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We obsess about food to learn more about people. The Sporkful isn't for foodies, it's for eaters. Hosted by Dan Pashman of Cooking Channel's You're Eating It Wrong and the book Eat More Better. A Stitcher Production.

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  • Noonan420
    Instant Obsession!
    Thank you for this! I truly enjoy this podcast.
  • CatLadyVibes
    Food & Laughter: Two of the best medicines
    This is my go to podcast on a Monday morning when getting ready for work! The host and guests are typically funny and charming, the show has variety, and it puts me in a good mood before I face students on a Monday. Also, Dan has some very relatable food quirks.
  • Tapioca 2.0
    Keep them coming, Dan!
    So glad Dan just announced episodes will keep coming. They are a lovely thing to pass quarantine time! I’m immunosuppressed and need to really lay low, and I’ll be happy to see new episodes appear each week!
  • Mrs & Mrs Bickerson
    Love it
    Wicked good podcast. Dan is funny and appreciates a funny guest. The episodes are kind of about the food they’re eating but it’s really about food in a guest’s life. When it’s over I feel like I’ve eavesdropped on a friend’s chat with a cool person. You gotta try this one.
  • Derp Bean
    Dan is a creep
    Stop talking about bras! Janey, you are too good for this, run!
  • Syndanne
    So fun!
    Nice light touch and insightful interview questions. Very enjoyable!
  • SeeReneeBe
    Love but not ThirdLove
    Dan, please stop talking to me about bras. You sound awkward and I feel bad for Janey.
  • Jo Jo dis'in clown
    Podcast hole..!!
    When there’s nothing new to listen to and I don’t really want to learn anything. Then I turn to it. It’s not “punch me in the face” terrible, but pretty close. As long as Dan steers clear of politics, I’ll continue to allow him to fill my wasted time with that wonderful laugh, and a unique perspective on food. 3 stars because 2 1/2 was an option. Keep up the average work.
  • Secrets&Cream
    Funny & Informative
    I like the variety of episodes, and he often has hilarious comedians as guests. “Jelly” has been my favorite episode so far. It’s NSFW, but a great ride.
  • Ksk9977
    Oh my goodness! The New Year’s Food Resolution episode was hilarious! Loved it!
  • Juneinflames
    Best Food Podcast
    Dan truly loves and appreciates food. Also, I love the diversity of guests.
  • smartguyd
    Paywall bull
    You know what I was a huge fan then I found out you paywalled old episodes. Way to screw yourself out of gaining new listeners
  • SurferKitty
    So good!!
    Love the show. Dan Pashman is fun and lighthearted and leads some truly great conversations. The info is presented well, often with humor, while still being entirely thoroughly engaging. The guests are fascinating and the chefs always make me want to try their restaurants immediately. Like Right Now! (Except Angie Mar, who I’d never heard speak before. The menu at the Beatrice never drew me in; it’s one place I had little interest in trying, even less after hearing her pov). Recent favorites with Claire Saffitz, Myq Kaplan and the plantation and foraging eps were fantastic! Always glad when a new episode drops!!
  • pegley44
    Ads, ughh
    Please please please STOP doing the Third Love ads! They make me cringe. I want to check out the product, but all I hear is your voice trying to be funny hawking a women’s product. Awful
  • Yaaaaaayy
    Love how you can make me laugh for most of a show, then send me into deep thought, sometimes empathic sadness, and sometimes to tears.... The stat to the Pico episode was not super intriguing to me, but I was sucked in instantly, way moving. Mahalo Nui Loa from a part-Hawaiian that knows what Tommy speaks of, and recognizes how few others actually do! Keep it up please, this retired teacher knows education IS THE ONLY HOPE! Malama Pono
  • Janan and Dominic
    Sporkful Review
    Dear Dan, Thank you Dan for making this amazing podcast! We listen to this show show much and it is hilarious! We just wanted to thank you for making the Sporkful. (P.S. I love runny yolk in eggs but I HATE runny whites)
  • cduchan
    Great information about food *culture*
    This year’s plantation episodes and the episode with Tommy Pico really got me thinking and hit close to home. Thank you for considering these issues.
