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What’s your favorite scary movie? Are you a fanatic or a fraidy-cat? Love them or loathe them? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Each week, horror fan Mikey will take Horror Virgin Todd through the encyclopedia of horror one movie at a time. We’ll discuss classics as well as fan favorites, with the occasional new release thrown in for good measure. Mikey will make inappropriate Todd will scream like a little girl at every jump scare. Every. Single. One. It’s hilarious. Prepare yourself for spoilers, tangents, and lots of irreverent fun.Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @HorrorVirginMake sure to join us as we tear Todd’s soul apart!

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  • alliehandro
    Love horror stories, hate jump scares
    This podcast is perfect for me! I love the stories of horror movies and the discussion around them, but can’t handle jump scares - so listening to this group is awesome! Their format and chemistry is great, digressions are never too long, and the humor is always there. I love it!!!
  • Jenny Fitzsimmons
    New Obsession 🩸🔪
    I heard about this podcast from TCO and I’ve been binging episodes ever since 👻 I am a horror movie fanatic and I love the detailed recaps that are sometimes incredibly intellectual mixed with Todd’s hysterically terrified perspective.
  • genthelistener
    My new favorite podcast 💛
    I absolutely love this podcast. The patreonicals are slowly starting to grow on me lol. I just love the whole vibe of this crew. Every time I listen to this podcast I feel like I’m right there with them. I’m a huge wuss when it comes to scary movies but they really know how add some sort of comedic relief to just about every movie they review which now helps me get through some of these movies.
  • Gillamonster84
    If you quit this show before
    I liked jenn but Paige is a better fit. She explains the plot better than jenn and lets the guys play off her narrative better. So if the show was not your flavor before, I implore you to check it out now.
  • Lacey the Prumpet's mom
    Give it a chance!
    When I first heard about this podcast, I checked out the first few episodes. It wasn’t my jam so I stopped listening. Then a lot of people told me to check out more recent episodes! I did, and bam! I love it.
  • Tannbii
    They no longer talk over each other!
    So I decided to address the taking over each other thing on the title of my review since I saw that the few bad reviews this podcast has refer to that, and this was an issue on the first few episodes but it is no longer the case. I say give it a chance, and if you feel like that will bug you then probably listen to later episodes. I stated a week ago and have listened to about 20 of them, it’s really entertaining since I don’t have anyone in my circle that loves horror movies to talk to. They are all very funny, great podcast.
  • miss wimsey
    here for this nonsense
    i’ve been listening to this podcast for about 6 months, and i’ll be honest, it took a few weeks for me to really get on board with it, but i’m so glad i did. i was worried when jenn left, but i love paige and she is bringing some serious nicole byer vibes, and I AM HERE FOR THAT! she’s a great addition, and gives the boys some weird new energy that i am loving. i truly look forward to each new episode. thanks, guys, for putting out content that always makes me smile.
  • Hex:DevourHope
    Different Spin on Horror Podcasts
    I love this podcast. Todd and Mikey continuously crack me up with their banter and takes on these movies. It gives a breath of fresh air to horror movie podcasts because of the humor and their personalities.
  • Dave Dobs
    Confederate Alt-History review
    Mikey has to read this as a Confederate Soldier communicating his last letter through an Ouija board. Good luck, sir. My dearest Agnes, Please accept my sincerest apologies for waiting so long to write. The war wages on but I fear I've been distracted by the oddest discovery. We've intercepted this strange new technology in our battle with the north and my dear, it seems that all hope is lost. They have developed these newfangled contraptions that they call cellular telephones. No one is entirely sure how they work, but by God, the communications found within these devices would make you fall to your knees in shock and horror. Speaking of horror, one of the communiques seem to originate from a group of Yankee spies located somewhere below the Mason-Dixon line. They speak of moving pictures filled with terrible things; spirits and horrors which my mind cannot begin to fathom. These men, known only as "Todd" and "Mikey", as well as their new female companion "Paige", speak of these horrors with such carefree levity, as if scoffing in the face of the Devil himself. Could it be that they've made some pact with Satan to ensure the North's victory? Dearly beloved, I fear the end is very f*cking nigh. Not only for the South and the Confederacy, but for all of humanity as well. Forgive me again, my love, for cutting this missive short, but the men are screaming of some flying machine spitting fire at our ranks on the front lines. God help us all. Seriously though, 5 stars. I can't begin to convey how amazing this podcast is. I love the hosts, the guests, and the rest of the amazing community these people have build with my whole heart. Thank you guys so much for the hours upon hours of amazing content.
