Human Hope with Carlos Whittaker


In a time where humanity is desperate to find hope, Carlos leads us in conversations that bring us just that. From fun discussions about everyday joy to polarizing and challenging topics, Carlos shows even the most calloused heart that there is still hope in humanity. For more on Carlos and his books visit

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Recent Reviews
  • LoraLamb
    Hope dealer, empathy educator
    I have listened to every episode so far. Just finished episode seven. It is a must listen for every human. The empathy and lessons about walking with people, loving people. It is critical. Thank you, Carlos!!
  • JJ-24-TX
    I need MORE episodes!!!
    I love listening and the range of emotions I go through!! I’m laughing, I’m crying, I’m serious, I’m heartbroken, I’m’s just EVERYTHING you need!!! Guests are great and a bonus as I could listen to Carlos all day every day!!!
  • MNPaz
    Gives me hope
    I love how Carlos brings up important issues and then gives us tools and hope in helping to solve these problems! Such encouragement!
  • trcmd04
    I stumbled on this podcast through @sharonsaysso Wow! Carlos has a way of pulling you in, making you feel welcome, sharing his heart, and challenging you all at once. From racial tension, truth bombs, reconciliation and faith, this podcast has it all. Just listen.
  • drummerJen
    Just what I need at the end of a hard week
    Human Hope with Carlos Whitaker is SO GOOD. After initially being introduced to Carlos’ appearance on Annie F Downs’ show, I started following him on Instagram. He is very insightful and has brought a much needed perspective in my life. He exudes joy even when he’s talking about hard topics. Check this out and find some much needed hope!
  • thatgirl717
    Thank you!
    Listen, and listen all the way through! Thank you 💛
  • Sara WY
    Hope Dealing
    Los is easy to listen to - he has hard conversations to teach us something new. I am not religious, but it’s nice to see someone have so much faith in hope that we can all learn from each other
  • Brodylyawsome
    Hope from the heart!
    A part of me changes for the better every time I listen! Thank you!
  • WillowEleanor
    Truly Hopeful
    Carlos has a way of presenting difficult topics with truth and wisdom that also leaves the listener feeling hopeful that change is possible. Really great podcast!
  • hockeymom312
    Wow! Just Wow
    I just started listening to your podcast and I can honestly say I’m blown away and I’m totally binging all of them currently! Your positivity, honest and energy comes right through my phone into my heart! I LOVE that you love the Lord and speak of Him! So refreshing!! I’m not sure how I will be able to wait a week at a time to hear from you. (Maybe do 2 a week?? Lol!) Thank you!!
  • Cek007
    Thank you!
    Thank you once again, Carlos, for providing HOPE! I appreciate your conversations and efforts to create an army of hope dealers. I listen to understand.
  • jes51ka
    Just what I needed
    Honest. Helpful. Hope-filled. Fun. Serious when we need it. ❤️
  • firststreet336
    Without a doubt, the podcast I need this year
    The first time I listened to this podcast I stopped what I was doing to sit down and take notes. Carlos is hopeful and positive in a way that is simultaneously realistic and optimistic, exactly what we need in this broken world. I know these are episodes I will return to over and over again.
  • slsoenen
    Gives me hope
    Carlos speaks authentically from a place of vulnerability! Thank you for teaching me to walk with people!
  • ELc0L0
    Thank you!
    My wife and I love Carlos and have been following him for such a long time. So once the podcast came out it was a no brained to listen but man I am blown away each episode! Thank you Carlos for teaching, acknowledging and giving hope. As a Hispanic male, just listening to this podcast I have grown as a man, and understanding of what is going on. And for that, I will forever be grateful. Keep doing you man! Much love.
  • jhiltebeitel
    Honest and Hopeful
    Thankful for Carlos’ voice and perseverance in a world full of pain. He’s choosing to share a message of hope and truth with enthusiasm and vulnerability. And I’m here for it.
  • ReviewMonster136
    Hope, Empathy & Compassion
    This podcast is deeply touching on a regular basis. It brings such important topics to the table in a way that helps us walk with people, with empathy and compassion...and hope! Thank you, Carlos!
  • KC-Governerd
    Hope Dealer
    Thank you Carlos for introducing me to 3 new friends! The opportunity to listen to understand has given me courage to walk with people empathetically. Jesus would not dismiss a human heart for any reason especially for policy & agendas❤️
  • GRUGG81
    One of the best!
    100% my favorite podcast.Do yourself a favor and listen, listen to understand not to respond.
  • HTX2019AH
    Love it!
    Love this podcast, so worth a listen. Thoughtful and inspiring!
  • emrygh
    Carlos has a way of teaching in grace and truth that you will love.
  • chrismissions
    Thanks Carlos for a great, heartfelt podcast
    I just started listening but this podcast will definitely be a part of my rotation. I love the honest, heartfelt stories.
  • asmith1126
    Take a listen, find hope, open your heart.
  • tterrian
    This Hope Dealer has me addicted!
    Every week keeps getting better and better - social issues, family drama, bird and owl updates, and most importantly, Jesus! No matter where you are on your journey of learning, loving, and listening, start here! You will be addicted to HOPE too!
