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Chef David Chang and the members of the Recipe Club sift through millions of recipes to find the very best way to make the food you want to eat (subjectively speaking, of course). From plant-based meat to broccoli to seaweed, Chang and friends are determined to cut through the noise. Each week, they cook one dish, debate it, and ultimately figure out a few ways to make it tastier, too.

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  • what the beeeeeeeeeeep
    I love the pod keep Dave
    Chris cream cheese “yum yum in my tum tum”🤔
  • 13Jim69
    Always fun
    I used to love this podcast but I am not a fan of all these gameshow antics the show has arrived at now. It reminds me of the worst of Food Network where there are cooking game shows that surprise the contestants with things like blindfolds or cook with one hand behind your back. If you enjoy eatertainment game shows where the premise is more game show than cooking show, lean towards season 3. If you prefer more cooking emphasis NPR style lean towards season 1.
  • R A S H E E D
    Douche Chang
    Get rid of Dave and this pod might be fun!
  • Tiger Child living in LA
    Love the show but…
    Dave Chang is gaslighting season 3!!!!!!
  • sarahkay10
    Lux Eggs Jambalaya was epic and listening to Bryan Ford describe his process was the real treat. I forking clapped at the end of that.
  • melsie36
    Recipe club
    Somehow the competitive quotient between Chris and Dave has escalated. Looking forward to a good season. We need Priya’s energy. Jan
  • shannon469
    Love it, but fix the volume issues!
    Been a fan since the beginning of season one and I never miss an episode! But I have one request: please adjust the audio so that everyone’s voice is roughly the same volume!! For example, in the barbecue sauce episode, John’s voice is sometimes so loud it hurts my ears while Dave’s is often so faint that I can’t make out what he’s saying at all.
  • maybe.beth
    Love this show - Dave and Chris are giving out massive stoner dad vibes and I’m very much here for it. 10/10. Do martinis again.
  • jedigrrrl
    Dave is ruining the new season
    He is over-complicating the wheel of death!! It’s so annoying.
  • At Noahs House
    About time
    Thank goodness Recipe club is back. Love this podcast…….
  • Bill McAlonan
    Dave Arnold’s mom’s stuffing
    I don’t live podcast reviews. Saying that I must tell you that Dave Arnold’s mom’s stuffing is absolutely delicious and was all anyone could talk about at Thanksgiving. It’s almost March and I’m thinking about making that stuffing.
  • Ftlwilly
    Great podcast
    I love this podcast I’m a faithful listener and can’t wait for the new season
  • Drew Atherton
    I am not a big podcaster but this recipe club is a blast. As a Chef I think a lot like Chef David. Keep it up the “reach method”!!
  • alexpom
    New to the pod
    Loved the episode with Gustavo!
  • samalexis12
    Entertaining and educational
    I love this show and I wish there was more. I’m a vegetarian so I can’t cook or eat a lot of the recipes but I still enjoy hearing about the techniques and how to read bad recipes and make them better - extremely bad recipes proliferate for “plant-based” blogs, let me tell you.
  • sdlevy13
    This show brings so much joy to my life! Great food is always worth celebrating.
  • AnyGDNickname
    SPAM is cool
    See title.
  • Haku’s Best Friend
    Come back! I’m ready to cook along
    It’s fun, I’ve learned a ton, but discovered it late! I hope y’all do another season so I can cook along with you! Thank you
  • ShivamD
    Great podcast but…
    Please bring back the season 1 format, that show deserves 10 stars. Season 2 is a bit boring, the competition and multiple recipes is what made this show.
  • lolabeans20
    Dave needs to stop the political jokes
    Used to love this show but Dave needs to stop trying to be funny but always making political “jokes”. They’re not funny and it’s just annoying at this point. We really don’t need to know how much you love being a Democrat
  • icarus320
    3rd season. Now
    Listen. If this show doesn’t get renewed for a third season, my life will be considerably more filled with ennui, malaise, existential dread…etc. RENEW THIS SHOW. Please. It bloody rocks. And it’s joy filled and informative. The Dave Chang Show too. Please. Do a guy a favor.
  • StickerHogg
    Season one is great but
    Season two is a disappointment. First you have to listen to Chris ramble on for 5 minutes and his lack of charisma makes him sound like a used car salesman. Then the episode happens, but they sucked out all the fun by removing the competition aspect of the series. Go back to the season one recipe, it was good the way it was there was no need to mess with it.
  • Elin8138
    Love the Big Boy Asian Club!
    I love this podcast and it’s always a part of my daily commute. I’m not sure how I feel now that Dave follows the recipes. Lol. So much creativity and I love the recipes.
  • nerdia88
    Renewed a love of cooking
    I love this podcast, and it’s got me in love with cooking again! I love listening to them and the recipes are so great :) and I’ve just wanted to cook everything recently!
  • Ginarelli
    I love the banter and the hot tips!
    I love listening to the entire crew, whomever might show up to guest star. I am always learning something new, and feel so much better about all of my recipe short cuts and adlibs.