  • Jess Rodz
    I want to like this podcast but...
    Came here from True Crime Obsessed (check that podcast out - it is amazing). So I obvs want to like this...but the audio is just terrible. They all talk over each other and over Jenn, who is the best part of the show. Keeping it for background noise just because I love horror movies.
  • BrighidBordeaux
    LOVE this podcast!
    I just found this podcast a few weeks ago, and I am binging the hell out of it! Also, so nice to hear other ladies talk about their love of horror! Thank you for the awesome content.
  • Justscho
    Smart and funny
    Smart but not pretentious, keeping some dumb dad jokes that I love. Funny, insightful. All around entertaining
  • scooby 2293
    A long string
    Love the podcast you all are super funny found this podcast through cult podcast which I found that podcast through let’s fight a boss podcast.
  • laurenskye01
    This podcast is SO 👏GOOD👏 i started from episode 1 about three weeks ago and have binged at least 50 episodes in that time. Makes me want to watch the scary movies they’ve talked about now!
  • Danny Pas
    No good. Everyone talks over each other and it’s quite frustrating.
  • Bonnie7151977
    Love this podcast! Very entertaining!
  • Lindsey OSU
    Nashville love
    Found this podcast from TCO. Not gonna lie- took a while for me to warm up. The earlier episodes are a little rough with the bro humor. But the more I listen, the more I love this podcast. I love the banter between the hosts. And the fact they’re from Nashville (my hometown) is icing on the cake. Keep up the hilarity nerds!
  • J19562
    Podcast! Podcast! Podcast! PODCAAAAST!! Podcast.
  • sweet_lemons
    Love It!!
    (Mikey can read this in a Manchester accent....just cause 🤣) This podcast has pushed me to my horror limits. I’ve been able to watch the trailer then listen to the episode, but I hardly ever actually watch the movies. Todd’s reactions are literally me during the movies, and Mikey’s commentary makes me laugh every time. I’m so sad to see Jenn go😔 Here are some horror movie suggestions: Before I Wake, The Haunting (both 1963 & 1999), and The Sixth Sense Love you guys and the pod!!!!!
  • Hrrjordan
    Love this podcast!
    Any horror fan should love this podcast. So much fun!
  • beetleDOT
    Scaredy Cat Becomes Braver
    I've never considered myself a Horror fan, but this podcast is turning me into more of one! Even if I'm too scared to watch a movie that's covered, it's still entertaining to listen to this group break it down. The humour helps cut through the fear! Todd, Mikey, Jenn...thank you for making this podcast a delight!
  • Mirandabeth
    Yikes **Updated***
    Kept listening to the library and they’ve gotten a ton better from the first episodes, so Ive changed my rating. I too hate horror movies so this has gotten me to watch some that I’ve been too scared to watch. I discovered this podcast from another, while I’ll keep listening in hopes they get better. My thoughts right now, yikes! They go off on way too many tangents, it gets borderline annoying and becomes insufferable to listen. The poltergeist episode is the epitome of how you can’t listen to 5 seconds to this podcast. I hope it gets better.
  • shark254
    Fantastic podcast
    I have been watching horror movies since I was a small child (I’m now 41) and I love them. I found this podcast through the halloweenies podcast and I am not disappointed. The premise is brilliant and the hosts are hilarious. My 14 year old dog recently passed away. This podcast was one of the things that got me through it and gave me some great laughs. I also love the fun facts!!! Learning new things about movies I’ve seen hundreds of times is great. Thank you guys and keep it up
  • Tonuthunder
    Oh wow
    Todd is EVERYTHING. Mikey is the funny one. And Paige is a welcome addition to this amazing masterpiece.
  • Ashuhlee1205
    Best podcast EVERRRRR
    I LOVE this podcast! I love horror and the commentary is beyond spot on and hilarious! Half the time I’m listing I repeat stuff Mikey or Jen says because I’ve clearly seen way to many horror movies. Todd’s jokes and comments have me laughing out pound now matter where I’m at, even if it’s at work and I should be working. Keep up the amazing work I’m so glad I found this! ❤️❤️❤️
  • superkompas
    Very entertaining and a fantastic selection of movies
    I don’t always agree with their opinions, but they are always funny. I love just how many different movies they’ve done, and I love that Jen is obsessed with Stephen king!!
