Inside The Exorcist

by Wondery

In 1973 Hell came home and invaded the body of a young girl. This is the story of a movie and its makers. It's a tale of dark and light, of loss and love. A story of faith and fury, of causes and curses, of horrors real and imagined, of unbridled ego and brute force filmmaking. It's the movie critics called "religious pornography" and "occultist claptrap." The movie that left audiences...hysterical. Decades later, it remains perhaps the most frightening movie we will ever see. From Wondery, this is a seven-part deep dive inspired by the story behind an unforgettable, classic movie. This is...Inside The Exorcist.

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Recent Reviews
  • Jezehell
    Really enjoyed!
    Super fun story. Last episode got me squealing!! 😍
  • Mememememme000
    SO. MUCH. FUN.
    Great reporting and storytelling! So many fun facts about the film I never knew. Had a BLAST listening to this! Spooky AND informative which is hard to do. Thank you so much Mark Ramsey.
  • jchowzoo
    Top Notch
    I’ve listened to Inside Psycho, Inside Jaws, and Inside The Exorcist. I was riveted by all three. The writing is superb. The nonchronological sequencing shows a respect for the intelligence of the listener and offers microcosmic cliffhangers within the narrative. The pregnant pauses and the spaces left open to be filled with superb sound effects add to the drama and suspense. I’m a fan. I dig the entire experience. Thanks
  • Ish1126
    Well, that jumped the shark
    There was lots of fascinating backstory and correlation...that ended with a completely random fictionalization of the original inspiration kid still being demonically possessed. The overacting host gave Audrey Hepburn a red neck drawl. They ignored a lot of relevant facts.
  • StarSharon
    I binged the whole podcast tonight. Great.
    Very good. I really enjoyed this podcast. The writer has craftily intertwined the actual case of the possessed child with the writing of the story and production of the movie. The back stories in the lives of all involved are creatively added to make for a really entertaining show.
  • Frustrated Bank Guy
    Lived next go the y town
    Outsiders always got the town name wrong: Locals pronounced it Mount Rain-yer - not like the mountain in Washington state. Good series. Listened and had to subscribe.
  • huenew
    Extremely Well-Done
    One of the best podcast series that I have heard. The Exorcist is one of those unforgettable movies that you only need to see once. I was amazed at the backstories and incidents with the cast, especially the voiceover actor, which led me to read more online articles. What a trip!
  • wildcoho
    Well cone
    This was am entertaining and interesting podcast. Definitely better than Inside Jaws. Can see its relationship to the other "Inside" podcasts from this producer.
  • Jose Caps
    Great story
    It’s just good. Lots of info and scary of what really went down and the history to the most iconic horror movie made.
  • sassysyrup
    The idea is good
    This podcast isn’t horrible by any means. I enjoy a narrative style of podcast and this had a lot of facts about the movie that I didn’t know at all. It just jumps around a lot and has a few scenes that don’t seem relevant to the overall story. The sound effects are a good touch and made it spooky to drive to but they are so much louder than the narration. Seriously be ready to turn your volume down.
  • The Butcht
    What is the purpose here!
    Had some really good facts about the making of the movie, however it’s seemed to be woven in with way to much fiction. Are we trying to tell a fictional story or tell the real story. The very end of the podcast was pretty disappointing and seems pretty deceptive.
  • DanM1952
    I expected to hear much more inside information and real interviews with the cast and others, even if they were from recordings made years ago. Instead, I heard sophomoric play-acting. There was very little substance.
  • GalgoGirl
    I was expecting to hear more details about the actors and their experiences. The back stories are way out there and are not relevant to the film. Really disappointed.
  • susanrz
    Just weird
    I was excited about this when I saw the title. It is so disappointing how it was done. Very hokey. I’m sure they could have done away better job. Some facts I didn’t know. But I couldn’t get past the weird dramatics.
  • Cat the Wonder Woman
    Absolute garbage
    All over the place ... with no depth and no direction.
  • gkwilson
    Long-winded and rambling, completely unfocused
    This podcast meanders almost everywhere but its subject matter. With truly TERRIBLE voice acting and nonsensical segues in time, this podcast drags on for what feels like an eternity. Occasionally interesting, but spends way too much time on the backstories of people who worked on the film, long stretches of BACK story that have nothing to do with anything. A kid bought a candle, people went to the gas station in the 60s...irrelevant and takes way too long to get to the point. Is THIS the bad place ??
  • AdamIsAJerk444
    Why so produced?
    You say there are facts so just give me the facts. This series is ruined by the lame acting in the “dramatizations”. I picture this guy talking at me in a tent with a flashlight at his chin. Insert underwear commercial here.
  • mypetbbb
    What a great podcast, absolutely loved it! I was in college in Rome in 1974. I remember hearing stories about the crucifix on top of a church being hit by lightening when a theatre in Rome planned to show the movie. This podcast brought back so many memories!!
  • DevilD60
    Weird way to do it
    I guess some people might enjoy the story telling part, but it doesn’t really induce any sort of tension if your trying to recount events. It ends up just getting in the way though. I’m interested in the subject but I’m just going to see if another podcast fits my taste better.
  • Judinez
    This is a skip
    Series is a weird mix of what appears to be fictional scenes imagined by the series host, along with odd selections of fictionalized moments of people involved in the production. No real insights provided. I was left feeling mystified and confused, unsure what this podcast was trying to portray. It was neither a good story or a factual discussion of the movie production, but rather a weird series of fictionalized moments that do not add up to any narrative whole.
  • ImQueerAndImHere
    Good podcast!
