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It’s a lighthearted nightmare in here, weirdos! Morbid is a true crime, creepy history and all things spooky podcast hosted by an autopsy technician and a hairstylist. Join us for a heavy dose of research with a dash of comedy thrown in for flavor.

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  • Fjjujsvggz
    ❤️ Morbid to the moon and back
    This is truly my favorite podcast. I binged all the episodes and it left me wanting more. Ash and Alaina feel like family to me, And I absolutely love their banter. Their research is the most in-depth out of all the true crime podcasts I’ve listened to (this is many upon many). yes they make jokes and laugh during the podcast but both of them are hysterical. And in my opinion their laughter and banter is a fabulous addition to the podcast. These women have taught me so much. I also feel like I remember each and every one of their epps. They make references to past episodes throughout the series and each and every time they do I say “ahh I remember that case”. This doesn’t happen with other true crime podcasts and I feel it’s because others scripts are dry and forgetful. You will never feel that way with Morbid. I swear I bust out laughing to the point my colleagues are like “what is wrong with you”. This podcast is at the very least worth a listen or 250. To Ash and Alaina KEEP OK KEEPING ON you have a lifelong fan right here!
  • dkalbert09
    #6 Top Rated!!!!!
    I am a big horror geek but since finding Morbid I can’t get enough. I love that they are listed under comedy as well. My car is my office and I listen to Morbid so much that I will soon have to start waiting for the next to come. Girls you are awesome. Knowledgeable and hilarious. I can’t get enough. Keep it up Alaina and Ash you had me at hello! Please look into the Arkansas murder of a lawyer that has been blamed on Bill and Hillary Clinton.
  • Candace Tialei
    Genuinely respectful
    I’m mostly thankful that these girls aren’t faking. They genuinely try to give respect to all religions or beliefs they come across. Their voices are soothing. They’re comical. I sincerely just enjoy this podcast.
  • Kelsey1236
    Awesome storytelling especially the historical stories
    Okay the Mike Malloy story had me crying…laughing. Seriously everything that other “two girls telling true crime stories” podcasts should be. I do appreciate the fact that they take turns telling the stories and don’t do the whole fake clueless cohost shtick. Thanks for being my new favorite podcast and for putting out so many stories!!! So glad I found this one
  • Francheska218
    Amazing True Crime Podcast
    I used to be an avid crime junkie and now I am a weirdo. I love the chemistry of the gals and I love the research and time and love that they put into this podcast! Never stop! I look forward to you guys every week!
  • novaluu
    13-14 minutes before you get into the episode topic! Please stop spelling bananas and making band names….I’m trying to stick it out…I’ll keep waiting!
  • aleena-truecrime lover
    I freaking love this podcast. However I now catch myself checking my surroundings a little closer. Even more cool these girls remind me of me and my best friend ashley!
  • BrittAlexis97
    These negative reviews are WACK
    Hey ladies, thank you for your podcast that has kept me entertained AND laughing the past 6 months because the jokes ARE funny. I know you guys don’t focus on the negative anymore, and let’s be honest Karen is not your target audience anyways. The amount of times my brain goes “my Uber is here” is unthinkable. I also frequent the “but I digress…” Please never change a thing. So many weirdos love you. I honestly don’t understand why anyone would rather hear “he was experiencing a mental illness” instead of something like “homeboy was off his meds for real”. You really do feel like talking with friends, you are always sensitive to the victims, and so obviously care about the cases. Keep it weird🖤
  • Cin cinn
    Love it!
    I listen to this podcast at work. Nothing seemed to help me stay awake until I met there two weirdos intriguing the inner weirdo In me lol you guys saved me! Also, where have I been that I’m just not finding y’all! Love y’all! Treminio from D*Town
  • corylynn1000
    My favorite witches
    I listen to every true crime podcast I can get my hands on, and Morbid continues to be my favorite! The woman have a nack for pulling listeners into the dark and spooky mysteries they cover. Their research game is strong and I love that listeners have a genuine sense of how close they are (including the occasional bickering or slide comment)! I also love how open they are about their families. I feel personally invested in Alaina’s children and Ash & Drew! 🌈 ily ladies - thank you for keeping it weird.
  • Miss122234
    So good
    This podcast literally gets me through the week!!! I keep going back to the old episodes and enjoying them all over again! I love the witty banter they have together. The podcast helps me through the opening shift every day, 20/20.
  • Get em a bodybag
    But-ta- Ka
    I just started listening to your podcast about a month ago. I leave the mulit-parters to listen to at work. Today, I listened to the 3 part podcast about the BTK weirdo. I was intrigued and laughing at the same time. Listening to you two is like when I discuss crazy documentaries that myself and my sisters have all seen. I love you ladies!!!
  • Bfsrhjklfx
    It’s a VIBE
    Hilarious and extremely detailed case discussion! So well done. Definitely my favorite true crime podcast!🦇
  • rainbow_stars97
    So good!
