S-Town is a podcast hosted by Brian Reed from Serial Productions, a New York Times company. The story follows a man named John who despises his Alabama town and decides to do something about it. He asks Brian to investigate the son of a wealthy family who's allegedly been bragging that he got away with murder. But when someone else ends up dead, the search for the truth leads to a nasty feud, a hunt for hidden treasure, and an unearthing of the mysteries of one man's life.

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  • AlliePaye
    I listened to this in three days amid working and sleeping. It was a heartbreaking story that I couldn’t stop listening to.
  • Lindercloud
    Loved this
    I could not stop listening. This was a very moving series.
  • dbjll
    Amazingly Created and Heartfelt
    I finally found a podcast that met the high standard that the podcast Alligator Candy set for me. Thank you for sharing a piece of the treasure that was John B.
  • BGBMudter
    Did Ben explain to Rita the relationship between John and Tyler? Did he or others tell her that John intended to give gold to Tyler and his brother?
  • <3techno
    Best podcast ever
    My wife and I just listened for the third time. First time in maybe three or four years. This podcast is FANTASTIC!!
  • StephBost
    This podcast is the very BEST podcast I have EVER listened to date. The details are incredible and The narrator is SO Awesome and the story is filled with TONS of interesting stories that keep your mind occupied holding onto every single word. Please please do more…… and let me know when you DO. Stephanie
  • M Marie G.
    Storytelling at its best!
    Wow! I hung on every word. Best podcast storytelling I’ve heard! Must listen.
  • AKALadyDisdain
    Bravo. BRA. VO. 😭 Thank you for this incredible, epic opus. Unreal. Thank you. ❤️
  • 1973Gio
    Brilliantly done
    This will always be my favorite podcast of all time. I was hooked within 30 minutes. At no point did I know where it was going and that is good storytelling.
    Fourth listen to entire podcast
    This podcast is simply timeless! Storytelling at its finest. Like returning to a favorite book, I guess S-Town will always be a good listen in life! I just wish JBM had a chance to know how popular a podcast this would be and that he would become known and loved by so many! Tyler…what were you thinking dude? What went on there? 🥲❤️
  • d00dles4science
    Wow. Just wow.
    One of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard. What an amazing story about an incredible person. Rest in peace John B. I will probably think of you every time I recycle
  • hpyfurever!
    Cheers to John B
    It’s hard to explain why this story and these people are so compelling. Human interest at its finest. Brian and the team brilliantly captured a tiny chapter of American life I would have never known otherwise.
  • sznseli
    Horrible waste of time
    Its not true crime. There is no mystery no suspense. just a load of garbage
  • Old Duff 1976
    Tribute to Tyler?
    I hope I’m wrong but it’s time your team posts an update and tribute to Tyler who gave this podcast and the listeners so SO much for entertainment. T and his family deserve a tribute in his honor and a a go fund me for his family. Tyler is the sad reality of generational trauma and not far off from what the clock makers biggest fears were.
  • PB♥️♥️♥️♥️
    JBM will never be forgotten!
    What an incredible story of one man’s life. Wonderful storytelling, I laughed, I cried and this story surprised me by ending up in such a different place than it started! I will listen to this podcast over and over!! What a character John Brooks Mclemore was!!!!
  • LocksSuck
    Sobbing by the end
    Just wow. Empathetic and brilliant — both JBM and Brian Reed. Once in a lifetime storytelling, absolutely heartbreaking
    Listened to this at least 5 times
    I love the story, the characters, and the storytelling. I love how JBM’s life story will never die bc someone took the time to tell it. But the best parts are when you can hear Tyler’s brother-in-law(?) with the TBI yell affirmations in the background during the telling of stories. Really a great listen.
  • Rupac Shakur
    Watershed moment
    An important podcast in the timeline of podcasting. A compelling story that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.
  • Dan (Holden, Mass)
    Difficult to overstate the quality. The plot, character, and interviews are obviously great. But what makes it better than the rest is the alignment of the content and the structure. The use of metaphor, a few different ones, is exceptional.
