Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

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It’s a lighthearted nightmare in here, weirdos! Morbid is a true crime, creepy history and all things spooky podcast hosted by an autopsy technician and a hairstylist. Join us for a heavy dose of research with a dash of comedy thrown in for flavor.

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  • Yo yo bro :P
    Morbid and Crime Junkie are my two favorite podcasts. Y’all are amazing. Keep up the good work. My wife might think I’m a weirdo by how much true crime I listen to lol
  • LBVB86
    New to the podcast
    I’m new to this podcast. I listen everyday, I went back to the beginning. I wanted to ask if you ever did one on the JonBenét Ramsey case? Love you guys.
  • but not so weird
    Absolutely Amazing
    You are both amazing, entertaining, and show phenomenal respect for those who have passed. In addition to have the most perfect of pronunciatationings. I’ve never heard you once mispronounce anything and trust me I’m listening for it. Stay weird stay perfect 🖤
  • mrsrichey16
    You guys are amazing
    I have always been interested in true crime. I have to admit that my first tire crime podcast was My Favorite Murder but I had finished all the episodes from them and was still thirsty for some true crime and I found you guys. I fell in love instantly. When I found you guys, I was and still going through a rough time in my life and you guys have been helping me through just by doing this podcast. Thanks for all you do.
  • cryssy lampkin
    Too much rambling
    I wanted to like this show but too much rambling about and corny jokes. I’m annoyed. Bye
  • SylverBleu 99
    My New Fav Podcast
    Imagine hanging around late at night with your bff’s, telling ghost stories and talking about serial killers. It’s like that, but better! Ash & Alaina have such great rapport, listening to them talk sounds like hanging out with buddies. They have a way of being very sympathetic and respectful to the victims while tearing apart the perpetrators. These ladies are smart, funny, and they do their research. Also, I love the listener tales that are a combination of spooky, creepy, & just funny. It’s soooo good!!
  • Ana GGJ
    Enjoyable listen
    While I love a good mysterry and this podcast offers great commentary on some wild cases, it really could be a one woman show. Alaina could and should just host Morbid alone. Ash is an annoying voice from an unnecessary peanut gallery. It sounds like an adult telling a story to a teenager and the teenager keeps interrupting with annoying questions she should already know the answer to.
  • mnhmfjgresv
    Female versions of Shane and Ryan from Buzzfeed Unsolved. I love them! I love the how much detail they go into. I’m a big true crime fan and there are some things they mention that I haven’t heard from other true crime videos or podcasts 💜💜
  • mackjw
    Jasmine Richardson
    Fathers are as responsible as mothers....
  • HeatherFFrank
    feels like chatting with your bffs about true crime
    This is hands down my favorite true crime podcast!! 🙌🏼 I feel like I’m just hanging out with Alaina and Ash every time I listen and they make my work days SO much more enjoyable. Thank you for the great content!
  • Lisa Berko
    The best!
    Sooooo good!!! This my absolute favorite podcast. They're so funny and interesting and they do such a good job on every episode. They cover some obscure cases too. Love love love!
  • ARC1206
    Too much cussing
    It is hard to listen to them bc literally you lose count how many f bombs they drop. They also go on a lot of tangents that are distracting. I want to like this...I hope it gets better over time or they work on their professionalism some.
  • katherine 8421
    you guys are not annoying, you’re amazing. i don’t get why everyone thinks you’re annoying you just seem sweet and friendly. keep it up!
  • bsbahxguaha
    It kills me when alaina interrupts ash... just let her do her story you will get your turn. Almost to the point where I can’t listen because you both have to talk at the same time. I’m not sure how ash puts up with it to be honest. We don’t need you saying exactly! Right! After everything she says.
  • vgibbons15
    I absolutely LOVE this podcast!!! I think they’re hilarious and I love how they both contribute/tell stories and there’s actual science and background info that’s given!!! Fantastic podcasters and I’m hooked!!!
  • Andrewxenos
    My favorite podcast ever
    I have been a casual listener prior to quarantine but it has become a staple in my life as Covid has taken over the world. These hosts are both so funny smart brilliant and talented. They’re extremely bingable like true crime kardashians.
  • Table05
    The host are not at all sensitive to the fact that the victim’s family may be alive and listening. Overall annoying to listen too.
  • JP10375
    The. Best.
