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Serial is a podcast from the creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. Serial unfolds one story - a true story - over the course of a whole season. The show follows the plot and characters wherever they lead, through many surprising twists and turns. Sarah won't know what happens at the end of the story until she gets there, not long before you get there with her. Each week she'll bring you the latest chapter, so it's important to listen in, starting with Episode 1. New episodes are released on Thursday mornings.

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  • dumpisterrible
    The truth
    I loved season one of serial, & season 3 has caught my attention also. Its infuriating hearing how the judges & cops and everyone in between handles alot of these cases. It’
  • Creestalopes
    I’ve listened to podcasts for years now, and this is the first podcast I started with. Sarah never gives up, challenges what you think you know, only to come out saying something that is a complete 180. The way she tells the story is so captivating, and always keeps you guessing. Also, she is one of the most thoughtful researchers out there. She will always have a fan in me.
  • nicolette popa
    Love every episode
  • HighSchoolAPEnglish
    Very meh, required for school.
    I was required to listen to this for English in school (why, idk) and I didn’t enjoy it very much. It was alright, but twelve episodes, each almost an hour, feels a bit drawn out. I also don’t enjoy how it use crackly audio of interviews or whatever and it makes it hard to focus or get drawn into the story.
  • ngricetastic
    Back after years of taking a break
    Thank you so much for the usual excellence in journalism that is the newest installment in collaboration with the NYT. I’ve come back to catch up with season two and three as well and am hooked again! Great work comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.
  • isabelle08
    Soooooo political.
  • JimmyInReview
    Great first season then jumped off a cliff with rocks in a backpack
    Season 2 and 3 ...Yikes
  • sbrown07
    Cannot stand Sarah
    Her voice and demeanor are both boring and off-putting. I only listened to season 1 because of other podcasts and that HBO series. I cannot believe this is what the big deal was about, she sounds more like a gossipy child than a journalist.
  • Travmaan
    Super excited
    And to the “WOW” review- Perhaps they aren’t pandering. Perhaps they are still brilliant, still right on point and you are the one with blinders on. Just consider it.
  • user_aps
    Stop with race baiting
    Serial, Stop with the race baiting “Nice White Parents” cause them “nice” parents who you say are white are also jewish.
  • lvgps27
    Another SJW Propaganda Piece
    I used to love this podcast but it’s turned into a racist propaganda piece. ‘Nice White Parents’ is yet another way to teach hate and separation amongst Americans. This podcast is dangerous and irresponsible.
  • Silie_
    Great work! Especially season 3
    Wow I can’t believe people are uncomfortable with facing the truth described in season 3. It’s reality people and all you white people offended by it are blind and refuse to accept the racial division of privileges in this country. You are mad because she brought detailed examples of our justice system’s racial biased? If you are mad by this, you need to sincerely take a look at why this upsets and evaluate your priorities. I am waiting for her to tell more stories.
  • GreggOpines
    It’s 7/31 and no new drop 🙃
  • gubybyby
    Sell Out
    Sell Out
  • AnnColorado
    Professional Reporting
    I’m looking forward to the new series and very happy for the relationship with New York Times.
  • bc0412
    Well, as a white person, a mother and someone who really appreciates your previous work, all I can say is you’ve done a great job at already offending me from the jump. I think the message you are trying to get across is getting lost in your own personal narrative- or maybe that the narrative of that of your new partner The NY Times. You women have a big voice and you are all talented. I know you also have good intentions. Do better than this. Open eyes, don’t just pander time the ears that you already know will listen.
  • KBrown1394
    Nice White Parents ❤️
    So glad that you all will do a deep dive into the historical context of the education system and how and why we are where we are today in education. The simple fact that many are unsubscribing before listening despite your past work shows that the story needs to be told and that when one benefits from a system.....there will be willful ignorance and a resistance to learn.
  • 19Jake79
    Welcome to identity politics
    Cancelled my subscription to NYT as they don’t even pretend to be unbiased. After it’s marriage to Serial, and listening to the first episode of NWP, I fear this mindset has infiltrated. So sad to delete this garbage but I have more important things to do and think about. Bye.
