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It’s a lighthearted nightmare in here, weirdos! Morbid is a true crime, creepy history and all things spooky podcast hosted by an autopsy technician and a hairstylist. Join us for a heavy dose of research with a dash of comedy thrown in for flavor.

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  • Kawaiione
    Say no to haters!!
    Kinda wish I could respond to some of these negative reviews, but why waste my time doing that when I can just review these ladies as the bada** bit**es they are?! The stories are so well researched. Some of them are so heavy and they manage to lighten the mood when needed without losing the story. I can’t wait to catch up. Keep it weird, ladies!
  • Lane414
    My favorite true crime gals
    This is my favorite true crime podcast. Wait…. It’s my favorite podcast. 😁
  • Mini mini mini morbid!
    Best true crime podcast!
    Love you guys. I think I’ve listened to every episode, if not it’s close lol.
  • aks257
    Need more Listener tales
    Please do more listener tales than 1 per month!!
  • Ray12244ven
    I like it y’all
    So I’m not good at reviews. But I typically start with the bad. The banter can be a bit annoying but I don’t mind it. I prefer a bit of banter to make it seem more like you are talking g it over with your buddies. I also don’t think they are the funniest people ever but whatever. Now that the meh things are out I actually started to listen to this after listening to MFM. They go into their cases and it’s amazing you get facts and their opinions which I feel is important. I don’t mind the politics because even if you don’t agree you should still be open to listening. Now here’s a big thing they are so respectful to different views. As a Christian I am so happy to see a podcast that doesn’t call religion stupid and is open and respectful to the victims,criminals and families religions never placing much blame and without slamming the entire religion.
  • AshGarrett14
    Riveting, Gripping, and shockingly illuminating
    I have been into the serial killer and true crime craze for more than half my life. I’ve always taken interest in doing research and needing to know what “makes them tick”. I was recently introduced to true crime podcasts and stumbled clumsily and upon Morbid. I was instantly hooked! Ash and Alaina have a way of captivating your attention whether its because they have you gripping your seat in anxiety, staring in disbelief with your jaw on the floor, or laughing at funny catch phrases like “bananas” or talking about creative band names like “evil onions”. This duo of weirdos just keep getting better and their true crime insight and exploration will leave you hungry for more!
  • Kamree Joy
    My fav podcast
    I love Alaina and Ashleigh!! They put a great spin on these cases and are hilarious!!
  • Yessi Isabella
    Love this podcast!
    I listen to this podcast all day at work and I love it! they literally save my work day! Lol These’s so many good cases talked about and that’s what excites me the most!
  • asdgjjlskjs
    I used to love this podcast and binged through it as fast as I could and would look forward to new episodes. But lately I find myself struggling to want to listen to new episodes. Ash is constantly interrupting Alaina to say the most pointless stuff and the constant swallows in the microphone drive me crazy. So many long ads now at the most annoying times. I’m so tired of hearing Ash’s opinions on “literally” (as she would say) everything. I don’t know, I keep trying to come back to the podcast but I struggle getting through episodes now.
  • Cortney H.
    I literally wake up in the morning and can’t wait to get to work so I can plug Ash and Alaina in my ears with no interruptions! Love the banter and the listening to these girls. They’re totally my kinda people.
  • ..………………………
    Please just stick to the facts
    I’ve already unsubscribed from several podcasts because I’d prefer the facts and not much more. I don’t need to hear how “beautiful” he or she was and obviously most of these victims are innocent and didn’t deserve to die. I don’t need to hear this every single episode.
  • PaulsLady2011
    Absolutely adore you two
    You seriously make my work day so much better. By far, yous are the best storytellers I have heard in my search for podcasts. I keep coming back to yous. I would love to hear your take on the Murdaugh Murders. It is an ongoing case and seriously a wild ride! I have been following the case and have becomes obsessed!
  • Nucarelli
    263 is exactly why wrong people are convicted
    I’ve had so much gratitude for your concern for victims, until you presented a biased opinion about this missing person. Your commentary can lead to false accusations, endangering a potential victim, and absolutely irresponsible public influence on potential jurors. You should be ashamed of yourselves and your cavalier approach.
  • dunkinlover30
    Love you girls!
    Just listened to your latest episode and I got say, they never answered why all of the other dna was found, and planting evidence isn’t above some people. Especially when they are in a tough spot and going no where.
  • xetn su
    Too Much Chatter
    Makes one lose interest. Good stinking grief.
