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What’s your favorite scary movie? Are you a fanatic or a fraidy-cat? Love them or loathe them? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Each week, horror fan Mikey will take Horror Virgin Todd through the encyclopedia of horror one movie at a time. We’ll discuss classics as well as fan favorites, with the occasional new release thrown in for good measure. Mikey will make inappropriate Todd will scream like a little girl at every jump scare. Every. Single. One. It’s hilarious. Prepare yourself for spoilers, tangents, and lots of irreverent fun.Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @HorrorVirginMake sure to join us as we tear Todd’s soul apart!

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  • good damages
    (Please read in movie guy voice if picked) In a world where the horrors outside keep us in three people laugh in the face of horror. End lol I absolutely love this podcast between the facts I learn about movies to the laughs and in back and forth of everyone in this show Todd , Jen and Mikey are sitting on a gold mine.
  • Bahamut_89
    You all are awesome!
    You all make my days better. I love horror movies and I’ve watched some I have missed because of you. You all appeared on SinCast and I have been an advent listener ever since. Jen, you are awesome and I appreciate all of your insight! I definitely have a better appreciation and changed views of my life because of you. Todd, you are hilarious! I love your catch phrases and you make horror movies funny in a good way! Mikey! I love the...patronicles? And your back and forth with Todd is awesome. Keep up the good work!
  • Joe but-not-rogan
    Favorite Podcast
    (Please read in a southern gentlemen’s voice if picked haha) Absolutely love this podcast. As a horror/thriller writer it always interests me how/why people get scared. The dynamic between Tod, Mikey, and Paige is stellar. I had some hard times in my early twenties and as dumb as it sounds movies like Final Destination 1 and 2 helped me through. Great podcast for anyone who wants in depth conversation where it gets real, or just cracking jokes with good friends.
  • Cjbreen
    Best Horror Movie Podcast
    As a horror movie fan, I love this podcast! It is hilarious and also great for finding out hidden facts about movies that are so fascinating. It’s a great podcast if you don’t want to watch the movie and a great podcast for those who love horror movies and want to hear some great commentary. I am obsessed!
  • Noah2428
    Thank you for the laughs!
    Great show Everyone! Thank you so much for the smiles !
  • R013075
    Awesome podcast
    I love this podcast, if you want an awesome found footage film watch Hell House LLC !! Thanks fir this podcast Ronald W Rushing Sr. Y’all rock !!!
  • Reggie092800
    The Horror Virgin (My First Review)
    I began listening to this podcast 2 months ago & I have fallen in love with you guys. Todd and Mikey are very hilarious and I always find myself laughing out loud to them. I highly recommend horror fans to listen to this very fun podcast.
  • Big Bad Voodoo Mama
    Scaring the lonelies away!
    Hey Horror Virgin Crew! just wanted to pop in finally and give you that juicy 5 star review on Itunes you definetly earn with every single episode! A good friend recently got me into Spotify for podcasts and yours was one of the first I subbed to and it's been a gas ever since! I've gotten used to living alone and the void that accompanies that lifestyle can be pretty everpresent but having you three chiming along as I do work and chores makes the emptiness feel much less empty! Thanks for all your hard work and I can't wait for your next Spooktasm (sorry Todd lol)! Much love, Voods
  • girl who must not be named
    This will be the best part of your Monday
    Mikey, read this with the same stress level of Sam Loomis explaining how many times he shot Michael. I started listening to this podcast when my boyfriend recommended it when I commuted for 4 hours home on the weekend awhile back and I have been a constant listener since. The chemistry of the hosts is unmatched and they never take the movies too seriously. Nothing but love, laughs and talking horror movies! Thank you guys for all the time you put into this, can’t wait to see what you all do next!
  • Elizabeth Hope
    I do declare, this is one magnificent pod.
    I found your podcast at the beginning of the year and I’ve been hooked ever since. I listen to you guys at night when my chronic illnesses keep me awake. The camaraderie, humor and insight of Paige, Mikey, and Todd help make difficult nights all the easier to bear. Also, the first confederate ouija board bit made me nearly laugh a lung up, so you know what accent this review calls for Mikey. This a fantastic podcast that will make you feel like you just spent time with your good friends talking shop about horror movies. A+ recommendation.
  • JessicaDrewFanClub
    This pod can get it!!
    **Please read in a posh Victorian accent** What more is their to say about this pod then what’s already been written? Paige has an amazing sense of humor, just hearing Todd’s voice makes me smiles and Mikey has the most infectious laugh out there. I listened to a ton of episodes while going threw some depression and it’s my little serotonin boost that gets me through the day. I would give it more stars if possible!
  • It how sleeps
    New Favorite
    Love it❤️
  • jonnytruant89
    This podcast can get it!
