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Pray.com’s Heroes in the Bible is an extraordinary audio series hosted by esteemed biblical scholar, Dr. Tony Evans. This innovative series delves into the profound tales of despair and victory woven into the lives of the most revered figures in the Bible.

The inaugural journey of this series illuminates the life of one of the Bible’s most influential heroes, David—from humble beginnings as a shepherd to his ascension as King. This series highlights the extraordinary within the ordinary, exploring his incredible experiences through cinematic storytelling. Prepare to be inspired by the transformative power of the Bible!

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Each episode revitalizes the biblical narratives, skillfully rendering these timeless stories through the lens of an array of distinct voice actors. The soundscapes are painted with cinematic precision, accompanied by bespoke musical scores, creating a deeply immersive auditory experience. 

Heroes in the Bible transcends traditional storytelling, serving as a vibrant, sonic tableau that brings these historical narratives to life. Designed to captivate the adult Christian listener, this series offers an innovative method to engage with and understand the Bible, fostering a deeper connection to these stories of faith and resilience. With each episode, be prepared to embark on an auditory pilgrimage, experiencing the Bible as never before.

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Recent Reviews
  • sexygirl123
    This is just what I needed to hear
    I look forward to listening every week and am excited when new episodes come out. It helps me understand the Bible so much better!! I can’t stop listening. I listen on my way to work every week when it comes out because I want to be immersed in the story and I feel like I’m being transported back in time to that biblical story every time I listen. I wish this could be like a tv series or something that follows along with each episode because I’m so hooked. I actually picture it as a show in my head as I’m listening to it. I love this series so far!
  • Shawnna 45
    Something amazing to listen to
    I have been looking for something like this to listen I’m so excited
  • Theophilus 051016
    Encouraging and exciting!
    A powerful and exciting dramatization of 1 & 2 Samuel, starting with Saul and going on to David. It’s like an audiobook along with some deep and wonderful insights and applications from Dr. Tony Evans. It reminds a little of an audio version of “The Chosen” TV show about the life of Jesus. Well worth your time!
  • SuckIt2MeLegs
    Heroes in the Bible
    I love it! I’m learning so much, I can’t get enough! I wish we didn’t have to wait a week between new episodes though. Thank you for your blessings…
  • God’sWarrior
    Exactly what I needed. Praise God, Amen Amen and Amen 🙏
  • kcrozzie
    Awesome Podcast
    I have listened to this podcast since the beginning, and eagerly anticipate it every week. Dr. Evans provides such awesome commentaries and the actors who present the stories make God’s Word come to life. I eagerly await many more episodes.
  • mlo808
  • NotScrooge
    The wisdom of Dr. Tony Evans is beyond the natural. Thank you Dr. for sharing the gifts that God has placed inside of you with the world !
  • afpdje
    Really enjoy listening to these!
  • Omran26
    Good Pod cast
    Enjoying listing to it.
  • Providman
    Amazing Bible experience
    This has been a God send. Dr Tony Evans gives a fresh perspective on the episode before the storytelling takes place. His insights help me understand what is happening. And then at the end he wraps it up with thought provoking details. I've never heard anything like this before. A true experience of the history and faith of David from the Bible. Bless you!
  • Imakeup4You
    Amazing storytelling Dr Tony Evans
    Dr Tony Evans is the best pastor. Thank you and the pray.com team for this show. David’s story has so many lessons to learn from and shows us why we need to be closer to God. Love the first episode and the production that you have done. I will be listening to the rest of the series this week. Thank you thank you!!!
  • SammyRaeB
    Love the Bible stories ♥️
    Thank you Dr Evans for creating such an amazing storytelling experience about King David’s story. The sound effects and music really bring these Bible stories to life and make me feel like I’m watching it! I found it from Pray.com app! Please keep releasing more episodes, I can’t wait for the next one🙏
  • Nickiydocs
    Look forward to the next story
    Pray.com brings these stories to life through this podcast deepening my understanding of the Bible.
  • Rascalking75
    Right message!
    This is the way!
  • Michaell Klumpp
    Being able to discuss and view events in the Bible as stories help for it to be less rigid and allow it to be remembered like we remember stories from history classes
  • Ranad87
    Excellent podcast
    Thus an excellent podcast because you feel at ease and relieved at the same time about life. It’s inspirational and so soothing. It always makes my day better when I listen to it.
  • Holyscrap
    His voice is so soothing and the podcasts are uplifting and entertaining as well as Biblically sound
  • BrogdonAA
    Best podcast!
    Very good!
  • Poleabear
    Whenever and wherever
    I love how Dr.Evans added multiple sources for his listeners. It is a convenience. His resources are in different platforms like Spotify, Apple and pray. I have been enjoying his teachings about the Bible and learning.
