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Three playful movie reviewers break down a variety of film franchises by dedicating a podcast to every single sequel, reboot, and spin-off in a series. In-depth conversations cover production history, literary sources, gossip, merchandising, and personal opinion with humor and critical insight. No cinematic universe is too obscure or sacred! Over 1,200 reviews at

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  • wwechamps say no
    Best movie podcast
    I have been listening for a long time. I relisten to podcasts on road trips and find them enlightening. But most important, in today’s pandemic, it is like watching a movie with a few good friends and discussing what you got out of it. They are great bringing different perspectives. Very entertaining. Butttttt .. y’all are so brutal on todays horror it comes off like old man yelling at the sky. Hate to tell you, insidious and conjuring are really good. It’s you.
  • FilmLover181
    One of the Best Podcasts for FIlm Lovers
    There are so many film review podcasts out there and most of them aren't very good. But these three guys really stand out. They're insightful and funny. This show gets a big thumbs up from me.
  • IsMayonaisseAnInstrument
    Great film review podcast!
    This is one of (if not the best) podcasts for film reviews I’ve ever heard in my search. The panel comes off as relaxed and friendly and yet know what they’re talking about in regards to the films they review, and man what an extensive library of film reviews they have. I have already put them in my circulation of regular podcasts.
  • Schneeth
    Best movie podcast out there!
    I've checked out quite a few different podcasts that review movie and by far, theses guys are the best. They are well educated in film, and they are very entertaining. They do their research, and have great chemistry between them. If the movie is bad, good, great, mediocre, or flat out terrible, you'll enjoy the way they break it down. Keep it up guys!
  • Random Nick Name 50987
    The one film podcast to rule them all!
    I have been bouncing around from film podcast to film podcast. Some are little more than a casual conversation. Some are insightful but extremely profane. However, “Now Playing” is that rare perfect balance of listenability, depth, and fun! Highly recommend!
  • Mailed-Fist
    Usually Awesome!
    I think this show is wonderful and is in my regular podcast rotation. I have listened for years and donated more than once. Some episodes have been listened to half a dozen times. So, why four starts and not five? The only reason I’m holding back on a perfect score is that sometimes Arnie offers his opinion on how hot actresses (and sometimes even extras) are, and the needless objectification makes me uncomfortable. Every other host on the show manages to keep it professional except for him. Arnie is always the one ogling and it’s always cringey when he does it. That said, it’s a recommend for Now Playing.
  • earth vs. soup
    So great
    I look forward to this every week!
  • Jessicava311
    Great podcast
    I may not agree with all their opinions, I appreciate their chemistry and knowledge of movies.
  • justinluv403
    Good Movie List But Irritating Host
    If you’ve ever seen High Fidelity where a customer makes the observation that the three geeks who run the record store all feel like unappreciated scholars who dump on people who know less than them (which is everyone in their minds), then you know what this podcast is about. Especially Arnie. He comes off as a person with no experience in film who relishes in his self-appointed role as an “expert”. While I’ve enjoyed some of the takes and love the film choices, he is just too much to take. A nasally and at times whiny voice but-picking films in a desperate attempt to seem…cool? Relevant? Knowledgeable?
  • not recommend dir
    I like the podcast but…
    I’ve listened to Now Playing for years a fan of it but I kinda find it annoying that every episode contains a 9/11 reference guys every movie doesn’t contain a 9/11 scene I could put a whole 2 hour podcast with every reference. The other thing is KEEP YOUR POLITICS OUT if you don’t like someone cool keep it off the mic. Next is they say their completest I’m sorry but their not Arnie has yet to complete something he set out to do (Incredible Hulk/Stephen King) don’t say that you are a completest and not finish what you started. Finally there’s an episode of Family Guy where Peter goes up to someone with a violin and says “Give me money Give me money Give me money” that’s how I feel when their at the end of the episode we need money we need money. Final thought they put out a book back in 2017 why in 2022 as a backer I finally got it STRONG NOT RECOMMENDED for that. But I do like their reviews don’t get me wrong I find them entertaining but with all those problems I still listen just chill with all of that and complete something
  • texstoryteller
    Not as good as it use to be
    While I enjoy listening to these guys, inevitably one of them will make an offense stereotypical remark which diminishes their credibility. I use to support this show through donations but no more. I’m tired of these unnecessary offense remarks. Maybe they will learn one day.
  • Rogue Investor
    Please don’t use nonsensical pronouns. It’s confusing to the flow of the conversation
  • jps in austin
    Insightful reviews
    Great camaraderie, insightful analysis, and differing opinions (at times) allows me to enjoy their podcast. I skip around episodes bc I don’t see as many movies as they appear to do.
