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It’s a lighthearted nightmare in here, weirdos! Morbid is a true crime, creepy history and all things spooky podcast hosted by an autopsy technician and a hairstylist. Join us for a heavy dose of research with a dash of comedy thrown in for flavor.

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  • @wreckerlove
    Love these Ladies!
    I love these ladies! Their banter and humor keep me coming back for more and yearning to her their voices. I love the way they explain the cases and talk things through. Their bluntness is refreshing and they speak their minds. Flipping amazing.
  • Anghof
    I love this duo
    They are by a long shot my favorite true crime people. I love their updates and how they tell a story. It truly feels like chilling with a group of your best friends.
  • Xtina83
    I love these ladies. They’re smart and hilarious!
  • h2ocello
    I just love you guys.
    That’s it really. Thank you to Fresh Hell podcast for recommending you; your podcast is such a delight. Extremely well-researched stories by two women that are incredibly enjoyable to listen to. They love what they’re doing and it comes across in everything they talk about. I love your enthusiasm, humor, friendship with each other. And did I mention I love everything about you guys? If not, I do. Love.
  • susiesteinbeck
    Blah blah blah
    The stories told and research done are great but it’s all ruined by the non stop tangents of giggling and talking about inside jokes. Same reason why I never liked My Favorite Murder.
  • RN needs laughs
    My kind of podcast
  • Jezzehkah
    My absolute favorite!
    This podcast is amazing and is my absolute favorite to listen to. I’ve been bingeing it since I discovered it and I’m obsessed. First and foremost, these women do their research. They also make a point to correct themselves on the rare chance that they make a mistake. They also are open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and ideas. Everyone has a right to an opinion and negative reviews should be honest but not rude or belittling. Shame on people name calling and crapping on what others work hard to do. These ladies put their heart and souls into their podcast and it shows! There is range in topics which I enjoy and keeps things interesting. I like their banter and the places they digress. This is how a lot of people talk/ interact and I feel it shows authenticity. They do have humor/jokes involved which is not for everyone considering the topic. I think the humor creates a way to help stomach some of the truly awful things that are sometimes discussed. The humor is NEVER EVER directed towards victims. Always towards the filth that commit these awful crimes or police/other parties involved that honestly deserve the mocking because sometimes stupidity is comical. I also enjoy the cueing because shockingly, adults are allowed to curse and a lot of people do in day to day life. Applying your values to others will always make you disappointed. They often discuss the victims backstory and who they were as a human and I find it incredible. They make a point to ensure that these people’s stories are not snuffed out and the listeners get a chance to appreciate the people these victims were while also examining the killers backstory. Alaina and Ashley, I think you have created something you should be proud of! I plan on being a weirdo for life, locking my windows and doors, and listening to my fav podcast.
  • e.amber.12
    Holy opinionated
    Alaina & Ash are funny and all, but they are so politically correct that it kills me. First of all, constantly talking about how smoking weed is casual, fun, cool, is SO annoying. We get it, you’re a pot head. That’s why you are a hairstylist and podcast commentator. Second, every other sentence is “no offense to ____” .... could be anyone. Satanists included! Which is sick! Who the HELL sympathizes with satanism? Last, we don’t care about your opinion on the election, covid, large gatherings, quarantine, or literally anything. Tell the story and don’t tell your opinion. If I wanted to listen to a political podcast, I’d turn one on. That is all. Thank u and goodnight
  • janie462628
    Good stories, but too much banter!
    Really want to hear the stories and some of their commentary, but they drag out the banter so long it gets me distracted from where the story is going.
  • .s.k.h.
    Stayin weird
    I’m a newbie. All I can say is so far I’ve been listening to this podcast at work and I love it ! Helps my day go by, but also more so frequently having my coworkers ask if I’m ok bc I’m laughing then literally showing emotion of the details that you can see it on my face. Oops. My absolute favorite podcast/ podcasters. Keep up the great work weirdos!
  • Ashley_Lynn227
    Hands Down the Best
    I never write reviews, but I’m 100% caught up with Morbid and Ash and Alaina need to hear how amazing they are. Love, a fellow Gemini Ash weirdo 💕✨
  • 𓆉𝙴𝕃ɪᔕ𝐾Ⓐ
    This podcast is so funny and goes into details that I don’t think I’d ever find on my own. Ash and Alaina are awesome weirdos, and crack jokes and share their opinions. They’re really respectful to everyone, and are just great. Love y’all! ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 💗 ~Eliska
  • CallMeTheOriginal
    Interruptions Overload
    Just listened to two episodes. I like the personalities of the podcasters & the subject matter. But I cannot listen anymore due to their incessant interruptions of each each other! Literally every sentence spoken by one is interrupted by the other. Creates a jumbled annoying presentation.
