Adulting with Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos

Comedy #198

Adulting with Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos provides real life advice with a heaping portion of hilarity topped with a dollop of truth. Their conversations with comics, experts and celebs answer listeners' most complex questions like: "How much should you pay for a pillow?”, "How should I treat my one-night stand?" or "When is it time to tell my DJ boyfriend to give up on their career?"

Jordan and Michelle are longtime best friends and comedians based in New York. You can find them doing Adulting live shows at The Bell House in Brooklyn or touring and performing standup all over the country. Past guests include Sarah Cooper, Roy Wood Jr., Joel Kim Booster, Tone Bell and more! Cue the airhorns!

Adulting is part of the Exactly Right podcast network that provides a platform for bold, creative voices to bring to life provocative, entertaining and relatable stories for audiences everywhere. The Exactly Right roster of podcasts covers a variety of topics including true crime, comedic interviews, science, pop culture and more. Podcasts on the network include My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, That's Messed Up: An SVU Podcast, This Podcast Will Kill You, Bananas and more.

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  • Tnishee
    Always a good time
    Came here to say that the episode with Black Thought was the funniest thing I’ve listened to in a long time. But I found a draft review from some time ago that might be the last time I laughed this much: Jordan Carlos’ story about an un-housed woman on the subway hitting him on the head with a bag of chicken and attacking him while undressing had me laughing out loud while riding a crowded subway.
  • songbirde03
    This podcast is the best. Michelle and Jordan are absolutely delightful every time. Flawless. Laugh, feel, think. Do it.
  • Download this app!!!
    Love Michelle but she’s an interrupter
    Michelle, please let Jordan finish a story. Just once. Please. It’s a good podcast otherwise though. They’re both funny and I’d love to hear BOTH of their jokes, not just Michelle’s
  • Dawnie143
    Makes me so happy!
    I’ve told all my friends about you two! You make me laugh out loud in public places while I’m by myself! Aaamazing! I wanted to sincerely laugh more this year so thanks for helping me with that!
  • Crazylilrachelh
    Fun listen, very silly and gets me through the work day
  • Katatonic27
    Happiness every week!
    Jordan and Michelle are a joy to listen to every week! They have incredible guests and insight on living your best adult life 🩷
  • decOatmen
    Always good
    This podcast is my go to, my first choice, the one that always makes me feel good. The hosts are smart and cool, and they make me feel like I’m hanging out with friends when I listen. I wish we were friends in real life because I’ve been dying to tell them that there is a glitch in my podcasts app that keeps their podcast thumbnail image showing no matter what podcast I’m listening to. That means when my 9-yr-old is falling asleep to “Koala Moon” it looks like she is listening to Adulting and I have a mini panic attack when I see it every night! 🤣
  • lpwech13
    Long time listener
    I started listening to Michelle Buteau after hearing her on Phoebe Robinson’s podcast and I’ve stayed with her since then. She’s so funny and honest and kind all at the same time. Jordan and Michelle have such a perfect synergy together and I just love listening each week to their smart, witty banter and life lessons. Thank you Michelle and Jordan!!
  • Ericasally
    Love this podcast
    Love love love this podcast! Michelle and Jordan have great chemistry and I love their friendship! The conversations they have are important, give great advice with a comedic delivery! Def had some perspective shifts listening to this show! Can’t wait to see it live someday soon! Thanks to everyone in the team who makes this show entertaining and great! 😁🙏🏼
  • caitief
    Funny and insightful
    This podcast is the perfect mix of hilarious and insightful. Michelle and Jordan are the perfect hosts and bring on the best people - and then manage to get them into conversations on real things. All while being funny.
  • bigauddie
    They get it!
    Living in Amsterdam I love the little gems that Michelle drops about Dutch culture. And being married with kids I find so much in the discussions relatable. And I love the overall openness and acceptance. And of course the fun and good times! What a great hang!
  • Tia Heather
    Need two more best friends?
