Dismantling New Age cults, wellness grifters, and conspiracy-mad yogis.At best, the conspirituality movement attacks public health efforts in times of crisis. At worst, it fronts and recruits for the fever-dream of QAnon.As the alt-right and New Age horseshoe toward each other in a blur of disinformation, clear discourse and good intentions get smothered. Charismatic influencers exploit their followers by co-opting conspiracy theories on a spectrum of intensity ranging from vaccines to child trafficking. In the process, spiritual beliefs that have nurtured creativity and meaning are transforming into memes of a quickly-globalizing paranoia.Conspirituality Podcast attempts to bring understanding to this landscape. A journalist, a cult researcher, and a philosophical skeptic discuss the stories, cognitive dissonances, and cultic dynamics tearing through the yoga, wellness, and new spirituality worlds. Mainstream outlets have noticed the problem. We crowd-source, research, analyze, and dream answers to it.

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  • heyjessikarai
    Don’t Waste Your Time
    Show is biased & brainwashed, don’t waste your time. They gargled the Kool-Aid and failed to recognize that the pendulum is shifting back in the favor of truth. The propaganda they’ve been spoon fed will no longer hold up, and shows like this will slowly dwindle away. Way to be on the wrong side of history.
  • BerylH
    Quality is deteriorating
    I listened to this podcast for a couple of years and even subscribed for a stretch. Increasingly, I’ve found it hard to listen. They’ve become annoyingly smug and still fail to fully acknowledge how many of these folks are straight-up fascist propagandists.
  • asifyoudletme
    Possibly the most important podcast in these strange days, examining conceptual, thematic, and strategic links between culty new-age grifters and the neo-fascist mindset threatening our stumbling and fumbling democracy.
  • Mokomokosama
    What’s with the low ratings?
    Are we unable to embrace confident, articulate researchers? While I welcome greater diversity in such public voices, this podcast is compelling, well informed, and effectively presented.
  • Cambria Anne
    Globalist Propaganda
    Derek Beres is an Agenda Contributor at the “Own nothing and be happy”-World Economic Forum... He attempts to align true spiritual teachers with Qanon and the political right, it’s lazy. What a gaslighter.
  • Bookgasm
    Smart, Rational, Well Researched
    High-level explorations of the burgeoning wellness industry, self-proclaimed gurus, and anything and everything that makes bold yet unsubstantiated claims. However, after continued listening, the hosts eventually come across as condescending. I get it; they are really smart. But eventually it just sounds like two or three guys trying to one-up each other with their knowledge and vocabulary. I still subscribe to the show, but am listening to fewer and fewer episodes
  • Wellmandude
    A bit too pretentious!
    The hosts don’t often look at their own biases and I question their abilities at self-reflection
    Invasion of the Brainiacs
    If you like a literate, well-researched and -documented discussion among scarily smart people who don’t take themselves too seriously, this podcast is for you. I’m hooked.
  • Purple Maren
    Too judgmental
    I’ve tried. These guys are clearly intelligent, clearly doing their research, and I respect the personal experiences that inform their work. But it’s too excitedly judgmental to feel balanced and relevant. I think they started with an excellent premise, given the insanity of the pandemic, but they are beating a dead horse. I’m no Teal Swan fan, and I’m all for investigative reporting on hidden crimes. But this podcast travels into prosecutorial waters with its judgment and condemnation of its subjects. Be careful.
  • The Bree's knees
    Do you want to know what listening to a conference paper on clown studies, but with more swearing would sound like? Try this podcast.
  • luvemlips
    Great podcast.
    Well researched, honest, diverse line-up of guests. This podcast helps me navigate the murky waters of spirituality in the 21st century!
  • pasta for pigeons
    I should like this, but…
    As far as topic and genre, this podcast totally fits my listening preferences. But I’ve tried three times now, listening to a few episodes each time, and I just can’t like it. I wonder whether the hosts realize how much their conversation and interview style might exclude and alienate their listeners – from their references to conversations they’ve had off air to casual mentions of niche academia. I genuinely want to learn more about topics and groups they cover but quickly get lost in the deluge of under-explained jargon, theorists, etc. I’d encourage them to engage in more active listening with their interviewees (and with each other, too) – It gives me flashbacks to all the conversations I’ve tried to have with someone who seems to be constantly thinking of the next point they want to make, vs. actually listening to the person they’re talking to. As a result, the episodes feel long-winded, tangential, and pretentious.
  • El Vee Dee
    Best podcast ever!
    This is such a great podcast — well researched and insightful. I look forward to listening to it every week!