    I hardly ever write reviews but this one deserves one. I’ve heard a lot of these cases on other podcasts but I still listen to this one and LOVE every bit of it!! Ash and Alaina have an amazing chemistry and they make every story entertaining while providing new information. Great laughter. Great research! You have a fan for life. Please don’t ever change❤️❤️
  • jlerath00
    Killerrrrr Trace!
    Love the show. Great mix of the dark details and some dark humor to try to break it up. However, just worried about whether Ash and Alaina ever got their Killer Trace subscription. I’m catching up and over the two year mark of the shows and they’re still waiting. Hope you finally got it!
  • Hannahjae45
    My fave
    I just started listening thispast week and I can’t stop listening! I love the insight y’all bring to the cases and then y’all make me laugh so much on top of it 😂
  • tnmom12
    Like the topics but too much cussing
    I love the topics! A bit too much banter for me but whatever. The problem I have is the language! I don’t mind some cussing but it’s too much and GD is a bit much.
  • alienxprincess
    You can’t please everyone!
    I personally love these girls! They are funny and have great content! Y’all are awesome, don’t ever change! (:
  • qwerasdzxciopkl
    I really can’t believe the awful things that people say about these women.. they’re humans. Do you really need to say such terrible things? Just move on like a grown up. They get distracted sometimes but they’re funny and they explain the cases well. This is a good podcast!!!
    I’m almost caught up and I might cry
    I am a lover of true crime, an avid podcast listener and THIS podcast is my new favorite!! I started listening only a couple of months ago and I am nearing to be caught up on all episodes and I will be craving more! These ladies are so fun and bring a whole new outlook on true crime story telling!
  • Han Banan Shabam
    A Happy Stumble
    I was listening to another podcast where Morbid was mentioned and I’m literally so ecstatic that I decided to give it a listen. I’ve been looking for more true crime podcasts to binge and this is curbing my appetite for sure. The banter between them is my favorite part because it reminds me of my sisters and I who communicate solely in dark humor and sarcasm. Easily my new favorite podcast to listen to every day. Appreciate Alaina and Ashleigh for all the amazing content!
  • Chrystal.C
    My favorite podcast!
  • that gal from twitter
    They’re the problem with true crime
    I really enjoyed this podcast when I initially started it. Not long into it, there were a couple things the two said that threw me off such as Alaina saying she wanted to come across a dead body despite working with them? And Ash saying she would have been a part of the Manson cult. They just romanticize serial killers too much for my taste and tend to joke about the victims’ names and such. But some people dig that I suppose. When I asked them about it on Twitter, they blocked me.
  • odeszasun21
    Overall awesome!
    I enjoy listening to the true crime story. I like that You both put in a lot of effort to give us a thrilling story, I also enjoy your dynamic and natural relationship, it's makes it enjoyable. The only problem I have is the constant interruptions of ads in the middle of the story.
  • vfh8404
    Love this!
    I absolutely love this podcast. My favorite thing is the banter. These two know when to be serious and when to lighten the mood. I enjoy hearing them discuss true crime in an honest way!
  • withallduerespect227
    I cringe every time either of you uses AAVE for giggles and every time Ash says exactly....I know I’m not the only one
  • california native 11
    Poor man’s My Favorite Murder is correct
    I second the review calling this a poor man’s My Favorite Murder. So they just copied the exact format of MFM that’s been around for years but without the charm, charisma, wit, humor and originality? The two hosts are boring, not funny, and I couldn’t get through a full episode. The mayonnaise sandwich on white bread of true crime podcasts.
  • SarahASee
    This is my favorite podcast ever! They go in depth on crimes and there’s always details I’ve never heard of. I also love their voices! Ash & Alaina are my fave weirdos! ♥️
  • castellinaa
    Done with Patreon shout outs already?
    I love Ash and Alaina. I love Morbid. But I just want to warn anyone that might be considering supporting their Patreon that it’s full of empty promises and lack of follow through. I’ve subscribed to their very neglected Patreon since last August because I just wanted to support a show I love, but I’ve gotten more frustrated over time that it literally seems to be a way for them to get free mo eg from fans without doing anything in return. I was so excited when they said they’d be revamping the Patreon in May and getting back to doing shoutouts and other things that were promised but it’s not happening. Shoutouts? Haven’t been done in weeks. They said we’d get one exclusive live stream a month- hasn’t happened. Said we’d get one bonus episode a month- June’s bonus episode wasn’t posted til July, July’s bonus bonus never got posted. Said we would get access to podcast notes for every episode- that lasted about 2 minutes. Said we’d be added as close friends on Instagram- hasn’t happened. I’m sure they’re going to get super defensive about this and say how hard they work for us. I’m not denying that. I think they do an incredible job with the main feed. But STOP MAKING EMPTY PROMISES, it makes it impossible to trust you. And Patreons are literally giving you money every month, so we are diehard fans who deserve better. You’re taking in the cash, why can’t you hire someone to help you? Why can’t you do what you say you’ll do? Sincerely A very frustrated fan
  • Bumkinpumkin
    True crime!
