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“ Jimmy Dore is outrageous and outraged, bothersome and bothered, a crucial, profane, passionate voice for progressives and freethinkers in 21st century America.” -Patton Oswalt

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  • marcofthebeast
    one of the best. but…
    dude. i love this show and you guys are 100/. but you have to credit all the videos you crib. like orfalea, but also y’all play things every day from yt or twitter and never give the original poster/creator any acknowledgement whatsoever. it’s not just a little rude it’s also impossible to track down some of the great original source material in order to see in full, or share. just a tip. been thinking abt it for a year anyway keep it up.
  • boob0056
    Crack pot
    This guys idolizes Alex Jones 😂 Jimmy has the IQ of a pine cone.
  • Peter B Baldwin
    It’s such a pleasure to listen to this podcast. I absolutely love it!
  • alpen glow
    Candace Owen’s
    lol, love the show, but listening to you and Candace wax on about BLM and Rittenhouse was a waste of 15 minutes of my life.
  • KCchief13
    cant get through a full episode because of Kurt
    love jimmy
  • Edman9
    Jimmy, Kurt, the incredible voice actor that does both Clooney and Pitt, and the rest of the folks on, in, and behind this show are top notch! What a freaking show! Keeps me sane. Thanks Jimmy Dore…plus I missed you in Ashland; Va. recently, please come back near Richmond soon!
    Covid courage
    OG covid cynics now feel emboldened in their cynicism towards everything.
  • fgjkkfxbjkbb
    Love the show
    Love your passion Jimmy. Nice to see a honest guy with some balls. Keep it up.
  • umustbekrazy
    How high real high
    Two things I do in the morning… Snort some blow and listen to Jimmy😂
  • Carl Novax
    Jet fuel? Steel beams?
    It never ceases to amaze me how not one of you “edgy truth tellers” has seemed to notice that Israel did 9/11. But hey, at least you’re now willing to actually name the owners of the world so it’s a start Update: this clown is still pushing the myth of viruses in 2024 despite the fact that everyone who’s not an imbecile already found out they’re fake. Yet another mark of shame for the edgy truth teller
  • Ronin K-9
    Really enjoyed the Tesla Cybertruck episode up until the end when you went all anti-Israel. Too bad.
  • Evan Stevoid
    Scott Ritter
    Scott Ritter is not a credible source.
  • Caelan Bassett
    Thumbs down for corporate media. Thumbs up for TJDS!
    It is more important to be objective and correct at a later time, than to cave to propaganda and be wrong forever. This is why I respect Jimmy Dore more than any other podcaster in the political space. I may not agree with everything he says (70%?) But at least he never caves to his principles unlike those like Krystal Ball, Cenk Ugyur, Ana Kasparian, Kyle Kulinski and many others (They’re cool too with economics but that’s besides the point) - We need to be able to work with the people that we even agree 10% with if we want to really push back against governmental and corporate propoganda, and that’s why the other names I mentioned I do so in shame. Jimmy Dore is doing it right. Free Palestine, SANCTION ISREAL for its war crimes, Bernie Would’ve Won, Have USA rejoin the ICJ, End Citizens United, and restore USA’s true culture of immigration for all! — A “Bernie Bro” Gen Z neighbor
  • dastprr
    Kurt is hilarious. Jimmy definitely loves the smell of his own farts and I hate his stupid fake laugh. I only like it when certain guests are on.
  • A. narchy
    Love you, Jimmy. But…
    I think Jimmy is doing great work, especially with the way he and Kurt can weave humor throughout the stories. But… I cringe so hard every time I hear anyone on the show start talking economics. Could you please, please, PLEASE dedicate a few weeks worth of interviews to people who actually study free market economics. And specifically the Austrian school of economics.
  • B. Birdell
    Progressive for Dore!
    Keep it up! I LOVE this podcast. I LOL every time. Jimmy is truth. Every week, my favorite. Best opening and closing songs of any podcast in the world, except it's 'speeds and jumps the median' not 'the medium.' And that Kurt guy is pretty dumb, e.g., he thinks Volvo Is a German car. His quips are never funny. But Jimmy is comedy gold.
