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Serial is a podcast from Serial Productions, a New York Times company, hosted by Sarah Koenig. Serial unfolds one story - a true story - over the course of a whole season. The show follows the plot and characters wherever they lead, through many surprising twists and turns. Sarah won't know what happens at the end of the story until she gets there, not long before you get there with her. Each week she'll bring you the latest chapter, so it's important to listen in, starting with Episode 1. New episodes are released on Thursday mornings.

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  • Hufflefuk
    I absolutely love this podcast I started from episode one probably less than a month ago and I am now in season three and listen every chance that I possibly can between college, kids and life. It keeps me on my toes and causes me to have so many questions sometimes 😅 Recommending stories: any way we can contribute??
  • melodytennis
    More more more.
    Another fantastic installment. Keep doing what you’re all doing. The world is listening !! And THANKS !!!
  • mgilstad
    Heavily biased towards the Left
    The first couple seasons were great, unbiased journalism that really did a good job at presenting the facts and allowing people to draw their own conclusions. Unfortunately, the latest Trojan Horse Affair season (and even the 2 prior seasons), is far from that. Instead, we have to listen to a Muslim journalist who is clearly biased towards his point of view (he even kind of admits it in the show, so I guess that makes it ok?). He jumps to a conclusion before working on the podcast, and then spends the whole podcast searching for witnesses that fit his agenda, while merely brushing aside facts he comes across that are a pretty big deal for the other side, such as the extreme cases of sexism that were present in a public school. He spins everything as “well, the school is predominantly Muslim, so that makes it OK” or “yeah, so a teacher taught students that wifes cannot deny husbands sex, and that same teacher also got jail time for having an affair with a student, but that’s not extremism and the real issue is blah blah blah. I wish Serial would go back to neutral journalism, because the stuff they are coming out with now makes me want to vomit.
  • Longhorngent
    Love Hamza’s voice! That’s itself is gripping. Thanks for putting this one out there. This show is happily going to take up a lot of my time.
  • Zwolf12
    Serial is just…better than everyone at this
    First, no offense to Hamza and Brian, but one of my favorite things about the narrative in every season of Serial is I can hear Sarah saying every line (whether it’s her or not). Second, where other podcasts — lazily and in droves — fall back on the podcast format as an excuse to shirk research, this podcast thrives on the format, creating more stories, fascination, accountability. Third, I say cautiously that The Trojan Horse Affair may be my favorite of the series…integrating Brian and Hamza’s friendship into the thematic whole - just awesome. So many others don’t even understand the format, let alone play it like strings on a guitar!
  • where wart scan
    No like
    I had to the school work on this
  • Amber1397
    sarah ❤️‍🔥🥰
    sarah explains things so well and i love her voice it’s so relaxing. i put this on whenever i’m having a hard time sleeping and it takes me right to sleep. ily sarah
  • whatnicknameisnottakdn
    BUT Hamza is seriously getting on my nerves.
  • Marilyn1M
    As someone who practiced journalism and walked away from it in despair at what it’s become, I found the Trojan Horse Affair revivifying and heartbreaking at once. Your work shows brilliantly and honestly both how important investigative journalism remains to the functioning of democracy and how impotent it has become in the face of deeply embedded racism and corruption. I particularly loved how transparently you dealt with the issue of “objectivity” — a loaded and culturally relative term which should have been interrogated and abandoned in the US journalistic sphere long ago. Brian’s pique at the apparent violation of objectivity on the part of Hamza was profoundly revealing. I’m so glad you included that in the series. I also loved how there is no gotcha at the end. That opaque and inconclusive conclusion is exactly the right note to hit when reporting on systemic racism.
  • Mrs.Holliman "
    The first season
    I enjoyed the first season, but I couldn’t get into any of the rest.
    Extremely Consumable
    I just finished the Trojan Horse Series. This satisfied a deep addictive personality need for me while listening, and even though the ending doesn’t scratch my neat-ending-itch I was still satisfied nonetheless. For the curious and the forever student.
  • TheDigitalPimp213
    The struggle resonates with me
    I wish this didn’t end the way it did. Had me all the way up until the end. It’s almost felt like they ran out of funding.
  • WeatherGirlWendy
    Just finished this series. Through the entire wild ride, I couldn’t help but think that the accusations being leveled against the Muslim school staff of plotting to infiltrate and then hold students captive to their world view actually mirrored what is, in fact, the stated goal of conservative, evangelical Christians in parts of our country. The obfuscation and political whitewashing of that movement is equally maddening to me.
  • capli22
    Vocal Fry
    I must be getting old because I can’t concentrate on what is being said. I’ve enjoyed the past seasons so I may try again.