  • KyleBossman
  • Hodgemoniana
    Listen to SWAJ instead
    I was starting to listen because this was in my recommended list and was even enjoying it for a bit but stopped when i stared hearing incredibly pretentious “WHITE MALE ATHEIST TM”. Listen to Straight White American Jesus if you want an actual intelligent discussion exposing christian nationalism without the snarky douchebaggery.
  • Rabertron
    Surprisingly terrible and cheesy
    Pretty surprised at how much I disliked this podcast, it sounds very up my alley. The vibe is very commercial and kind of sounds like an early satellite radio show or clear channel production. The hosts sound fake and the guests sound like they’re on the home shopping network. The guests are reliably pretty terrible (Aubrey Gordon notwithstanding obviously), and despite having credentials and published work, all come out sounding like people in their early 30s who just grew up a little more and resent the thing they used to like. I’m really surprised how bad this is. I listened to five episodes! I think maybe this is a podcast for, like, men? I don’t know. But it really really blows.
  • buffalobrow
    Dont assume we know what youre discussing.
    I would love the content if the hosts could get over themselves long enough to make a point. Also frustrating how they pick up in the middle of a conversation referencing their own interests as if they assume the audience is waiting with baited breath for their next original thought. Its one of those situations where I dont know exactly why I find them so frustrating and keep listening in hopes I will hear something new on one of my favorite topics.
  • Lightbulb friend
    Interesting but lacking nuance
    I have enjoyed some of the episodes and learned some interesting things. I appreciate the perspectives of the hosts, but at the same time they come off as pretentious and fail to add nuance or open-mindedness to very important topics.
  • rmatuz
    Excellent podcast
    Love this podcast! I look forward to it every week.
  • Julianna Giles
    Biased, both positively and negatively
    Guys. Please quit coming down so hard on “naturopaths”. We are licensed in more than half the states and in many of those states, we are legally verifiable physicians. There are abhorrent practitioners in every discipline of medicine, and you come down WAY too hard on us as quacks. I have a dual bachelors degree from the University of Wisconsin and both a masters and doctorate degree from Bastyr University. While I can certainly attest to the fact that some of my colleagues are so far out of their league with respect to evidence-informed medicine, oozing with religiosity, and reeking of belief-informed care (it’s become one of my most tightly held values for all people to DISMANTLE YOUR BELIEFS! - especially [!!!] in medicine), the majority of people educated at any of the top naturopathic medical universities are extremely scientifically competent and overflowing with the compassion that most patients desperately crave. It’s really unfair to mock and jest. Even the term “naturopath” is outdated and inaccurate. I am a doctor and an attending physician. I completed a two year oncology-focused and board-certifiable residency under the tutelage of both an MD/PhD and an ND/PhD. I work at a research institute on the cutting edge of medicine, engaging in complex chronic illness oriented patient care daily. I’ve been published and have spoken at oncology conferences. I was asked to speak at another MD’s clinic. I send chart notes to my cancer patients’ oncologists, my cardiometabolic patients’ cardiologists, endocrinologists, gynecologists, gastroenterologists, nutritionists… need I continue? And I have the respect of many of the top conventional specialists in the Seattle area as a result. This “us vs them” attitude has to stop. We all need to be working together for the betterment of medicine as a whole, and especially collaborating on behalf of our patients’ health (and dare I say, HEALING). I would be *happy* to speak with y’all about all of my endless gripes about the predatory nature of alternative medicine when it comes to cancer and other complex chronic illness. It boils my blood. I would love to see the Liver King autocannibalize (did I just coin a new phrase?) on film. I’ve had it out for Dave Asprey and David Wolf for over a decade (and I’ve been *incredibly* vocal about it). Some of these charlatans have contributed to the death of my beloved patients, at least inadvertently. I fight against bias and belief every. single. day. I fight the good fight. AND I’m an expert in nutrition, vitamins, and minerals; herbal medicines; hormones; lifestyle medicine including exercise and weight loss; PHARMACOLOGY (!!!) including psychopharmacology and psychedelics/entheogens; and - yes - *appropriate, evidence-informed* supplementation. To cast off *all* supplements as unnecessary, dangerous, lacking any legitimate scientific evidence, and a waste of money, is simply misinformed, uneducated, and ignorant. The conversation is nuanced. One size does not fit all *in EVERY category*. That’s why I am employed… so I can help patients cut what isn’t necessary (or what is actually harming them) in favor of better treatment, whether naturopathic or conventional (I don’t like the term allopathic). It’s an uphill battle and it’s actually very exhausting. So please. Give us a little more credit. It’s unfair and so misinformed. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a more robust conversation… I would be happy to share more for *everyone’s* education (and, most of all, benefit!). Blessings to you all. PS: Derek, we met in Madison, WI, way back in 2012 or 2013, so hi again 🙋🏼‍♀️
  • Slatersgonnaslate
    A light in the darkness
    The hosts make a yeoman’s effort to debunk the toxic ecosystem of conspiracy theories, wellness grifts and pseudoscience.