  • RaptorMyers
    Horror Love
    If you love Horror and Comedy this is the podcast for you. Tod is great and funny and gets tortured by watching all these scary movies. Gen is smart and funny as hell. Love her. They talk about some great scary movies.
  • Astria505
    TCO sent me.
    Patrick from True Crime Obsessed sent me and I am not disappointed.
  • deslfaulk
    great podcast!
    one of my new favorite podcasts! starting with the first episode and working my way through the rest. thank you for making everyday life bearable 🖤
  • Siggipop!
    Best horror movie podcast ever
    I’ve tried out a lot of horror/scary movie podcasts but no one else has the chemistry that these three friends have with one another. Jen perfectly explains the movie and also gives insight to the deeper meanings of or the metaphor of the movie which is always really mind opening for me. The boys crack me up with their “I’m still a dorky, pervy 12 year old at heart” attitudes. All in all hands down THEE best horror movie podcast out there!
  • Joel Reed 1974
    Average and Unfunny
    I like the idea of a horror film fan podcast, but this one misses the mark. Jen is funny and worth a listen, but the guys try so hard to be bro-y that they end up coming off as artificial and uninteresting. Like most of the Marines in ALIENS, I find the guys on this podcast to be forgettable and interchangeable.
  • steve1236
    Love this podcast
    Just want to say love this podcast and look forward to future episodes. Love the addition of Paige. She fits in so seamlessly.
  • briremgray
    So Douchey
    I haaaaate this podcast. Jen is so good, and so knowledgeable, and so funny, but every dude on this show pulls her down. They are all so douchey, and they know nothing about horror movies. It’s like listening to every Chad from the 2000s try to impress you in a bar. They make jokes that are off color in a way that isn’t edgy or smart, just asinine and ignorant. I listened to some with Clint and with Mike to see if there was a difference, and there’s isn’t. Please don’t listen to this. And Jen, girlfriend, be your best person and drop alllll these dudes!
  • Tanyabeezy
    Hello this is Tanya from sunny buckeye Arizona. Thank you for being awesome! Everyone is awesome. I love you guys! I love the scary movie reviews and I wish I was there with ya to help commentate. I have a view of laughing at the scary parts cause they’re not scary... joking about the kills or whatever happens. Rating deaths and seeing if it makes me jump to rate it’s scary factor. So glad there are others out there!!!
  • DaCandyman98
    Every time is like the first time (Shrek accent please... yes, as in Mike Myers Miley)
    is usually deceptive, cheesy pillow talk... But listening to The Horror Virgin brings truth to the phrase. I like a lot of horror podcasts but this is among my favs for their cheesy, crude humor and constant nods to revered classics like that book “Women, horror & chainsaws” and Dawson’s creek (Pacey was the real hero of that show). Keep up the good work poppin Tod’s cherry to all of these classics, this pod is a noble public service that helps expand horror culture to those not as well versed aaaand entertains fans immensely with great commentary. Overall, I love this show only thing that’s make it better is a video medium to see all the times Jenn face palms herself everytime the others start talking about Jessica chastising or grooming.
    There’s more to movies than feminism.
    Great podcast but they end with the same theme EVERY TIME. It gets old. Otherwise great podcast. Interesting, well organized podcast.
  • fgbbsjsksksn
    Love this podcast! Not even sure how I found them but holy cow they are hilarious!!! 10 MILLION stars! You should totally give them a try! You won’t regret it! 🤣
  • Rover Sitter Therese
    Jen is the only member of this podcast worth listening to. If you are a horror buff or simply love the genre, save yourself the annoyance and skip this one. The dead meat podcast and faculty of horror are two great podcasts for true fans of horror.
  • A13xGg303
    Terrible, they don’t talk about the movies
    The worst kind of podcast. Everyone talks over one another, no planning goes into the discussion and they all fight for the spotlight.
  • Dsahina
    Hope it gets better
    Just started this podcast on recommendation of another podcast I love. The concept is great but I hope the structure of each episode gets better. They all talk over each other and go off subject a lot. The female host obviously knows quite a bit of the history of horror but the guys are both super annoying with the misplaced sexual innuendos that I’m assuming is them trying to be cool.
