K-Pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam


It's hard to keep up with all the new K-pop releases and even harder to get an insider look at the K-pop industry. Each Monday, join Eric Nam, a long-time veteran in the industry as both a K-pop artist and celebrity personality, as he reviews the week's best new songs and occasionally interviews the artists themselves. If you like K-pop, curious to hear what it's like to be a K-pop artist, or are simply interested in learning more about the industry in general, this is the podcast for you.

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  • miraculouspabu
    Amazing podcast, would highly recommend!
    I don’t know why I haven’t listened to this before. I was hooked on the first episode. Maybe that’s just cuz I love Eric Nam as a person and musician. He’s always so fun and interesting to listen to! This podcast had me laughing and helped introduce me to new artists and music. Highly recommended. The podcast shows Eric’s unique and fun personality and I am in love with it! I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the episodes, whether on here or on Spotify.
  • lolaloveskpop
    I always love listening to Eric Nam! We all may not agree with his opinions but he does give good input and feedback. I love the one with pH-1. Keep going Eric! You’re the greatest!
  • Thalia.Sen
    I really love this podcast and I love how you get to share your opinion on different things going on. Like when Ailee stated her BTS bias, that isn’t a thing that many idols get to do because they could get hated for it. But by you going that extra mile and assuring to her that it’s alright, makes this podcast seem so great! I love that you aren’t afraid to state your opinion on this podcast and I can’t wait for you to make more episodes! I feel like you are very welcoming on this podcast especially with having guests coming on the show!
  • astrobtsgot7exofangirl
    This is honestly the only podcast I listen to. I love to hear about how other people view things and well yeah (sorry I’m not good at writing reviews). FIGHTING Also are you reading my mind or am I reading yours?
  • DM9900
    30 Minutes of fun!
    Eric Nam was my gateway drug to K-pop. I really enjoyed the first podcast. Loved the songs made up on the fly. I’m looking forward to hearing his stories about his experiences with other artists and hoping to broaden my K-pop listening horizon. This is one busy, hard working guy! I wrote the above review after the first podcast and here I am still a devoted listener and still enjoying them. I have loved each of the 36 episodes in 2019. Eric Is so down to earth and really makes a connection to his Namnation fans. His podcasts keep me laughing. I love the banter with Diane, his brothers and his guests. Kept up the fantastic work and look forward to what he has to bri g us in 2020.
  • Lady910
    Eric Nam Wonderful Podcast
    I love the way you are Eric because your voice is not only beautiful you are also inspirational person. Please making this podcasts.
  • nfaithw
    This is honestly one of my favorite podcasts eric you have such an amazing voice and your commentary is addicting. Please never stop.
  • Osmolality
    Not your ordinary K-POP podcast
    Eric's interview style is informal but always informative. Good interviewers have a “conversation” with their guests—that’s how listeners get to know them. And this is how Eric conducts his interviews. He also has lots of K-POP knowledge which he shares generously. He’s never snarky to guests but he does possess a self-deprecating sense of humor which adds levity to the podcast. His siblings are often in the studio which gives it a nice familiarity. As a newbie to K-POP I thoroughly enjoy it--feels like I’m in the studio with them. You must definitely check out this podcast. BTW, Eric is also an excellent singer so check out his music, too!
  • shakira Wiggins
    Love this podcast
    This podcast is one of the best out there I love listening to Eric! Keep up the good work Eric, I can’t wait to see what the future has for you.
  • colads
    Love this podcast
    Eric Nam is just an amazing host!! I love all of his episodes... and it is so comfortable to listen him talking with guests because he makes it comfortable for the guests too. Absolutely love it!! We love you Eric Nam
  • Bobbie R. M
    Funny and enjoyable
    I’m not really into podcasts but really liked Eric’s. Will definitely listen to more. I love how much this podcast has expanded and will definitely recommend.😊
  • linglinglisa
    How could you not love his pods ? 😂💕✊🏻
  • saryy29
    Don’t we all luv Eric Nam
    This man talks facts and his way of him being himself motivates us to be our selfs and also his comedy makes us feel more comfortable with him so why not give this man a listen to his music and podcast! <3💌
  • paffucina
    The best of the best
    I love this podcast! It’s really refreshing, and hilarious:)
  • Amarah Fruean
    Your Amazing!!!
    I love this podcast so much!!! You are so funny and I listen all the time!! Your songs are amazing too!!! I love you so much!!!!
  • KMCC10112115
    I can always count on this podcast to give me a good laugh. I also love all the interviews and collab episodes.
  • janetsantosx
    bring nct on
    i started listening to this podcast a couple days ago and i started listening to eric’s music this week as well,, i rlly like the podcast it’s funny & at the end of the podcast he said to leave someone you want on here, bruh bring nct johnny & jaehyun on here
  • laylaj😊
    I love his personality and his humor!!! He’s so funny!!!!!! He just awesome!!! May god bless u Eric!!!
  • RizzaMae
    Great Easy Listen
    I always look forward to an new episode! It’s the perfect length for my daily commute from home to work. Keep up the good work Eric! and shout out Producer Diana, i always enjoy when she’s talking in the podcast.
  • salior moon10
    Like it’s Eric nam
    I love this mans podcast so funny, informational and gives me my daily does of Eric nam
  • ArgentKees
    Having fun!
