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Learn how companies work from the people who know them best. We do deep research and interview industry veterans, investment professionals, and corporate executives to explain the inner workings of public stocks and private businesses. For each company, we break down their history, business model, financial statements, secret sauce, and bull/bear case. We believe every business has lessons to teach us and Breakdowns is here to highlight them. Learn more and stay up to date at

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  • txPSU
    Great podcast!!
    I manage all my own investments and a few of your episodes have given me the conviction to make big bets which are paying off and step away from a couple investments I wanted to make and then you rescued me. Keep it up! Which I could put my portfolio in a suggestion box and have you do each stock!
    If the hosts/producer reads this, please do an episode on Microstrategy. It would be extremely interesting. Great podcast!
  • Loser hater
    Alarmist global cooling, or is it global warming beta male goofs
  • KSM_Chancey
    Great Show, 1 Recommendation
    Think it’s amazing that you are doing this and I have learned a bunch. I would recommend adding more distressed businesses / troubled business models so people can learn about why business go bad. Would also try to get bear case more pronounced for each episode.
  • Jessica-470
    Expert advice on platforms
    In regards to investing and operating via podcasts sectors are the key factors in platforms also having contracts and other advancements leads to platforms that can coexist and contribute to creating new market opportunities
  • 321cayman
    One of the best
    This is probably one of the best if not the best podcast series I’ve ever heard. The podcasts are informative, interesting, well researched and presented in a well rounded manner. The topics and businesses covered are wide ranging and relevant. There’s many businesses most of us have heard about it and many that are not. Well curated with interesting guests and great interviewers. Well done business breakdowns. Gold standard on how to do these type of podcasts. Highly recommended.
  • Frankieg33
    Primers on businesses
    The podcast helps you understand how businesses function, how they make money, where they stand from a competitive perspective, etc. With it basically impossible to avoid business, the podcast basically it’s a source of understanding how the world works that I wish has been democratizing knowledge when I was a kid, although better late than never!
  • MSTAN12
    New episodes are more interesting
    This podcast is great. I really enjoyed the last two episodes, and would like to continue to see more questions inserted into the episode as compared to the GE episode, and more new young maybe overlooked companies like Trader Joe’s.
  • ba11111117777
    Insightful deep dives with thoughtful questions
  • pantlu1591
    Average content
    Good content, audio quality is lackluster. No real storytelling. Banker banter. The LVMH episode is one of the worst I’ve ever heard
  • consciousdave
    Great business podcast
    They do a good job of bringing on analysts and others with lots of insight and experience. They usually do big companies and publicly traded if I’m not mistaken. They’re always very interesting and the questions cover just about everything you’d need to know to make an investment. Would recommend to those into business analysis and investing
  • john in 10 mile
    NYT pulitzer prizes were fraud in 1930s
    The Pulitzer Prizes won for fake reporting during Stalin's starvations in 1930s should be highlighted by your podcast. Nobody cares NYT has double the Pulitzer Prizes when those helped cover up Ukranian genocide by Stalin.
  • Ken Black_TX
    Screw Labor
    This podcast, Business Breakdown, basically picks their top business’s in how they screw over labor. I get business is business but I think how Business Breakdown discounts labor is shameful.
  • Lazy Phone People
    Can’t understand speaker
    Get somebody u can understand I can’t review anything if I can’t understand speaker not a listener until thank you
  • Reelbusy
    One of the smartest podcast series you will ever listen to
    This is a smart show. They really dive into their subject matter. The revelations of business operations techniques theories and practices is a must for any entrepreneur or business person today. It is a must for investors also. If you were thinking about putting your money in any company this show has covered the episode on it is a must listen before you click the button and buy the stock
  • evanshire19
    An deeply informative and excellent podcast. If you take suggestions here—would love an episode on Salesforce.
  • Abdur_reviews
    Hidden gem!!
    So glad I stumbled upon this podcast. Nice, in-depth drives into different businesses by folks who are quite knowledgeable. The host also doea a great job asking questions. Highly recommended!
  • Bill Turkeyburger
    Valuable Information
    Really impressive deep dives into businesses. So happy to have found it
  • Streetfighter333
    Amazing content
    With each episode I learn something new. The length is just right and very in-depth analysis. Love this podcast.
  • My time lover
    The best new podcast
    Unique information. The right length. I learn every time!
  • Beyond Lines
    Great Insights
    Amazing! Love the depth and insight in this podcast. Extremely useful and practical
    Thanks for creating this podcast; as a young entrepreneur, this podcast has helped me learn more about the business industry and great takeaways for my own growing business.
  • joe d m
    Colossus does it again!
    Incredibly thoughtful and “unexpected” information about a wide range of businesses. Absolutely love it!
  • j-bird1235
    Business Breakdowns is awesome
    Episodes are full of great insight and are a perfect mix of not too deep but not so bland that you dont learn anything. You should do one on some of the big franchises like great clips, dunkin, or ups store.
  • Kurt from Seattle
    Good but Surface Level
    I only listened to the Ali Baba podcast. While good, I was surprised there was no mention of Chinese anti-trust investigations, that Jack Ma was essentially put on house arrest for three months, or regulatory concerns on Ant Financial. There are a lot of interesting questions swirling right now on the company and really we didn’t cover any of those.
  • Luvman79
    So far useless...
    You broke down the obvious and biggest names in the industry. Shopify was of no use because the interview was unicorns and fairy tales. Zero self thought. You can’t break down a business like that. I think Shopify, Alibaba, Chipotle are great, but that ship has already sailed. How about a challenge like Wabash or Checkpoint software. Anything but the CNBC copycat.
  • Joshed ff
    Automatic listen
    Colossus the leading business podcast group IMO, setting the standard for what great content can be (and I'm a producer for a different show) This business breakdown ep 1 was incredible. Cheers to many more.
  • schepesm0803
    Entertaining while educational
    They bring businesses to life in an entertaining way. A nice education podcast
  • GosiaMB
    The Best
    This is high quality content! So much knowledge shared with listeners. Thank you for all your efforts being the best in what you do!
  • curious_investor_4467
    This podcast is a game changer
    It’s a perfect way for me to collect and evaluate enough details about the featured companies that I can confidently form my own investment theses. Talk about an incredible efficiency unlock in information consumption. Patrick and the team have once again produced some of the highest quality content on the web. Looking forward to what’s next.
  • MER803
    Impressive podcast
    Impressive new podcast series. Tough to find that type of deep dive in a dense audio format (I’m not sure it exists elsewhere). Loving the Colossus platform thus far.
  • DamianB33
    Amazing format
    Loved the first episode. Incredible resource for investors and operators.
  • zbf1290
    Fun project with Patrick O. and team. Can’t wait to follow along as it evolves.
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