    My favorite podcast to listen too!!
  • jenniferwoodcreative
    Hell yes weirdos
    I found Morbid in June, yes this June, and have listened to every episode in an epic ear bud binge over the last two months. I am in the “go on with your bad selfs” camp regarding their banter and it doesn’t bother me at all. I love true crime and I appreciate the research put into these cases mixed with the brevity of their hilarious commentary. If you are looking to feel like you are hanging out with two of your funniest friends while dissecting *wink wink* some of the best known and unknown crimes then this is for you!
  • Kidpsych2be
    Wicked morbid
    Gotta admit, this podcast and these gals are quickly becoming my favorite. Keep up the good work! Update: months later and still loving these gals and their podcast. Very entertaining, easy listening, good laughs. Can’t wait for the world to recover so I can attend a live show!
  • Jennylovesthegiants
    Soooooo many ad’s
    This is a fun, entertaining true crime podcast. I truly enjoy it! But there are sooooo many ad’s!! I don’t think I have heard any other ones who have ad’s every 5-10 minutes. Glad I can fast forward
  • RA1815
    A cut above in a crowded field
    Imagine a poor man’s My Favorite Murder, but without the stand-up comedy pedigree, or the manic Alcoholics Anonymous energy. This being said, Morbid still has a lot to offer. The hosts have an authentic, down-to-Earth charm. They also manage to walk a skillful balance between humor and sensitivity. It may be a bit rough around the edges, but Morbid still scores above your average true crime fare. I’ve listened to a few episodes already, and I’m happy to come back for more.
  • rikki_harris
    Nice work
    Recommended by a friend and am glad I started listening!
  • wvkid1
    Too goofy.
    I’m not one to leave bad reviews, but this podcast was not good. I like a more fact based presentation, get to the chase. I don’t need you to interject your humor into the mix. I couldn’t even make it through episode 1. I downloaded to listen to true crime, not some goofy bedroom recording project.
  • Lopolopolkioplokijhffdyhvsaa
    So funny. SO creepy. Also Listener Tales are fire. All the stars!
  • emmyeliza
    Guys I legit choked on my Ramen while listening to you review Bridget’s interview with police for the mysterious death of Tamla H. Like noodles coming out my nose yo! 😂😂🥳
  • too many ads omg
    Too many ads
    The amount and length of ads is absolutely ridiculous
  • EAC64
    Good stories
    To much talking before story starts. Stories are very good.t
  • Lyndsey Lynn
    Yas Queen
    I’ve been slowly/rapidly devouring this podcast. I seriously love these two weirdos. I love the variety of cases and stories, Alaina’s relentless/crazy red string, cork board research and “Tr”Ashleigh’s hilarity. If anyone disagrees, fight me. I even joined Patreon for these two. Keep it weird ladies, but not so weird that you listen to the haters!!
  • kdkckfkowocjsisoxjdjs
    Good but no
    They talk WAY too much off topic. They have good stories but they talk 3 words about the story then will go off about something random for 5 minutes. So annoying.
  • AK Melody
    Speaking in English
    The vocabulary available to us all is extensive. Hearing the same descriptive word used repetitively... after the 20th time I realized this podcast is not for me. Get a dictionary.
  • 549CAT85
    So funny
    Been listening for about a month, these girls are super funny. The episodes about BTK were hilarious, I literally LOL’ed at work like a lunatic.
  • BakerGirl95
    New listener. Love it!
    Found it on Spotify and seriously love them, I needed a new podcast and they hit that funny but respectful and also super interesting.
  • Cr39144
    Don’t let the racists get you down!
    You guys are doing a great job in my opinion. Thanks for covering cases involving people of color and addressing how terrible the cops are. I don’t think you’re ever overreaching when you say what your opinion is. Keep up the good work!!
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