Criminal is a podcast about crime. Not so much the "if it bleeds, it leads," kind of crime. Something a little more complex. Stories of people who've done wrong, been wronged, and/or gotten caught somewhere in the middle. We're a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX, a curated network of extraordinary, story-driven shows. Learn more at

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  • Aliciaisawesome!!!
    Thanks Phoebe!
    Keep up the good work!
  • Rhonda's Apple Account
    I love this podcast. The stories are presented so well and there’s certainly no lack of variety. The only thing one story has in common with the next is a crime. You never know what you’re going to get except a very clear picture of what happened. I highly recommend this one!
  • Photomomcincy
    Can’t listen to her
    I love the stories I’ve listened to but can’t stand the breathy sound of Phoebes voice. She’s trying too hard to sound a certain way. Ugh! And does she have any emotion about any of the crimes? Will be unsubscribing. .
  • Smudgedingle
    These true stories are intelligent and absorbing. Really really good. Loved loved wolves!
  • kate353
    My favorite podcast!!
    These stories are each unique and interesting In their own way they find amazing new stories that are more and more captivating!!! I can not recommend this podcast highly enough I love it more than any podcast I’ve listened to!!!!! I’ve listened to every episode and now am going back through listening to them with my friends new thing my ears have ever heard I want 100000 hours of this podcast
  • foxsongs
    Top shelf
    Love love love criminal!!!
  • I've got no mail
    That voice tho
    Not only is every story captivating but her voice completes the entire experience. Best podcast on my list!
  • Boo Unicorn
    Not only is Phoebe’s voice the most melodic, but these are not your everyday true crime stories. These are hidden gems and unique anecdotes of crimes from murder to vandalism, from stowing away on a cruise ship to sex work. I am never disappointed. I recommend this to all my friends. Incredible.
  • BecPBlack
    Simply fabulous.
    Thank you phoebe for everything you do. I love all of your shows.
  • Sundvik
    Fabulous and Phoebe!!!!
    Listen if you love a well told story and a host with a magical voice. Phoebe tells tales of murder and mayhem in a magical way
  • leskempin
    Fascinating and concise!
    One of my favorite podcasts! Each episode is unique and sheds light on every type of crime imaginable, not just violent or disturbing things. Some of my favorites have been the cruise stowaway, the theory of lying, and the prison lady dog trainer. SO interesting! I also love that the stories are short and not drawn out through repetition or unnecessary filler.
    Ms. Judge
    Of course topic is perhaps the most important component that makes a podcast great. For me, the other is the voice of the narrator / host. Ms. Judge has a voice that I’d want to have read a story to my two daughters every single night before bed. Since the topics are great and her voice is great that makes the podcast superlative in nature.
  • Mid1night
    Just a kid
    I am 11 years old and these podcasts have opened up my eyes to the real world. I love your episode about the mafia boy it was amazing I wish I could go to a real life show. Well know I am 12 and I had a African American Wax Museum were I had to pick a significant African American History. I chose Ellen Craft this podcast was a great help with Information. Thanks 😍 P.S Phoebe has the most soothing voice and it helps me fall asleep 💤
  • Mr Farmer Sue
    Agatha Christie
    More please? When this one is over can we get more? Pleeeease? Love Phoebe
  • Jeanniekate
    I ❤️ Phoebe!!!!
    Criminal is one of my favorite podcasts, for many reasons other than Phoebe’s soothing, kind voice. She brings extraordinary intelligence, humanity, and sensitivity to shed light on subjects that could otherwise be distressing. Each episode is painstakingly researched and thoroughly explored. Brava, Phoebe!
  • Squidney13
    Soothing voice for criminal actions
    Pheobe’s voice is so soothing and she knows this. I think it makes some of the criminal topics a bit easier to digest. Other than that, I love that this podcast truly covers every spectrum of crimson activity. From public nudity to murder mysteries of yesteryears, it never gets dull. I think this is the only podcast where I can repeat episodes more than once.
  • Bob1234566frea
    Extremely Underrated?
    I’m not sure why I didn’t hear about this podcast until it was recommended via “You Must Remember This”? I’m an AVID podcast listener, especially when it comes to true crime, like, true crime literally dominates my feed, and I’m so sad it took me so long to discover this one...the podcast app failed me for sure...bc this is now my favorite! Please rate if you listen, I wish this one would’ve popped up on my “true crime” searches long ago! I’m binging now that we’re all stuck at home. Phoebe Judge is killing it, the research team is killing it, this podcast deserves to be one of the top listed in the genre.
  • Funnkk
    Thank You Phoebe!!
    Brilliant!! 💗
  • B(5;7(67;5/
    Thank You Phoebe
    Thank you for reading Agatha Christie to us. It means a lot right now.
  • DawniePD
    Great podcast!
    One of my favorites. Look forward to each new episode. And Phoebe Judge. That voice, though...
  • Rhianna Moon
    Perfect balance!
    I love crime, although, the mix of lighter and funnier content has made a perfect balance! Phoebe is a great storyteller and relatable person, unlike same other podcasts. Over all, this is a great podcast!
  • hannahj28
    love it!
    I have been binge listening since I discovered this! the episodes are the perfect length, phoebe is an amazing story teller/interviewer, and it’s not just the same old murder cases but really interesting stories from a wide variety of people. 10/10!!
  • baijanie
    I love Phoebe Judge voice
    Her narration and interviews are captivating. Criminal is definitely a binge worthy show
  • 999CmC999
    Favorite podcast Host
    Criminal is the best. I consume lots of podcast and audible books. 1600hrs a year. So I can say for certain Phoebe Judge; Interviews people very well, and tells a great story. I would listen to her read a book.