  • kpaiki
    Can’t even get beyond the intro. So full of themselves and their “save the world from conspiracies “ complex. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. How about real depth of understanding and nuanced opinion. Yes, there are malignant narcissists leading cults…and some fool you guys too. You insult critical thinking and anyone willing to check whatever your particular bias is . Yup, you are no better than any other “theorists”.
  • He who shall remain nameless
    Need more voices like this
    Penetrating insight on subtle deceptions in a well meaning industry
  • MJT7787
    Absolute favorite podcast
    Conspirituality is without a doubt my favorite podcast. Matthew, Julian, and Derek do an unmatched job of bringing the light of critical thinking and analysis to the wellness space while retaining a sense of humility and empathy.
  • phoskita69
    Uninformed hosts
    I have only listened to one episode and I was astonished by the abysmal ignorance of the hosts on the subjects discussed. I have now actually finished listening to the episode about Waldorf education. Not only serious misinformation but straight lies. Unbelievable.
  • horny celibate
    Not a fan
    Not a fan of your lack of skepticism of the establishment and your need to throw shade at everyone who has the balls to stand up to it. I’m sure it brings you comfort to dismiss everyone who actually uses critical thinking in your appeals to authority but you don’t really know anything homie lol. Give the underdogs a shot and make a living some other way we have enough CNN’s out there
  • Rebecca.riot
    Necessary counterpoint to rampant conspirituality
    Thank you for helping to open my eyes to the dark side of the “wellness” industry!!! I may not always appreciate the occasional condescending tone that comes across, but when dealing with the grifters, fraudsters, and bad faith agents of today’s wellness world, conspiracy pushers, and extreme right/left wing libertarian, so-called doctors that take advantage of vulnerable seekers, it’s hard not to poke fun and laugh. But overall, I have taken so much from this podcast and find myself more skeptical of broad claims unsubstantiated by experts with actual degrees and experiences in their fields. Also, how does guru jagat’s podcast have 4.8 stars and this one only 4.1? The info here is far more useful and better researched than that flimflam.
  • HisSerenity
    Maybe the only podcast I’ve listened to almost every episode
    Love the show. Have turned others onto it. Would recommend to play at 1.25x speed - no offense to the hosts as they have these lovely voices that would be great for yoga or meditation leading but sometimes it’s just too slow for me. Aside from that I’ve listened to almost every episode — a few I’ve skipped if the material was too intense or if I wasn’t in the mood. But overall I think they make great points, are thoroughly researched, and since they lived in the worlds they analyze, there’s so much more insight than an outsider looking in
  • Conscious_Marketing_&_PR
    This podcast is an amazing source of deep knowledge.
    This podcast is an amazing source of deep knowledge and wisdom. Listening to its episodes makes you want to rethink so many understandings in your life.
  • hey!!abbott
    Has been helpful in the past, but???
    Perhaps I’ve learned enough about some of the characters and strange irrational constructs the confused of my friends family and acquaintances have backed into following in quests for meaning. Perhaps the creators are out of ideas, or just have to up their content creation to levels that are more self limiting. That being said, if you’ve found this podcast while attempting to understand the origins of some of your conspiracy pilled loved ones, scroll back into the archive and sample listen through last few years. You may find some enlightening conversations. Something is different in their approach in recent months, alternately seething with snark and exceedingly careful is the word craft, be it from an extra layer lawyerly advice, or perhaps they are lost with in the bell and clapper of their subjects. Seems a light and soulful quality is missing, as is depth of analysis and an genuine orientation in compassion. Last few interviews have been fawning and full of leading questions that result in really flat dialogue, for example Paulo ???, a Teal Swan documentarian. Felt like I was listening to noon day talk with local chamber of commerce on a public radio station. No one was any wiser but we knew she created a documentary that wasn’t on Hulu. Thank you to the hosts and content creators from whom I’ve learned much. I’m moving on.
  • m.i.n.i.m.a.l.i.s.t.
    To those of you, like me who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse, please be forewarned that Teal Swan episodes & subsequent episode discussing host’s personal confusion around trauma healing may be triggering. IMO, these guys show gross insensitivity by reinforcing notion of false memory syndrome phenomenon while simultaneously fetishizing female cult leaders. Good job guys! You are clearly not allies of women. I’m out!