  • CaseyCalamity
    Absolutely THE BEST!
    I’ve been listening to Morbid for a few months now. I’ve listened to every single episode and Ash & Alaina have grown so much since the beginning. They give thorough, detailed coverage of cases, and are respectful to victims and their families. When mistakes are made (because none of us are infallible), they are humble and apologetic, and are absolutely sincere. They have just the right amount of banter, and they make you feel like you’re hanging with your friends, talking about true crime. Of all the podcasts I’ve listened to - and it’s quite a lot, let me tell you - Morbid is my ABSOLUTE favorite, and I genuinely look forward to each and every episode. The accuracy and depth of the coverage, combined with the small details often overlooked by others, mixed with the delightful and witty banter makes for the perfect blend of true crime podcasting coverage. Morbid is like a fine wine for your ear-meat. Fresh air is for dead people. Don’t hike alone (or ever). Lock your windows and doors. Hold on to your butts. And always - ALWAYS - keep it weird... but not so weird that... (Ash, take it away <3)
  • tinylittleegg
    Hard to pay attention:(
    I want to like this podcast because I like the girls and their personalities but it’s hard to pay attention to what’s going on when they just keep adding random comments to every sentence. I can barley tell what the story is even about because there is always a new topic being brought up. For example: one girl says “she killed her mother in law-“ then the other girl just has to say something like “omg it’s so hard to have a good relationship with your mother in law..” and then they start talking about that for 3 minutes like WHAT. How am I supposed to pay attention to the main story when you keep switching the subject back-and-fort! :((
  • Gabbaquiddick
    Amazing Podcast!
    Recent listener, longtime weirdo... I love the casual atmosphere that they create while also being a champion for the victims and their families. It really does feel like you’re chatting with your older sisters. Also, I love how Alaina sounds like Lisa Kudrow.
  • Kymothy:)
    These ladies are so amazing! My boyfriend and I love to listen to them! ANYONE saying the laugh so much to the point is disrespectful is just a sad boring person TBH, they are super respectful to everyone who DESERVES it, if you want to be goofy while still listening to true crime this is for you!
  • @gomezsgrande
    This podcast is the only one I listen to anymore. I used to hate podcasts that talk about their personal lives and random things in the beginning but I have grown to actually love these women so I actually don’t feel the need to skip through it. They really make you like them and like they are your best friends! I also love how they do some popular cases but give details that I’ve never heard before. They also do cases that I’ve never heard of before and it brings awareness! 💕
  • Riv's's mama
    SUCH a great podcast! Everything is well researched and told in a way that feels like you’re just listening to a friend tell you a story. I’m so glad I have so many episodes to catch up on. Great job friends!
  • pdcastjunkie89
    Love it!!
    This is my favorite podcast to listen to every week. I have binged all of your episodes! Thanks for keeping it weird!!
  • thmsmm
    My favorite
    I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts and you are by far my favorite. The haters need to stop their whining and just move on if they feel you’re not for them. I love everything about and every minute of your episodes. You’re funny, witty, relatable and extremely well researched. Honestly I wish you had episodes out every day, that’s how much I love them! Keep doing amazing work ladies!!
  • abbyluu
    Love at first podcast!
    I have been hooked ever since the first time I heard these ladies speak! I love the way they dig deep into these cases and the hilarious banter throughout the episode. I stumbled across this podcast just to pass the time during my commute to and from work (best thing ever). I can relate so much to these ladies and all the other podcasts they recommend. I love them, and I'm sure if you are looking for a true-crime podcast, THESE ARE YA GIRLS!
  • omg y r all nicknames taken?!
    Love this duo
    I already reviewed this podcast but I’m gonna do it again because I literally love these two. They are hilarious and they dynamic is funny as hell and their banter is not forced or scripted unlike other podcasts.
  • Marotta2183
    Just tell the story
    Way to much chatting. Just tell the story.
  • Dixietimer
    I’m obsessed!
    A friend recommended this podcast to me a few months ago. One episode in and I was hooked. The hosts are silly but it’s in a way that makes me feel like I’m just hanging out with my friends. Now I recommend this podcast to everyone!