  • J2223435
    I wish I could get that 7 hours of my life back
    I feel bad it’s a wonderfully written podcast but literally nothing happens. This is NOT a true crime podcast. It’s a story about a maniacal man and I kept waiting for something exciting to happen but it just let me down every time.
  • Palafoxiana
    Second listening!
    I first listened when it originally aired and thought it superb, like the best literature. It was even better this time. A rare jewel of the best storytelling.
  • whatever theyre all taken 🙄
    Absolute masterpiece
    This is one of the if not THE MOST compelling stories I’ve ever had the pleasure and at times the pain , and sadness to experience. Thanks to all , but esp Mr John B and company from Bibb . From a small town girl , with more nihilistic tendencies than not - I get each and every one of these folks . Blessings .
  • Tupac92a
    This Should Win Awards
    This podcast came out when people were still a little hesitant about listening. This is by far my favorite podcast that I have EVER listened to. I find myself often thinking about this story. Please re-air with updates!!!
  • soul24
    Lots of rambling
    I don’t get the love for this one. There a ton of ramblings and such about these people but not much point to it. I feel like my time was wasted on nonsense.
  • Jser21
    A Storytelling Masterpiece
    Every aspect of this podcast – from the narration, characters, music/scoring, poignancy – is just an absolute storytelling masterpiece. I listen to it at least once a year I would say, and I am never less than fully compelled and moved. It is something that Brian Reed and all the team should be very proud of. It is a gem and privilege that we were introduced not only to the person that was John B McLemore, but also horology and so much more. I can’t believe I randomly was going through my podcasts (I never read podcast reviews??) only to be alerted to the fact that Tyler Goodson was killed by cops from another reviewer! I just read several news articles and …how horribly sad. I do wonder if the family will allow a follow up podcast about the years since, though with the legal issues it may not be feasible. Either way, I have recommended this podcast to many people and it has never disappointed. I will continue to listen to it and be moved. It’s later than you think.
  • astoneyfan1974
    I found this to be a very interesting story, but yet wild as well. I would also enjoy other listeners, to listen to In The Red Clay. A true story about Georgias deadliest man, and he was also the ring leader of Ga Dixie Mafia.
  • mmrkomof2
    Incredible storytelling. I was riveted.
  • ZuZu's momma
    Love love love this podcast!!
    I first listened in 2018 when I first fell in love with podcasts. I’m now listening again almost 6 years later. It’s just as good if not better!
  • Rissa reading
    Alabama is crazy but has a lot of butter sweet people from it.
    Being from Alabama I had to listen to this and my husband is from that area close by but one of my best friends is from there. Anyway it is emotional interesting crazy how it played out. Definitely done well and I really loved listening to it and have recommended it. Small towns are hard
  • Taytay cowgirl
    Holds a lot of emotion and thought
    This podcast is really tragically emotional, but not strictly sad. It shows the reality of life, the complications of people and interpersonal relationships, and history in a small town. Brian Reed covers this story in such a raw manner and really brings the listeners along in what was his real-time experience. Feels like a good classic piece of art; something you can go back to over and over again and always find something new and further to explore.
  • snailwigg
    Well told tale about an obscure genius.
  • Fluffster Normalpaws
    I can understand not liking the town you’re stuck in. I don’t think this reflects badly on the town. It’s just life for some of us. This pod could be a movie. I like the way we get to hear from so many people’s perspectives. No one is a clear-cut hero or villain. Right & wrong isn’t clear cut. Even the issue of mercury poisoning isn’t definitive. So many twists & turns of intrigue. The way Tyler’s uncle would holler out in the background was amazing because he was always so on point, distilling the essence. Also John B in general makes for such a multi-faceted character. What a sad end result with him. A unique free thinker as well as a genius. Condolences to all who knew John B & also Tyler. RIP 🙏🙏
  • mollie mom
    Excellent listen!
  • Bossjdjsjshshjssbsysj
    This was such a compelling story….I couldn’t stop listening.
  • Alexandra Britt
    Tyler is Dead
    Did y’all see Tyler Goodson was killed by Woodstock police? He was shot last month. I was listening to s town again for probably the 5th time and then saw on YouTube that Tyler was killed last month. I hope Brian does a follow up with this story and maybe telling the full story of Tyler.