  • Bamboormsby
    Love these guys
    I’ve been listening for a few years now. Arnie and the gang are awesome. They stick to mostly mainstream franchises (pretty much anything that has a sequel) and they approach their films with sometimes entirely different perspectives. Definitely a collection of arthouse flicks in there as well, their catalogue is pretty extensive! Every review is roughly the length of the film, edited very well, and recorded with care and love for movies. Strong green arrow for Now Playing.
  • Grace & Thanks
    Thank you!
    Excellent podcast. One of my favorites, if not favorite. Very entertaining and informative. I really enjoy listening in my day to day. Just a quick thank you and well wishes to all.
  • ChippCrow
    Very well done
    Very well done podcast. Time is put into putting very good shows together. Very knowledgeable. Can be a little harsh sometimes, but that comes with being movie critics. One of my favorite podcasts. I love these guys.
  • Dingo San
    I just listened to The Two Jakes episode. That’ll do it for me. They’ve seen the film once, didn’t follow the basic plot, and don’t know about basic things like wire recordings. The film is a 90s take on noir, just like Chinatown is a 70s take. It’s a simulacrum. These guys need to read some books (start with Frederic Jameson’s Postmodernism) and not “give up halfway through the film.” There are too many characters, really? It’s no Chinatown, but as many have noted, like Roger Ebert, it’s a great film. It’s not about the mystery, it’s about characters. Both Jakes are incapable of doing what they think men should be able to do. One gives up, one keeps trying.
  • Jdibhe
    More moronic liberals
    More leftists who are stupid enough to think that trump is the most evil person to ever walk the face of the earth and have to shoehorn it into every review. Get over yourselves
  • TheMatrix
    Informatively Hilarious
    The Star Trek series hooked me in. And their other reviews are just as good. Having three opinions makes for a better review. These guys are great! 2023 Update: sound quality has gotten worse, maybe from more remote recording?
  • Leather n lace
    Used to be great
    This used to be my movie review go to podcast. The chemistry used to be great but it seems like ever since they added Marjorie the show is not enjoyable at all. She is only on the show because of her husband and honestly her voice and contribution to the episodes bring nothing to the table. She is super annoying and try to be funny but fails. For the love of god you need to get rid of marjorie. I know I'm not the only one with the annoyance of Marjorie
  • horgar
    Slop-Monkey leftist dribble
    Yet another entertainment podcast that is really just a vehicle for leftist propaganda.
  • Mrstubenadickt
    Covered on all sides
    I really appreciate this podcast for how they make sure to have a newbie, a moderate familiar and a fan on every show. Though u may not always agree with all of them I like to listen to how and why their opinions differ and why. This also leads to some good comedic arguments. They also do so many ad on reviews to movie series that aren’t really necessary but amazing. They are also pretty fearless in the face of the fan bases of franchises. Giving “not recommend’s” regardless of the fall out. They express their true opinions. If you really deep dive some of them even change their opinions after a few years to reflect or a reboot is so bad it makes the old ones look better lol. 🎟🎟🎟
  • Jamie DSK
    Overall: great
    This might be my favorite podcast. Incredible backlog, which is made even better by their format. Not much “what you been up to?” talk, just solid reviews. I don’t always agree with the hosts but almost always enjoy hearing the differing opinions. If you like movie podcasts give them a follow and maybe a few bucks.
  • EmanMcWeegor
    A room of Tarantinos
    I appreciate the points of views and the ground they cover. My only gripe is that it sounds like a bunch of Quentin Tarantinos yelling at each other. Interrupt that as you will.
  • BoxFamily
    Slow decline into mediocrity
    Once upon a time I enjoyed listening to this podcast. Then came the time when they felt like everything needed to be ridiculed and hated on. If you don’t enjoy watching certain movies then don’t do series on them. It gets old listening to people complain about things.
  • Joshua "gammamantium" Selser
    I am a musician and comic book enthusiast. I say that to say this/ I actually have to make myself listen to music sometimes, because I listen to Now playing so much. If there is a movie you don't care for, it is exponentially more entertaining to listen to this team of reviewers "rip it a new one". Great podcast. (Btw, I didn’t think this podcast could get any better until I read some of the ridiculous whining in the reviews which were almost as entertaining!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣)
  • DustinPhilipson
    ‘Now Playing’ Is one of the Greats!
    I just discovered these guys! And what fantastic content they produce— in contrast to some other movie podcasts that tend to just de-evolve in to a lot of circular, mindless chit chat — — the ‘Now Playing’ crew keeps their pod episodes trimmed and focused. These guys are definitely humorous, but they go deep on every movie they cover as well. It’s obvious this team does a lot of research for each episode, so you get great trivia along side winsome delivery and impassioned opinions. Example: I highly recommend their series on David Lynch. I’m a huge Lynch-Head, and I’m still learning a lot (all the while, getting a great mix of informed yet varied opinions on Lynch’s filmography & importance as a auteur). These guys deserve to be at the forefront of the ‘greatest movie podcasts’ conversation Keep it up ‘Now Playing’ Team!
