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“ Jimmy Dore is outrageous and outraged, bothersome and bothered, a crucial, profane, passionate voice for progressives and freethinkers in 21st century America.” -Patton Oswalt

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  • T_ray27
    Seen this guy on Tucker
    I’m quite conservative, but if we save this country it will be guys like this leading the way. Our elite set up this republican democrat divide just to keep us at each other’s throat while they all sell us out to other countries, shouldn’t we be helping the minorities that are hurting in this country, instead of sending billions to other countries. ( That’s how most Trump supporters think )
  • Anushka7
    Creepy obsession with TYT
    Jimmy and his band of dorks have a weirdest obsession with TYT. It’s all they ever talk about. They also spew all sorts of outrageous lies about people they don’t like. This isn’t news, comedy or entertainment.
  • parker-1
    This is crap
    Once again proof that anyone can have there own podcast
  • LA Celtics Fan
    Longtime listener
    Jimmy has the funniest opens and the best guests.
  • not a persuadeable
    JD is a hero!
    Love you Jimmy Dore, You give me hope!
  • Sir Rami
    Fantastic guy! Turned me into a leftie!
    I’m still culturally conservative though, so there’s that.
  • Everyone :-(
    Real trash. Enough said. Do better dude.
  • ccdanby
    Back to back weeks?
    We get it. They such but move on. Quit playing their reindeer games and move to real issues at hand
  • skinnpuppy
    used to love it
    I used to love this podcast, it was one of the first political shows I started listening to. I heard Jimmy on TYT and when he started his own show a few years ago, I started listening. I find it unfortunate how he has devolved into being much more emotional in the past year or so, even moreso recently. He says some things that I know for a fact are false, or at least require more context which he doesn't give. He usually comes off as abrasive, and I understand how it can be frustrating to deal with politics and politicians, but he turns on, and starts relentlessly attacking, a politician the second they don't do something in the EXACT way he thinks they should. I am super lefty, very Progressive, and while Jimmy claims to be a progressive, he seems more like alt-right most of the time. I understand that there is no perfect politician, but Jimmy seems to think that is actually attainable, just no one has attained it yet. And, while I do understand the importance of pushing politicians in the direction you want them to go, he just comes off as downright aggressive and unable to hold a substantive conversation with anyone he disagrees with. AOC isn't good enough for him. Bernie isn't good enough for him. I can't think of a single politician he EVER speaks favorably about, even on a single issue. Everything is always so negative. He devolves into yelling and pettiness and smears when confronted with something or someone he disagrees with (which is apparently everything and everyone except Aaron Mate). Things are very black and white with him- you're either completely 100 percent with him in every single way, or you must be a corporate shill and therefore your opinion is invalid. I greatly enjoy his attacking of corporate politicians, although he has only talked about Democrats for the past three years. However, those attacks on corporate Dems have lately bled into attacking people like AOC and Sanders, saying they are exactly the same as people like Pelosi. They are nowhere NEAR the same. They aren't even in the same ballpark. I hate Clinton, but she is NOT the exact same as trump. it's when he says stuff that like this that makes me question if he is just a grifter. He is overall divisive and counterproductive, and his one-sided war with TYT (he lies about them constantly... and doesn't even bother to back up his assertions) has really put me off. He comes off as a right-winger, tbh. I miss his old shows because he is sometimes funny and has had good takes about the economy. But he was at his best when pointing out the fallacies of the right wing. The show could be 5 stars, if he still had that format. TLDR- You'll probably really enjoy this if you're a right winger who doesn't pay attention to policy and is only a right winger because of identity politics and to hate on the Dems and the Left. If you're progressive or lefty, try The Young Turks, AM Quickie, Majority Report, David Pakman. All excellent solid news podcasts. If you're looking for a little more comedy in your news, then The Damage Report has some snark and personality, The Bitchuation Room is epically funny, and also The Bugle is hilarious if you can stand a British accent. Worst Year Ever and Even More News are also quirky and lean comedic.
  • Jamehjou
    Keep being brave Jimmy
  • H20 is life
    Water is life little Johnson
  • spaceboy3009
    Great podcaster!!
    Excellent! Jimmy is the real deal. Yes, he has plent of rough edges, but ultimately, and most importantly, he sticks to his guns when almost every other broadcaster out there eventually caves to the establishment. Go Jimmy & Co.!
  • EdeTM
    A Necessary Voice
    While I disagree with the approach Jimmy takes towards too many progressives, he is a necessary voice on the left who does have some insightful takes.
  • brucatomasonry
    Eye opening
    My favorite podcast. It really brought back my passion and intertin politics, and really showed me that my views about the Democratic Party I had when I was young was so naive and uninformed. Great show
  • bllsdp
    Spitting Fire!!!
