Vos and Bonnie's "My Wife Hates Me"

Stand-Up #12

Married comedians Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane bring you the podcast they swore they would never do. My Wife Hates Me combines all of the bickering of a husband and wife with the sharp wit of two cutting edge comedians. Both painfully honest and brutally funny, Vos and Bonnie (Opie and Anthony, Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central Presents) give you a glimpse into their lives every week as they vent about the industry, every day life and each other. For advertising opportunities please email PodcastPartnerships@Studio71us.com

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  • FUBARinDetroit
    I’m married too!
    Assuming this is an exaggeration... I always wonder what it would sound like if we recorded our nonsense. Now I know! You 2 are great. Thanks for the laughs. If you haven’t seen the vos roast, Watch it!!
  • metal14
    F*ck RICH VOS
  • meganicole10
    Marriage life
    I cannot relate to anything better than this podcast. You guys always have me laughing no matter what. This is what marriage is all about lol
  • ClevelandBass
    I Liked It
    I liked it much better than CATs
  • knucklehead1946
    The Nag
    Want to listen to a woman drive a man ever closer to homicide? Hit it Bonnie...
  • cAsBx
    Relationship Goals!
    Honestly these might be two of the funniest people on the planet, and much like Bonnie I never know if Rich is joking or clueless
  • arttulip1005
    So hilarious
    It’s so funny when it’s someone else’s marriage hahaha. Love this.
  • Abirdtoe
    There’s two queens on the show and a peasant. You decide who is who. Love the show
    Stop having Rayna on.
    You need to separate the daughter from the annoying pre-teen annoyance that she is.
  • Pepper Rothesay
    Edit - still love the show.
    Thanks Bonnie for apologizing about disrespecting the flag! Awesome job and thanks.
  • lobstajohnson
    Rayna Vos will be the funniest, least understood person on Earth in 10 years. This is my prediction
  • pantomime21
    Discovered Vos on #YKWD...
    ...and find you both freakin’ funny. As well as, endearing and down to Earth. Hope you continue with the pod. 🤘🏽jc
  • Willis5150
    Vos is 65 years old
  • Ladpor
    Used to love the show, but they let their daughter on to ask for $500 at a time when everyone is out of work. At the same time, they are constantly going on about the new house and land and frivolous shopping that do. It’s gross. Can’t stand to listen to sanctimonious low rent “celebrities” tell you how to behave as they flaunt and beg all at once.
  • itchy squirel
    10 out of 10 when Rayna is on🦒😷🦒😷🦒😷🦒😷🦒🐣
    Thanks for the 60😷😷😷
  • canniballz
    Cellar table in a suburban household
  • adam the caveman
    Stop having your daughter on
    For the love of god
  • Poetic-Science
    I love this power couple!
    On this carousel of chaos, beauty can be generated like a windmill...
  • Cancel Bonnie Macfarlane
    After episode #385
    Ive been a diehard fans of both Rich Vos and Bonnie Mcfarlane for years and years, seen them both live, bought their documentary, bought his Roast, but after Bonne Macfarlane’s comments on this episode Ill no longer listen to this podcast or anything Bonnie Macfarlane is involved with. I’m sorry Rich.
  • Gibbelz
    This show is the cat’s pajamas
  • susanrachelle
    When you didn’t think it could get any worse
  • tnvmaine
    I Love Bonnie....yes, and Rich too!
    I have listened to all of the podcasts...and even though it’s clear that it’s not Bonnie’s favorite type of “medium”....she is AMAZING! She’s so real, honest and the funniest woman ever! Her ability to be painfully honest is what’s missing in most podcasts. She is an amazing comedian and I truly hope they keep the Podcast.
  • wal mart employee
    Hi I’m a new sub
  • goduckypurself13
    Suction your mouth Rich
    WOW‼️. I literally don’t know how Bonnie does it. Rich’s slurping speech & inability to be compelling is insufferable. Bonnie is the only reason why I listen at all
  • Maxcraft430
    Not great.
    But I do like Bonnie. Paul and Sasha on Community News podcast have much funnier chemistry. Rich just sounds cranky all the time. Bonnie makes it worth listening.
  • yes staying around here can
    This is funny
  • Ccstamp
    Bonnie is hilarious!!!
    Bonnie is hilarious !
  • jimijm
    A train wreck
    Bonnie is so interesting and rich is so sad. Rich starts most sentences with NO. He is an old man trying to hang on. I can’t wait for the next episode.
  • Stogie182
    Worst marriage = best podcast
    Not sure why Bonnie is still married to Vos, the intro song says it all. Makes for a great podcast. Vos is the dumbest person with quick wit I’ve ever met. Bonnie is the hottest girl with quick wit I’d love to meet. They trash each other the whole podcast. Overall 5/5 stars.