  • JeffSims1
    Had to Leave
    I liked the older episodes, listened to them back to back, but couldn’t stomach this latest. I understand journalists WANT to interject their own opinions and ideologies, but they shouldn’t. You made it political when it didn’t have to be, simply because “racial division” is the hot button word right now. It’s not a black issue. It’s not a white issue. It’s a class issue, poverty equals higher crime, and it’s being propagated by bad policy in inner cities that have been run under the same suppositions for 50 years. It isn’t working, and to just fall back on racism isn’t the answer. You lost a listener, because I can’t handle the social justice tag lines in every other statement.
    No longer a fan,...sorry Sarah.
    I won’t listen anymore because of your relationship with the New York Times. Their reporting is bias and unacceptable. So sorry to see this has happened. Best of luck.
  • AOS_Nick
    Nice White Parents?
    I can’t believe people are unsubscribing because you feel white people are being blamed for everything. The journalists are stating facts that show social injustice. As a white male in Ohio, it is truly eye opening that these things are really happening. The black defendants are not being portrayed as perfect citizens in the podcast so I don’t view this as white vs black. It’s raising much needed awareness to social injustice. Most of the defendants do break laws but most people living in poverty have this struggle. I have seen many white friends go down similar sinking holes for something as minor of unpaid child support. It does become a snow ball effect. NO human being deserves to be beaten, harassed, and abused for any reason and especially by people that are supposed to serve and protect.
  • allisone5
    Thank you for your thorough reporting of the criminal justice system!
    I thought I would stop listening after the first episode due to the mundane-ness of the story. HOWEVER, this could not have come at a better time. An amazing glimpse into the criminal justice system and the cycle it perpetuates. Koenig is brilliant and presents her case well.
  • deaf ears
    Complete truth
    I spent the first several years of my career as a criminal defense lawyer. After flipping sides and going after the white collar bad guys I have seen both sides of this equation. Serial nails it perfectly. For those reviewers that see this as a political statement and give the podcast a low rating because it attacks white people I can state unequivocally that the facts presented in this podcast are truly how the system works. It is not a political statement but an eye opening look at reality for those that have never lived it firsthand.
  • archie:'
  • Brian19871
    Really Serial! Nice White Parents?
    I enjoyed your previous seasons but cannot believe how racist you have to be to make a new season completely off the path of previous ones. The problem with education in America is “Nice White Parents”? You want white parents to be mean? What are you even talking about. I usually listen to both sides of stories but I can’t even attempt to listen to this. Sorry you must be nuts to even think about let alone put together something this stupid. Unsubscribes.
  • langleyinnewengland
    Nice white parents - why are you quitting already?
    Very amused by all the folks unsubscribing because of “Nice White Parents” has there even been an episode yet? Ive listened to the TRAILER. Way to educate yourself.
  • Brax4Prez
    Best of All Time
    I started listening to Serial about four years ago and I can confidently say I have never heard a journalist more talented than Sarah Koenig nor a podcast as high-quality as Serial. This American Life has set the stage for podcast production and Serial is their golden child. If you are new to this podcast, listen to season one first, it is the best. Season three is a close second, and season two is just...different. Still worth the listen though. Sarah Koenig is a true star in the podcast realm and I will never stop listening to her or Serial’s productions. Excited for season 4 (hopefully)!
  • LaurVolpe
    Nice title, I will unsubscribe! Very disappointing. Shame shame shame.
  • Evil_Eye560
    Season 3 WORTH It
    I’ve never felt so ‘MEH’ about a concept in my life than to listen to someone’s ordinary experiences in an Ohio courthouse play out over the course of a few weeks. I couldn’t have felt more wrong. Season 3 was absolutely stellar. I found myself, once again, bingeing this podcast for the better part of my weekend and walking away with knowledge about how the U.S. has the greatest criminal justice system in the world, but has some horrible blemishes that it’s leaders and citizens seem unwilling to fix. Fear not of the “leftist propaganda”, for it does not exist. When Koenig has opinions on a matter, or hears something she does not like, she makes it blatantly clear to her audience without preaching. I never once felt virtue-signaling, or any cry for leftist action. It’s simply an in-depth look into the workings of our everyday system with compelling story telling. Nothing more, nothing less. But brilliant, nonetheless.