    Absolutely love the podcast. It reminds me of hanging out with my friends and discussing music back during the early 2000s. Maybe it's because Eric is only a year younger than me, but nevertheless his approach to music is comforting and very informative in so many ways. Yet every episode is well balanced with humor and a genuine love of music. Way to go Eric!
  • CoralEleanor
    I totally just adore Eric’s personality. Honesty is one of this best qualities. His vibe is so enjoyable and aww I just love him dearly. 2020 Tour! Let’s get it!
  • An existing life form
    I recommeeeeend
    This podcast has helped me understand several Kpop industry related topics and has introduced me to so much more music. It’s also pretty funny, so that’s definitely a plus. :)
  • 밸라 Bella Son
    He is hilarious
    I love how sarcastic he is and the conversations he has with guests on the show. 👍🏼
  • SeriouslySnapeAlwaus
    Eric Nam = Entertainment for grad school
    I have to extend sincere thanks to this podcast for being equal parts hilarious, informative, and full of positivity. To share a personal perspective, this podcast has literally kept me focused, calm, and helped me through a very tough transition life-wise. It can be viewed simply as a music and entertainment podcast, but the sincerity and quality of work put forth by Eric, Diane, and the Dive Studios team is evident. Thank you all for your hard work and just sharing music, a slice of your life, and humor with your listeners/fans.
  • Jujomona
    Love Eric Nam
    His interviews are great!
  • Cherrystarx3
    Daebak Eric Nam
    Eric Naaaaam! Thank you for this amazing podcast introducing new music for us and making sure each episode is of value for us. Such a great personality and overall great human. I love the catching up episodes with different artists/ friends. Thanks for all the fun!
  • lovegirl0134
    Soo good
    This podcast is so good. ❤️
  • hahamp3
    The ASC episode gave me so many flashbacks and memories I missed all 3 of you together so much I wish u guys made a podcast as a group I would love it endlessly :( MY HEART!!!!!!
  • alvnaleon
    Love this!
  • Lilmissjoslyn
    K-pop!!!! Daebak!!!!
    Love the inside K-pop business!!! Eric is a great host and always gives a great insight into different artists and songs. Love this show!! Can't get enough of Eric Nam and K-pop!!! 사랑해요❤️
  • JLTr99
    Eric always brings on the best guests and I enjoy hearing everyone speak out of a professional context!!
  • Elie_Zara
    Always makes me laugh
    Love the podcast. Eric Nam hosting is super funny, you can tell that he is having a great time. Love the slid jokes he makes, makes me laugh, (my friends might think I’m crazy since I’m always laughing when I’m listening.) Love the jingles!!!
  • Gina kimkim
    💪 BTC 💪
    Just listened to the podcast with BM from KARD & 👏👏👏. Legit so funny and so real. So easy to tune in to any of the podcasts. Also ngl my favorite thing about every podcast is the beginning jingle 😂😂 Also please teach BM how to start a podcast ✌️
  • Esmeralda c
    Amazing and funny
    You really can’t go wrong with Eric Nam and for him to have his own podcast makes life just that much better. From his reviews on new music to his rambles and his guests are truly genuine happy entertainment. You won’t regret listening to any dive studio podcasts! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • LEX!!! @irre6ular
    eric nam world domination
  • I<3JoJo!
    Love it!
    I love listening K-pop Daebak. Eric is such a genuine guy and he’s so funny and you can really see that through this podcast when he’s interacting with other artists.
  • hewwwwoooo jungkook
    The only podcast you can get me to listen to. It’s wholesome, funny, and has Eric Nam best podcast out there.
  • hiitzme2484
    it’s so good and i love waking up and just listening to the podcast before school❤️❤️i plan on listening to this podcast till the end❤️it is my favorite podcast and i normally don’t listen to podcasts in general hehe 에릭남 사랑하고 KPOP대박쇼 캐스트도 사랑해여^^
  • arleyrose1
    One Of My Favorites
    I love listening to Dive Studios Podcasts, and not only is Eric Nam an amazing singer, but he's such a genuine guy who puts in hard into everything that he does, including when speaking with k-pop artists.
  • duckie2020
    A character like no other
    I enjoy this podcast because it shows Eric's personality that we do not get to see in main media. His topics are enjoyable and choice of music are nice.
  • dalis613
    It’s wholesome, it’s funny and Eric Nam is the host so you already know it’s going to be good 😄
  • Phillyphandillydan
    love love love it!
    the only podcast i ever listen to! love the humor and coziness brought with it! <3
  • paynegirl101
    I love this show so much Eric is such an amazing person and has the perfect personality for this!
  • ipurpleyou!!!💜💜💜
  • Taybuggyboo101
    Eric Nam is so interesting to listen to! I listen to this podcast at work and it gets me through the work day! ❤️
  • akels8
    I love everything eric Nam has to say, and listening to his opinions. His podcast is very entertaining I love it.
  • JasonDrawz
    Love it!
  • swaggie4life
    Yasss Eric Nam
    I love the podcast. It’s authentic and real talk between Eric and friends about the kpop industry and even general life things in general!
  • Ld cat
    Amazing podcast
    Eric Nam is an incredibly talented individual and not only does he make great music but he also provides an amazing time with this podcast. It’s very informative and fun.
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