  • Farmgerl
    Important and entertaining
    It took me a long time to warm up to Dan but he truly won my heart with his two part plantation podcast. Where my food comes from - literally and figuratively - has always been important to me. I’d never given a second thought to plantation branding but these episodes are making me think hard about food and culture and the things I can do to be true to my ideals. Thank you Dan.
  • fksqpoenfbf
    Food meets culture
    I looove the Sporkful but I have to say the show especially shines when looking at cultural phenomena through the lens of food. The most recent Plantation episodes did a great job of this. My other favorite mini-series was looking at food in mixed culture families and with transracial adoptees. Highly recommend those as well.
  • ANWrootbeers
    The Plantation Episodes are incredible journalism
    I normally really enjoy The Sporkful, but...the plantation episodes go beyond anything I’ve ever heard on the show. You don’t expect a good podcast to change the way you look at race and society (and yourself) in America, but this one really did. I can not recommend this podcast enough.
  • Ampersandoutdoorsy
    America, food, race, and culture — done well.
    The plantation episodes are among the truly important pieces of commentary and journalism out this year.
  • JGLevi
    Ambitious, sometimes too much so
    I appreciate what the podcast is trying to do when it addresses difficult cultural issues surrounding food. For example the episode about hibachi was excellent. But part 1 on the topic of using “plantation” to describe recipes foods and restaurants was seriously unsatisfying. Of course the is not going to be a satisfying answer to the underlying question, but I mean in the way the interviewees were presented and decontextualized. Some pretty disturbing statements were excerpted and we never heard the larger back and forth and conversation. I don’t think more context would make the views expressed more palatable or even more understandable. But I think it’s really a disservice to the interviewees and listeners simply to excerpt some pretty incidiary statements with nothing further. It did not serve to illuminate anything - why was one white person more willing than another to try to see “plantation” from an African American’s point of view? If there were any follow up questions to help us understand where they were coming from, we didn’t hear it. The episode makes me think the podcast is taking on too much, issues too big, to offer any illumination. And frankly the style is simply too off-hand and execution is too ham-handed to really address such serious and difficult issues. Perhaps extend the time further? Offer links to full interviews? I don’t know, but as it is the episode is a big mistake. Five stars for effort, I guess.
  • jenna-------
    Like the content for the most part but good god the ads lately... 3-4 in a row? Easily 5+ minutes... I know people have to make a living but I'd rather this get a patreon or something.
  • bebdndjdjdnndndndn
    Not good LOL
  • asilyellek
    Too many ads
    Dan has a nice rapport with guests and a great laugh. I love his perspective on food and most guests but the 3 stars come from the number and length of ads. Disproportionate to the length of the podcast content.
  • ilovemusic.period.
    One of my all-time favorite podcasts
    Absolutely love—entertaining and informative!
  • JSD078-14
    Thank the heavens Dan reduced his “charming” laugh
    Very interesting podcast about food and the world around food.
  • Tenaj69
    Love This Podcast
    Hello... my name is Janet and I’m now looking for “Dan Pashman’s Greastest Hits”!! You have a great voice Dan! Love the Jelly info!! Janet from NC
  • CaymanMiquel1983
    Definitely in my top 3 of Sporkful episodes. History, early viral videos, and a show tune. Well done Dan.
  • TheMidwester
    Contagious Laugh!! :D
    I’m seeing a lot of comments about fake laughter- RIDICULOUS. Some of my favorite people are in the “favorite” category because I thoroughly enjoy a hearty laugher and THAT, YOU ARE!! Your laugh is contagious and kind of reminds me of Seth Rogen’s laugh-slightly. Nonetheless you have a fantastic spirit. Keep on laughin buddy!!
  • benschenker
    Nerd out about food!