    Mikey please read this in the style of Tony Todd—- This podcast has become one of my favorite go-tos when I’m at work...The movies they pick range from classics to the obscure and whatever House 2 is...the hosts are incredibly charming and knowledgeable...First you got Mikey...adorable, cuddly, and solely obsessed with being a “Good Guy”...(Don’t worry Mikey, you are I promise) Then there’s Todd...wacky, full of catchphrases, with great insight on film production...And there’s Jen...oh wait...where did Jen go? OH MY GOD JEN IS GONE WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!!!! Oh hey Paige! Sooooo much love Jonny Rulon Ps...MAKE A TAPE!!!!!!!
  • " " -eHob
    You can get [5 of the stars]
    As someone who relies heavily on podcasts to get through work and the nightmare that is school during a pandemic, I was so lucky to have found you guys! Even though it’s been a week since my discovery - after countless hours of catching up, I feel like I’ve been with you all since the beginning! I’ve laughed with Mikey, jumped with Todd, felt a piece of my soul get torn out after Jenn left, and was indirectly coerced into joining a cult by Paige. But not just any cult: The Horror Virgin Family Facebook group, where I was welcomed by people who were far less messed up than the average cult member. Not to mention there’s a Patreon with even more content specifically tailored for viewings at 3:17am. Regardless of all the extras, the real gold is right here and there’s no excuse for missing it. Keep it up, I’m excited to see how far you guys go, and Mikey, even though the odds are super low, there might be someone out there for you so don’t give up!
  • vdkgvffjnhb
    Who’s ready to do some podding
    Hey what’s going on guys I discovered the podcast my accident and it was the best thing ever I work nights and often find myself in creepy areas (I do auto Reposession) and I will say I’m almost caught up on all episodes love what you guys are doing best wishes
  • Frustrated_really
    Love y’all!
    I’d been looking for a new podcast to binge, and as a lover of horror movies, I’m so glad I found you guys! You make even scarier movies fun to talk about and your banter and reviews are fun and entertaining! Todd/Mikey/Paige, keep up the good work and block out the haters! Much love from Tennessee!
  • BrilolBell
    LOVE IT 👻👻👻
    I’ve always loved scary movies but I hit a snag with the genre after getting a little too scared watching Sinister several years ago. I’ve started watching scary movies again and I remembered how much I loved them. This pod is amazing because the hosts explain the plot of the movie and add humor and it helps me decide if I want to watch that movie or not. Essentially Todd is my emotional guinea pig. 😂 Also, my favorite scary movie is As Above So Below and I have an even greater appreciation for that movie after listening to the episode. Y’all are awesome and I will miss you Jen. ♥️
  • silencerulean
    Lost Without Jenn!
    I used to love this and loved supporting them financially. Now the Patreon is a joke with Mikey “running” it and while Paige knows her stuff I (nor my wife) can listen to her any longer. She’s sexist, plain and simple. If Todd and Mikey constantly spoke about women and their bodies/looks in the way Paige does this podcast would be long gone. Additionally, we get it, you live in LA, ooh! Some of us are also from LA and get tired of constantly hearing about LA as if it makes you cool somehow. Paige is like a Vegan or someone who does CrossFit, she has to constantly tell you about how she lives in LA every single chance she gets! I get they needed a new third person, but seriously, she’s ruined the show for both of us. RIP my formerly favorite podcast.
  • Derek Is A Cool Guy
    Love it!
    I reluctantly chose this podcast when the Evil Dead 2 episode came out because I was caught up with all of my other podcasts. I’ve been listening to your episodes at the gym to make time to by faster. It took me by surprise when the first episodes had an entirely different line up. The current line up you all have is AMAZING. The chemistry between you 3 and Paige’s research has kept me coming back for more!
  • dk9231
    Toby’s secret cookie recipe to DIE for!!
    This podcast is worth getting the strange looks at work when I giggle like a little girl with my headphones in. Love you guys and enjoy the new addition. Paige, just like In The movie “The Replacements “ you are the Keanu to the new and improved team.
  • Pod Hound
    Courage the Cowardly Pod
    Thank you for giving me to courage to watch some scary movies. I spend my days listening in so that I can (1) impress people with my newly found pop culture knowledge and (2) prepare myself for jump scares and/or fake outs.
  • This-wasnt-taken
    I’m not good at titles but this podcast is great
    (If picked please read in demon Toby secret voice) This podcast is so great and so much fun. I started listening after it was mentioned on The Cults podcast and binged a bunch of episodes. Once I got to the episode As Above So Below I knew I had to get my husband to listen to it too. We went and listened to a lot of old ones together, though he refuses to listen to the ones without Mikey, and now we listen together every week. It’s been especially nice to listen together while we both work from home. The hosts all have incredible chemistry and it feels a lot like hanging out with friends. Paige is such a great addition that I don’t even mind she’s on half the podcasts I listen too now. Todd is hilarious especially when he is scared and both Paige’s and Mikey’s laugh will make you laugh right along with them. Everyone should give this podcast a listen. Ps- Thank you Mikey for following me back on Instagram and not my husband because now I get to brag/tease him that his favorite member thought I was more interesting.