    I love this podcast! The way they tell the stories is excellent and keeps me hooked.
  • Jo 123455678
    Love this podcast!! I laugh every time I head Alaina crack up. So glad they can share all of the victims stories no matter how angry they make me. I love the tangents and hearing about their lives. The research is great and thorough too!!
  • nlane001
    Good but stop laughing so much
    I like this podcast, but they laugh so much during the episodes. They are talking about terrible things and make jokes/laugh at it. Kind of insensitive.
  • bhadaway
    All time favorite podcast!!
    I look forward to new Morbid releases every week! I’m a long time listener, patronisi and try to make all the live online shows! You make my government job work day so much more bearable and I adore you both! I love y’all’s relationship and honesty and hope you both well.
  • underthecocotree
    The best true crime podcast there is!
    Ash & Alaina are the absolutle best. While the content may be dark, they have such a great way of lightening the episodes with their personalities and banter
  • Ariellaesabella
    Really wanted to like it
    The information in the show is great and they give details I never knew, but jeez it’s like 20% is actual true crime and 80% them just going off topic. Also the audio if you’re starting at episode 1 is like super quiet and then suddenly way too loud.
  • templewrangler
    Um, the best “4.6” I’ve ever heard
    Seriously! I love this podcast, so funny and intelligent! Plus, enunciation cannot be under valued. Indeed, exactly is spoken: ex- act - lee! Give it a listen if you’re a fan of the true crime/paranormal/gal power/BFF vibe. Cheers ladies
  • CeCefrNM
    All caught up…now what?
    This podcast was introduced to me by my brother 3 months ago and after frequent listening, I’m all caught up! Finally, a podcast with dark humor that I can get on board with. - A weirdo from NM
  • AnnieAreYouOkAreYouOkCupid
    Great but
    It’s a really good podcast now the new episodes are really enjoyable but if you normally listen to podcasts by starting at the first episode , don’t. Slip to like ep20 cuz the first several episodes are both annoying and bad. Love love the new stuff for sure found their groove and flourished.
  • DawnaB79
    Totally addicted…
    I found Morbid when I was driving to my sisters house so I could see my niece graduate high school… 12hr drive 🤪. Ash and Alaina were my entertainment on the way there AND back… and while I was there… and since I’ve been home lol. I am seriously addicted and determined to hear every episode!!
  • Taterbug1580
    Cannot Stop Listening!
    Just started listening about a week ago and I cannot stop! I love these two women, they do such a great job breaking down each case. 11/10!
  • Sarahmata
    I love this podcast!
    I live in Georgia and located about an hour from Lake Lanier. (Don’t worry - I don’t swim their) I go to lake blue ridge instead because it is GORGEOUS. Another man made lake in north Georgia is Carter’s Lake! Lake Lanier becomes SO BUSY during holidays! It’s so crazy that people still want to swim in it!!!!!!!
  • ButtholeChewer
    After a long break...
    These girls are still HORRIBLE. They do not care about the cases and it’s clear they don’t because of the amount of ads. They only like money. That glaring issue aside, they are not interesting, DEFINITELY not funny. Repeating something the other said is not a joke. Doing quirky and silly voices is not funny. For being as old as you guys are, you would know this by now, but being completely brain dead, I understand it would be hard to grasp that.
  • Horton kids
    Shows enjoyable but keep your “white man” comments to yourself!
  • lcorliss17
    I really can’t comprehend howAnyone can enjoy this podcast. I listen to five minutes and I literally have no idea what they were talking about, they went off on so many tangents it’s impossible to follow.
  • Mrpolo3688
    Too jokey
    It would be cool if we didn’t have to listen to these two bubbly girls laugh and chitchat about everything in their lives if they just like actually got down to facts that would be nice
  • Nicki115
    10/10 would die for these ladies
    i love alaina and ash sm and any meanies who disagree that this is one of the best true crime podcasts ever they are simply: Wrong
  • Mr_Rage
    Interesting, enjoy the banter and the facts
  • Cirbster
    Love it!!!
    Love this podcast!! Started listening the first of June. Binge listening (from episode 1) for 8 hr a day while I work!! Keep up the amazing work! Your fan from Utah!!
  • Ashleyjensen44
    fav true crime podcast
    i enjoy this podcast. they do a good job being thorough with the research and present the case in an interesting way. I also enjoy that they don’t have a long intro and talk about random stuff for 30 minutes. They jump right into the case which is refreshing! I wish other podcast would do that.
  • cassiej79
    Just Morbidly Delightful
    If you like sitting around talking true crime and creepiness with your knowledgeable besties, this is the podcast for you! You’ll know pretty quickly if this is your thing or not. If it’s not, kindly move along and don’t spread your negative B.S. around here! K, thanks!