    I have been looking for a good true crime podcast and this is just one of my favorite podcast yet! I’m only on the second episode and I’m already in love with it💖
  • NYC10025
    Improvement Association
    I would have loved to have this presented with a voice from which one couldn’t decipher the reporters own political stance. The difference between commentary vs unbiased reporting is made clear. If you’re interested in an opinion piece, subscribe here!
  • anon-Miss
    Not so much
    Honestly, I was so excited for this podcast. Serial and S Town were 2 of my favorites. I kept waiting for this to get good. A friend bagged it after 2 episodes and I wish I had. The story is important to tell but the hype of this podcast was way too much for what it delivered. I hate to say this because I know they worked hard, but I feel like I have to save other people from using their time to listen to this waiting for it to get really exciting.
  • Landshark_In_Tampa
    Hey Sarah, my wife and I are both military public affairs officers and during a recent road trip, we listened to your series about Bowe Bergdahl. As PAOs, we have both worked with journalists from every media outlet in the 3-letter alphabet, as well as pretty much every top print outlet there is. And we both served in the Centcom PA office. To say we were both impressed with the depth, breadth and fairness of your series is truly an understatement. I know it’s on older series, but wow. You did an amazing job telling this story. Well done!
  • Omccmoomc
    Please go back to stories like season 1 and 2. This Trojan Horse season is sooo bad. :(
  • pasta_slut
    Adore it, miss Sarah
    I loved every season so far and I’m already looking forward to the next one! I have been missing Sarah on a lot of these — I loved the first seasons because I found her to be so great. I still like the show and the other hosts, but I’d really love to see Sarah back on again
  • nauvoo2
    Serial is Simply Amazing! Sarah Koenig is wonderful in every way, smart, articulate, thoughtful, inquisitive, and has amazing people helping her make it all work. Start listening and you won’t be able to stop.
  • divjfuvkv
    Everything I Hate About Journalism Today
    Wow. Just blatantly putting it out there now that you don’t need to be just report on the facts if you are at all being hurt by the information in some way. Just wow. At least you are up front about it?? This is a complex issue and it would be nice if it was treated as such, showing the many sides and complexities. It’s unfortunate this podcast took this turn.
  • aaumueller
    Heading downhill
    Wowza. I loved season 1. Season was okay, but not my favorite. This current season is frustrating. It’s hard to keep an open mind to hearing both sides when the reporters are clearly so biased and are actually yelling at the interview subjects who don’t agree with them. Disappointing for what was such a great show in the beginning.
  • Ifkemdj2838
    So disappointed in Serial
    Yet another podcast about local power and identity politics from Serial? Sarah Koenig and company are a one trick pony. Disappointed to be getting just another stale variation of the same story from Serial in which the same tired themes are discussed, and I don’t care about the subjects/characters. Adnan Syed’s, Bo Bergdahl’s story, and even (because let’s be honest, it was a Serial podcast) John McLemore were unique people with unique stories, that I cared about - and yes, all three had a political angle, but it wasn’t the sole focus, it was a backdrop. Nice white parents? The Cleveland court system? The one about North Carolina? This new one? I wasn’t invested and found them utterly forgettable. Characters, intrigue, and a focus that is not entirely about social justice issues - that’s what I want. Focusing on institutions at the expense of plot is not a recipe for success.
  • Jacoblmoore
    love it!
  • CD1166
    Trojan Horse series
    An interesting and complex story ruined by bias and dismissal of sexism. This is a persuasive piece with a clear agenda, not valid investigative journalism. To be clear, I don’t disagree with the agenda to bring a light to, condemn, and reverse islamophobic impacts of the letter. But the clear bias and lack of empathy given to concerns of sexism and abuse of girls weakens their stance significantly. This could have been a complex, thoughtful discussion of a complicated issue. It wasn’t. The Guardian’s Sonia Sodha wrote a piece that summarizes my thoughts exactly. I hope Serial does better in the future.
  • PhillyBelle
    Incredibly compelling series. Allows listeners to see through a different eye the prejudices that are still ongoing and the ripple effect lies and prejudices can have. Wished for a different outcome.
  • Senska11
    Downhill since the start
    Season 1 about Adnan was phenomenal. Season 2 about Beau was okay. Since then it's been way downhill. What started as unbiased great story-telling, investigative reporting, and intriguing stories has turned into clearly one-sided bias reporting, boring stories, and poor 'reporting' overall. Incredible disappointing.
  • jmpr118027
    Trojan Horse
    I really enjoyed this season. This topic is not one one I knew anything about, and it opened me to a new story. I appreciate the journey taken and hope the journalism avenue is continued.
  • jujuinor
    Quality is lacking
    Historically this has been one of my favorite podcast to listen to. I really enjoyed the first couple of seasons and find myself looking forward to the next one. However this latest season I have to say is not only very boring, but very confusing. The quality of the story and how it’s been told has diminished greatly. So I will turn this one off for a while and wait for the next season hoping that they will come up with something better.
