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Social media personality, YouTuber, and entrepreneur Maxx Chewning is here to help us all laugh a bit more while also learning from some of the most successful people in the world in a way you have never heard their stories before. Thanks for CHEWNING in!

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  • AlyaJ94
    Love it
    Joe is hilarious! Please make him a co-host—his perspectives are Gold. Other than that, I have to say that this is one of the most interesting podcasts I’ve listened to. Keep being an awesome potato Maxx!
  • Boobladoo
    Great Podcast
    I’ve been following and watching his content for years great to have this podcast now to hear more about the business side of things!
  • Jlafferty116
    This should be the number one podcast in the world. I was watching/listening to every ep. As they were coming out but got married and stopped for awhile. I’m about caught up. Just learned a lot and became fans of other influencers cause of Maxx🔥🔥
  • Jesus3176
    One of the best dam potcast..
  • loyalfan23415
    Best best show
    Seriously maxx is just the best
  • rib l
    Engaging, great questions and awesome guests!
  • ejshxgxgsvsna
    Bring Oz on already!
    Max I love that your doing podcast now, seriously highlight of my week. Been with ya since you were a weeeeelittttle lad on YouTube. Since before district barbell. Get your boy Oz on as a guest!
  • Salicea76
    Dane Cook!
    Maxx you did it! This Podcast is epic! finally finally keep killing it brother.
  • Fowl Friends
    Listen u won’t regret it!
    Love it! Thanks Max
  • ruchuhh
    never a bad thing to say
    unfiltered raw maxx at his finest
  • dan Cerniglia
  • NJacobson15
    Great listen and fun insight
    Always a fun listen with some great tidbits about the YouTube/ fitness and entrepreneur life. Only complaint is these suckers are long! Would recommend cutting the run time to an hour or less but what do I know.
  • joe44556
    Max is the most consistent content creator in the fitness world! You can learn not only how to better your self physically and mentally by his sick content but also learn business tips and tricks!!!!
  • Don't worry ab who i am
    David’s Moo on episode 4
    C’mon, I really thought that was a cow stuck in barb wire!!!!
  • Soccerbro11
    Can’t go wrong with this podcast 🔥 host and guests!
  • poojasavs
    Redownloaded the podcast app for this
    Used to think drake was the goat till i heard maxx
  • Jesse 1246289525
    New side
    Entertainment and education packed into 1. I love it! Great work maxx!
  • shred the phil
    Great next step for Maxx
    This is a thoughtful podcast from a guy that can certainly be considered a social media veteran by now. You can tell the decision for Maxx to start a podcast was not a bandwagon or knee-jerk decision. The conversations are genuine and the production value makes this a fun and still insightful listen. Maxx is a natural on this format and I hope to see this be his next big thing.
  • darisseruben
    Awesome podcast!
    Entertaining and funny podcast
  • Smitty1z
    Just a fun podcast
    Been following his YouTube channel for years and now he’s got a podcast. A little more relaxed, the interviews are well done, you’ll laugh, learn some new things about the influencers he interviews. Just a well thought out podcast that’s fun!
  • csizzle80
    Chewy In
    So far so good. Looking forward to more guests outside the normal social circle, but good content and engaging through out. Keep it up.
  • Deeds1124
    Fantastic show!
    Maxx is as real as it gets and listening to him have real conversations with people is awesome! Loving the show keep it up Maxx!
  • amyek100217
    This has become my favorite weekly podcast!!! Maxx, you’re so entertaining and funny! I love listening to your interviews. My favorite so far has definitely been today’s episode with Taylor!! So sweet!! I’m so happy for you both! Looking forward to future episodes! 🤟🏼
  • Beezy Boli
    Great content and above all, great human
    I have been listening and watching Max for a few years and he is truly one of the most genuine people on YouTube. As successful as he is, Max has always been humble and with the new Podcast, we get to see more insight into Max’s life, friends and relationship. Very easy to listen to while being inspirational. Great job Max and I really enjoyed the episode with your Girlfriend. Please don’t lose her and she is a nice complement to your life!
  • Mia Bria
    Your show is fantastic!
    Can you interview more successful YouTubers? Specifically, Linda Sun? She’s grown her channel from 0-800+ subscribers within roughly one year. I’d also love to see Unspeakable again and hear him talk about 1) YouTube Growth Hacks 2) How he’s built his real estate empire and what he cash flows monthly. 3) Does he do real estate syndications or buy his own properties and rent them out? Or…a different option? Why did he choose the real estate investing modality he chose? Can you also interview the person who helped you invest $100K in real estate? Specifically, I’d love to learn: 1) Did you take advantage of accelerated depreciation? If so, how much has it saved you in taxes each year? 2) How much you earn monthly in cash flow? And…do you pay taxes on your cash flow earned from Real Estate? I also have a few tax-relates questions that apply to having a house and business: 1) Did you take advantage of the Augusta Tax Savings Rule? If so, how much did it save you in taxes? 2) How much were you able to deduct from the home office deduction? 3) What tax saving (legal of course!) hacks have saved you the most money?