  • Othr brther
    I live a few miles from here, know most of players. It’s a great story. Shows how money sometimes controls the lives of others. It’s not about a criminal act as much wealth vers lower to middle income. The main character is so unbelievably smart. I makes you want to listen. Great job.
  • DeeGram
    Not what you are expecting
    This is not a true crime podcast. No murder. No crime to investigate. Its a story about a complicated man and an excuse for the narrator to paint small town Alabama people all with the same brush. Pretty much as waste of time if you are looking for true crime. But if you wanna hear a story about a gay clock fixer in the south, this is for you. I give it an extra star because John B. was definitely an interesting crazy person.
  • KimrismA
    Surprising and beautiful really
    I thought I was getting into to true crime. Soon I realized it’s a love story. Not love between two people but love for humanity. The center of the story loved humanity so much he was tortured by it. Our narrator fell in love with this person’s humanity. And I’m so thankful for you sharing this story and for my running across it.
  • Namsalot
    This is story telling
    One of, if not the, best podcasts I’ve listened to. I kept passing it over for years thinking I’d listened already! I’m so glad I just hit play! I was looking for bingeable true crime and what I got was a masterpiece in Americana. Beautifully documented, told, funny, heartbreaking.
  • HTX2019AH
    Such a great podcast. I found it on a whim and loved it. It’s lovely how John B. talked about wanting to be a citizen of the world and now so many people all over the world know his story. Worth a listen!
  • Frequent_listener98
    Amazing journalism
    Absolute masterpiece simply put thank you , this has inspired me to learn much more about all sorts of things.
  • DIABLO 696
    Great podcast
    Sad how I heard about this podcast. I read a news clip that the Tyler Goodson person in here got gunned down by the police 2 days ago. My condolences to the family and the author of this podcast. Sad story. So I listened to this podcast and it had me binging. Great work. Hope to hear an update on your take about Tyler Goodson.
  • Familyman0484
    Very interesting I’ve been to the area numerous times
    I just found this podcast today (December 5 2023) through a news article about Tyler being gunned down by police and listening to this is really sad since John committed suicide it really shows how this country is failing the citizens with help for mental health both deaths could’ve been prevented if they had the help they needed rest in peace Tyler rest in peace John
  • AngieB:)
    Great podcast will you be following up since the death this weekend??
    Great podcast! I’m from Alabama. Joseph Tyler Goodson was killed during a police stand off this Sunday,December 3rd 2023. Will you be doing an update??
  • DerpyHooves22
    A Masterpiece
    One of -if not the best -podcasts I've ever heard. I binged it back in 2019 and might've written a review (can't remember) but I just finished it again and must say that 4+years and hundreds of podcasts later, S -Town remains singular 💖
  • ibnsg
    This is one of the best podcasts I have listened too. I love how you let everyone be themselves without judgement! What a interesting person John was! So much to learn from him!
  • JeanFromWash
    kept thinking I was going to stop listening
    but for number of reasons, I can’t put my finger on, I continued to listen, and in another way, that I can’t really bring words to bear about, I listened to the entire podcast and it’s one of those that will probably stick with me forever. Humans are so complicated and this was especially illuminating in this case my fondest hope is that Rita, Charlie, and Tyler will listen to this and realize exactly what was intended and try to honor it. Things got so messed up, but I can certainly see how it happened. It’s not too late to fix it.
  • Socorro369
    Pretty good
    I enjoyed this podcast.
  • RoRo’s Mimi
    Best podcast
    I listen to podcasts daily. All kinds, true crime, self help, mysteries, and just books on audible. This one, however , is the best one I’ve heard ever. Felt like I had been friends with John B McLemore for years and his fate broke my heart. Genius minds always seem to be tortured. Rest easy. I’d like to know what finally was resolved with Tyler in the courts snd between John ’s family. Is their any information or continuation regarding his fate ?
  • divineoraclek
    Incredible journalism
    This is an amazing story that needed to be told. A MUST listen.
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