  • iRan
    Loved season 1, like everybody. And the trojan horse affair was so good too.
  • Jenny Pattilo-Ham
    Subscribed. Unsubscribed. Re-subscribed, now unsubscribing again. Forever.
    White people are to blame for our problems. Even if they are trying to help. Garbage.
  • Ldyfsh1
    Election fraud
    Season 1 is good. The rest is horrendous. And honestly.. Election fraud? You want to talk about election fraud? “Democrats like to talk about this town” in NC “because a republican did it”... “republicans don’t because a republican did it”. I’m sorry - but this is happening in the state of GA and with the recent election BY DEMOCRATS but democrats aren’t talking about it - they aren’t talking about any MAJOR issues happening in our country right now with the current administration. Wake up people. The mainstream media is playing everyone like a puppet. This is ridiculous.
  • KQfam
    Trojan Horse Affair - yikes
    Haven’t listened to Serial since season 1, which was very well done, and decided to give the latest season, The Trojan Horse Affair, a listen. What a disappointment. The two reporters could not be more condescending, sexist and dismissive to interviewees and just in general when talking on certain subjects. It feels like the entire story is being reported and pushed in a way that will affirm the pet theories and beliefs of the “investigative reporters.” Huge disappointment, because the story is an interesting one that deserved more and deeper attention, and the concept of telling that story around the letter is a great idea. But ultimately the story needs and deserves better, more capable, more objective reporters.
  • Realgoodmind
    Newest season brings me back to what made this podcast great
    Compelling story that seeMs like something out of the movies. The newest season is the most engrossing story since season one in my opinion. Glad Sarah and Ira are still involved and I hope we get more Serial from all over the world just like this. There are so many great stories like this I bet.
  • AllyStankie33
    Trojan Horse
    I loved the Trojan Horse.
  • bkeish77
    What happened after the first season it’s horrible now
  • MylissaR
    Woke overload.
    Wokism ruins everything.
  • Iamnate85
    WAS good…
    Season 1 was good, but the woke took over. Bummer…
  • rachelg3
    Wow best amazing
  • Swakim
    The Worst
    Loved Serial Season 1. Two and three were weak; this is awful. First, the narrator (and really she talks a lot, rather than letting her subjects tell a story) has a voice meant for print. Really - as if she were raised in Wisconsin and then moved to Brooklyn at age 22. Just brutal. Second, despite her own protests about bias - this was a silly. She is quick to dismiss actual voter problems as minor (both at the nursing home and another violation two years later), finding all kinds of nuance among sides she supports, and then paints with a broad brush against “Republicans” or “White people.” The gross elements of her being a truth teller by going into a community of color and being the righteous sympathetic judge is really too gross to be taken seriously. It is as if she just discovered that communities of color have diversity/heterogeneity/nuance. This was a massive waste of time, painful to hear, and simply appalling to listen to.
  • posseh
    Update on adman case
    Will you be doing a follow up with new development today
  • KSSMW3
    Absolutely outstanding. Sarah’s reporting, researching and storytelling are fantastic.
  • Appreviewname
    Why so bad?
    I don’t understand. I’m listen to podcast most of my day. All sorts, and a lot being similar in genre. First season of Serial was AMAZING. And like everyone knows, season 2 fell on its face. I thought, hey new season, I’ll give it another shot and listen to the first episode. Again, horribly boring. Like seriously, a story about a letter? That’s the best thing you could pour resources into? I don’t ever write reviews but I felt obligated. What you are doing is not good. Do better. I want to give you a donation but just can’t get myself to do it.
  • Elilili17
    Season 1-3 were so engaging and only a little bit biased. Everything after that was just short of an ear infection.
  • iTuN3S
    What it is … true stories that are thought-provoking. Insightful. Funny. Sad. Disheartening. Honest. Surprising. Hopeful. What I like … short episode format. Author insights and feelings. Fascinating interviews. Exceptional investigative reporting. Outcomes both predictable and otherwise.
  • Girlbrain101
    Seasons 1, 3, and 4 were the best and most engaging. All the other seasons (with season 5 being downright awful) are a mix of mildly interesting to yawn-inducing.
  • Orrickle
    The Trojan Horse Affair
    I’ve been lukewarm about podcasts but this one hooked me important explorations of journalistic questions as well as political and cultural ones.
  • Skyebball
    Well done
    This podcast is one of the better made podcast. I can’t listen to a lot of them and this one holds my attention.
  • aprilbyvictoria
    I love the details
    This podcast is not half made. I love the detail and unbiased reporting. Highly recommend. @AprilSixsmith
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