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“ Jimmy Dore is outrageous and outraged, bothersome and bothered, a crucial, profane, passionate voice for progressives and freethinkers in 21st century America.” -Patton Oswalt

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  • Nater4de
    Nice listening to a objective lefty
    The divide on the left is becoming clearer and clearer now that the progressive movement has been exposed as a fraud & sellout to the democrat establishment. All they care about is votes and maintaining power at all costs. My only knock on this show is that Dore likes to complain excessively without striking the root of the problem, which is the PLM, the political-legal-media complex, which has brainwashed this country through propaganda and lies the better part of the past 50 years.
  • Roatti
    Red-Brownist trash
    Dore Loser is just another racist and misogynist white boomer who is a republican plant set on dividing the left. Also a conspiracy theorist who defends war criminals like Assad. Pure flaming garbage.
  • whyruinagoodthing
    What happened?
    Used to be my favorite podcast and some past episodes are absolute gems. Those gems are only in the past now and they’re not coming back. Unsubscribed after years on board with Jimmy. I think overall, I will miss the Axelrod calls the most.
  • ABCDevin
    Keep your skip finger handy
    Can be interesting once you skip past the unfunny jokes and unfunny phone calls
  • Lesiure Lotion
    A grifter
    For conservatives and people on the left who haven’t realized it yet.
  • stefanos311
    Jimmy Dore the Dave Rubin of the left
    I was a long-time fan until about 2017. His show is exhausting & unlistenable. The only listenable part of the show is the “phone” calls with politicians and celebrities. The rest of the show is him screaming about how he's the purest progressive and that TYT the channel that supported him for many years is now garbage. His rhetoric is divisive and counterproductive. He loves burning bridges and then doesn't understand why no one will go on his show. Stick comedy, Jimmy.
  • YerbaMan27
    Jimmy’s hatred toward TYT is ruining his show for me.
    Jimmy used to to be good, until he’s made it his mission to talk smack of TYT and other progressives. It’s seems as though Jimmy is turning on the ones that elevated him to his current station.
  • Curteousjonesjr
    It’s not the Jimmy Dore Show’s “the guy that does the voices” show.
  • spaceboy3009
    Great podcaster!!
    Best actual Pogressives that I'm aware of.......!
  • UcouldaPickedaBetterCanidate
    He’s a National Treasure
    Title says it all
  • sputnikaroundthemoon
    Podcast of the people
    Jimmy’s hilarious and sincere, what else could you want in a comedian? No, he’s not a political analyst from Harvard with a billion degrees, but he still has some good takes on current events and policy. He supports working class people in America, as well as those in nations oppressed and ransacked by US imperialism. Overall, he seems like a good guy who’s a man of the people. He gets some flak for being “loud and angry”, but I find his loudness and anger to be refreshing. He truly means what he says, and honestly we all have a right to be angry. Everyday, we hear about new crises caused by capitalism and how people are suffering. That is something to be truly furious about. Also he frequently invites really interesting guest experts to his show! They always have some smart discussions about current events or the state of the left in the US. And the impressions of celebrities and politicians are really hilarious.
  • Guerito530
    This guy just speaks without thinking about what he is saying. 100% reckless emotion and ignorance.
  • Martial Arts Student
    A Herald for Worker & Civil Liberties
    Jimmy’s outreach to those pushed into hatred by corporate and government neglect is in the profound tradition of heroes like Ann Atwater, David Kennedy and Fred Hampton.
  • Del’s TV and Stereo
    The Best Political Analysis Podcast
    Democrats, Republicans and Independents should all listen and then we can come together to take back our country from Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex and Washington Lobbyists. Medicare for All, End the Republican/Democrat Duopoly, Ranked Choice Voting, End all Wars, 15$ Minimum Wage, End the Electoral College, End all Subsidies for fossil fuels, Green New Deal, Free College, Cancel Student Debt, Universal Child Care, Auditable paper ballots for all elections, Free Julian Assange, Free Edward Snowden, Free Reality Winner, Break up the big banks, Break up the Tech Monopolies, Reinstate Glass Steagall, Tax the Rich, Automatic Voter Registration, LET’S GO!