  • cookiedodo
    Super cut
    Love the honest content!!! Special request, can we get a super cut of Kurt’s laugh, it’s so powerful
  • EdeTM
    Occasionally a Good Insight
    He occasionally makes a good point but more often goes on and on with conspiratorial nonsense and has unrealistic approaches to solving issues. Metzger and Mel K add to the hysteria. Mike Macrae impressions are often hilarious but he was missing in action in the episode I listened to so there was no good reason to finish the last episode I listened to.
  • flaco1401
    Basically the guy supports all the dictators of the world and has no actual knowledge the only reason to listen this podcast is Mike Macrae hi is super talented
  • Mamamare
    stop rationalizing Trumps tax fine if you support working people
    Jimmy says he won’t vote for Trump but who really cares when he’ll spend hours rationalizing his misdeeds. He’s not smart enough to realize that the ‘victimless crime’ of Trumps tax dodging hurt the workers he says he says he’s fighting for. Where does the money come from for the homeless, mental health facilities, decent transportation in NYC? TAX DOLLARS
  • mckinley120
    Just another Dave Rubin hack.
    Jimmy is such an obvious grifter.
  • Jamehjou
    There’s a fine line …
    Between humor and insulting ethnicities. Kurt needs to respect that or put a muzzle on.
  • MC Deepfreeze
    Cornel West
    First; I do like your podcast and listen to it on the regular! Regarding your critiques and “back and forth” with Dr. West: I think your tone was disrespectful (arrogant and short-sighted also). West was an outspoken and perceptive critic of “the empire” and getting arrested while you were “doing lines” in the bathrooms of comedy clubs.
  • jaydoh
    Can’t do it anymore
    I used to respect Dore. He’s sold out, using the Joe Rogan, conspiracy theorist model. The Tucker Carlson interview was the final straw. Jimmy should be ashamed.
  • chopper7926
    Finally broke down and followed
    I’m an America first Trump supporter(no he’s not perfect by any means) who has really woken up to the “capitalism solves all” lie along with so many more the establishment feeds us plebs. No I’m not a socialist but I do believe that we could do a lot more to help Americans here at home by not getting involved in every other country’s business for the sake of enriching a few. I’m also a huge Kurt fan as well so it was about time. Love you guys.
  • Jezzaismyhomeboy
    White washing the Q shaman.
    That’s it. I’m out. Listen to that lunatic. And you’re now complicit in this deranged conspiracy theory nonsense. Great work. -_-
  • roonslaughter
    Phone call filler got old
    The weird, phony Palestine love got older. To pretend you are so wonderful you can’t understand how a true way against actual terrorism works is truly pathetic and makes me sick. The rabid anti war movement is just as bad as the terror sympathizers (in fact they are the same). They’d prefer death by 1000 cuts than a final lopping off of the head of the death culture in palentsine that is Islamist terrorism and I can’t stand to listen to any so called man who can support rapists and murderers. The useful idiot comedian giggling in the background just makes this podcast that more more unlistenable. No more.
  • MRC2301
    Where’s Jimmy?
    I can’t take another day of Craig. Will resubscribe when Jimmy is back.
  • Dogluvr72
    The pasta show????
    I’m sorry I don’t get Pasta. Let him have his own show. Don’t give it under Jimmys name. He’s not even close to Jimmy. Or Kurt. I’d rather see no new shows under this banner. Sorry Jimmy just love your magic. Neither Pasta nor most others can fill your shoes.
  • KenEdelberg
    Pasta is a good fill-in host. He’s no Jimmy, and better than no show at all.
  • Fmaggio1984
    Please get rid of this new guy on here
    Jimmy. This dude filling in for you is horrible. Anyway love the show!!!
  • Chris in SoCal
    I appreciate (and enjoy) Jimmy’s content from the Right.
    Wow, Cornell West is a mush mouthed marxist IDIOT. People hold this clown up as an intellectual?
  • groovy squirrel
    The home of the stupid, loud and proud.