    I personally really love horror and scary things, such as exorcisms. I love this podcast and finished it in 1 day! I did think that the ads and the guy doing all of the characters got old, but otherwise it was amazing!
  • texicantrish
    Inside The Exorcist
    Loved it! Couldn’t turn it off even when it gave me nightmares! Thank you Mark Ramsey!
  • Ash8787421780
    The podcast is not what you’d think it should be. Very bad acting, 500 ads in each episode, pass.
  • tall6677
    Laughable sound effects.
  • grantLeeKing
    Great story outline. A large chunk of this story I’ve heard before fro HBO “Spielberg” Here they give a little more context and backstory vs. what hbo scraped the surface of Steven story. Check out “Deadly Misadventures” I’m pretty sure Wondery did it also 👍👍👍
  • KKozGun
    Very Good
    Listened to this on the trip home from Florida. Very good!!! Had to come home and buy directors cut of the movie.
  • Sandaker1
    Good story
    Hate the company! You interrupt the podcast with you stupid commercials. Everyone knows that you need them. But your placement is ridiculous.
  • Great App...but
    The BEST
    Hands down, the best Podcast. Season 1 - Inside the Exorcist was riveting. Keep it up!!
  • angWags70
    Creepy and excellent
  • So Very Fed Up
    Inside The Exorcist
    This podcast is fascinating. The blend of rich, eclectic media and non-linear story-telling is brilliant. The narrative is engrossing and refreshingly unpredictable. The author weaves themes masterfully. This is an intelligent piece of art.
  • SlimWho93
    Wrong title
    It says inside exorcist but it’s all about jaws lol . What’s up with that man .?
  • AudreyH00
    Too many ads
    I really tried to listen to it but I just cannot stand ads anymore! Jeez!!! Way too many ads and all are so long. They drive me crazy! Never have a podcast with so many ads in every episode.
  • qtroye
    I only listened to The Exorcist series, and just that felt like a chore. The writing is so hokey and so strangely delivered. I was expecting a more historical, objective look at the film but it’s so littered with badly acted, made-up dialogue that I felt like I couldn’t trust what they tried to present as fact.
  • beau96080
    The exorcist
    Great content, informative and the production is great. It gets old hearing the same guy playing all of the characters, though.
  • Jim Ohio1
    Acting and writing reminds me of community theater
  • Ajd31
    Really disappointing story telling
    I really wanted to like this podcast, and even tried multiple episodes from different seasons, but I just couldn’t get on board with the way the stories are being told. The script is really off and hard to follow. He cuts in and out of stories giving voices to “characters” which makes it seem like a fictional story. If I didn’t already know a lot of the material I would have been so lost. He also over dramatizes things with more sound effects than necessary, often in weird and irrelevant places. Overall, the content is interesting, but the narrative is poorly written, poorly delivered, and overproduced.
  • NYPhilG2
    Well Done!
    A great podcast - interesting content and outstanding production.
  • Jamcat1190
    I don’t get it
    This is presented as if someone is reading random excerpts out of a fictional book. It jumps all over the place talking about various characters, different locations and decades. Impossible to follow and makes no sense at all. I just don’t understand why it has any good reviews.
  • Kdubhimself
    Inside the Exorcist is any incredible journey into an amazing film. Everything is covered from the French Connection to Eileen Dietz.
  • crookedcreekphotos
    Wrong podcast title
    I wanted to hear Inside the Exorcist but it’s actually the Inside Jaws.
  • Colie Ann
    Star Wars
    Can I say this is my favorite podcast. I have love every season. Each one better than the next. A lot of listening to podcasts is listening to the voice and he just kills it. Love love love this podcast!!! Don’t ever end!!!
  • Bobbi524
    Loved it, sad it’s over
    I loved all three parts in this series. The Exorcist, Psycho, and Jaws are three amazing movies involving some amazing directors, actors, writers, and crew. It was great hearing things I already knew in a new light and also learning new things. I enjoyed the narration very much. I hope they will do more parts covering more movies!!!!
  • Janet Dungan
    Story info
    City is pronounced Rain-yer not Ra-neer. Even though it’s named after mountain in Washington state. My dad grew up there and was 5 at time of event. Priest who did exorcism married my aunt and uncle.
  • Jillian656
    Why is this all jaws?!?!
  • Angelicafaye
    This shouldn’t be Jaws!!
    All the episodes for the exorcist is for Jaws.
  • Yalopuse
    NOT The Exorcist
    I’m hoping to listen to this podcast but all episodes are for Jaws?!
  • BarlowGrandma
    Inside the Exorcist
    Although I find the story very interesting and I am quite fascinated listening there is a small change that I would make, if it were me. I love the music and the scary sounds that add so much to the story but they are so much louder than the words, that I find myself turning up the volume to be able to hear the speaking parts And then instantly being bombarded by background sounds that are thundering in my head. I think the type of sound out enough without it being so amplified. I am a little bit older and my hearing is not perfect but I so enjoyed listening to these podcasts and it’s hard to enjoy when I’m constantly messing with sound. However – keep up the great story lines!
  • Phrankie_B
    One of my new favorite Podcasts
    This is a great production of the making of several legendary films. I can’t get enough and am looking forward to more.
  • 1138sw
    Great Podcast!!!
    Great podcast! It starts off a little slow with the first episode but once it gets into the making of the Exorcist it really gets interesting! The list of people involved are fascinating filled with drama, tragedy, egos and self destruction. The docudrama style was a creative device I thought I would not like. But after listening I was hooked! The docudrama style really added a new dimension to the stories of all the people involved in this production! Great series and really looking forward to more!
  • halfeyes21
    Horrified and fascinated
    Excellent details and brilliant delivery. I can’t wait for more.
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