  • TheSurrogate
    Lots of lighter/funny stories, too.
  • Lemoree
    Even if you’re not a “true crime fan”
    I’ve been listening to Criminal for a long time and I still look forward to new episodes. Phoebe is an excellent host. She tells stories in an engaging and informative way. She tells stories you will not hear elsewhere. I would like to be her best friend.
  • LuluBell456
    Right to it
    I love crime podcasts. But don’t really care for the banter at the beginning of each one. Criminal is different and right to it.... some broadcasts are dark, some funny, like the prolific streaker, some are stop what you are doing to get to the end. This podcast is very well done. I’m so glad I found it.
  • RHINO818
    Las Vegas gun men that survived
    You should get in touch with me. Have my Lil’ brother that was in for a ride of his life and in a shoot out with metro police here in Las Vegas. J.Ruano
  • mickchristine
    The original crime podcast & still the best.
    I have recommended Criminal to friends time and again for the curious and poignant crimes they choose to feature. There are crime scenes, criminals, victims, and witnesses that have a story yet to tell, and Phoebe and team brilliantly bring it to us. I’ve listened since the beginning and haven’t missed one.
  • atmallory
    Consistent Quality
    This is one of the most consistently high quality podcasts being produced. It’s a top five of all time, without a doubt. My only critique is that the episodes aren’t longer, or that there aren’t more of them, more often. Well done.
  • Melanie Melinda
    I couldn’t even make it through a whole episode! Such political bias! And her breathy voice is so aggravating!
  • Ianisian
    Criminal hooks you in!
    Criminal always unwraps a story in a way that makes you feel like you know the characters. Thanks for this thought provoking podcast!
  • emerson0421
    One of my all time favorite pods
    Phoebe has the best voice and the story is always interesting! I wish it was weekly instead of bi-weekly, but I’ll take what I can get!
  • Algaelynn
    I learn something new with every story, and feel more connected to the world
  • lauriesden
    I love your show. I drive a lot every day and listen all day to podcasts. I love history and listening to your stories keep me awake and going all day long. Unfortunately I think I have listened to all of them now. Keep you show coming. Lauren from Denver
  • Meow says the cat
    Beautifully done and amazingly interesting
    The way Phoebe can uplift in one minute and depress in the next is wild. I love this podcast more than any other. Every upload gets me excited for work just to listen to it.
  • HuffmanD
    Adam Braseel
    Just listened to this episode and I just got to say this story really got to me. I never thought a judge actually would reach out like that. Righting a wrong takes courage! Especially in a system that has flaws that often end in a miscarriage of justice. I love this podcast and appreciate the caring way these people life stories are told with respect.
  • Patchiomani
    Love it!
    Such wonderful story telling by phoebe with such original stories! Can’t wait to hear more ! I wish it was more often !
  • MG7Listens
    Her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard
    Obviously a personal opinion but I have to unsubscribe and delete
  • LHP1959
    The Herrin Masscre was an absolute masterpiece.
  • Brooke276
    Can’t wait to see you live in Denver!!!
    Phoebe Judge could read me the telephone book. Her voice makes every story an easy, relaxing listen.
  • Susieq419
    Top notch
    Inspiring, thought provoking, professional podcasting at its best! Phoebe judge is a treasure. I look forward to each new episode and learn something each time. Highly recommend.
  • deedle bug
    So Interesting!
    This is my FAVORITE podcast. So many interesting stories. I look forward to each episode. Love Phoebe’s voice and her obvious passion for the stories.
  • Sandra Xx Kelly
    Super fascinating !
    If you’re all about justice and curious about how laws came into effect, you’ll find a great deal of satisfaction in this podcast ! I’ve enjoy every episodes of this podcast and i’m eager to listen to any new ones arriving ! It’s super interesting to hear people’s story, related to the law, crimes and the justice system ! Highly recommended !
  • D.Feinstien
    Couldn’t get passed the host’s voice.
    First review I’ve ever made. I really really wanted to get into this show, but I can’t stand the host’s voice. She sounds like she’s sleep deprived and they’ve decided to record her every time she was about to get some sleep.
  • GracieJoy66
    So Original and Engaging!
    I love every episode and have re-played many of them several times because they are just that good!!! Can’t wait to see you at the live show in Dallas.
  • Genesii L. Gorotiza
    Ep. 45 Just Mercy Review - PSY 2050
    This podcast provides clear insight into the death penalty and Death Row from the perspective of a well-educated lawyer who has not only knowledge, but personal experience with the matter. This podcast is for anyone interested in injustice within the justice system, especially injustice regarding capital punishment. The information given is very easy to follow as well as up-to-date for the time the podcast came out. Personally, I found the information super insightful, and the stories told really resonated with me. The person being interviewed, Bryan Stevenson, knew what he was talking about and truly explained himself and the topic well. I give this podcast 5 out of 5 stars as it kept me interested throughout and even made me want to research the topic further. I would highly recommend this to anyone willing to listen!
  • Paola.Reyes
    Criminal True Crime
    The clarity of the podcasts and interviews are interesting. The podcast catered to a specific group of academicians, professionals, or students that are interesting in criminal. The reliability and credibility factor of the podcast are base on Bryan Stevenson a criminal perspective who's been working with death row inmates.
  • amanda.b01
    Just Mercy Episode
    The podcast is easy to comprehend and follow. Having heard first hand the experiences of Bryan Stevenson makes it more credible than other sources, especially since he is the source himself. The podcast was interesting because of the many stories told as well as the deep powerful underlying message.
  • Lfc girl in atx
    My Fave
    Criminal is my favorite podcast and I never miss an episode!! Quirky and fascinating with great interviews by Phoebe.
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