Heroes in the Bible with Dr. Tony Evans


Pray.com’s Heroes in the Bible is an extraordinary audio series hosted by esteemed biblical scholar Dr. Tony Evans. This innovative series delves into the profound tales of despair and victory woven into the lives of the most revered figures in the Bible.

Season 1 of this series brought the story of David to life —from humble beginnings as a shepherd to his ascension as King. Season 2 of Heroes in the Bible showcases the greatest story ever told -- the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This series will take us down the harrowing path from Nazareth to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born. We will ascend the mountain where Jesus was tempted by Satan and sail through choppy seas where He walked on water. Then, we will behold the gruesome glory of the cross, where Jesus defeated sin and death.

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Each episode revitalizes the biblical narratives, skillfully rendering these timeless stories through the lens of an array of distinct voice actors. The soundscapes are painted with cinematic precision, accompanied by bespoke musical scores, creating a deeply immersive auditory experience.

Heroes in the Bible transcends traditional storytelling, serving as a vibrant, sonic tableau that brings these historical narratives to life. Designed to captivate the adult Christian listener, this series offers an innovative method to engage with and understand the Bible, fostering a deeper connection to these stories of faith and resilience. With each episode, be prepared to embark on an auditory pilgrimage, experiencing the Bible as never before.

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