    ✔️🎉✔️ Michelle and Jordan have hilarious chemistry. Watch Survival of the Thickest. That’s all.
  • cheez29
    Get over yourself!!
    I listened because I am a huge fan of exactly right. However, the female on this really needs to get over herself. I feel like she is not being authentic. It was like one schtick after another and it got really boring quick. Sorry I wanted to love it. I might give it another listen when they are more seasoned
  • Lattesandtacos
    Orgyastic amount of food 😂
    It all started with my favorite murder led 2 that’s messed up an SVU podcast which led to survival of the thickest!!!!!!! Now this !!!! I am so thankful 🦋
  • chicalibre
    how dare they
    i was just listening to adulting and you referenced podcast listeners hating when you are having fun and laugh in the mic. how dare they. i live for it. i am a painter and listening to your joy while i work solo is the best. like hanging with friends. your joy is palpable. duck those haters. wash under your nails ya filthy animals missy she/her
  • Grasshopper@~
    Funny and thoughtful, love it ^_^
    Michelle is soooo great and so quick - love everything she does! And Jordan is so charming and clever and sweet! Love this show and the guests. So thoughtful and entertaining and honest, the commiserate but also help you navigate the exciting/empowering yet tricky and vast waters of adulting.
  • SadderWiserGirl
    Burst out loud in public every time I listen. I don’t mean just cracked a smile, and laughed quietly to myself, I mean full on laugh that makes people turn and look. I love it so much. My new favorite thing to say is, “You have ‘I carried a watermelon’ vibes.”
  • Twontotoke
    How could you not ?
    Just absolutely love this podcast , it's simply delightful
  • ToriAprili
    Funny, Smart & so so gooood
    This podcast is everything! Amazing guests, hilarious and thoughtful commentary. A weekly (sometimes daily) go to for getting me through this adult life. Don’t know how I feel about removing the airhorn, but I’ll get over it!
  • QueenofHearts47
    Obsessed with the hustle and support of all comedians!
    My goal in life is to surround myself with friendships like Jordan and Michelle. They have funny banter, but they know how to build each other up. They also acknowledge their guests hustle and show support for them. It’s refreshing and I love waking up to the silliness, with bits of adulting goals. I love how each guest has a very unique focus and shows that everyone adults differently. There is no right way, so we celebrate all growth.
  • RyMo892
    Superstars! ✨
    Absolutely enthralled by the dynamic, chemistry, love and jokes that exude in abundance between this beautifully wonderful Leo-Aquarius comedy duo. Conversations come alive here through their mix of passion, humor & heart that makes you feel like a dear friend Anytime, someone asks for a new podcast recommendation, this is top of the list. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my ears 🫶🏻💖 Also would love a whole astrology episode from and about these two!
    So real and warm!
    I love these two! This show is refreshingly genuine and entertaining. I am interested in what they have to say, I laugh a lot, and I look forward to the next episode. They are well matched friends/hosts and the guests are always great too!
  • jaseyrae9944
    Lovely warm conversations between friends about the chaos of being grown
    I am HERE for Jordan’s Obama impressions… and everything else too. This podcast makes me cackle, soothes me at the end of a workday, makes me feel like I’m relaxing by a crackling fire with my glass of vino listening to 2 best friends talk about all the silly and wonderful things about navigating adulthood. Love the listener questions, love the hosts, love it all. Michelle and Jordan, thank you for being you!!!
  • Lemon and Knope
    Don’t ever stop laughing!
    Just here to counteract the person who told you not to laugh on the podcast. Never stop laughing I love listening to you laugh and laughing with you.
  • No nicknames are left for me
    Laughs and Sincerity for All!!
    One of my all time favorite podcasts. I love Michelle and Jordan’s dynamic and how much they make each other laugh. I love hearing them laugh!
  • Cris8463
    I listen to you at the bar while drinking.
    Hope you don't think this is lame. Instead of feeling lonely at a bar, I laugh and am drinking while listening to your conversations. This is so much fun.
  • Good conversation
    Love this Podcast
    I listened to the episode with Chris Distefano and Jim Gaffigan. I loved everything about the layout of the podcast to the actual interviews and the content was fire. Thank you for bring joy to my day! Also, I found out about the podcast from instagram.