  • Coolmonkeygurl
    Awesome Podcast
    Maxx is always entertaining (see-his YouTube channel or his instagram) but hearing these deeper/longer convos have been super captivating and inspiring, while still maintaining the very Maxx-esque fun that we are used to.
  • Jtcm220285
    Keep crushing it!!!!!!!!
    Absolutely fantastic; keep up the good work.
  • Sjcolby6
    Love the new podcast!
    So interesting. Love hearing everyone’s stories!
  • Dawnyyyyyyyyy
    Go maxii poo!
    I can’t wait to see how good Maxx gets at podcasting! Like everything else he does💖
  • Jake12Up
    5 stars! Great host / has always stayed true to himself no matter how big business has gotten.
  • achristi124
    Great so far!
    I’ve followed Maxx on YouTube for years and have always loved his content. Excited to follow the podcast!
  • natagallo
    Awesome first episodes!
    Loving it so far. Definitely want to see more women on this podcast. Heidi’s episode was my favorite thus far.
  • xsquid99
    Surprisingly good podcast!
    Second episode was definitely better than the first as Max learns how to interview and his skills improved remarkably as an interviewer. The first episode was a bit too much of Max gushing on Christian, but he definitely let Heidi do more talking on the next go. Excited to see where this goes in the future.
  • dizzzooo
    Maxx is a natural, so awesome to hear this podcast, very entertaining and super fun to listen to
  • Jay Ayo
  • Patriceeenfnfkdh
    An entertaining host!
    First two episodes have been great. I really love the game show half way through the show. Great listen on my commute to work. Ready for more!
  • Crzyblu2427
    Chewning for the win
    Maxx is amazing! He’s hilarious!
  • timsfit
    Finally a Maxx Podcast
    I have been watching Maxx on YouTube for many years. It’s awesome that now we have an audio version as well. Seeing Maxx grow his businesses is super inspiring. Keep rockin Maxx!
  • brax1268
    Favorite YouTuber
    So happy maxx started a podcast!!
  • liftius maximus
    Great change and content
    Perfect switch for people who love the YouTube videos but don’t have as much drive to watch them. Also this is a fantastic change from daily life videos to get to see more of the business side and learn how these great entrepreneurs become as great as they are.
  • GoldenState94
    Maxxxxy Pooo
    Best podcast in the game, so happy this is out!
  • Tedgirl0212!
    Its.. the beeeeeeest.
    So entertaining. Thoughtful. Fun. Realistic.
  • Klootsbb
    Podder star
    Hey man long time follower on all platforms glad you decided to do some podcast!!! If you don’t follow him you need to follow everything you’ll see a funny hilarious dude! Maxx sometimes brings comedy to some awful days keep going man your killing it first review I’ve wrote and I’ve listening to over 1,000 podcast!!! Keep grinding
  • kalankuxica
    Well done!
    Well done Maxx, you sound like a seasoned podcaster… Going forward I think an hour is good per episode, I’ll listen while driving or doing cardio as I’m sure many would do an hour is perfect. Just be consistent with putting out episodes every week on the same day and your listenership will grow over time…congratulations on the new project!
  • Johnny Appleseed 88
    Fantastic Show
    I follow Maxx on other platforms and tune into his YouTube videos, and while putting out quality content is something you can expect from him, I gotta say, podcasts might be where he shines the most. Not only was the show fun to listen to, his ability to authentically keep the flow and tone of the conversation with his guests is gripping; the hour-long first show flew by. I will most definitely continue listening, and can’t wait to see what Maxx has in store for us next.
  • Dobkin323
    Great conversationalist!
    Maxx has proven to be a master of social media and now adding podcast to his list of things. Awesome episode. Looking forward to the next.
  • planwithyan
    Max congratulations on your first podcast!!! This was such a sweet and profound conversation to have with your bff. It was awesome to hear you both reflect on the beginning and where you both are now. I loved to hear you say that your bff Christian was an amazing inspiration to you with your businesses. I also believe that you need to credit you for all your hard work as well. At the end of the day anyone can have a great role model but it truly takes your own hard work and dedication to make things happen. I started sharing planner content on IG, Tik Tok, YouTube and Pinterest. It started with me wanting to for years but was scared to start. Until, I finally pushed myself to go for it because I am passionate about it. Doing video is a lot of work and I can only imagine adding a whole business and more to the plate. I’m proud to see both of you succeeding in life. You both have inspired me and so many more people. Love you guys!!!
  • Eric Thurow
    Great Show Among Friends
    This is such a great show of two really good friends that share their stories of each other throughout the years.
  • Viol01
    So nice how you branch out and do it all
  • Lobosmain
    Another influencer with a basic podcast
    Obviously brought on Christian for his first episode because he knows he brings in the views. Just seems like Maxx is trying way too hard at this point. Wasn’t he complaining about his YouTube videos getting crap views? Is this another thing he’ll be complaining about in the near future. Just stick to selling your candy Maxx.
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