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Welcome to “Bigfoot Society,” the podcast where host Jeremiah Byron delves into the captivating world of Bigfoot encounters. Through intimate interviews, Jeremiah aims to empower witnesses by providing them with a platform to share their experiences. By doing so, he offers a sense of relief and control, allowing them to take ownership of their stories. Join us as we explore these extraordinary encounters, unveiling the mysteries surrounding Bigfoot and its impact on the lives of those who have encountered this elusive creature.

If you have had a Bigfoot encounter please share it with us and start the conversation by sending an email to "".

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  • Tulsagal14
    Content is good, audio is awful
    I keep trying to enjoy this podcast but the guest interviews sound like they are under water and they all have breathing problems, lots of static, sniffing, fuzzy audio quality, please fix the audio somehow
  • billy bobby rae
    Robert from N. Central Texas
    Genuine and it shows. You’re a good man. Great work Jeremiah!
  • MusashiG
    He doesn’t even edit out his mistakes.
  • DianePfandler
    Great Hosting
    Your kind, encouraging and really allow your speakers open up. I love it.
  • SpeedyGrayRaucous
    Can you please control the ads?
    I know you need to have them, but don’t cut them in randomly. It’s so off putting. Create a break and don’t have them in the middle of a sentence. And please pay attention to the guests when they answer. Sometimes it’s obvious that you’ve planned a question when they’ve just gave you the answer in their statement. Guest, “it was about 8’ tall and had a flat nose.” Jeremiah, “how tall was it and can you describe the nose?”
  • Wm5455
    Too many sudden loud commercials
    I understand you need advertising to fund show but you’ve reached my threshold for sudden loud commercials that run too long. Ads are overwhelming content and increasing on this podcast. The content is good as in other similar podcasts. Cabin in sevierville TN - can’t see the images unless in Patreon - haven’t encountered this restriction - what next ?
  • goodvsevil
    More Kathy Strain
  • Link259
    Intelligent & Entertaining!
    Jeremiah, does a great job with guests and lets them tell their story..
  • Zzcrotch
    Like it
    The host seems like genuinely good dude. Same as every other Sasquatch channel. Some guests seem really believable and other are obviously pulling a goof. Harmless entertainment overall.
  • 1quietstorm7
    Love the format & consistency
    Doing a great service! Entertaining, educational, credible guests. And mostly you don’t talk over them. I enjoy the stories. When the host makes it about themselves its pretty boring.
  • senor pantalones caliente
    Interesting…. Interesting…. Ads are beginning to overwhelm podcasts. I know the argument: money. But if the ads continue and increase, it will resemble terrestrial media with an annoying ad every few minutes. This will alienate current listeners. Happily we can fast forward, but for how long?
  • Jra4776
    Update- love the show but I just can’t keep up. You put out so much every week, which is great, but I really wish you’d slow down some. Instead of putting out an episode practically every day maybe twice a week or once a week. I dont know how others feel but for me it’s just too much. I really don’t want to stop listening but at this rate I’d have to stop listening to other shows just to keep up with yours. ——- Cryptids of the Corn sent me. Love the show. Definitely recommend
  • Ottoriff
    Really good Bigfoot Podcast!
    I enjoy Jeremiah and his approach to hosting the podcast, he lets the guest tell their story and asks questions when appropriate. Most of the guests are very interesting and haven’t heard them on other podcasts. My only gripe is the ad breaks get a bit long and sometimes repeat the same ad 3 times in a row which is a bit irritating. Other than that it’s an enjoyable listen!
  • disappointed Sasquatch
    Excellent show
    Bigfoot Society is definitely one of the top tier Bigfoot podcasts out there. Great interviews and thoughtful questions.
  • Maekar_I
    Good show
    Pretty good show. The host does a good job with his interviewing- doesn’t interrupt and let’s his guests tell their own story in their own words.
  • RayGoff
    Massive improvements
    Really enjoy the podcast now!!