  • Kurtiz kidd
    Ever since I found this podcast I have been binging it! The cast is fantastic and the commentary is the funniest thing! I definitely will keep listening!
  • jwford
    Loud, obnoxious and stupid
    Todd more than fits the bill for all three. I’m not sure why anyone would want to listen to that grating, irritating, and repellent voice with the abundance of other offerings out there. And, Mikey can be just as exhausting at times. Paige is the podcasts only saving grace, but sadly she’s not enough to keep me listening.
  • PiperMK
    Keeps my nights less terrifying
    (If picked, please read this in a valley girl voice; vocal fry to the hilt). I’m a professional equine braider, working all night by myself. Lately though, I don’t feel so alone; I’ve got Todd, Paige, and Mikey keeping me company on these long nights! Todd always makes me laugh with his reactions, Mikey gives me a good idea of how scary a film will be (I probably shouldn’t trust his judgement THAT much, winky blinky), and Paige had a soothing voice that makes the dark less scary. This was a really long winded way so saying that you three make my 12 hour shifts so much cooler. I’ve binged almost all of your episodes in 2 weeks and even got my Horror Virgin boyfriend interested. Thank you, guys!
  • Superlastcall
    I look forward to new episodes
    I’ve been listening for a long time and can’t believe I’m just now rating. I loved it before, but I gotta say that I think I love it even more now that Paige is there!
  • Todd Stan
    Favorite podcast!!
    Brando the commando here and I’ve been listening to podcasts for months now and you guys are hilarious I work at night shift so listening to your podcast gets me through the night!!! Keep up the great work guys !!! (It was my birthday on Monday so I’m 22 years old) (Todd let the ladies know that I’m ... I AM SINGLE LADIES!!!!)
  • RaptorMyers
    Horror Love
    I finally got caught up! Im super sad because now i have to wait for episodes weekly. I love these guys Tod is super funny and love the fact the horror movies scare him. Paige is such a great addiction to the show. Mikey is funny and he can get it. 😂 Please read in Freddy Krueger voice 🖤🔪🖤🔪🖤🔪🖤👻👻👻🎃
  • BubbleButtBobo
    Read this like colonel sanders
    I do declare, this podcast is a masterpiece of comedy mixed with friendly hazing. Todd, as a fellow member of the Horror Virgin-onicles, I feel your agonizing pain of these movies, but we shall make it through the night! Mikey, as a fellow big man with a big heart I relate to your glorious views on many of these movies, and the one thing I am scared of more than these movies is commitment. Paige, though we have not known you long, may we have a long a prosperous relationship. Your analytical mind is phenomenal in contrast to these 2 knuckleheads that we all know and love. Thank you all for make this community’s week a little brighter in these dark times. Titan up baby!
  • J2994
    Super entertaining!
    Just found this podcast recently and it’s incredibly entertaining. It’s currently October and I’ve found myself listening to 2-3 episodes a day as it’s really been getting me into the Halloween spirit !
  • WyrdWulf
    Just because
    Mikey has to read this like he’s Todd. In my search to find good horror podcasts to listen to, The Horror Virgin has stood out as a strong second. I’m sorry guys!!! They do everything I want to listen to. It’s not just another bullet point break down, they actually have a conversation about what they’ve watched and force me to think about how I feel about these movies, just like Jen (ugh). I didn’t get inside Todd enough, nailed it! I just wanted to heard Mikey imitate Todd. Love you guys, thanks.
  • blcwdw
    So satisfying
    So I came across the podcast through True Obsessed Crime Podcast and although I absolutely love talking about horror movies (my favorite type) I absolutely love when you guys laugh at your own jokes. It’s the best!!!
  • ryloc93
    So Happy
    I’m so glad I came across the pod. Paige is a great addition and I’m loving Romancing the Pod too; this trio is perfect for riffing on any subject and had instant chemistry.
  • Ashley Jello
    My latest obsession
    I absolutely love this podcast! Todd and Mikey are great and super funny! I loved Jenn, and now I love Paige! They made the transition so smooth and Paige fits right it! I’ve listened to almost all episodes over the last month and can’t wait for more! Definitely join the facebook group to get to interact with Todd and Mikey, they’re super active in the group and have even responded to me a few times!!!
  • sxokk
    I love this podcast
    You guys really dig into the details in the movie that really don’t add up or make sense and i crack up cause I thought I was the only one who noticed them.