  • MidwifeMadison
    Lacks Integrity
    All I’ve heard on this show is the cast professing to ‘save’ the gullible people from snake oil sales men of the world. The snake oil salesmen are the spiritual leaders and outside the box thinkers. I’ve heard completely inaccurate recounts of quotes and clips played here paraphrasing the leaders they renounce in limited and critical ways. One example is the episode recently in which a clip of Aubrey Marcus and Kelly Brogan is played for about 15 seconds and HUGE inaccurate leaps about who they are and what theyre saying ensue. I’m well aware there are folks out there selling false cures AND this show is simple-minded + anti-spirituality. It lacks integrity- an example is when they interviewed Charles Eisenstein for half of an episode and said NOTHING to his face then spent the second half of the episode criticising what he said when he wasnt there to speak for himself. The merging of conspiracy culture and spirituality does intersect and sometimes in very inaccurate ways. Thats what drew me to the title of this show. But this show has disappointed me entirely as it’s not addressing that phenomena at all just criticizing all spiritual people and influencers in black and white ways. If you want to help the world start by creating something good not just attacking and criticizing other people. Think deeper.
  • ycriel
    Interesting and helpful podcast
    Listening to this podcast has helped me challenge some of my own conspiratorial thinking. It has also helped me decipher it in others. I do not agree w everything said BUT I have learned a lot in the time that I have been listening… nice work and thank u!
  • LikanaDray
    Crucial Listening
    I’ve been listening since the beginning of the pandemic and I highly recommend everyone listen to this podcast to understand the mindsets and trends and actions of… well people really. While this is about specific communities, it’s also about how people create their realities and how to communicate and understand them. Super important.
  • JB7567
    Just getting started
    I feel like these guys have shattered my world in a good way. I want to believe in something. I do believe in something. I just don't want to keep going down the road I was on. This is a grounding effort and a lot of us need this. Thanks! I really like the Alan Levinovitz interview, lots to learn about how we deal with each other.
  • JimmieQL
    I never miss an episode
    Amazing work! I can't get enough of this podcast. Absolutely fascinating content. The hosts go really deep to show the way cults (high demand groups) and conspiracies are worming their way into our daily lives especially through the power of social media. These guys are brilliant, and their episodes reflect hours and hours of preparation. This is one of my favorite podcasts. I always listen to it first when a new ep. pops up in my feed.
  • Laini99
    I really appreciate the topics and certain aspects of the POV but the American white male centric condescension seems not only unaware of itself, but unaware of its lack of awareness. ( please don’t as a -presumably white man ever say “white woman” as if u have the higher perspective) I had the same condescension problem w the Gizmodo interview. Personality problems aside, Teal Swan clearly seemed to be subject to some weird things in her childhood, and weird things don’t preclude the development of weird perceptions. I don’t follow Teal but a) her followers are actual adults and unfortunately b) ritual abuse actually does happen and is partly designed to make ppl disbelieve it. I haven’t listened to everything but I just hope you aren’t perpetuating that disbelief.
  • lapis sky
    Enjoyable, educational and essential listening
    Have listened to most of your podcasts after first discovering them a few months ago. Find them very interesting and helpful and always enjoy.. eagerly waiting for every new episode. Thanks for shining a light on a lot of the crap that is going around .. offering some clarity and with kindness and awareness.
  • cloudyak
    It isn’t easy to swim in these rough waters and emerge with critical thinking, empathy and continued curiosity. Thank you.
  • norcal rosie
    Love love love this pod
    Thank you for all your hard work in delivering this incredible podcast!
  • Thomasav
    A show for Teal Swan groupies
    The intro to the first part of their series on The Deep End was 20 minutes of the hosts navel gazing at the guest for not being objective. They also talk about how hot and alluring Teal is in a really misogynistic way. Then they play the interview where they’ve already made up their mind about the guest, and berate him for not being objective. But Jon never says he set out to be objective. His series was about capturing the mood of what it was like at the retreat. Ultimately, I’m not finish the series on Swan. And based on their behavior, I’m not sure I’ll listen to the show again either.
  • Uncle Stabby
    Deeply Thoughtful
    As much as I love a good takedown of some harmful, magical thinking Svengali or group, I really appreciate the balanced, thoughtful explorations that represent the bulk of this podcast’s content. When I listen, I am constantly challenged to examine my own perspectives and motivations for engaging with cult related content. Great work.