  • BanSawV2
    Unbelievably amazing
    So I listen to a lot of podcast(I work 12 hour shifts) and before I found this podcast I was bored and dreaded going to work. Not anymore. You guys do such an amazing job and I thank you so much for making my work week enjoyable. I will definitely be looking into your Patreon as soon as I can. Thank you both again for doing what you do.
  • milliesupreme
    The best
    My favorite
  • 4llTh3N1ckN4ME5
    Hooked. -More morbid please!
    Normally I don’t care for banter- but with morbid-I dont mind a bit! There’s just something special about these lovely ladies. Listening is like having real nice friends earnestly explain very disturbing news events to you. (best way to get news) Every time I see a new episode I go “YAY!!” That just happened, thought I should pay respects with a review ***6*** six stars (extra star for effort)
  • Sadkins1986
    Love love love these two! Great at the story telling, with giving you the details you need to know without taking away from the victims story. So easy to listen to and they always make me crack up laughing.
  • Adorable emojis
    True Crime?!?!
    This two ladies talk about themselves A LOT JUST KIDDING!!, they are absolutely phenomenal!!, they research everything a lot the way they host their podcast makes you feel like you are hanging out with friends!!, absolutely love them Ash & Alaina are hilarious I love their chemistry and fun loving side, always joking around and laughing their laughter is contagious, but if you are a true weirdO this is the podcast FOR YOU!!!.
  • Kaiza Marie
    This is my favorite podcast I have found so far! The hosts are hilarious and the research they put into these episodes is phenomenal. The way they deliver these brutal stories while also somehow managing to keep it seeming light is great. I listen ALL DAY at work for my 9 hour shifts and never get tired of it.
  • badddddieeee daddyyyyyyg
    Emma Cawley
    Always make my day. These two beautiful women are the light of my life in weirdo land☺️
  • blg20
    Engaging but…
    I can’t get past Alaina constantly hard swallowing into the microphone. Makes it so difficult to listen to.
  • Jamie Edgar
    Y’all da bees knees
    I LOVE y’all. Legit get excited when an episode is released. My sister introduced my mom & I to this podcast. Best recommendation. Love from Milton, Florida! - Charlsey (was supposed to be a boy) Edgar ❤️
  • Katt M.
    Morbid is the BEST!
    Started listening a few months back ! I’m super addicted and all caught up now 😭😭 Thank you Ash & Alaina for ruining EVERY other true crime podcast for me! I loved watching you guys grow and perfect your podcast ! Continue to do an amazing job and please never stop !!!
  • Mandarie
    Broaden your vocabulary!!
    All the foul language! I feel like I’m walking the halls of a high school and overhearing teenagers. The comedic banter is also a bit much considering the topics. Missing a component of compassion when you mock and make jokes of the most horrific situations.
  • Miss Kelly Rousseau
    My favorite
    This is literally my favorite podcast! You girls are absolutely hilarious! Love the shade you throw at these criminals and the humor you add in all these dark crime stories. My daughter and I crack up listening. hold on to your butts because we just adore you guys!!
  • Jordannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn28
    The amount of work that those two put into this show is incredible. Alaina and Ash really care about the research and give you the fullest story they can. I LOVE the silly banter and I am obsessed with the Morbid Network. Thank you for existing!
  • Shelblondie
    Good - but sometimes bad
    I’m writing this review as someone who likes this show enough to keep listening but desperately wishes some changes would be made. 1. If you’re someone with misophonia like myself, the swallows and mouth noises will be very hard to handle. 2. A lot of comments, especially early in the episodes, come off very disrespectful and tone deaf. They will make comments like “love that” and other pointless but positive comments about someone who ultimately ended up torturing and murdering people. If a victim’s family member listened to this podcast regarding their loved ones, they’d likely be horrified. However - the subject matter is well put together and it is entertaining to listen to. This podcast would be fantastic if those few things would be addressed. It is far easier to criticize than to praise, so please know that there are a lot of good qualities of this podcast and I will continue to listen despite my critiques.
  • The13sunflowers
    Love these weirdos!!
    Do yourself a favor and listen to these ladies because they do a wonderful job with all these spooky and horror. They give every case the attention and respect it needs but what is life if you can’t have a laugh too? Keep up the great work, weirdos!!
  • Sammi Jo Woz
    Always a joy to listen
    These girls never fail to make me smile, even when talking about the darkest of the dark! Keep it up! Proud of how far you’ve both come! 💕
  • Pootzzz
    My favorite thing to listen to every day!!! Please review the Robert Berdella cases!!
  • Texasmomkat
    They like to make it a comedy.