    This is the most entertaining and informative podcast around in terms of political journalism, humor and satire. These folks knock it out of the park.
  • Pdgdhdisk
    Progressive Echo Chamber
    No diversity in ideas and cherry-picks facts to support his views. Also, only hosts guests who agree with his opinions.
  • Rusty Runfree
    Jimmy Is the MAN!
    It’s ridiculous that a stoner comedian has better takes on what’s going on in the country, foreign and domestic policy wise than our politicians and definitely any mainstream media. And he says as much. Thank you Jimmy for what you do it’s important and you are one of few voices of reason in the insane clown world were stuck in.
  • Pepe19761976
    My Progressive Funnel Failed
    I try to use Jimmy as my progressive funnel so i get out of my milk toast fence sitting. The Problem has been the massive emotional drive in the show versus facts. I love Jimmy's comedy, but the show is truly meh to mediocre lately. However, he hasn't changed his views, so I can't hit the show on that. If you are highly progressive and live outside of reality this is a show for you. I will have to find a more sane progressive to burst my bubbles that can deliver facts over emotions. Love you Jimmy and wish you well, but the bus stops here for me.
  • sictransitoria
    I enjoy the show.
    I don’t agree w Jimmy on his policies, but I tune in because I DON’T. He’s the only lefty I can actually watch because he doesn’t have major TDS. I appreciate his work.
  • stuckinthepatch
    Love this show. But?
    I couldn’t give it five stars because of the out right bias hatred of Israel that is spewed with venom regularly.
  • MikeEye21
    Disagree with Jimbo on a lot of things but always felt he was genuine. Anyone who hates politicians as much as he does I’m happy to agree to disagree. What concerns me is Jimmy seeming to endorse the people’s party while it’s pretty obvious they are just woke activists. Jimmy -“so your organizing along class lines correct?” Woke people party people - “us h ya sure class... but let me tell you what we really want. Historically marginalized groups aka identity politics!”
  • FUBARinDetroit
    This stuff is crazy! ( not looney )
    The eyes are open and the ears are tuned.
  • StopMovingAndListen
    Freedom in action
    Jimmy and are fearless and real. Thank you for using your platform for good.
  • Joraff4
    One stars are liars
    The Dore show is giving it to the people straight. No pundit is 100% right but Dore is calling out the lies on both sides. He understands that none of congress works for their working tax paying constituency and never fails to call it out. Medicare for all force the vote was the clearest sign of this. He called it and “the squad” completely did what he said. They folded and made excuses for not forcing the vote and voting the most disliked pol into the leader position in congress. Then they immediately went to using force the vote ( feigned it anyway ) when it didn’t matter. Dore nails it. We pay taxes for NO representation at all due to “money equals speech” selling our free speech and Citizens United legally allowing unlimited bribing of what was our representation.
  • Oafan
    Actual leftist
    An actual leftist who speak truth to neolib and neocon power.
  • $uper$ellout
    I can’t tell if he’s just partisan or doesn’t do research
    Sure you’ve got some good takes, but read the news man. Today you’re asking why a girl mid stab wasn’t shot with a taser? Because she was about to take someone else’s life and she’s not entitled to do that. “Shot a 15 year old girl,” excellent context! Go get tased, Jimmy, then you’ll understand why they didn’t use the taser on someone who was inches from stabbing someone.
  • Marcshawn1988
    Terrible Point of Views
    What’s worse than trash? This podcast. Wish I could give ZERO stars! I wouldn’t listen to this if it was the last thing on Earth to listen to. Pass!
  • Nater4de
    Nice listening to a objective lefty
    The divide on the left is becoming clearer and clearer now that the progressive movement has been exposed as a fraud & sellout to the democrat establishment. All they care about is votes and maintaining power at all costs. My only knock on this show is that Dore likes to complain excessively without striking the root of the problem, which is the PLM, the political-legal-media complex, which has brainwashed this country through propaganda and lies the better part of the past 50 years.
  • Roatti
    Red-Brownist trash
    Dore Loser is just another racist and misogynist white boomer who is a republican plant set on dividing the left. Also a conspiracy theorist who defends war criminals like Assad. Pure flaming garbage.
  • whyruinagoodthing
    What happened?
    Used to be my favorite podcast and some past episodes are absolute gems. Those gems are only in the past now and they’re not coming back. Unsubscribed after years on board with Jimmy. I think overall, I will miss the Axelrod calls the most.
  • ABCDevin
    Keep your skip finger handy
    Can be interesting once you skip past the unfunny jokes and unfunny phone calls
  • Lesiure Lotion
    A grifter
    For conservatives and people on the left who haven’t realized it yet.