  • podcastwho?
    Trying to love it!
    Obsessed with Crime Junkie so trying to find something comparable. This could be a really great podcast if you remove all the F bombs and stop all the conversations/giggling . Get to the story and get to the point because you don’t have annoying voices so it could be such a great podcast!
  • 69draggy
    This podcast is great
    New to podcast listening , I enjoy a variety of subjects. And I’ve discovered true crime. I am infatuated with the voices of the two women, who host morbid, and crime junkie. I love the details and their courage in investing and describing the crimes and what victims experience in detail. They are very respectful to the victims and families. Thank you 🙏 both for your work. I am officially a “ weirdo”!
  • cAkEmAkEr13
    Alaina and Ash
    I LOVE this podcast...I heard my mom listening to this and figure I’d give it a try and I am obsessed, I was listening to other spoOoOoky podcasts before this and non hit the same as this one🙃 I honestly think that this is just a amazing podcast and I subscribed right away. The haters need to go and learn what a good podcast is cause this is it don’t listen to the Alaina and Ash cause you guys are the best and literally can’t stop listening! Hope you dont stop making these anytime soon.😄
  • Hocuspocusandfrisbee
    I love this podcast!! I’ve always wanted to find one that covers both true crime and the paranormal! My only criticism is I wish there were more spooky episodes because they are AMAZING.
  • SamanthaAReed
    Best true crime podcast ever
    I love this show and can’t get enough of them. They are so real and down to earth. They do great research and they are so relatable!! It feels like listening to some friends talk about our weird obsession of true crime!
  • krissy.marieee.
    Morbid Gal
    Hi Weirdos! I literally binged all my other podcasts and some even “bored” me after a while! So, I was on the search for other one i can religiously listen to. I am very picky with podcasts because I’d like to connect with the host(s) voice. Long story short, I was in a Facebook group and somebody recommended morbid. During this pandemic, I literally don’t see any of my friends or family. I work remotely (work harder than in the office) and have a 3 YO, so I have no life! Listening to these gals makes me feel like they are one of my girlfriends chatting about murder stories. They do such a great job. They choose great stories and I love how they keep active on their Insta and post pics and updates of the stories. Anyway, you gals are the best, thanks for helping me survive this pandemic! Stay weird, but no so weird that you stay home 24/7 and only have a husband and baby to talk to. And not so weird that you kinda feel like podcasts hosts are your friends! Byeeeee
  • jessmariep
    So stupid: worst true crime around and I’ve listened to all of them. Ridiculous!!!
  • Jettakid
    Mixed Emotions
    I love how in-depth they get with the actual murders when they discuss them but it can be rough listening to their personal chatter for 10 minutes at the beginning of each podcast. I don’t mind a minute of personal talk but it can get old at times.
  • Feistyal
    Why is their rating not higher!
    If you want a podcast full of witty banter, hilarity, and well researched cases look no further! These ladies have it all! Best podcast by far for true crime!
  • Out of shape teen.
    There’s nothing for me to complain about
    I just started listening to this podcast and it’s the best one I’ve ever found. The sense of humor aligns perfectly with my own, and I don’t think they’ve ever gone too far and been disrespectful. Killers deserve to get made fun of. I don’t think there’s too many ads (people gotta get paid). Maybe it’s because I have ADHD but the way this podcast tends to be unfocused works really well for me. It’s exactly how my friends and I communicate. It’s natural, funny, and the stories are great. I especially like the spookier episodes like the haunted forest one. Great job, please keep making these!
  • Sophiehehehehehhehe
    Favorite true crime podcast!!
    I started listening to Morbid after I finished Crime Junkie. Morbid is the PERFECT amount of banter and “off topic” convos in my opinion. I’m not a fan of super staged podcasts, aka ones that sound like they’re just being read off, with little comments or additives. If you have that same opinion, you will LOVE morbid. Both girls do incredible amounts of research. Even when I listen to episodes on cases that I’ve already heard or are well-known, I always learn more in depth details from Morbid. 1010 recommend!!!!!
  • hopewebster
    The best podcast
    I love this podcast so much. I have been linstening for over a year now and im obsessed. I love the way they tell the stories and they have interesting cases that I've never heard of! Love these girls
  • cdeck09
    Not to be weird but...