    I really tried to listen to this podcast, but it just sound like two females that are making these cases a laughing matter, some of the episodes I listened to were “okay” but not like crime junkie… where they tell the story like it is. without all this in-between bull crap. If you are going to be a crime podcast at least be a little more serious and take your time telling the actual story instead of spending the first 10 minutes talking about non sense!
  • sidney.bloch00
    listening to older episodes about people NOT liking your banter has motivated me to write this! i came for the true crime, i STAYED FOR THE BANTER!! listening to you guys go off on fun, personal tangents is like talking to personal friends about my favorite cases. best true crime podcast ever!! don’t ever change!! <3
  • itsstacface
    I love, love.
    This is the best, hands down. I enjoy all the banter and appreciate all the well in-depth research! These ladies are hilarious!
  • 🧤🧤🧤🧤🧤🧤🧤
    Favorite podcast !!
    Me and my boyfriend listen every time we are in the car and thanks to this show he will not stop singing the “mini morbid” intro and the most random times 😂
  • OniOzen
    i love!
    i have binged for a week since i found you guys! i absolutely love you guys so much! i find myself even replying or talking back LOL i love that they give history and background on everyone as well! 5 out of 5!
  • katimightbe
    listen every dayyyyy
    Updating this review like a year late ! Still by far my #1 podcast. Driving, working out, at the office. there’s never a time where listener tales don’t improve my day personally. Ladies don’t change you’re amazing !
  • sulyyyyyyyyyyy
    THE BEST!!!
    Seriously though, you girls are amazing! Always keeping it so real, can’t get enough of this podcast!
  • Mahrizzle
    Morbid = life
    Been a long time listener but just listened to the the 3 part Hillside Stranglers and you guys are amazing!!! Best retelling of that case that I’ve ever heard!!!! Keep it coming
  • Emma Towers iPod
    Top Crime Podcast!!!
    First review for my favorite podcasters. I’ve listened to EVERY single episode. I hate a lot of chat but they don’t bother me. They have mellow voices — which is a must for me! They have definitely evolved along the years and only get better! Xoxo, Keep it weird!
  • Talyboo13
    My favorite true crime podcast
    Started listening at least a year ago and absolutely love these girls!! My only complaint is that they don't have new episodes everyday. Call me selfish, I don't care. I just can't get enough of them! 😘
  • elaena b
    Best podcast ever!
    I’m obsessed with this podcast and A&A! They are the perfect duo and complement each other so well! I love how they can provide personal opinion and anecdotes to each case to make it seem like more than just relaying facts. They make every single episode feel like they are literally in my living room hanging out with me. I wonder if they know that they are my actual best friends and if they think I’m creepy? 🤔
  • Bee Kimura
    Wonderful Weirdos!
    Great storytelling, interesting conversation and loads of episodes. Hope you do an episode about Loch Ness and the Spooky Urquhart Castle sometime (I am an Urquhart, too!).
  • wallmomnurse
    Love it
    Love u guys!! Love the banter between you. My daughter and I love listening to you on long trips and around the house! Keep it coming and keep it real! ❤️
  • Captin Ren
    My favorite true crime podcast!!!!!
    I’m not usually a fan of true crime, but these two won me over. The podcast is a wonderful blend of humor, while being respectful towards victims and very informative all at the same time.
  • Irritated Person 1052
    On the small talk . . .
    The hosts do start most episodes off with some conversation, sometimes several minutes of it. When you are just getting to know their personalities and the style of the podcast, you might be put off by that. I urge you to just keep listening. In an episode or two, the authenticity that Ash and Alaina bring to their work will win you over, and you will begin to enjoy the extra conversation. I’m at the point now that I miss the conversational nature of this pod when I listen to more straight line podcasts. These ladies aren’t reading scripts prepared by employees and it shows. They do their own research, know the cases well, and are invested in telling victims stories. Thanks for your hard work, ladies.
  • freshtalent
    Ranks in the Comedy category? That’s a joke
    Ranks in the Comedy category? That’s a joke. Apple get your listing protocol in line yo!!!!
  • Dani3elle
    Don’t miss out on this podcast!
    Such a well done podcast. If you are a fan of true crime with a sprinkling of hauntings you HAVE to listen to Morbid. These ladies deliver the true crime stories with ultimate respect to the victims while being very thorough. Their quips and humor is well placed and respectful. 10 outta 10 recommended!
  • MarGo.Ca
    The actual facts they give are good and detailed but that’s only when they stop the annoying banter and random comments or ping-ponging off a stupid comment. I can only handle small doses and find myself skipping ahead past all their opinions.
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