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Comedy #208Stand-Up #6

Hi! I’m Madi Murphy. I’ve searched my whole life to find my passion. Little did I know, I had been practicing my true talent every minute of every day: complaining.
Every week will explore new sh*t to hate and finding ways to laugh (or cry) about it.

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    Bad Broadcast
    Madi is so so funny, smart, and capable of respectfully expressing her opinion regarding religion. I see things a little different than her but not once have I been offended by anything she’s said. She’s helping me widen my understanding of what people experience inside my religion. I’m grateful for her and her willingness to share ❤️ LOVE YOU MAMA BROAD
  • Elisenk123
    I’ll never recover
    I will never recover from Madi saying “I queefed all night.” Absolutely hilarious. She is the best internet older sister, always makes me laugh, and she has the best topics. I look forward to her podcast every week.
  • SadieB.
    Absolutely Hysterical
    This podcast has *quickly* become one of my very favorites. I have even gone so far as to binge old episodes because I can’t get enough. The stories the commentary is just hilarious. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a solid laugh. I find myself laughing out loud (IN PUBLIC) to the Bad Broadcast. If you haven’t already, just hit play because you won’t regret it.
  • RayBron
    I really binged this one at first! She’s made questionable commentary ab substance use. The life hacks and dumb dumb episodes are the best. Bought a $45 merch sweatshirt, def not worth $45 esp considering the sweatshirt itself is $19 on Amazon, sold at Walmart, etc…
  • Jewlezzzs
    Love this Podcast!!
    Madi is the best! She’s so funny and relatable! I look forward to it every week!!
  • jl356897657883479
    Best podcast
    Madi is so funny and ~relatable~. I love everything about this podcast. I listen to every single episode every Monday and this is probably the only podcast I feel comfortable recommending to anyone. Luv u girly
  • grace__warner
    my FAV
    madi feels like a bestie/older sister, look forward to listening every week
  • Bailey Amelia P
    The best friend we all need!!!
    Madi is not only hilarious, but also so vulnerable on this podcast. She’s not afraid to share her deep dark secrets so her listeners don’t feel alone when they experience those same things. I have loved listening along and agree with so many points she makes. Madi, from all the social anxiety ridden introverts out there, we thank you for being the best friend we all need in our lives because your personality is just so infectious and I couldn’t love you more!
  • Ccampbell88
    It’s a yes from me
    Always good, always excited to listen, always laughing!
  • laurab_xxx
    Broad girlie
    Literally my favorite podcast. Madi is so relatable and I find myself laughing almost every episode! The mom & me one was so so sweet 🥹🩷 I’m a fairly new listener and just can’t get enough!
  • audreyrogers
    Madi I want to be your friend!
    This is THE best podcast on the internet. Anyone that has left less than 5 stars is taking life too seriously! Madi is hilarious, relatable, and the content is just so good! She’s got me laughing like an idiot alone in my car. I love it!
  • yoursisnak
    Da Best
    I listen to several different podcasts but I listen to The Bad Broadcast religiously. I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t play some of my podcasts in the car because I felt like my husband would make fun of me. BUT after finding Madi’s podcast, I played several different episodes of the dumb dumb club and my husband was dying and laughing. So he will be listening again with me (happily) and I’ll be listening forever 💕
  • LetTheTruthBeHeard
    Not it anymore…
    She started out funny and relatable. Now she’s just meh and depressing. Can’t do it anymore.
  • mlmscott
    Overtaking My Life
    This podcast is now controlling me. Did I not clean my house for 5 days just to put both headphones in and clean all day binging this podcast? Yes. And I’ll do it again.
  • 8572874729849
    Maddie is SO funny
    I love her. She might not know me but I feel like I know her and I love her my whole family loves her as well. She also hilarious
  • m123456789000000000
    Don’t love her anymore
    I love maddie she is so funny and her episodes are amazing, but recently she has been getting less funny and more inappropriate. I know she is trying to be her true self or whatever but she is not funny anymore. Before she picked funny submission but now she just picks the inappropriate ones. I will be not listening to her anymore
  • maddie17838
    Laughing always
    Madi has got to be quite literally one of my favorite people on this planet. So relatable, so funny, so real. I love this podcast forever💖💖💖💖
  • Living in the 608
    Love Madi!!
    This is my go to podcast when I need to laugh!! Madi is hilarious, refreshing and REAL!! Love her so much!!
  • emilyfed
    All hail the queen
    Madi is my queen and I would do anything for her! She could read her grocery list and I would love it!! Best podcast out there
  • Itsjust_stina
    Dumb dumb
    Oh man this quickly became my favorite podcast, Madi is so relatable and hilarious! I literally laugh out loud every episode!
  • madisonholson
    Started listening because one of my favorite podcasts the bad broadcast has now became my #1 FAVORITE podcast madi makes me feel so welcomed and am currently BINGING
  • Mikey-dey
    fantastic but too many adds
    So sweet and funny!! Great podcast 10/10. BUT, wayyyy too many ads. I totally get that is your main source of income but you gotta chill with it…. 2 mins of ads every 10 mins is outrageous. 1 star off just for that but still love you <333
  • Credibility specialist
    Credibility specialist
    I took some time today to listen to your show!! A bad broadcast ,is a fantastic podcast with great info, advice, and perspectives. You won't regret listening to and learning from the podcast.
  • go1ddigg3r
    Love her!!!
    She is the best there ever was! I’m obsessed. Ilysm
  • RachelBilleter
    Love this pod but the ads are taking over
    The ads are out of control
  • maeve_ben
    Sunday Scaries Cure
    I love listening to the Bad Broadcast every Monday morning as I take the bus to work. I literally wake up and get excited to hear what Madi has to say, and I find myself looking forward to it so much that it even cures the Sunday Scaries the night before. I work in social work and my job can be heavy and emotional, but I always arrive ready to go and in such a good mood after listening to the Bad Broadcast! Thanks Madi, you’re doing important work!!