  • St. Clair
    Could be five stars
    The host does a good job and the encounters are entertaining and beleiveable. It’s the sound quality that’s needs a little tweaking otherwise this would be a top notch show. Keep working at it. We like this podcast.
  • resist the Don
    Nephalim DNA?
    Still how do you know this Nephalim DNA? How often is a doctors visit including DNA test? What a bunch of bunk.
  • BahaSherri
    A must-listen!!!
    New listener here, & I’m hooked! Jeremiah does an excellent job as interviewer, & has great guests. He’s patient, interactive & asks the questions I’m thinking in my head. That’s pleasant to me. There’s nothing more frustrating than obvious question opportunities that get missed by a lot of podcasters. I’m excited to listen to all the shows!
  • Steven Bakenhester
    Amazing, listen to this if you love bigfoot!
    this is just the kind of bigfoot content i crave 🙂
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead
    A Podcast So Nice I Listen to Every Episode Twice!!
    Hi, my name is Pat O’Sullivan, co-host of On Wednesday's We Talk Weird. I give Jeremiah Byron a lot of guff for being a CIA shill but at the end of the day he’s an incredibly hardworking dude with rock solid interview skills and a demeanor it’s just impossible not to love. If you listen to one podcast listen to mine, but if you’ve got the time to listen to two podcasts give Bigfoot Society a spin. PS - J.B = John Birch
  • cookiemonster19801979
    Great podcast!
    Jeremiah always drives it home! Not only focusing on Bigfoot, but other strange things as well! I wait impatiently for every new episode he puts out! Keep up the good work, friend!!
  • Frustrated CK
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    Lots of great interviews from witnesses and researchers. Jeremiah does an excellent job at letting them tell their story without unnecessary interruption.
  • Asheville bigfooter
    Great podcast!!!
    Jeremiah does an outstanding job with his podcast and is always generating new content! Subscribe it you are a fan of Bigfoot/Sasquatch!!!
  • Buegirl
    Worth listening to!
    Jeremiah has great guests and topics. I don’t have a lot of time for podcasts, but I don’t miss his. Everyone is interesting, and he has a knack for getting people to open up. For sure 5 stars. ✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️
  • @TheCCQB
    Bigfoot Society is a fun place to hang
    Having listened to every episode, I would say that The Bigfoot Society is an enjoyable place to go and listen to all things Cryptid. While Bigfoot is in the name, and that’s a large focus, there are plenty of guests who cover other areas of interest as well. Jeremiah is a fun and personable host and he creates a positive and welcoming community. He has done a great job also incorporating the personal experiences of individuals along with experts in the cryptozoology and paranormal fields.
  • Nesqyjp
    Fantastic Interviews!
    Jeremiah is an excellent host and insightful interviewer. His shows and guests have really been great to listen to. Friendly, fun conversations that have great topics and interesting insights!
  • DanielleofMN
    Can’t Get Enough!
    Searched “Bigfoot” under the podcasts and it’s been magic ever since! This is such a well produced podcast! It is intriguing, well laid out, and you feel connected as a listener. It is an absolute treasure of a podcast. The audio is crisp and the speaker’s voice is pleasant to listen to. He finds such amazing story tellers. My next step is to follow on his other formats.
  • thedylanjacobson
    Listen and Look
    If you’re a cryptid enthusiast, of just a bigfooter, look no further. Jeremiah curates a fun and professional show with excellent guests and wicked fast research.
  • hamniko
    Ep 227 audio bad
    mic too far away & noise gate chopped up the rest. I know you usually do fine
  • rfoiyg
    Episode 226
    Terrible audio. I can’t tolerate to have to concentrate on every single word in order to understand this muffled noise.
  • Jeffh52
    Has gotten a little too monetized
    I totally get the Patreon angle of podcasts and having ads for non-patrons, but when you start turning out daily short shows just to basically add 5-6 ads (the irritating ones that pop up randomly) that’s a little much.