  • EmKarz
    A vulnerable + needed depth
    I’m a new listener but am already so encouraged + motivated to connect with and lover others more deeply. Wow. What a special podcast.
  • Kim2222220
    Breath of fresh air
    This podcast is a breath of fresh air in what feels like a constant flood of struggles, bad news, and division in the world. Carlos has been a great and caring educator for a while now and it shows in his podcast.
  • A Loyal Jess
    How you doin?
    Wow!!! I was uncomfortable and heartbroken and and in flipping AWE of the grief, but also the “gonna keep moving forward” hopeful commitment I heard today. Standing witness.
  • TiffVak
    Hopeful Human Here 🙋🏼‍♀️
    Human Hope is restoring my faith in humanity, one episode at a time! Carlos delivers his messages in a way that is raw, honest, relatable, and non judgmental. Human Hope makes me want to do more. To do better. We can all do better. Every single episode has resonated with me thus far. Thank you Carlos. 🖤 Truly.
  • thefons
    You need this podcast in your life!
    Who doesn’t need a bit of hope right now? This podcast brings it, every week. I challenge you to listen and NOT cry--happy tears, though. Without a daily commute, I’ve started listening to podcasts while I run, and this is now in the regular rotation. Add it to yours, and you won’t be disappointed.
  • iPad-O-Saurus
    I love this podcast. I look forward to it every week. It feeds my soul.❤️
  • jennyk362
    I am so thankful for this voice and your position walking the fine line between Police and the Black Community. Having been in law enforcement and being anti racist I often feel attacked from both sides. I too am tired. I am thankful for the hope and inclusion of this community.
  • Cali living
    Love to you Carlos! You are a o open and thoughtful about anxiety, faith, raising kids, racism and birds:)! Thank you thank you! I have had many seasons of anxiety and appreciate the language you use around it. Carlos, you sharing about your anxiety is what brought me to your books, Instagram and now podcast but in them I have found so much more including Whitfarm! Keep living and sharing, thank you!
  • UFbiochem
    So REAL & So CLEAR
    I’m sharing Episode 5 & 6 with friends of mine that struggle with anxiety. Many thanks to you and Heather for sharing your story so transparently with us. AND thank you, Carlos, for leading us to understand how we can have hope when we feel anxiety rising inside of us. Your tips are clear, your encouragement is real. Thank you! I’ve discovered a gem in your podcasts.
  • Linda Kohl
    Eye Opening
    Thank you for helping me understand.
  • skinnka
    Hit that subscribe button now!
    Carlos—thank you for your voice, sharing your perspective, and introducing us to your friends!
  • Protective mom
    Better Human
    Listening to this podcast makes me a better human. In turn a better friend, wife, employee mother.
  • NStanfield
    Hope FILLED
    Carlos and his podcast are the absolute best! I am so thankful for his willingness to engage and teach and spread hope! With each episode, I learn something that allows my heart to be stretched wider to my neighbors and the goodness of the world (even on the hardest days). God is love and Carlos is a bright light shining that love and hope to the world!
  • emiyrb
    Love it
    Digs deep, but still lands hopeful
  • RoscoeJones
    Carlos goes deep
    Hope can look a lot of different ways and it doesn’t dismiss pain, hurt, or tragedy. Carlos shows how you can hold all of the things that make up the human experience at the same time. Much love to him and those who are along for the journey!
  • Jroserod
    This podcast just gives me all the hope and puts me in such a better mood listening and once it’s done. I’ve been recommending it to everyone, truly just been the most uplifting thing for my heart.
  • Kimberly Feng
    Thank you!
    Thanks for all you have done and continue to do!
  • Adorable dancer101
    Carlos, this was great info. I can tackle when those anxious moments come in a better way from a different perspective. Thanks for all you do. Joanna
  • Corpus gal
    I took notes while listening to this podcast, and I have been implementing the techniques. A particular favorite is listening to someone’s story of sorrow and not adding my own story as if it could compare.
  • Laokv
    I’m so glad Carlos decided to create a podcast—I can’t watch his stories while I’m walking.
  • 2ndcousin
    I don’t like podcasts but today I listened to his podcast on anxiety! I enjoy following him on Instagram and wanted to check his podcast out too. Thanks Carlos for sharing your wisdom!
  • chello
    Loving this Podcast
    I follow Carlos on Instagram and look forward to his stories on there. Now I look forward to his podcast too! It’s just a feel good, hope filled, fun listen!
  • pkirbs2011
    Great listen!
    In 2020, I went through the hardest and most transforming season of my life and Carlos was there through it all. When he started this podcast I couldn’t be more excited to hear what else he had to say that was going to change my life even more. And man, it’s fire! Listen away friends, and be prepared to be challenged through love and hope.
  • MrsTWM
    Carlos is a gift!
    I appreciate this podcast so much!
  • hopeduran
    Transparency and reality
    Great conversation, tough conversation, inspiring, gritty, encouraging. Really look forward to this podcast each week. I’ve learned a lot. Grateful for Carlos!!
  • Shiny_Sissa
    Excellent. The world needs more of this.
    I’ve read his books, follow him on Instagram and so glad that now a whole new audience will get to benefit from this dealer of Hope. I can’t wait to follow along this inspirational journey. You will laugh, cry, be inspired and you will learn but most of all you will have HOPE.
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