  • Not Felicia
    This is one of my favorite podcasts~
    I get real sad seeing so many people write unnecessarily mean reviews of this podcast?? These two wonderful beans take the time to research and share with us; if you don’t enjoy it, don’t listen? No need to be awful. :p Anyway— it doesn’t put a dent in my enjoyment of listening to these magical and lovely ladies. This is where my true crime rabbit hole journey began, after all. I appreciate Ash and Alaina with all my heart~ thank you for all your hard work and for making sure to tell the victims’ stories!
  • CatLynn522
    This is literally my favorite podcast! I feel like I found my people and I really wish that I could actually hang out with Alaina and Ash. Alaina researches and shares everything so thoroughly. Ash’s commentary is hilarious. (I’m on Episode 20.) The way the two of them feed off of each other makes this podcast EVERYTHING!
  • erica.hanson80
    My FAVORITE True Crime Podcast!
    Hi Alaina and Ash! I've been listening to TC podcasts for a few years. Started with MFM, added Crime Junkie and Housewives of True Crime, and then discovered Morbid. Don't get me wrong, I love those podcasts, but YOU ladies are who I relate to most! Maybe it's my East Coast roots on my dad's side, but I totally love your humor and LOL at your podcast the most! Thanks for keeping me sane while homeschooling my kids during the pandemic and for the LOLs that wake up my husband when I listen late at night. You're the best, and thanks for keeping it WEIRD! Erica H.
  • mochsens
    Favorite podcast!!
    This is my absolute favorite podcast! I love to listen to it while I cook dinner or any time I am driving! Love you guys so much!! Never stop being awesome! ❤️
  • jayemsea223
    Listener tales
    Best one out of all the true crime podcasts
  • Jkelllis
    My favorite podcast EVER!!
    I discovered this podcast and there is no turning back! I am obsessed 🤩 I am going back and listening to all the old cases and really enjoying the experience! Keep up the great work girls I do believe that while the cases can be super sad that you both are helping others and maybe even helping to solve cases..
  • jvccygvjbh
    My absolute fav
    Alaina and Ash are the chesticles. Even when mispronouncing towns or words (I’m looking at you Illinois) it’s relatable. The most articulate of us do it. It’s part of learning from reading. Especially in different geographical locations. The banter is great, who doesn’t want to get to know the hosts of their fav podcast!? Even views they have that aren’t similar to mine, are expertly discussed, and they don’t judge or push personal beliefs. I can’t wait to see a live or go to a live show. Y’all are the best. They’re the best ASMR. The way alaina sound when she takes the starting breath in, the way Ash stutters when she’s shocked, or the enunciation on the T in exactly. I started listening backward and it’s great lol I recommend it 😀😀 Love love love this podcast.
  • javduebend
    I’m here for the BANTER
    This podcast has consumed me. I build custom furniture for a living and have the opportunity to listen to podcasts for hours. I always choose this one. You can tell there is diligence in the research of each podcast and Alainas voice (other than Israel Keys part 2 😬) is oddly satisfying while Ash’s humor is amazing. I will forever be a weirdo.
  • jgchapa
    I dig it
    Better than crime junkie and my favorite murder. They laugh soooo much! It’s like half of the episodes are of them laughing!
  • UncleNina
    Hard to get through
    I have only heard great things about Morbid. Thought I’d give it a shot and I can’t even get through an episode. It’s supposedly a “comedy” podcast but I find no humor. Only unnecessary banter between two friends. I will truly judge people’s character if they tell me that Morbid is a good podcast.
  • StripedSocks1637391
    So. Much. Irrelevant. Talking.
    Tried to listen to one episode, twenty minutes and there was 30 seconds max about the actual topic. The rest was just a bunch of laughing/off topic remarks/making fun of things. I couldn’t keep listening!
  • Syd68
    Best podcast ever!
    Someone suggested I listen to this podcast because I am a true crime lover. Not only is the true crime so interesting, the girls are so fun to listen to! I feel somewhat creepy for listening to true crime everyday but I can’t stop!
  • DrWhitPat1213
    Favorite podcast! So much better than the other super scripted, boring, no (or super fake) emotion crime podcasts that I can never finish. They have the same sense of humor that I do and often say what I’m thinking. They do great research they’re not afraid to admit when they’re wrong. Love it.
  • Moniqueblack2849
    no more guest omg i’m begging???
    like i LOVE bailey, love her sm and her channel is great. however y’all do not do well with guests at all. the professionalism isn’t there and we wait forever for episodes only for them to be a listener tale or guests ..
  • Stupid now
    My new go to.
    Thanks for keeping it real during covid.
  • Nikababyy
    Love them!!!
    I discovered this podcast randomly after catching up on Crime Junkie, and I’m in love!! Their banter is so funny and it definitely helps because the cases they cover can be heavy. I recommend this podcast to any and everyone!
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