  • kfedsuperduper
    A must podcast for movie lovers
    I’ve been listening to Now Playing since 2009. That’s some serious staying power for a podcast when there are so many movie review podcasts out there. I still look forward to new episodes.
  • joe.perrotti.98
    Love the show!
    These dudes are great, and they’re always my go-to for work and other down time. They always offer great insight into films, have well put together arguments, and offer plenty of behind the scenes facts. All of the hosts are great, and I especially appreciate Stuart’s filmmaking knowledge. I feel like I learn a lot when I listen to these guys and I’m usually always engaged with what they’re talking about, even if I don’t care to see the movie they’re reviewing! Give them a listen!
  • ellis kiny
    Love them
    They are very funny and I love them they help my anxiety break
  • Jcub16
    Millennial grudge
    Been listening to these guys for a good while Best movie reviewers around, beside Arnie being annoying most of the time my only gripe is their hate for younger generations. If they don’t get something it’s because the movie is for millennials lol Edit Arnie lost all credibility saying Lego Batman is his favorite Batman movie Get rid of Arnie and this review goes to 4
  • lennyo21477
    The Batman
    You 3 calling Pattinson unattractive is a joke. Why don’t you do something creative instead of sitting on your butts and judging folks?
  • Arndisney
    Great show until Arnie and Underdog
    I have listened to this show from the first episode. As of today, I will no longer listen. When one host recommended Underdog and not Goonies…he has lost all credibility! Listen on only if you want elitist opinions from pompous windbags.
  • JoeyCage
    Funny Guys
    I love hearing Arnie and Stuart stories
  • neflexuser57
    New idea
    Do squid games please we’re all wait for it so please take that into suggestion
  • heresthekicker
    Such a fun deep dive for movie lovers
    Was looking for a podcast about horror movies, just wanted to hear people who love the movies I love to chat it out and was thrilled to find this podcast because it’s ALL the movies I love and all the things I’ve wanted to hear more about. Even when they don’t love a movie, I learn a ton, have fun and then need to watch the movie anyway. I also love when they commit to a series - it’s like sitting with good friends who are nerding out while also bringing a lot of knowledge and appreciation to the table. Can’t get enough!!!
  • Partinaire
    Amazing Podcast
    I LOVE these podcasts. I just randomly stumbled across these and instantly fell in love. Some of the hosts (particularly Stuart) seemed really smug when discussing movies but over the past decade of listening I completely understand where he comes from. You can tell these host have a deep love and passion for film and I appreciate it. The put in a ton of work into this show. I randomly came across this podcast in 2012 while looking for a Nightmare on Elm Street review and their review was the PERFECT format for what I was looking for. So glad to have invested in this podcast.
  • Ghosty Gecko
    Used to be great
    I’ve been listening for over 10 years, and this used to be one of my favorite podcasts. I participated in most of their donation drives, and I even had one of their mouse pads. Nice discussion about movies and a comprehensive look at a franchise or filmography. HOWEVER. This show has really changed over the years. The hosts seemed to be frequently more and more pessimistic and negative when reviewing films. Not fun to listen to anymore. They’ve also become more political, frequently inserting much of their personal politics and worldview into the discussion. It’s starting to become grating. I’ve always found Jakob a little annoying, but now he is so pretentious and almost unbearable. Go back and listen to old episodes. Stay away from anything they’ve made in the last few years.
  • Tyler Bronson
    Too negative and becoming more concerned with money
    I really enjoy listening to these guys in a conversational style. These guys seem to know their stuff, but some of the hosts (depending on the retrospective), especially Stuart, take this way too seriously and are hypocritical at times. Some of the hosts shouldn't even be doing some if the retrospectives when they don't understand some of the material (like Arnie on the Rocky films). Thankfully, at times, they will call each other out on that sometimes. It's entertaining; but movies are made for entertainment and these guys sometimes forget that. Despite the flaws, I would recommend it. EDIT: Nov. 14, 2013 They've become too concerned about making money anymore. It's sad and ridiculous. I even suggested them reviewing the Godzilla series leading up to next year's "Godzilla" since, not only am I a fan of the series, but Stuart is as well. Nope. Arnie hates the series and said "it would be too much of the same." This makes no sense considering the NUMEROUS retrospectives they've had where such movies are repetitious (Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, etc.). But I guess those retrospectives are okay, because Arnie is a horror fan so they got the green light. Lame excuse. They've become increasingly negative as well and I don't sense the passion anymore. They continue to get information wrong about certain movies (their errors with the Rocky series is still irritating me even now and even getting a number of things wrong with the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World series) and are too arrogant. At times I feel like they are taking an indirect jab at people who enjoy some of the movies they review. I've lost my passion for this. They are becoming too concerned about money. This entire year has been filled with some sort of commercial about a donation drive where they're reviewing a particular set of films. It's not worth it. I used to like it, now I abhor it. There are better podcasts out there that review movies. Such podcasts have hosts that understand movies are about ENTERTAINMENT and not the stupid nit-picky stuff these guys talk about most of the time. You're better off checking out a different podcast.