  • Arminda33
    Felt ill trying to listen to this
    I’m all about listening to different points of views but this literally made me feel physically ill within a few minutes. Perfect example of cancel culture, people who cannot create anything original, only tear down others. Lots of intelligent sounding words but lacking any real substance. On a spiritual level, the light without the love. False light you could call it. I can imagine I might listen to this if I were terrified of facing the reality around me and just wanted someone to validate that and destroy anything that might cause me to have to open my eyes. Your attempts to discredit people, invalidate victims of horrific crimes, just so you can feel good about yourself? I feel embarrassed for humanity that you identify as human.
  • 1h29s
    These guys just seem mean. By placing people below them they seem comfortable in directly attacking character using high school like bullying language. I think sometimes they are spot on in their rhetoric but it seems like adding a lot of negativity to the world in the name of “good”. Seems like little room for difference in their view of things, like maybe they’re wrong, misinterpreting or mischaracterizing things sometimes? Kind of like one of those E shows where they judged celebrities outfits.
  • sgjjejaggjj
    layman’s terms please
    The subject matter is interesting, but could do with less long-winded pedantic ramblings. I agree with the other reviews that it comes across as arrogant and self important, and it’s often hard to understand what they are even trying to say. I listened to this podcast consistently for a while but am taking a break for this reason. As of recent, I’ll start an episode because I’m interested in the topic, then find I’m not enjoying it and wonder why I’m even listening.
  • grilled veggies
    Teal Swan
    I’ve listened to maybe a dozen of your podcasts prior to the latest on the Teal Swan doc, and found them insightful and interesting. I’m immensely regretful that I followed a link in the show notes to a Swan interview. I didn’t know anything about her other than what was discussed in your podcast about the documentary. I wasn’t prepared for the horrifying stories she told. I wish I’d never seen any of it. Whether or not her stories are true, and much of it can’t be, it’s clear she is a spectacularly disturbed person. I don’t think amplifying her is ethical. I will steer clear of any media related to her. Take care here. This content will do more harm than good.
  • thereforeijam
    Brilliant Podcast
    I love to have something to listen to while I work. I listen to a lot of podcasts, videos, and audiobooks. Today, I want to recommend a very important and timely one, Conspirituality. The hosts describe the podcast as "A weekly study of converging right-wing conspiracy theories and faux-progressive wellness utopianism." You can also hear the podcast on the Conspirituality Podcast YouTube channel. I only learned about the link between magical thinking and vaccine denialism relatively recently. (I think it was from another highly recommended podcast, Mindscape.) I am not above having my own streak of magical thinking, but it has become apparent that religious people and the varieties of new age believers have magical thinking in common. Q-anon and other conspiracy beliefs are resonating and growing within both groups. Conspirituality podcast has been exploring this social phenomena in depth as it has developed from the spring of 2020 as the social fallout surrounding Covid-19 took hold. The podcast's hosts are long time martial artists, yoga instructors, and ex-cult members. I am listening to the podcast consecutively for the most part with some skips. It is a fascinating American/Canadian historical document from three men who can give uniquely insightful commentary on recent events. It was stunning to listen to the early podcasts and then hearing the hosts react to the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol. The most interesting thing about these gents is that as embedded as they are in communities that are aswim in conspiratorial and magical thinking they have emerged as respectful skeptics. They interrogate diverse woomunities, conspiracy theorists, and influencers' words and actions with intelligent commentary, interviews, and thoughtful essays. They will help you navigate through and make sense of all the Nonsense. That said, they are deep divers. The podcasts are long; many are over 2 hours. In addition to that, they have a Patreon where they upload even more content every week. Highly recommended.
  • Anne-Celine
    Would recommend x 100
    These guys have got it DOWN. Thoughtful, well produced & much needed in this world.
  • Ggggggkskdjcuxendnk
    More of the same
    More of the same crap. Two scenarios for this podcast. 1. The writers are in total denial of everything going on around them and continue to spew their cognitive dissonance or 2. Just another paid for globalist propaganda machine
  • !Satya!
    I wish these guys weren’t so smarmy and self congratulating. I agree with their obvious points about cults, disinformation and conspiracy theorists, but I would never share this podcast in an attempt to persuade an indoctrinated friend or family member. Their particular brand of “woke” arrogance is way too off putting. I would accuse them of singing to choir, except I’m in the choir and don’t like their singing….actually it’s Mathew Remski’s writing that’s hard to listen to. He reads his essays aloud in that condescending tone and then has the audacity to criticize Sam Harris, who can speak extemporaneously with a hundred times more eloquence than Remski’s belabored prose. Two thumbs down!
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