  • teddycapitalist
    This podcast is edifying for the believer. Good stuff.
  • AJordan9295
    I didn’t think I was gonna like it cause I’ve been told this stories left and right since I was little and I can rehearse them just as if they are a movie that I saw to many times but you make me listen cause you made it interesting you made it understandable and more inspiring by just your background noise and deep enough voice that I can still hear you while you read this with all the noise in the background and it make me feel as if I was there I knew what was gonna happen cause I knew the Story but yet I wanted to listen I wanted to know what happened so this story telling is fun thank you I can’t wait to have my kids listen too
  • jpkfstbfj
    Great podcast
    Great job presenting the story of David based on the Bible.
  • Sneejay
    The Bible comes to life
    The story telling voice acting and over production of this podcast is amazing! A must listen
  • 70Kalm
    Great variety
    Apple Podcasts have such a variety there’s something for everyone check it out for yourself you won’t be disappointed and glad you did
  • daniquaaa
    Love listening to this podcast!
  • 95thomas
    Great Podcast
    Uplifting message
  • NC disciple
    Very well done
    So much to love about this podcast. Love how it begins with Scripture filled prayer to prepare our hearts for what we are about to hear. The voice of the narrator is a wonderful, calm but commanding voice that is perfect for storytelling. Thank you Dr. Evans for putting this podcast together and for, from the beginning, making it clear that these heroes are but a reflection of the one true Hero of the story - the Lord Jesus!
  • Samuelricks
    Heros of the Bible
    Anything that Dr. Tony Evans is a part of, I trust. He is a man of God and he teaches the Bible as it should. After listening to the 1st story, I know this is going to be a great journey through the greatest stories told. I’m about to listen to the 2nd story now. Thanks Dr. Evans for sending us this.
  • Meredee2022
    Really good podcast
    Informative and helpful in my Bible walk
  • salapare.ryan
    Great podcast!
    So informative!
  • auyoungc
    Great material
    Excellent content. A short form variation of each podcast would be nice — something around the 10-min mark would be perfect. Love the inspiration & direction.
  • Joy_Deberge
    heroes in the Bible
    I think this podcast is extremely educational. In today increasing non religious population I think its important that people out the education on the Bible and giving people a chance to build their faith. I 100% recommend this podcast for you and your family.
  • Hough747
    Voices, background audio, music make engaging
    The added elements of unique voices for characters and background music in addition to the narrator make the podcast a much more engaging experience for listeners.
  • PedroooM
    Nice podcast!
  • Mperez1911
    Great wholesome truth
    This podcast brings us the greatest stories in the Bible with wholesome truth! Would recommend for any Christian
  • PansyJazz
    Very well done and greatly appreciated!
    I love being taught & encouraged by God’s Word! Thank you, Dr. Evans! Can’t wait to share with my grandchildren & friends!,
  • Staysea209
    Know more about the word of God
    Highly recommended
  • Honest Reviews/
    Great podcast I love it. I’m definitely showing my grandma this, she’ll love it as well.
  • Esungyoon
    One of the best
    This is one of the best podcasts for the Bible I’ve ever had the blessing of listening to. I’ve been a Christian all my life and the stories told on this podcast are just incredible. The voice is amazing as well, super soothing.
  • mickymouse8888
    Great podcast
    Love it
  • Renee Smoot
    Heroes of the Bible
    Good podcast!
  • LLLFar
    Great way to start the day
    This is nice when driving to work! Great way to start the day off with God. :)
  • TheBuffalos
    Exciting Podcast
    Love listening to the reading of the Bible with characters and sound effects! Makes the Bible come alive and I am able to remember the Word better.
  • PrairieDancer
    Hero’s of the Bible
    This is an amazing podcast. When I’m busy in my house I can play this & learn more about the Bible. It is very very close to the Bible which is a breath of fresh air🙏🏼💕
  • dcslex
    Love it!
    It really gets you involved. It help you a lot with understanding the Bible. I always look forward to the next episodes!
  • Melissa Rodgers
    Thank you god
    I came across this podcast from pray.com. It’s a great podcast. Me and my husband listen to it and we love it. I can’t thank God enough for his grace and mercy 🙏🏻
  • Quigongen
    I’m enjoying the dramatization of Heroes in the Bible. I can’t wait until Friday to listen to the new installment. It has been insightful for me to see myself in the characters being portrayed especially Saul. I may not like it but I have to admit, “OMG Lord, that’s me, I’m guilty of doing that”. Praise God that I can recognize where I have errored, repent and ask for forgiveness and move on! Thank you for the time and effort placed into creating this series! J. Jones
  • H. Victoria
    Heroes of the Bible
    Truly a blessing!!
  • Did shekel
    Going to add these into recreational activity for homeschool curriculum with my kiddo
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