  • Horror Movie Dad
    I want to like this so much more.
    I really want to like this podcast so much more, but they don’t seem to like most of the movies they review. I love listening to people talk about movies, but it can get really hard to listen to when all they do is nitpick. That’s not to say that there aren’t some really good episodes, there are, but you never know if you’re going to get a good one or one where they bash a film.
  • The Realest Lewser
    5 stars but
    Great podcast but they don’t seem to like many movies, and sometimes it gets unbearable (dr strange review), but i will say i do appreciate the time they put into each episode Hard recommend Keep up the good work fellas
  • riobc
    Opinions! How wonderful!
    Now Playing is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s so refreshing to find movie reviewers who are honest and aren’t afraid to have discussions that are contrary to the popular “critic” opinion. I’m baffled by some of the reviews I’ve seen here that refer to the hosts as “woke” “rude” or any other unflattering term. The hosts of this show not only neither of those things, they are some the most informative, thorough, and entertaining movie reviewers I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. Now Playing is a podcast I listen to to learn new things and details I may have missed myself in a film. I guess don’t listen if you’re looking for the same exact regurgitated takes from Twitter or Reddit?
  • tulsajim2
    5 stars even though reviewers think Jan 6th was like 9/11
    I love listening to the reviews, they are very entertaining. However, comparing murderous terrorists to Jan 6th over and over makes me think the reviewers have lost their minds. Batman was a terrible but beautifully shot movie that I am only glad I saw because then I could enjoy this podcast. Great show, ridiculous political commentary.
  • Rick12424
    The only podcast I donate to
    There are some truly terrible reviews that confuse me. Saying the hosts are rude, or “virtue signal” makes my head explode Ala Scanners. Stuart hits nothing but home runs and his mother once frightened him as a child yelling that Michael Myers as in the house. Arnie has held about 1045 jobs in his lifetime by my count because he always says he used to work in (blank) and is the backbone of this series by hosting almost each and every one of them. Jakob is hilarious and throws side comments that make me laugh. Then Justin comes on and called the new Uncharted “the Goonie- Ana Jones Code” which pretty much dropped the mic. I love these guys. I’ve donated every time they offer bonus content because I want them to have my money to buy awful imported blu rays to review. Thank you Stuart, Arnie, Jakob, Justin and Brock… James Brock for all you do.
  • ClapperGal
    Love Their Insights
    Podcast has the perfect banter among the podcasters. Makes time fly. Their reviews are not always on the same page amongst them but they still are able to have a good dos issuing about their view points. Love this show.
    Woke garbage
    I was an avid subscriber for 10 years. Apparently the pandemic broke the podcast and they have become whiny little snowflakes and the podcast has become unbearable. Unsubscribe
  • ThingFromSpace
    Books and Nachos is back! Love this cast
    Excellent show. Stuart is my spirit animal. JUST DO THE GODZILLA SERIES PLEASE!
  • s4wyer
    The ultimate movie review podcast
    As a movie lover this is my favorite movie podcast. I’ve listened to a lot of podcast but none of them cover more movies than this one. As a horror lover I really appreciate the amount of horror that is reviewed as well as the knowledge the hosts have and the completionist nature of the show. No longer must I watch terrible horror alone. The format of the show makes me feel like I’m watching my favorite movie when listening which makes the episodes really listenable. The ample amount of free content also is awesome. The hosts really make the show though. All are great at expressing their thoughts and the current main three are consistently fun to listen to. This podcast is a strong recommend.
  • EDavis1973
    I tried
    I tried to like this one. Got through Friday The 13th through Halloween. They lost me though. Sometimes a movie should just be fun. They don't seem to like many of the movies they watch. You can review something and not be judgemental. And just too much for me. If you would like a good movie podcast, check out the Gr80s
  • Harryschill25
    Best Movie podcast
    Very entertaining. The show is a mix of geeks(Arnie, who loves superheroes and horror) , and Stuart( who has a sharp sense of humor and dislikes lazy franchise filmmaking. The two are good friends and it shows. They have stories about their own lives and their friendship as well as analyzing every scene. They talk about actors, storytelling structure, all the good stuff. Great show for movie lovers!
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