  • Señor tres tres
    I dont agree
    and thats good!
  • PichJ
    Very Annoying
    Jimmy Dore has turned into an angry little man lately and is extremely annoying. I never thought someone could be more annoying than TYT but I stand corrected.
  • !bonnie!
    one of the few true progressive voices out there. thanks for your strong voice with force the vote and for not selling out like tyt and sam sedar!
  • Super saiyan daddy
    Impeccable show
    I’m very centered like politics on both sides abd I find this show to be one of my favorite shows so funny and educated and I love the talking points jimmy and stef are awesome so awesome I left a review lol
  • I am The IPhone kid
    One of the dumber “progressives”
    Jimmy isn’t a deep thinker. Seems to get fooled by the right very easily. There are much better shows to listen that are honest and intelligent. The Majority Report and The David Pakman show are two of the best. This one isn’t worth your time.
  • Fame_O
    Jimmy schill
    2 stars for the celebrity impression guy. This show has become increasingly unlistenable, but that’s what happens with paid opposition. They pretend to be hard hitting independent, but slowly transform into state sponsored propaganda. I have no doubt this idiot will get a prime time spot on HBO. That’s what he wants: Money 💰
  • shtypinko
    Loved the Jan 29th show till the “nasi” guy at the end🤷smh
    Refer 👍🏼
  • BrewBadges
    Pivot to attacking progressives?
    Used to be a fan of Dore, but his criticism of the non-corporate leadership lacks any solution or even-handed analysis. It’s ok to hold Dems to a higher standard, but I see nothing but complaining and hyperbole from this show anymore
  • Daveindiego
    Waste of time
    This is the guy to go to if you want to make yourself dumber.
  • K€lb¥:)
    Jimmy Dore is a complete brick
    He tweets that he interviewed someone from the Boogaloo Boys, and Jimmy’s like “OMG he’s actually progressive!! He said so, so it’s true!!” When, what if I told you FASCISTS LIE, Jimmy? And actions speak louder than words? I wouldn’t listen to a podcast from somebody who was THIS much of a gullible idiot.
  • SamanthaCB23
    Amazing. Please more Chomsky.
    I love this podcast and Jimmy Dore. I am writing this review to request please more Noam Chomsky calls. I can’t stop cackling.
  • ASimpleGuyFromASmallTown
    Good Podcast
    I am a conservative, and I can relate to a lot of what Jimmy says. I don’t like the hyper-focus on Medicare for all. I would like to hear more issues from a progressive standpoint without the rage/mob/cancel culture. I love the phone calls gags, jokes, and guests he brings on to talk about issues that the American people face.
  • not me but us
    Truth to power.
    Jimmy Dore is the hottest thing out there right now! Speaks truth to power with colorful colloquialisms.
  • jaygagnon
    Jimmy Rubin?
    Jimmy seems to be following the model laid out by the mental midget who preceded him.
  • parjop
    The best
    JimmyDore is by far the best left podcast out there. He goes after both sides hard and truthful.
  • Brn Wlkr
    Could not agree less with My Favorite Lefty
    Thank you Jimmy. For informing and making me laugh. Keep it up. Please.
  • NibblesandUs
    Jimmy couldn’t organize his way out of a wet paper bag
    Jimmy is loudmouth “left” shock jock garbage.
  • EdeTM
    I get that you have your issues with AOC and Bernie and other progressives but it’s tiring hearing you bash them week after week while Trump still sits in office. It just gets old.
  • RNHarrison2005
    Just not a good fit for me anymore
    I have listened to Jimmy for a while and have been a patron for a few years. Since 2016, Jimmy has become more of a bomb thrower than anything else. When he used his platform to push to force a vote on Medicare for All, I heard him out and eventually disagreed. What made me stop being a patron was him attacking almost every politician, pundit, commentator, etc. that disagreed with the tactic/ timing as sellouts, corporate. I really think his anger and vitriol should reserved for the people doing real harm to our nation instead of Congress people that have served only one term or have been recently elected and haven’t even been sworn in yet.