  • PetakovMedia
    If you like Cryptozoology or the weird, this is for you
    Jeremiah is a great host and does an absolutely excellent job of sourcing interviews and guests to talk with. It’s impressive the amount of folks from the different corners of the paranormal world he lines up. Plus the open phone lines shows are a treat (definitely recommend checking those out live and even calling in yourself if you’ve got a story to tell!)
  • J.R. Craig
    Cryptozoology Gold
    Jeremiah has created a really great podcast and gone beyond the scope of just broadcasting to include the cryptid community on Dischord and beyond. Thoroughly enjoy every episode and carry my Bigfoot Society card everywhere!
  • cassiesland
    Amazing Podcast with an amazing person!
    Bigfoot Society is an amazing podcast! Jeremiah is an overall nice genuine person and is a top interviewer! This is a family podcast that my kids love and can interact with the whole community. Every episode has someone different with different view points, opinions and work areas and that keeps it always interesting. The Patreon is definitely interactive and extremely active worth every penny! My whole family loves Jeremiah, his podcast, his merch, his TikTok’s and his lives! 5 stars in every aspect!
  • crushing belial
    A great podcast on the subject of Bigfoot
    Jeremiah enthusiasm in each episode is what really makes the show great. I’ve heard lots of podcasts on the subject and the host is usually pretty drab. I love to hear the host just as excited and enthusiastic as the person that is being interviewed! Great job!
  • Pioneerles
    Great Show
    Great show hosted by a great host.
  • Shano C.
    A fantastic show
    I absolutely love the show! Jeremiah is a wonderful and engaging host, and the guests are always well versed on their subject matter. Top shelf stuff.
  • Hellbent Holler
    One of the best podcasts out there!
    Really look forward to new episodes. Great Cryptid content all around…I follow the creator on Instagram as well.
  • ItsAsherz
    Jeremiah is a doll
    Not only is the guy a perfect interviewer, he’s a huge supporter for all things cryptid. You don’t get much more wholesome than Jeremiah Byron. The show itself is great. Jeremiah is a true cryptid journalist, staying completely neutral and allowing everyone in this community a platform to share their ideas. He’s professional to work with and professional on the microphone.
  • WestCoastSquatchers
    Best show!
    ON ANY NETWORK!!! Jeremiah does a fantastic job! You are da man!!!!!
  • cryptid comforts
    Excellent interviewer
    It’s so informative and wonderful to hear what all of these awesome people in cryptozoology are doing. His guests range from every cryptid field. His interview style is excellent.
  • DrRobNeville
    Cryptid Clubhouse King
    Jeremiah is ridiculously kind and has a voice that sounds sweeter than a rainstorm after a hundred year drought. He also started the Bigfoot Society Club on Clubhouse that brings fans of cryptozoology together to talk about great topics in the realm of weird and mysterious! Great host and an awesome podcast.
  • Eerieericpug444
    Each episode is Thorough and in detail .. Always inspiration for my #bobrossofbigfoot cryptid artwork !
  • OhioSquatch
    More of This, Please
    Bigfoot Society is the perfect name for this podcast, as it is genuinely interested in the people who are interested in Bigfoot. Jeremiah is an excellent host and conversationalist and it is exciting to observe him refining his approach. Respectful, thoughtful, and fun, Bigfoot Society is a refreshing listen.
  • Jmloq
    Great Cryptid Interview Show!
    Just started listening and I’m hooked. Great format and great guests. Keep it up!
  • TristaF83
    Bigfoot review
    Awesome Podcast!!! Just started this and I can’t get enough! I’m hooked!!!!!
  • dat dank meme boy
    Very entertaining
    Love the show
  • IrishLadOKC
    Fun show!
    So far I’m enjoying this. Really like the content that I haven’t heard anywhere else. 👍👍
  • kimberlyxxxooo
    A great start
    Really like the ideas for content that Jeremiah is kicking around for future shows. This podcast is only a few shows in and Jeremiah already has that “good podcast flow” going on..... he’s a great gabber. Good luck Jeremiah and hang in there, Bigfoot podcasts are not built in a day ! One last thing, great interview with his 4 year old son! Please check it out!
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