  • stefanos311
    Jimmy Dore the Dave Rubin of the left
    I was a long-time fan until about 2017. His show is exhausting & unlistenable. The only listenable part of the show is the “phone” calls with politicians and celebrities. The rest of the show is him screaming about how he's the purest progressive and that TYT the channel that supported him for many years is now garbage. His rhetoric is divisive and counterproductive. He loves burning bridges and then doesn't understand why no one will go on his show. Stick comedy, Jimmy.
  • YerbaMan27
    Jimmy’s hatred toward TYT is ruining his show for me.
    Jimmy used to to be good, until he’s made it his mission to talk smack of TYT and other progressives. It’s seems as though Jimmy is turning on the ones that elevated him to his current station.
  • Curteousjonesjr
    It’s not the Jimmy Dore Show’s “the guy that does the voices” show.
  • UcouldaPickedaBetterCanidate
    He’s a National Treasure
    Title says it all
  • sputnikaroundthemoon
    Podcast of the people
    Jimmy’s hilarious and sincere, what else could you want in a comedian? No, he’s not a political analyst from Harvard with a billion degrees, but he still has some good takes on current events and policy. He supports working class people in America, as well as those in nations oppressed and ransacked by US imperialism. Overall, he seems like a good guy who’s a man of the people. He gets some flak for being “loud and angry”, but I find his loudness and anger to be refreshing. He truly means what he says, and honestly we all have a right to be angry. Everyday, we hear about new crises caused by capitalism and how people are suffering. That is something to be truly furious about. Also he frequently invites really interesting guest experts to his show! They always have some smart discussions about current events or the state of the left in the US. And the impressions of celebrities and politicians are really hilarious.
  • Guerito530
    This guy just speaks without thinking about what he is saying. 100% reckless emotion and ignorance.
  • Martial Arts Student
    A Herald for Worker & Civil Liberties
    Jimmy’s outreach to those pushed into hatred by corporate and government neglect is in the profound tradition of heroes like Ann Atwater, David Kennedy and Fred Hampton.
  • Del’s TV and Stereo
    The Best Political Analysis Podcast
    Democrats, Republicans and Independents should all listen and then we can come together to take back our country from Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex and Washington Lobbyists. Medicare for All, End the Republican/Democrat Duopoly, Ranked Choice Voting, End all Wars, 15$ Minimum Wage, End the Electoral College, End all Subsidies for fossil fuels, Green New Deal, Free College, Cancel Student Debt, Universal Child Care, Auditable paper ballots for all elections, Free Julian Assange, Free Edward Snowden, Free Reality Winner, Break up the big banks, Break up the Tech Monopolies, Reinstate Glass Steagall, Tax the Rich, Automatic Voter Registration, LET’S GO!
  • Señor tres tres
    I dont agree
    and thats good!
  • PichJ
    Very Annoying
    Jimmy Dore has turned into an angry little man lately and is extremely annoying. I never thought someone could be more annoying than TYT but I stand corrected.
  • !bonnie!
    one of the few true progressive voices out there. thanks for your strong voice with force the vote and for not selling out like tyt and sam sedar!
  • Super saiyan daddy
    Impeccable show
    I’m very centered like politics on both sides abd I find this show to be one of my favorite shows so funny and educated and I love the talking points jimmy and stef are awesome so awesome I left a review lol
  • I am The IPhone kid
    One of the dumber “progressives”
    Jimmy isn’t a deep thinker. Seems to get fooled by the right very easily. There are much better shows to listen that are honest and intelligent. The Majority Report and The David Pakman show are two of the best. This one isn’t worth your time.
  • Fame_O
    Jimmy schill
    2 stars for the celebrity impression guy. This show has become increasingly unlistenable, but that’s what happens with paid opposition. They pretend to be hard hitting independent, but slowly transform into state sponsored propaganda. I have no doubt this idiot will get a prime time spot on HBO. That’s what he wants: Money 💰
  • shtypinko
    Loved the Jan 29th show till the “nasi” guy at the end🤷smh
    Refer 👍🏼
  • BrewBadges
    Pivot to attacking progressives?
    Used to be a fan of Dore, but his criticism of the non-corporate leadership lacks any solution or even-handed analysis. It’s ok to hold Dems to a higher standard, but I see nothing but complaining and hyperbole from this show anymore
  • Daveindiego
    Waste of time
    This is the guy to go to if you want to make yourself dumber.
  • K€lb¥:)
    Jimmy Dore is a complete brick
    He tweets that he interviewed someone from the Boogaloo Boys, and Jimmy’s like “OMG he’s actually progressive!! He said so, so it’s true!!” When, what if I told you FASCISTS LIE, Jimmy? And actions speak louder than words? I wouldn’t listen to a podcast from somebody who was THIS much of a gullible idiot.
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