2 Girls 1 Blunt

Stand-Up #10

Light up a blunt every Tuesday with two of Boston’s favorite potheads as they dive into everything weed related, comedy, dating, current events, & much more. Hosted by Stand-up Comedian Jaime Lee and a woman of many talents - least of all rolling pearls, Emily.
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Smoke with you next Tuesday, ya filthy stoners.

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  • dylpickle68
    I’ve started listening to y’all within the last week and I only listen when I’m driving to school or work. it’s one of the things I look forward to just because anytime I listen to y’all I’m high as well and it makes is so much better. Can wait to see you guys grow bigger and bigger.
  • Versatile G
    Love The Host Of This Podcast 😍
    When I first came across Jaime’s Comedy I was immediately a fan love this woman and love the podcast keep up all the great work love! DC - LA
  • DinoXHippie
    Absolutely amazing podcast!! 😍
    Just wanted to say this podcast really brings joy to me listening to these two awesome creators! Funny, great content and always entertaining. I started listening to them about 2 weeks ago and can’t get enough. Best way to start my work day and always brings my mood up no matter what. Keep it up girls! You’ll soon be the #1 two girl podcast on here in no time.
  • costal postal
    The vibes always keeps my drives so entertained n interesting. Stoney bologna is always a perfect ending,
  • Machp1998
  • ChanH26
    Best friends
    Holy crap, so I was just looking for a funny podcast and I came a crossed this, and man in just the matter of 10 mins and I’m rolling not only cause you guys crack me up, but because I’ve never Hurd people that remind me of my self and so funny and the way y’all talk and everything, I wish y’all lived in Colorado I need more friends that are girls, I’m also a bi stoner too. So freaking awesome
  • BDE420
    Y’all my fav
    Love what you have done with podcast doing amazing love content❤️‼️❗️❗️I mean rent is 450 lol🤷‍♂️👀
  • 4lexandria24
    Love these stories
    For those who don’t gaf and want to chill and listen to funny, raunchy, and amazingly weird things.
  • Jsidary
    A Podcast for Everyone
    These girls are so funny & relatable. This podcast is for anyone who smokes, likes comedy, and wants to grow. 10/10 would recommend their OF too 😂🔥🙏🏽
  • little d 47
    Worth listening
    Pretty funny listening to the stories
  • OhioGuy22
    Great podcast!
    These two are absolutely hysterical, highly recommend!
  • lime zest
    Live laugh 2 girls 1 blunt
    I loveeee this podcast they are so funny and original. This is my #1 favorite podcast. I listen while i walk my dog, ride the bus, whatever. its one of those podcasts where you can just jump in on any episode if you are listening for the first time, and you don’t feel like you’re missing context
  • iRefresh2K
    Loving all the hard work 💫
    This podcast gets me through my day, Great podcast!
    This show is like therapy to me😅❤️🙏🏾❤️‍🔥
    Whenever I first heard about the podcasts I was very intrigued. What really got me hooked was when they were talking about themselves and how the my deal with life just like everyone else🤟🏾. Also, as I’ve said before and will SAY AGAIN, this podcasts is like therapy for me and the ABSOLUTE best way possible❤️🙏🏾. There was period were I stopped listening to them, don’t WHY that I did to this day🙄, and I’m a FIRM believer that my life started somewhat falling apart BECAUSE I stopped listening to them🫠. So now I’m as currently catching up, life honestly has now gotten pretty good. I say for myself mostly BUT these two are part of the reason❤️. They’ve talked about things I’ve needed hear or needed to be talked about in general. They express themselves in ways that inspire people like me to keep doing the things that makes me happy🥹. I couldn’t be more grateful that I started listening to this podcast😌❤️.
  • heytaxirocks
    Very Funny
    Been listening for a few weeks now and they’re funny and cover so many topics. Definitely worth giving a listen!
  • Paco8687
    Great podcast
    I first heard them on a friends car, very funny to listen to and great vibes
  • liquor and whores
    Hilarious podcast
    Found this podcast from see Jaime Lee do standup. Both girls are hilarious, hot, and charming!
  • fgfgbjjbbctf
    Minimal effort
    Honestly there’s just better podcasts to listen to anywhere but this one.
  • FunshotsQuestionMark
    Good conversation.
    Was recommended this podcast by someone ;) Not gonna lie I don’t usually tune into podcasts but I checked this out during work and got pretty engaged quickly. I like weed and I like hearing peoples weed stories I’m a simple man. The talk about getting through security with the water bottle distraction was hilarious. Definitely something anyone can pick up and laugh at.
  • MooMoo42O
    Best podcast ever
    Been listening to the podcast for a cool minute. This podcast has been the best to listen to while being on the road or chilling at home. It talks about complex and comedy like topics that make the person feel welcome, especially when your high it creates a vibe that is unmatched to any other podcast.
  • duff ghg
    Good content
    I love listening to these two talk for days never boring and always interesting. If I'm in a bad mood they always lift my spirits and make me laugh. Glad I found this podcast
  • joyousnik
    I feel like I’m hanging out with them
    Im Probably not your typical 2G1B listener. I’m a 50 yr old lesbian, health professional mom. Listening to Jamie and Emily’s podcast makes me feel like I’m in my 20s again- sometimes they make me gasp, or laugh, or at the very least- learn about the fascinating lives these 2 lead. Either way, this podcast keeps me awake on the long drive to visit my own college-aged kid.