  • golfcartcaddy
    Nice White Parents
    White people are being discriminated against and blamed for everything. Can’t listen.
  • jpunster
    Sarah Koenig did exhaustive research and crafted a compelling story of the young people caught up in the justice system in North Cleveland and Cleveland area of northern Ohio. This flawed justice system is unfortunately like many dysfunctional systems in our country. I’m grateful to Ms. Koenig and journalists like her who have the courage to expose injustices and help citizens learn what needs to change.
  • Bob Om
    Terrific series.
  • Beanfrompa
    Same people who bring you racist podcast Nice White Parents
    I will be unsubscribing from this Podcast from the same racist who brings us Nice White Parents
  • Cat123!!!
    Every season offers something completely different yet doesn’t loose its special charm. Sarah Koenig is a true master at what she does and these podcasts are my favorite. I’m excited to see what comes next. PS S-Town is another great podcast produced by many of the same people of Serial!
  • sara0771
    I’m sorry I cannot support a bigotry journalist path.
  • Trapper brad
    Nice white parents
    Let’s blame white people for everything. Unsubscribed.
  • VirtusSolaNobilitas
    A Great Example of Trump Derangement Syndrome
    The first season is one of the most compelling things I have ever heard. The second season was tolerable. The third season is pure leftist garbage propaganda. As soon as I heard their new podcast was going to be called “Nice White Parents” I was vindicated for my appraisal of season 3 and I’m out for good.
  • DropKick Hiltner
    Nice White Parents & NYT
  • Neon41
    I can’t wait! Sounds like another winner. My wife and I love your podcast.
  • Max Zeta
    The term “SERIAL” is misleading. The first season was great and I figured every season would be an unsolvable murder mystery and it’s not. The word Serial doesn’t seem to apply to the material. Season 2 and on was boring. If you’re interested in listening to anything involving the word Serial then give up on this podcast after the first season.
  • Greenie79
    As usual...
    ...People read the title and immediately are turned off. Without even listening to ONE EPISODE. “Serial” is one of my favorite podcasts and the three seasons (along with “S-Town”) were fascinating. If folks want things to get better in our society, they better get used to a little bit of discomfort- that’s how we learn, by being exposed to new situations and some difficult truths.
  • casiec4
    Looking forward to your new season!!!
    Season one was riveting ....did he....didn’t he.... Season 3 shocking and relevant in so many important ways especially now, after the murder of George Floyd. A must listen across America. I love how Serial and Sarah tells a story. You set the standard for podcasting excited for your future.
  • Dixstrong
    Everyone’s entitled to their views, but count me out after seeing the Nice White Parents launch. It was fun while it lasted, but I’m not on board to hear about your views of white parents being the problem with public schooling.
  • kclay78
    Wow - Nice White Parents
    Amazing so many recent 1-star reviews after the release of a trailer of another podcast. That’s really telling. Serial is consistently a solid, informative podcast and this topic is something above talked about with my white parent friends as we discuss public school options. I can’t wait to hear more and learn how to do better as a white parent myself.
  • Sandralsa82
    I’m interested to hear this... I think, unless I’m missing the point, how hypocritical some of the left can be. They want something for everyone because it sounds good, but then they don’t do it themselves. I have heard friends tell me they wanted their kids to have a “real” world experience and then once it’s time to enroll they put their kids in private school, while they had previously been shaming others.
  • DanielleM567
    Don’t understand the hate
    It’s a great podcast. I love it. Wasn’t fond of season 2 but I like cases and I want to know more about the flaws in the criminal justice system. People who complain about this podcast probably will never get an injustice in the system because they’ve never been treated unfairly in such a manner
  • AraxLe
    So high quality
    Really excited for the new season. Such important reporting during this time! Congratulations on the shift too!
  • Shaggy3001
    NYT? Really?
    What a shame, goodbye
  • MissReginaWebb
    Hate to hear you are now part of The New York Times. Too bad, you had a good thing going
  • Hearthsmart
    Too bad
    Really disappointed that you have teamed up with the New York Times. You can’t possibly be unbiased if you will be under the NYT umbrella. I will miss you, really too bad.
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