    Yes please!
  • QuidditchQueer
    Generally great
    I love this show USUALLY, but Dan please stop forcing yourself to laugh. Maybe it’s real, and if so, I’m happy for you, but cringe-inducing nonetheless. Also, I appreciate you representing the restaurant workers’ points of view. I enjoy the angles you tackle each interview, but would appreciate a deeper analysis.
  • Skeet_gun
    Another fake scientist
    Spouting global warming. “Real” climate scientists have debunked GW.
  • Elrooks135728
    Love this pod!
    This is a great podcast (albeit, I always end the episodes feeling quite hungry) - it has helped inspire me to cook more, explore more new restaurants, and question my food assumptions. Dan is funny, thoughtful, and smart, and brings on the most AMAZING guests. A podcast about food that is really about so much more - family, tradition, socioeconomics, race in America, and the human condition.... and it almost always makes me laugh! Yum!!!
  • Jacapdevielle
    I used to love this
    I used to love this show when the guest on pretty much every episode was a food or at least someone in the food business. I’m ok with one comic or critic episode every few months but I think this show has shifted a bit too far in that direction. I love when it’s just Dan Pashman asking questions about food to learn more about people as the tag line goes, but it has become more of asking questions about random people that occasionally deal with food. Please bring back the purely food episodes.
  • Rambilee15
    Eat more better!
    This is easily one of my favorite podcasts. I love how the tone of the show can range from hilarity to poignant and sometimes painful moments. It is incredibly entertaining and I never miss an episode.
  • Carmine7Zoey
    Really interesting content!
    I love the cultural discussions and how this show doesn’t shy away from topics like race and class, but covers them in a very humanizing way
  • MelgButler
    Awesome podcast
    Found this podcast through Proof. So glad I did. Great content. Is there any better laugh than Dan’s?
  • MNBrett
    Dan Pashman’s show has taken a dive steadily as he became a part of stitcher. He has hit rock bottom with an episode of comedy/parody of food and fitness authorities that is so off the mark and cartoonish, I had to stop and write this review. I am finished with this podcast and you should be too. Stick to food. This episode made me say goodby forever.
  • The1trueChevin
    April fool in
    Dan and company, You almost, almost got me, I was getting ready to unsubscribe but waited until the end of “Green Apple, Bad Apple” now it want to subscribe more. Long live everything spork full, long live satire.
  • Apple IS 1984
    Food from an obsessive liberal POV
    Food from a “racism” POV. More podcast PC BS. It must be horrible to live your life like this. Always seeing or better “finding” racism, sexism, etc. in EVERYTHING. People like this must EXHAUSTING and unbearable o be around.
  • Chris MVSD
    Great episode. More serious than usual. Good for thought.
  • Kate Lancaster
    I laughed out loud.
    The deadpan delivery of the Smun was killing.
  • asdhjlvcfyuh
    REALLY? Satire must be explained?
    Did folks really misunderstand the intent if the April 1 show???
  • TheBarber73
    SO glad it was a joke...
    First time I stopped your Podcast and I truly wrecked my day. The pretentious first guest was unbearable...well played sir, well played LOL
  • JennaIzaUnicorn
    April Fools episode 😑
    This better be an April fools joke bc i used to like Jolenta “greenberg”!!!! I don’t know who this jolenta gold is?!?!!!
  • MLMCa
    Green Apple Bad Apple
    I’m a weekly listener, but you have to be kidding with one. I couldn’t even make in 10 minutes into the episode, you know better than this.
  • Sodajanie
    It’s got to be a joke
    April fools I hope
  • hi_mav
    This Eater/Foodie is OBSESSED
    Might just need to check out Stitcher premium for the archives. The short form is perfect for my commute to and from work. Love the causal format and the focus on love of food and the enjoyment of it. Learned a lot from this and excited for more!
  • mineblockzach
    Amazing and I’m 10
    This is so good for kids like me I love it
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