  • AlexEhrhart
    Love this!
    Love Madi so much! She is so entertaining and just real. I feel like we are best friends in real life!
  • bigfan1901
    Used to be so good
    I’ve been listening since the pod started. Unfortunately, Madi’s attitude has just worn on me. When she’s not saying nonsense she won’t bother to fact check, she’s hating on men. The negativity is exhausting, and the light hearted convos I used to love are gone. I’m not sure what happened.
  • kim7264648:0027
    Madison Murphy for president
    Madi is the greatest human, and this podcast is IT. she is so real and funny, just the perfect taste of laughing your head off and then getting into the deep life stuff. she makes you feel like we are true besties just hanging out and i am so thankful for the weekly hangs.
  • kristasmitheve
    Go girl!
    Just love you!
  • oliveflin
    A happy constant in my life!
    I can always count on Madi to make every Monday brighter. She’s consistently funny, entertaining, and right about everything. Don’t walk, run to this podcast.
  • etuckies
    love love lovvve this podcast!
    i am a new listener coming from what we said and i find myself going back to find & listen to old episodes of this pod every day!! i am 100% obsessed with madi and you can tell she truly is so genuine, hilarious, and really cares about her podcast. she is thoughtful with her content and i appreciate the work that goes into each episode. i am constantly laughing with tears and love the deeper, more serious topics just as much. you have gained a forever fan! 🫶
  • YoGirlHRL
    The BEST
    The Bad Broadcast is by far my favorite podcast to listen to! Madi is so relatable and constantly makes me laugh. The last little while has been lonely for me, but I feel like I am hanging out with a friend when I listen. The things Madi talks about is exactly what I would want to talk about with my girlfriends! It makes the hard times a whole lot better! Thanks for being the best, Madi!
  • EmC7271
    Best way to start the week off💕
    I had the worst week of my life last week, and starting my Monday off with Madi just brought me so much joy and light!
  • Linelbadinel
    Long time listener
    I’ve been listening since the beginning and it’s my guilty pleasure. Love it. Lately though when there have been guests/collaborations, Madi interrupts the guests and talks over them a lot. I get the feeling of having a friend over and being excited, but it can be very hard as a listener. Anyways, I’ll keep coming back, just some feedback.
  • heilička
    too good
    i work at target and i listen to the bad broadcast to get time through the day. i just barely started listening to her and now i’ve almost listened to every episode. everyday is a journey and i seriously laugh out loud more than i have in a while.
  • Janeygirl15
    Good for my anxiety
    I started listening to Madi when I moved to another state with a toxic ex and this podcast seriously got me through some tough, lonely times. I had no friends and my ex was never home, but listening to Madi made me feel like I was hanging with a girlfriend. I just know we would be great friends if knew each other in person! Keep being you Madi 💕
  • wka940
    Delightful but deep.
    I’ve listened to this podcast for a long time, mainly for the pretty content and laughs. That being said, I’ve also learned a lot from the topics and how they’re discussed. This week, Madi did an episode swap with What We Said. When they talked about online culture and things like positive/negative comments, people that hate follow, etc it kinda blew my mind. I realized they are deeply aware of dynamics that aren’t often talked about. How we criticize/cancel/comment negatively on people online and where that comes from. I realized I want to be more kind and positive and supportive like they encouraged. I realized too that my sometimes negative attitude towards creators comes from jealousy and projection. I feel badly for being like that. Thanks Madi, Jacie, and Chelsey for the encouragement and inspiration to do better. - Kate W in slc
  • abaz13
    Mondays are the best
    Madi is the best! I genuinely mean it when I say I’ll never get tired of listening to her. She has a stellar sense of humor & she’s so real. This has quickly become my top podcast and I look forward to Mondays now. Love love love the Bad Broadcast <3
  • bpatt155
    I love her!
    Funniest podcaster! Seriously she is so fun to listen to and I can relate so much!
  • Pyper S🐷
    this is the only cult you should follow
  • Cam wow pow
    it’s a 12/10
  • LisyLou✝️
    favorite listener❤️❤️
    this podcast has changed my life fr fr! mg confidence boosted, humor at its peak, and love for madi is full💕. give it a listen (be safe, be kind, be hot is my favorite thing)
  • mimiavo
    Fan for life!
    My favorite podcast! I look forward to every episode!
  • woodyki
    This podcast is the best. It’s one of my favorite weekly listens! ❤️
  • alsoutham
    Amazing!!! Love every second of it!
  • maddy redhead
    Funny, relatable, a fun listen!
    Madi makes me laugh every episode. She has incredible insights, is so relatable and real, and feels like a friend. I love that when I listen I don’t feel like I’m not good enough or need to catch up, I feel like Madi would want to be friends with anyone and is just my pal I’m chatting with.
  • alwaysaleg
    honestly could listen to this podcast for the rest of my life . Madi is the BEST!!!
  • hdevv
    Yes. Just yes.
    Most relatable podcast and I’m here 👏🏼 for 👏🏼 it 👏🏼 My sister and I have bonded SO much over this podcast and it always gives us a good laugh. Most of those laughs are in the middle of a dead silent work day. Love that for me.
  • LyssaLoo12
    Mondays with Madi. ALWAYS.
    I love this podcast. Madi is hilarious, genuine, and tells it like it is. I like that she’s becoming even more comfortable with talking about topics that she was too afraid to share before. Her insight on life is hilarious and relatable. I’m excited for what’s to come on the pod! I’ve been a listener since 2020 and it’s only got better and better.
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