  • K Skirby
    Just started this podcast this week...
    Heard on another podcast I listen to and had to check it out, I am so glad I did! I Jen, Todd and Clint, are fantastic! Keep up the awesome work y’all!
  • Cath B.
    Hilarity in Horror
    Recently heard a cinema sins podcast with Horror Virgin featured and I decided to check them out. Ever since, I cannot get enough! I love horror and comedy and this podcasts encapsulates both in the best way. I have never had to keep from laughing aloud at work so much in my life! Keep em coming, guys! I love it!!! Next, I’d like to request y’all watch Dead Silence. I watched the unrated version back in elementary and I swear, I felt sick for weeks after and dark corners were a big F*** NO. also read this in an Irish accent pleeeease :)
  • cactusflowr828
    So dank
    I just discovered you while I’ve been stuck on the tarmac of a flight for 5+ hours and I’m not even mad. Im cracking up to myself surrounded by heavily annoyed passengers which is just a bonus. They can get it!
  • RayG927
    Just started this podcast and I jumped around to episodes of movies I had actually seen first. Hard to follow when hosts talk over each other and go on many different tangents. Some episodes are laugh out loud funny. Others are just plain annoying. Was extremely turned off during the Poltergeist episode which is the 3rd in the series. I think the hosts spent all of probably 15 minutes of the episode on the movie. The rest was just all over the place and had nothing to do with Poltergeist. Also one of the hosts, Todd I believe his name is, made a tasteless AIDS joke about Magic Johnson. That was just absolutely disgusting. Also all the sexist jokes are off putting. Will not be recommending this podcast to anyone. Don’t even get me started on the comments made about the two deceased actresses from the film before the female cohost called him out on it. It’s also been announced the female cohost is leaving the show. Gee I wonder why.
  • FatboyRule
    Just Found This Pod, Best Pod Ever!!!
    I stumbled on this pod a month or so ago, I’ve now listened to around half of their episodes. I really enjoy listening to a full breakdown and review of all my favorite horror movies, with all the little tidbits and humor tossed in. The hosts are amazing and have great chemistry. Very sad Jenn is leaving, hoping the pod will continue with all its awesomeness and wish Jenn the best. ;( :)
  • Rightside13681
    Horror movies scare me too much
    I thought this would be a great podcast to understand the movies I can’t watch due to the stress levels. It’s a great concept, but the male host and guest are awful humans. There’s no need to make teenage sexual jokes every 5 seconds. Todd isn’t funny but he thinks he is, and the guest on The Descent was also sexist. Is it too much to ask for people to stop making in-funny jokes? Reach for something beyond the toxic low hanging fruit.
  • The sobah cobra
    Have a great time listening
    I’m a huge horror nerd but I don’t take the genre overly serious. I also love showing horror to people that haven’t seen it or don’t generally watch it so this seemed like a no brainer. I’ve tried some other horror podcasts but lose interest quickly because they get a little too analytical. This podcast is perfect for me. They give the play by play of the beats of whatever they’re watching but they also make jokes about the things that don’t quite work which I love. It reminds me of a less intense MST 3000 in that regard. Keep up the great work guys!
  • SlothBoyShOpe
    Work Relief
    Thank you all so much. I had to get an iPod touch to listen to the pod at work by it's been totally worth it. I work a warehouse job shipping soaps so I've been working this whole time. Thank you for getting me through work everyday. #Flamecopter
  • undecided-username
    I look forward to listening every week!
    This podcast is amazing. It is the reason I now like and actually appreciate horror movies. The group does a good job of analyzing the movies pretty fairly with some silly banter and deep conversations in between. There are some movies that I just couldn’t watch (thanks Eli Roth), but I was still able to listen to the episodes and enjoy the opinions of three very kind, silly people. Thanks for bringing a little joy and humor to my workday, and thanks for actually giving my partner and I something to do on a Friday night during a pandemic. Always think of others and wear a mask!
  • CCheese21
    New Favorite Podcast!!
    I never leave reviews but I couldn’t resist! I cannot get enough of this show! I started just with one show and had to then start from the very beginning! I laugh the whole time all while listening to my favorite horror movie reviews!
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