
    Thank you
    Dr. C.Stanley, has been a delight of learning in God’s word. He’s teaching is a like a personal counsel session every time. I’m blessed by his ministry and to it’s demonstration of how to live in Christ Jesus.🙌🏾
  • L2L4C
    My Favorite Podcast
    I’ve never been so excited and thrilled to listen to a podcast like Dr. Charles Stanley. I sleep to his podcast and wake up to it. True follower of GOD. Your purpose have been served well
  • Pam from Alabam
    Charles Stanley
    Pastor Charles Stanley has solid timeless Biblically based messages that will stand the test of time. I can always find one that is what I need for that day. I always want to hear his voice speaking with the confidence and reassurance that Jesus is our Rock.
  • H&B 125
    Thanks for keeping Dr. Stanley’s valuable and enduring messages available.
  • Melissa 0330
    Such a blessing
    Thank you for this message
  • Carmacj
    Ministry everlasting
    I am so thankful for Dr Stanley’s sermons, devotions, all his books. They keep giving the peace and wisdom and salvation of God through Dr Stanley and will continue til Jesus comes back to us. There are hundreds maybe thousands of sermons left for us too listen to and they will never grow old. Same on Sunday TV.
  • Hurstm112
    Missed until we meet in Heaven.
    Praise God for walking your walk brother. Thank you for being there for me to listen to God's Word throughout my day over the years. You have been given the gift of delivering the message so clearly and powerfully. I will look forward to meeting and worshiping with you in Heaven one day.
  • naomibsantiago
    I don’t think I can get through this without crying, but Dr. Charles Stanley, You have been my Radio and TV Pastor for 40 plus yrs, through my young adulthood until your Home going and onward until we meet in Heaven. I just want to say Thank You for teaching and showing me Jesus unlike no other, I will forever remember too “ Obey God”, and leave the consequences to Him”, I’m a senior and Widow now but not alone, and I have a library of books, magazines and Books to pass on to my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren now and I pray that they will grow in Gods Word through Your teachings as I have, also thanks you iTunes for carrying Dr. Stanley’s teachings ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🏽
  • doloresmcbride
    Dr. Charles Stanley—A Gifted Biblical Teacher
    I have been listening to Charles Stanley’s messages for YEARS and have ALWAYS found him to be sincere, moving, enlightening, Sprit- filled and knowledgeable—— and even entertaining, when he shared experiences from his own life. I hope and pray IN TOUCH RADIO MINISTRY continues his ministry of spreading the Gospel through his PODCASTS, CD’s, Books, etc.
  • jgb986
    Dr. Stanley is a Servant of God
    Never met him, but have been listening for 30 years. My heart has been heavy after his death but am so thankful for his life and how he is now with Christ in heaven. His passing makes his words somehow even easier to believe, as he followed through with Christ all the way to heaven. The messages are clear, kind, simple yet full of truth. Will keep listening ❤️
  • O Mitchell
    There are no words to express the heartfelt gratitude that I have for Dr. Charles Stanley. He was instrumental in my growth in God. I started listening and learning from this powerful man of God. I have been in ministry for 46 years and he set a great example of how to do it right. Receive your reward… I know you heard the words well done… 🙌🏻 Olivia Mitchell
  • Bellesnickle
    Pastor Stanley I will always love your teaching
    I can’t put into words how blessed I feel to have listened to this man. Truly filled with the Holy Spirit. He was so encouraging and stood firm. He was an encourager, a man of heavenly conviction. He was a trusted firm foundation to depend on when I needed it. I’m so so grateful that I can still watch him or listen to him. The Word of God never grows old and Charles Stanley I already miss your familiar phrases and words beyond the Bible. A true saint! I can’t wait to see you again!
  • Dannica1
    The Word
    I’m so grateful to be a student of Dr. Charles Stanley. He is at rest now but he lives on in the ministry he built. He broke the Bible down so that we can live! He follows God’s instructions. He lived what he taught! I’ll forever tune in and listen as my life depends on staying connected to God.
  • Jocastanet
    All for the love of Jesus
    Thank you Dr. Stanley for your many faithful years to be obedient to God’s Word & teaching it the way He wanted you to. You have been a blessing to my life. I will see you again. Love you
  • Richardson T.
    His messages will live on. Praying for the family!
  • gracefully84
    God is GREAT
    I love you DR Charles Stanley You will be greatly missed❤️🙏🏾😢
  • Logan#2333
    I very much miss him.
  • jneth5
    Biblical Truth
    Powerful teaching rooted in the WORD of God. I am blessed by Dr. Charles Stanley’s teachings.
  • Angie Roc
    Dr. Stanley always provides a thought provoking and powerful teaching. My life is blessed each time I listen.
  • Gigi_mama16
    Podcast teachings out of order
    I gave 3 stars only bc the teachings are out of order. I have to scroll to find the newer uploaded preachings. I’ve listened to him for years now. I mostly go to the “In touch ministry” app now. The order years are 2021 then 2023 then 2022…
  • CONAR2003
    I will always be so thankful for this podcast. You have helped me so much. I listen when I’m getting ready for work, while cooking, cleaning, and while driving. God has been slowly peeling back the layers of years of trauma/abuse. I will always be grateful I started listening. God is so very good!! ✝️🙌🏼 so good! 😍 Thank you so much for being an obedient servant!!
  • Pooky1953
    Forever Grateful
    Dear Dr. Stanley: Years ago I was badly injured. I moved back home with my parents. As I began to walk again, I listened to your sermons on cassette tape while walking in the treadmill. Gods word became the guiding light for me as I listened each day. Now some 45 years later, I am still listening to your sermons via Podcast. Your sermons have reached me in areas that come from your Biblical wisdom over the years. I am now in a difficult circumstance and have turned once again to hear you preach Gods word in such practical ways that ministered deeply to me. I thank God for your faithfulness in proclaiming God’s truths in my life.
  • Gridra
    Sound teachings
    Dr Stanley, We go way back with you. We moved from New York 35 Yrs ago and didn’t have a church. We discovered you on the radio and you helped us immensely. You are one of the best Bible teachers ever , your reward in heaven will truly be great! Thank you for all you have done to help others. We are grateful for you and love you.
  • Gigi-Jay
    I love Dr Stanley
    I love, Dr. Stanley! He and John MacArthur are my absolute favorites to listen to. They never disappoint and every message resonates perfectly in perfect timing with where I’m at or where I need to be or what I am needing guidance with. I am so thankful to have this podcast here and will make it a part of my regular routine. Thank you, Dr. Stanley!
  • DiddyRed
    These teachings are powerful. Listening causes change. Thank you Dr. Stanley.
  • Roy phelps
    Thank you
    Thank you for this wonderful program. Learning about GODS word brings a sense of calmness in the midst of a turbulent world.
  • sweetheart gram
    Your programs of anger are worded so well that it hit me hard! I realize I have unresolved hidden anger. I save the programs to help me work through my own anger. I cry in order to work through my unresolved anger. Thank you Dr. Stanley for hitting me to the core of my issue. You are appreciated more than you know. Life is more difficult for me because I am homeless. Thank you!
  • wall whacker
    I sleep to this man All my dreams are about me naked in a city and it is amazing. Everyone looks at me in disgust. Amazing
  • Thumper36
    Thankful for this man
    This podcast is an absolute blessing and gem. I’m very thankful to have found it. Wonderful listen!
  • threeleggedstool
    Changed my life
    I’m a lifelong Catholic. I listen to Dr. Stanley nearly every day. It’s part of my “routine” and has enhanced my faith immeasurably!
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