  • qbdolnick
    One of my weekly joys
    Listening is a highlight of my week!
  • wrd30
    Love all the recipe episodes but the seaweed one was hysterical! Thanks
  • Bell2023
    Don’t stop making content
    Very entertaining even though I would likely never try any of these recipes. My fave combo is Chang, Ying, and Ford. Thank you!
  • rthanrahan
    My favorite podcast!
    Do yourself a favor and listen to all episodes. I look forward to this show every week. I have never enjoyed a podcast more…seriously! Please have another season! I’m sure it’s a lot of work but the result is phenomenal! Come on now!
  • Michigan Parks
    The best…♥️
    The 1st podcast I listen to while driving or in my studio.
  • suzyinthebox
    Completely entertaining
    Love the easy banter about one of my favorite subjects- food!
  • Sarah from Cincy
    This was my fav Recipe Club episode! I couldn’t stop laughing. It was almost better than the Yogurt episode. ;) Can’t wait to see IG pics of Bryan and John spatchcocking a chicken in Astoria!
  • DiazTree
    Too Funny
    I really enjoy listening to all the food discussions. The hosts are fun and funny.
  • Mass Listener
    A must listen
    The banter between the hosts is informative, hilarious, and entertaining. I have been inspired to think about some foods in different ways as well as laughed out loud while walking. I love the noncompetitive competitive nature of the challenges.
  • pleasejustletmeleaveareview
    So glad they added this
    Great listen and so nice to see this side of food talk.
  • tigeraspen
    Team Chris
    Keep ‘em coming!!!
  • GRO1130
    Needs an editor
    I love cooking podcasts, so I was excited to check this one out, but was thoroughly disappointed. I listened to the cake episode and after the guest discussed their recipe dilemma, the hosts just chattered endlessly for like 40 minutes about nothing. I like some free form podcasts, but I was hoping to actually learn something, not hear an endless conversation about who likes which instant soup mixes.
  • katiekarrle
    Loved having Wiley on! Please make him regular!!
  • Kevintothemax
    Recipe Club for life
    Chris Ying is my spirit animal
  • eacronin
    Recipe Club Fan for Life
    Was a fan of season one but season two is even better!!! Love the new format and the recipes so far sound amazing. I’m excited to listen every week when the new episode drops!
  • Alu213
    Long live the club!!!
  • Fun1894
    Cake mix
    First episode I listened to. The hosts, while amiable, chatted way too long before getting to subject. So I gave up.( And btw…I always use melted butter on top of dump cakes. ) Then went all the way back to the turkey episode because other reviewers said the first season was the best. The f word made me give up totally. Could have been a great podcast. Too bad.
  • Jessi728
    Hilarious (and also educational)!
    This is one of the most hilarious and enjoyable podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Chris and David’s rapport is outstanding, and it’s hard not to laugh every time Chris laughs. The rotating chefs they bring on are also wonderful, each very different and unique. Super fun and I hope it never ends!
  • endlessbbq
    Why does Dave Chang bother?
    So it’s a very interesting concept and also mostly entertaining. However every episode it’s clear that David Chang could care less. He never even closely follows the recipe or seems to try to much and when the host is not into it it really kinda takes the energy out of the competition portion of the show. But I do love the family recipes and the stories behind them.
  • Kraken co
    Almost makes me want to cook!
    I’m a baker, which makes me the natural enemy of Dave Chang. Cooking to me is always a decision based on dishes and steps. And every recipe lies about how long prep takes. Like, I’m not a chef. I can dice and slice like a wizard. So… I guess Dave and I are the same there kinda. All that said - I’m listening to every episode hungrily - pow! Pun! - and even considering trying a few of the dishes. Sausage rolls sound delicious and yes I will attempt to laminate my own dough, so there. Get on this, even if you hate to cook.
  • horse pina colad lover girl
    Fun and educational!
    Started with Cinco de Mayo episode! Now I’m hooked! Learn a lot while laughing! Laughing is what a lot of us need right now!!!
  • Engprofft
    Dave sounds burnt out and sad. You okay, Dave? We love you. Maybe next week drink a lot! 🍷 😉 Love the podcast, meatloaf sounded bleak.
  • Npissare
    What happened
    Feel like it’s unlike Dave Chang to take something good and make it worse. They had a perfect podcast in season one, and have completely ruined it. I understand Dave thinks season one was too much work, which is funny to me as a chef still working in a restaurant. Unfortunately the feel of the podcast is completely different, and not an improvement at all.
  • Kauaichild
    Fun & informative
    I love the central conceit that a recipe is a starting point and that home cooks should try to develop a sense of when and where to deviate. based in critical thinking and experience. Like one of my absolute favorites—Cooks Illustrated—it also evaluates variations on a theme to explore the essence of a recipe or ingredient. And it’s competitive & f#%*ing funny.
  • Luvschow
    Not digging the new format
    The show is on probation for me now…
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