  • rednexela
    Love Mike!
    Thanks Jimmy! I’m a Centrist, well maybe a little right of center. My Commie son turned me on to you! Love him and Like you. The phone calls make me laugh out loud!!
  • Bunny Cub
    Bad politics AND bad comedy
    I started out liking Jimmy Dore but soon realized he’s just a nihilist. He either has a severe personality disorder or he’s controlled opposition because all he ever does is splinter and splinter the left. If we acted on his beliefs we’d have zero power. He owes nothing to nobody he has no solidarity to anyone he’s not part of a movement. He just wants to crank up his audience.
  • 10acErnie
    Jimmy is KILLIN' IT!!!!!!!
    Go get 'em and don't let up!!!!
  • Velvet Jones81
    My favorite lefty
    Jimmy is a great news guy. But the “humor” on this show really falls short. His insight and point of view and selection of stories to cover is more than enough to make up for the unfunny moments. But the fake phone calls are unbearable. The guests /panelists can go too. Tulsi 2024
  • Jay985206
    sanity Incarnate!
    The most real news out there.
  • KafkaCrow13
    Impersonators Aren't Funny
    Matt Jones used the dump impersonator schtick, as well. It cheapens the shows and makes wading through the juvenile horse droppings not worthwhile to get to the real info. If filler is needed to have longer shows, just have shorter shows.
  • 7687688756765
    Спасибо большое Джими 🕴🏻👩🏼‍🦯
    Да 👩🏼‍🏫☝🏻🦾🦿🙃 🤤🏴‍☠️
  • CBSouthie
    Beeping out profanity?
    What the heck
  • Bangs&Teeth
    A Rare Voice For The Truth
    What an amazing, unapologetic examination of the hypocrisy and corruption of the Democratic Party and the so-called “liberal” class.
  • hwak1976
    Good, but...
    Good show. Appreciate Dore getting the truth out there. Please get rid of the silly impersonator calls though. Please. It’s not that funny and distracts from the good stuff
  • Angietony
    Long time paying subscriber
    Jimmy’s show is the best place to go for those of us who have had it with the 2 party duopoly in this country. Smart, funny, and informative. Jimmy’s rants are epic. Lots of interesting guests and also great regulars including Miserable Liberal, Stef Zamarano and Impressionist, Mike MacRae.
  • halfull
    Fake laughter
    Fake laughter at not funny jokes is gross
  • bgvyt4321
    I’ve been listening out of habit but often wonder why
    I enjoy when there are independent journalists on the show who have real info to share, and I do enjoy the celebrity prank calls. But once Jimmy and his wife have the stage, it’s just painful to listen to. It’s been a really long time since I heard a thoughtful discussion or a good interview on the show. More and more it just seems like a heap of narcissism and negativity, with a very tiny world view that seems incapable of expanding. If you want to hear oft-misinformed and super repetitive angry rants with unpleasant cackling in the background, and someone constantly talking about how smart he is while another person congratulates them, then this is the show for you. If you like any bit of nuance, or learning things, I recommend something else.
  • MTougie
    The absolute best
    Jimmy Dore is the absolute best political commentator on earth. His analysis is spot on and I wish more media outlets had the balls Jimmy has.
  • Cgwill
    Over focused on negatives of govt.
    Jimmy makes a lot of good points, but he really dwells on the negative aspects of government, which everybody knows is a consequence of having a government. Sometimes I wonder what the point of his show is if he is not going to give some element of credit to the incremental progress that is made by either party in any fashion whatsoever? Maybe we should all just throw it down the toilet and live as an autonomous commune which is kind of Jimmy’s general attitude.
  • Major Maroney
    Gives loads of information that isn’t readily available elsewhere.
  • Jimny Longfellow Washington
    I tried to like it.
    I’ve listened for a few months now. It’s mostly vulgar rants on heavily repeated topics. Honestly I haven’t learned anything I didn’t already know and the comedy bits are 70s and 80s disc-jockey style fake “celebrity calls” to the show. After seeing him on Rogan, I was expecting the show to be more informative. Mostly self-congratulating rants.
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