  • tld's
    This show is amazing!!
    I love this show! Jamie and Emily are amazing and funny!!! Keep up the awesome work!!
  • Uncle Ruckus NR
    Best stoner podcast
    This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever come across. I love love listening to them, I love their vibe and everything. I try as much to tune in every Tuesday to listen to them and I recommend it anyone who loves to chill and listen to a great podcast. #2girls1blunt
  • MC Delaware
    Easily worth the 5 stars! Probably more!
    If you’re looking for 2 Girls and 1 Blunt, this is where you find it!
  • Bagreg7654
    Awesome show
    Love the podcast. 2 ladies being funny and true to themselves.
  • ccitrowske
    In Love!
    I stumbled upon this podcast during a time where I didn’t have anyone to talk to. I smoke ahlot and when I listen I feel like I’m part of the conversation and laugh out loud in my car. Because of Emily and Jaime’s transparency I feel like we have been friends forever! Roll one up babyyy!
  • elizabeth8686868
    so fun to listen to
    I listen to their podcast all the time while i’m working or driving. The vibes are always good and welcoming❤️
  • WheezyB9
    Everything you need
    Favorite stoner podcast
  • DskoPi
    Burnt Chrysler
    I found the podcast while listing to 2B1C I think, not positive, but it was definitely Brent Crystals who brought it up. #Bikes #MooseSoup #TryItOut
  • elizabethpv
    Are these my friends?
    Found a clip on tik tok and immediately fell in love. These girls are smart and well spoken. Love listening, it’s like listening to my friends talk when I’m too high and can’t contribute to the conversation
  • Locoloco17
    Outstanding podcast
    I mainly tune in for the comedy, mental health conversations side of it, but it’s also refreshing to consume media by women that doesn’t define them by their relations to men. They’re not moms or daughters; they’re comedians talking about their life. I recommend this for anyone that wants a chill, laid back podcast to listen.
  • Penny24601
    Top tier
    Love these girls, I tune in every week! They’re my favorite redhead duo, they have awesome guests on, and I can’t wait to hear what they do next! #jaimesdivergent
  • Nochie41
    Super Entertaining
    Very funny ladies! Keep it up!
  • Guthtaigh
    Fun and Funny
    Most certainly NOT big fat losers.
  • Wordmaster-vt15
    These girls are mad funny. Huge range of topics too. From dating, to mental health, to pop culture. This is a weekly must listen.
    Love listening to y’all
    Best show ever y’all girls killing it out here keep the grinding! $$$$ haha I am out here in Miami too was born and rise here hopefully one day I get to meet y’all lady’s and smoke with y’all too
  • Uncleberto
    You Girls Rock
    I listen to you girls on my commute to work. You girls are the Absolute BEST ! Keep Grinding !
  • DakotahCon
    This is going to make me sound like a complete loser but I am a mom to an 8 year old daughter and her and my man are all I have. So Jaime and Emily are like my friends. I wake up in the morning put them on and listen all day. I love it 😮‍💨🍃🫶🏼
  • shyanneparker
    Thank you
    I’ve been binging this podcast the past couple of days at work and you guys have really inspired me to work harder and set/achieve goals. You guys have helped me in so many ways it’s unreal. I appreciate it more than you could ever know ❤️
  • Sammkha
    Wonderful gurls
    Hey cutees ur anazing , love u so much and hope seeing u soon to get some photos wth ya :)) wanna giftt i some cute gift whn see u :)) big like and love
  • rayaasunshine
    10/10 recommend
    Absolutely love this podcast, I’ve binge listened to every episode for the last two weeks at work. I vibe so hard to this, need to find myself some friends like y’all😂
  • Piggers_R1985
    Love this pod!!
    Thank you ladies for a great podcast to accompany my 🌱🌱🌱 time 💚💚💚
  • shyster2K13
    Great podcast
    My favorite podcast to listen to when I’m taking road-trips or doing work around the house. Highly recommend! They are hilarious
  • Astounding Allisyn
    New listener
    What’s better than dad jokes & weed 😂
  • k.l.jacobs
    fav podcast of all 10/ mf 10🤩
    best podcast hands down. gives me something to look forward to every tuesday just wish there were more frequent episodes🥰😌
  • rileeeey24
    my favorite pod cast ever <3
    i love you guys! listening to your podcasts make my weed walks 10 times better :)
  • Da gameboy89
    Patrice O’Neal
    Please do me a solid✋listen to Patrice O’Neal versus Dr. Z on YouTube . It’s a great way to understand the insight about how men think about women and vice versa. I’ve never heard two broads armchair quarterback psychology with such balls before on the podcast. And this is no InCel honey just a regular dude.
  • Jwqup
    Amazing. New favorite thing
    Insanely relatable.. & wishing we could hang out🤣🤣🤣 a must listen!! Also perfect for anyone w adhd needing a body double for tasks ... no dull moments.
  • Rhealm
    First time listener, and hooked!!!!
    I follow @Patryciakayy, mainly because I am still not convinced that a woman as perfect, beautiful, and funny as her is actually a honest flesh and blood real woman. I figure one day she is going to rip her face off on Insta and show us all that she is a cyborg overlord but I digress. I stumbled upon your wonderful podcast tonight while at work and was instantly impressed by how funny, the depth of conversation, breadth of topics, and variety of guests. Instead of depressing myself with the news, I binged four episodes!! I recommend this podcast to everyone who needs a little humor and variety in their day. Keep up the great work!! -D
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