  • Khrissyd44
    You’re back!
    So glad you guys are back! Ready to binge all the new episodes.
  • Coronanodelmar
    Please stop the air horn
    I really like the podcast, but I cannot deal with any podcasts that use that air horn noise. It’s not necessary, we are not in a stadium, this is literally in my ears on headphones and it is obnoxious. If you can lose the stupid noise I’ll start listening again.
  • podcastsplzzz
    Literally just saw your Netflix special last night and now I’m binging everything you have. Hilarious, bold, sincere and fabulous. Jordan is great too! Thanks for the laughs and insight.
  • Melo0123
    Blessings to you both
    Omg Michelle i saw the Netflix show your hosting and about BBQ your so funny in it wow. God bless you guys keep it up girl.
  • Ssssssquared
    Love love love these two! Love the guests and all their topics!
  • kbrr07
    Favorite Podcast!
    I have recommended this podcast to all my friends, they are hilarious and get me through the day at work when I do paperwork.
  • Clementine & Rollie
    Tajin on mango
    This is the podcast I live for each week. Michelle and Jordan get me laughing out loud and everyone should listen. However today Michelle changed my life permanently for the better when she mentioned Tajin on mango. It is one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten and it triggered me to promptly write a review- which I’ve never done and will likely never do again as I can’t see an impact of this magnitude happening again, via podcast, in my lifetime.
  • Krafty.Pepper
    The comedic relief I always need
    Michelle and Jordan crack me up and over the years I’ve grown to love them more than I did when I first started listening! Adulting! It’s a thing.
  • Trisha Capellitti
    Love y’all and please don’t let sexual assault jokes stay in the show
    This is one of my favorite podcasts but the most recent episode with Wyatt Cenac included a really long and not funny story with the punchline being sexual assault.
  • ani34509
    Best show ever!!!! <3
    I looove this show!!!!!
  • Nxvenka
    Funny! Love the banter
    I want to frame some of the stuff Michelle says, like: “I want to let go of the kettlebell out the window!” 😂 BTW as another brown girl mom, struggling lifelong with diets, and being married to a Dutch guy, I can relate to a lot of what Michelle says!!
  • Keishie23
    I just love this show!!! Did a deep dive from the beginning and what hilarious journey. Bless you!
  • e85gal
    I love this show!
    I didn’t realize it came back until recently and now I’m listening to all the episodes I missed. This is my favorite podcast. I laugh so much. We need this. Keep it renewed forever!
  • Mala 101
    Gives me life
    Michelle and Jordan are so funny!! They are so real and unapologetic. I laugh out loud every episode! Thank you!!💕
  • Could I??
    They’re back!
    So happy the duo is back after a pandemic hiatus. I look forward to me drives whenever there is a new episode. Cant get enough ❤️
  • B. Storm
    All the funny!!!
    I love this podcast!!! It makes me happy and I love the storytelling aspect of it. Brilliant human beings coming together for the love of comedy and community. ✌🏽💜b.
  • DDS2013
    Such a cute show
    Cute show and I absolutely love Bevy Smith so that is why I listened.
  • FreshClean
    Can’t stop laughing and smiling
    Love the energy bermp bermp bermp (air horn sound haha)I’m so glad this show was picked up again cuz Michelle and Jordan do a great job! LA live show? Pls!!
  • YSN
    This week make your week!
    I’m a Caribbean Blasian living in Amsterdam, lover of comedy and I love “fietsen” (riding my bike) -as Michelle says so eloquently - while listening to this Podcast. It just makes my week and l lol (while “fietsen”) and try to retell jokes (I’m not funny) l hear. This will enrich your life! 5 stars only!
  • KaylaLuca
    33 mins in and still haven’t talked about the topic that this episode of the podcast claims it to be…????
  • jshani92
    A good dose of laughs mixed in with real.
    When I realized this pod was back I had to catch up and it’s even better than before. I just love the chemistry between Michelle and Jordan. Their friendship helps keep the conversation going and I just love their energy! Loveee the guests. I laugh and find myself smiling at the end because of how real their convos are! 💛
  • br0ckhmptn334
    how on earth did she get famous
    SO forced.
  • Slithr
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