    A blowhard buffoon, nothing more, nothing less.
  • welchtubman
    Big thumbs
    A candle in the darkness.Always honest and (almost😉) always funny.
  • Seeking_Truth_RightNow
    Refreshing perspectives
    Thank you for the irreverent, data driven take on the corruption and sound bites being fed to us, the American public. Keep up your independent thinking!
  • nfykbv123
    I’d drive across state lines to watch Jimmy!
    A great comedic reporter, and Orfalea funny. Chris Hedges is so real Great when max or Aaron are guests
  • Maybach_007
    Jimmy got red-pulled by the propagandists
    …especially related to being suckered to take the fake-vax
  • TooIllOrEase
    Jimmy may be a stamped-out leftist, but something's alive in the ol' freezerino, and it's striving diligently to find the light. Mr. Dore is usually funny, sometimes very, which helps. Of course, the real star of the show is Mischa Paullin, and I like Steph too when she takes the helm. In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, amen.
  • P. Pelican
    Jimmy Always Brings It!
    Jimmy Dore is a breath of fresh air and tackles difficult subjects of the day with vigor, and doesn’t hold back whether it is a liberal or conservative person or issue.
  • PandaPanda229
    Great Show
    Great episode on the Durham Report. Great analysis and commentary.
  • EarringBoy
    What happened?
    I used to love him but he has turned into mouthpiece for the right while pretending to be a liberal. Not always wrong but he’s clearly sold out to get a bigger audience.
  • Bmoney190
    Jimmy Dore=W
    Jimmy, Steph, Kurt, Aaron, and everyone else is just a constant W
  • 6.5
    Kurt Metzger is brutal
    Jimmy Dore is an interesting voice, and he brings a mix of good guests, humor and cynicism into his show to give another view of what’s going on in the world. Since he’s a comedian, don’t expect a stoic, humorless show. He does however try to maintain an appropriate level of seriousness during topics that require it. Which brings us to Kurt Metzger. He is there to inject humor into the show, but Metzger has no on/off button. He cannot shut up no matter what subject is being discussed, and what’s worse, he cannot read the room. He is always trying for the hit “one-liner”. He’s the annoying class clown who is in constant “seeking approval” mode. Dore has a high tolerance for Metzger, but if you watch the show on YouTube, you can see that even Dore gets weary of the interruptions. What’s worse than Metzger missing a line? When he lands one. That just fuels him to keep going. There are times when Dore is presenting a story, and Metzger will interrupt him after every sentence to give his “commentary”, usually followed by a forced Metzger laugh. This show was very good before Metzger was brought in. I wish they would work on his on air behavior. If he’s not capable of controlling himself, pull him off the air, and pay him to write jokes for the show. When Metzger is subdued (or bonus! not in studio), the show works. When he’s not subdued (which is almost all the time), it’s almost impossible to get through. I find myself turning the show off long before it’s over because Metzger is so annoying and distracting. Metzger is like a hyperactive, yappy dog who ate a few adderalls and cannot stop barking.
  • Kurt in Detroit
    Medicaid for all
    The true solution is outlawing all healthcare insurance. Prices would drop, we all pay cash For our health care. Be a bit of a rough spot then it would all settle down. Imagine prices of most goods and wages would fall accordingly
  • Dmbiz4
    Successor to Jon Stewart’s Daily Show
    Delivers the depressing news in a smart and funny way that puts a smile on my face
  • Alupinya
    He should run for office. He’s a guiding light in the darkness of lies. Thank you Jimmy.
  • jumpinjphill
    Great work
    Jimmy is the best!!
  • TheMatrix
    Peace Rally
    Gets 5 Stars! TY Jimmy & Fam ❤️
  • Ajaxs1988
    Double V is the best
    Jimmy you’ve opened my eyes and now I can see the strings on this puppet show!
  • Battlebirch
    The best political comedy around
    You are part of the reason I went from red to independent. The funniest news show around. I’ve never heard of any of those fake news shows always attacking you and I probably never will because they can’t sniff what you do.
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