  • Jordon Ray
    My new favorite horror movie review podcast
    Love it. Check it out.
  • CRosie25
    I’m In Love!
    I found your podcast from another favorite podcast, True Crime Obsessed, and I am HOOKED FOR LIFE! I absolutely love horror movies. Not only do I get to listen to other people who love them as much as me, I get to hear your HILARIOUS breakdown of them AND Todd’s first experience with each of these. Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter into the world. I can’t stop listening!!!
  • Amy E 11
    Horror Virgin is Me
    I LOVE this podcast. I absolutely hate horror movies, but I have this irrational fear that one day someone will use them to torture me, so I read and listen to everything about them. The silliness, perverted humor, that’s what she said esque jokes, and great chemistry y’all have are definitely helping. I am slowly watching them now, thanks to this podcast. I love all three of you, but Mikey is my favorite.
  • Theflukes356
    Love you guys!!
    You guys are awesome and hilarious!!!
  • Nmicciola
    This podcast is everything
    I love the chemistry between you guys. I take credit for my son and daughter finding this amazing podcast. You guys have helped us find a reason to laugh in these uniquely horrifying times. Thank you for existing
  • Kimberly is Queen
    I have loved this of for a long time. But Paige doing in has made it SOOOOO much better. She fits the show and knows how to roll with it and have fun. I’m so glad Mikey and Todd get to “play” more and are free to have a good time. I can’t wait to see what is in store now!
  • spicydumdumsauce
    Scarily Hilarious
    I am a horror virgin myself, but one of my favorite pastimes is watching and reading reviews and breakdowns of horror movies without actually watching them for real. So this podcast does exactly what I want it to: tells me the plot, makes me laugh, and I get my weird sort of horror fix along the way. I can’t get enough and I am currently listening to like 3-4 episodes daily whenever I am not in my zoom college classes. Keep it up!
  • cebwn
    The Horror Virgin can GET IT!
    After listening to continual news or True Crime podcasts, I needed something that would just make me laugh. I’m so glad I stumbled upon The Horror Virgin. I’m obsessed. It not only has been great to listen to but I’ve ended up rewatching so many of the movies they’ve discussed.
  • bye pie
    Like A Horror Virgin (Spooked for the very first time)
    Someone named Tony Kansas over at Cult Podcast turned me onto this podcast. Never has there been a group of kinder,wholesome, and horny group of people who discuss some of the best,worst and middle of the road horror movies ever made. My job keeps me on the road and in stressful situations and this podcast gives me the laugh and encouragement I need to get through some tough times. Also my fiancée is a horror virgin and it’s really helpful to use your podcast to decide what kinda movies we can watch together.I love you guys. -Shuddering Stephyn p.s You guys should totally do a crossover movie block sometime (Alien vs Predator,Freddy vs Jason, Ring vs Grudge and Puppet Master vs Demonic toys are all in need of some serious love and making fun of.)
  • BrrokeB
    You’re AWESOME
    I absolutely love listening to you guys. Thanks for the laughs and making me feel really old. 😳💜
  • HalfnHalfRon
    Great fun recaps of legendary horror flicks!
    Just started listening a few weeks ago and plowing through episodes during my daily commute. Show is awesome, cannot wait to catch up to current episodes.
  • TysonKing99
    Best way to pass the time!
    I have listened to every episode on this podcast multiple times at work and in the car. On each return I can enjoy new jokes that I didn’t catch the first time! It’s like rewatching my favorite movies with great friends. Great community and I hope this podcast goes on for years to come
  • Rosebmom
    Found a new Fam
    It’s truly a special experience to find a podcast that just feels like you are listening to a conversation with your good friends. I’m still making my way through episodes but I know I’m going to be sad when I am caught up and I can’t just have you guys in my ear all day! This podcast has re-sparked an interest in movies and I’ve found a new appreciation for Horror! Thank you for the laughs but also thank you for sharing your personal struggles as well. I love listening to you guys grow as I binge listen! Keep up the amazing work!
  • jalapeno_bizz
    Perfect Fall Kickoff Podcast!
    I found this podcast about a month ago and binged all the episodes with movies I’ve already seen—I am totally hooked! I love all the hosts and their senses of humor. The discussions are always hilarious but can sometimes get pretty deep, which I appreciate when the subject matter can get v dark! This show really kicked off the pre-Halloween season for me in the best way! 👻🎃
  • kclowse
    In love with the Horror Virgin podcast!
    can’t describe how nice it is to turn on and listen to a group of good friends talk, laugh, and sometimes cry over amazing (and some not so amazing) horror movies. every episode is absolute gold. it’s impossible to feel sad or lonely when listening to the Horror Virgin! this podcast earned every star and then some ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (also, if Mikey ever reads this on the pod, I’d love to hear his take on a Scottish accent!)
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