    These two girls feel like my friends, and they don’t even know my name. Sometimes when life is stressful and my little one (5) is making me crazy, I put in an air pod in and listen to my girls! I can still mom it up, while secretly escaping into adult interaction. Gotta be careful about the listener tales at night while going to bed, I just started my first job as an RN, and the half goat/half man story has me super heebed in the Jeevies, as I did not escape the “right of passage” of putting in my time as a night shift nurse! I haven’t been creeped out in years, but that.. it will stick with me when I go to nights in a few weeks, lol. Thanks girls, for awakening my self induced scared meter, and for giving me some much needed girl time.
  • Loganfool
    Just what I needed
    Having I problems and needed something desperately to keep my spirits up. Thank you!
  • maktubs
    So in depth!
    First time ever leaving a review but this is too good not to comment on! Both hosts do an incredible job with their research and telling the story in such a way where you can’t help but be engrossed. I even laugh out loud at some of their side comments as they’re so good at playing off one another. I look forward to more episodes to come!
  • 33676324
    This is an awful story but these two and their comments are hilarious. Love you guys
  • dianababyy
    Favorite Podcast
    Ash & Alaina are so funny. They make every single day for me something to look forward to as I haven’t finished all of the episodes yet. They do awesome research & keep these tough topics educational & entertaining. I recommend their podcast to everyone!
  • Dreamersunite
    Amazing LOVE IT
    I’m working my way through all of the episodes and i got to the Carl and idk why I did but I laughed so hard cause he punched a horse. I wasn’t expecting it and it just happened 😂😂. I GENUINELY LOVE YALLS STORY TELLING! So I know imma make it through all of them in no time.
  • boring/
    Dark Topics, Bright Spot of My Week
    Seriously this podcast makes me pee my pants - it’s terrifying, hilarious, and I’m always excited when new episodes are released. Each episode is well researched and there are a mix of infamous cases and more unique cases. I love the compassion these ladies have for victims in the stories, they do a great job of humanizing them and making me want to throat punch the walking garbage committing the crimes in these stories. I’m hype about this podcast.
  • JewballsOK
    Great poddy
    This is a great show! Really interesting stories and I enjoy that it’s not super serious or dramatic (looking at you sword and scale). I hope alaina and ash don’t take these negative reviews seriously, because they are mostly pretty absurd. Don’t like ads? Fast forward. Don’t like the way they pronounce exactly? Um... chill the f out. Don’t like the curse words?? It’s a podcast about f-ing HORRENDOUS CRIMES! Go listen to a self help podcast instead. Keep rocking it ash and alaina, y’all are awesome.
  • emkay202
    Don’t know how they do it
    I never expected to find a true crime podcast that makes me laugh out loud multiple times per episode. Blending comedy and true crime in a tasteful way is an almost impossible task, but Ash and Alaina somehow pull it off. Listening to them is like hanging out with friends. (Um... I swear I have real-life friends, too. Cough.) Also, LOL at people who are okay with listening to graphic details about murder, yet are offended by Ash and Alaina swearing. Mmmkay.
  • maggierau28
    Worst Podcast I’ve heard so far
    This is literally the worst podcast I have listened to. I couldn’t stand to listen to it but I just wanted to know what happened. The way they laugh and joke about stuff and attempt to be funny is disgusting, and I personally feel that it is disrespectful to the victim. If you like to actually listen to the story and not hear rambling for half the podcast, this is not the podcast for you.
  • -x-morbidflame-x-
    Love them!
    This is a great podcast! Good mix of true crime stories and and hilarious banter. It feels much more authentic than a lot of podcast duos I’ve heard. It’s fun to start from the earliest episodes because they create so many inside jokes with their listeners that make listening more fun!
  • dhhzjd
    My favorite
    Let me say. I used to say that I hated podcast and I still do, but this podcast is amazing. I am hooked, and I can't wait for more episodes. I also love the series episodes there my favorite!! One of my favorite things is when they lighten the mood with a little bit of jokes because some of us can't handle all of that at once. I really like the noise you put before the add so you know when you can skip ahead or listen. Thank you guys for entertaining me at school! I would love if you guys did an episode talking about your favorite case or even but one of those murder mystery things and solved it on the podcast! Love you guys!!
  • Lauren1Rad
    Great show!
    I literally have been binging all the episodes for the past 2 weeks straight! The girls pick awesome cases, a lot I've never heard of, which I love for true crime podcasts. They also keep things light and funny at times, but in no way disrespectful to the victims or their families. When COVID is over I hope to be able to attend one of their live shows!
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