  • justwishng
    Just do your plugs and let your child be a child
  • danggross
    Vest husband wife combo
    They truly are the funniest combo ever. Vos is a dummy but really hit the jackpot.
  • Orivaca
    Just listened to 361, had me rolling. Decided to pick an older episode at random and landed on 306. You guys were having the same argument verbatim! In 306 Rich couldn’t admit he was wrong about Kimmel’s Oscar bit, “noooooooo”, man Bonnie was more patient back then!
  • Aleksandr from Ukraine !!
    Garbage 🗑 pod. Voss is usually funny. This a waste of time!
  • FlaccidoDomingo
    I love them
    Have never missed an episode. Bonnie is smart and hilarious and Rich is there too.
  • murloo
    The episode with your daughter had me dying
    This is why I don’t have kids but you can tell y’all love each other lol
  • Ima Dill
    They can’t all be a Netflix special
    I think you’re both very funny. Even though not every show is platinum level.... I pay nothing to hear Bonnie rip on Rich, worth every penny. Thanks.
  • Adgjihbdssvhkhfcbg
  • One-Wheel
    I have given up on it.
    Vos and Bonnie have just done it too long. They clearly don't care about it any longer. Vos has nothing to say or add. Can't tell a story if his life depended on it. Bonnie is just over it. She says she doesn’t want to do it pretty much every episode. I do enjoy her efforts to try and get through Rich's thick head on so so so many topics. But even that has grown old for me.
  • castpod expert
    eat skittles
    word on the street is that this podcast is funny. I agree with said street word.
  • RobertoMakoto
    Hope my girlfriend keeps being that funny when we finally ruin our lives and get married. Love the show.
  • Biged310
    So So Bad
    This podcast is bad and Rich Vos, while being a funny comedian, is a horrible podcaster. Despite having done the podcast for years! But his wife, the much younger and beautiful Bonnie McFarlane makes it worth listening to. She constantly has to pull Rich out of his ten minute boring talk about his life on the road. Buying peanut butter at the local store so he can eat healthy. Or how many times he golfed. I kid you not, this guy has no idea what goes into successful podcasting. He even has a Patreon account that never posts anything to it?????? I don’t get it. Most other comedians like Kevin Brennan, Jim Florentine and Nick Dipalo all have free podcast and then extra content each week for a Patreon donation. He also does the podcast from his home and you constantly hear his dog barking, the doorbell ring or his Daughter interrupting them; although she is funnier than her dad most times. Time to give it up or step it up!!!!
  • ASpense722
    Love Vos and Bonnie but...
    Love Vos and Bonnie but the episodes are hit or miss. Voss... stop chewing gum and breathing heavy in the mic!
  • nickborg
    A rare treat
    Vos is one of my favorite people. Look forward to every episode.
  • bonniemakesmefeel
    I don’t often smoke weed, but when I do I get really paranoid and introspective. Vos and Bonnie arguing and bickering makes me feel the same way. All love no hate
  • Sinnmaker
    Stop chewing!!!
    Bonnie is awesome. Rich I love you but can’t stand the constant chewing. It’s disgusting. Unlistenable. It’s a shame because I love the podcast but I have to leave when the drooling and chewing gets loud and constant.
  • Jeff W in Texas
    Bonnie Rocks
    Absolutely my favorite Podcast. Rich and Bonnie are real and allow us a glimpse inside of their lives. Bonnie is one of the funniest comedians and Rich holds his own, he is a living legend. I hope they both visit Texas.
  • Mmlea1982
    Great show needs less Voss
    Great show! Maybe little less screaming Rich Voss. That microphone has to be a mess.
  • app user 4380573627
    Show is one of my favorites for its content and their chemistry. Only show I listen to with my SO which is important to me. I’d give it 5 stars if the shows came out with some kind of regularity; at least put up a 5 min download that says “we are here and we will be back on this date.” Sadly, it seems like they are burnt out, busy, and not interested in continuing with the show (understandable). We will have to enjoy it while it lasts.
  • Fergrunner
    Is this real?
    What a couple of retards. Terrible. Unlistenable. My goodness. Stop. End it now.
  • Doctadialect
    Their dysfunction is hilarious
    This is so good. It’s ALL Bonnie. She’s a pro. She’s quick, funny, interesting. Rich is the opposite. It’s almost unbelievable how oblivious he is about everything. Bonnie is right 99% of the time and is almost ‘forced’ to blow up at Rich. But it’s well-deserved and you can’t help but feel her frustration. 10 out of 10.
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