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It's Game of the Year meets King of the Hill as four of Earth's best friends – Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, Chris Plante, and Russ Frushtick – rank and review their favorite video games. Because shouldn't the world's best friends pick the world's best games?

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  • elglass
    Great even for Casuals!
    I’m not exactly a gamer, I know about big releases and gamer culture from being on the internet and having friends who are really into games. This is a fun way to learn why I like what I do like when I get the urge to play, and to get a fresh perspective on a bizarre industry. Plus, they’re real funny.
  • Colemer
    Great Show!
    I’ve listen to every episode and am always looking forward to Friday for a new one. The hosts are very funny and have a great energy together. This show has gotten me to play a great number of good games and helped me make a choice about games I was on the fence about. Besties has something for everyone (check out their newest episodes first).
  • DrScarecrow
    A goof time
    I like this pod, it makes me smile and is informative. Wish they talked about The Witcher 3 more often tho. Maybe if they see this they will make this dream of mine come true. I love you Mr. Plant
  • sophiesims
    Love it
    My name is Sophie and I know the best podcast of the week! THIS ONE!!!
  • ReedT22
    Love this
    One of my favorite podcasts
  • The Epic Goose
    Love these boys!
    Like talking about your new game with your best friends, but bundled up in a fun sized package!
  • kolone22
    Great reviews!!! I’m always excited for née episodes.
  • Nelcent
    Between the four of them, they have really nice varieties in the games that they like. It’s nice because I know that when Griffin recommends a game, I know I’ll probably like it and when Russ recommends a game, I probably won’t. I’ve also just played a lot of different games I normally wouldn’t have ever given a second thought because of this podcast. Also v funny
  • Awesome William
    Funniest Video Game Pod
    I think is the most consistently funny video game podcast I listen to, and I listen to about 8 weekly. Their chemistry is great, and they bring enough perspectives to keep it interesting. The book club format works, and I love it.
  • dhsnabdn
    This podcast is amazing. The hosts are hilarious, and the content is entertaining and thoughtful. I would highly recommend this even if you mostly do not know about, or play any of the games they talk about.
  • --> insert name here<--
    Great pod
    Great review of video games by entertaining hosts. They talk through a lot of games that I probably wouldn’t look into otherwise, and they give a good synopsis of the different parts of each game. Also, the theme song is a certified bop.
  • gubblebumper
    I’d kiss these boys
    All 4 of em. At the same time. There’s be a lot of 4head bumping. Nobody would like it. I don’t like it. Not one bit. Good podcast though.
  • Pr1ncessFia
    Very Good
    They manage to both take their reviews seriously but not too seriously, and I’m always entertained even when I haven’t played the game. Best podcast.
  • B3ll4d0nn4
    A very good video game podcast
    Honestly if Justin McElroy crying over a fan email about Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn’t do it for you what will.
  • Cainies
    Like Having Friends in the Room
    Have you ever had the experience of hanging out with a group of friends and they start talking about something that goes completely over your head, but it’s still a fun experience because they’re clearly thrilled to be chatting about something that they love? That’s this podcast for me. I almost never play video games, but listening to these sweet boys chat just warms my heart and makes me feel like I have a set of close friends in the room.
  • Gaambit
    They seem to have stopped trying
    Just lazily put together lately - some of them are starting to sound bored -like, so bored they don’t even bother playing the games or showing up for an episode.
  • Potatoe 101
    So good
    Pls listen
  • djaxic
    Comforting and insightful
    I appreciate the dorkiness
  • amyla9
    Really good conversations
    These guys are obviously friends, so when they say that it’s a video game club it’s because it’s exactly that vibe. And it doesn’t matter if you haven’t played the game they’re talking about. They describe it well enough that you follow the conversation. It’s entertaining first off, but it also helps you know if you want to play it yourself, watch it on twitch, or just maybe suggest that your SO play it so you can dip in occasionally. ;) If you even casually follow along with the video game world, this is a great podcast to subscribe to!!
  • wittk031
    Their Chemistry is so good!
    Not just hilarious but also a great way to learn more about games or hear other opinions about games I already love. I love McElroy content and I love games and polygon, so it’s super cool to get this epic combo.
  • Austin TX BB
    Good Show, Middling Zelda Ranking
    A great way to check in on what’s happening in the world of interactive entertainment!
  • Pierce Pavus
    genuine insight & great comedy
    i’m a huge fan of everyone involved in the show - each person brings unique thoughts to the table, allowing for a really well-rounded discussion. all the hosts are hilarious, too, which makes it fun to listen to even if i’m not super interested in the games they’re discussing. i listen on spotify, but the besties are great enough that i felt the need to leave a review somewhere. give them a chance if you haven’t already; it’s worth your time, i promise.
  • Scrubbing Pages
    It’s in the title
    I cannot say how much I love this group of friends. Let’s jump right into the meat and potatoes. It’s a video game book club. Plain and simple - it used to be the subtitle to the show and I shan’t let it die, damnit. I make a point to play the game before I listen to the podcast so I can relate and laugh along.
  • G4/\/\ar
    Don’t sleep on this podcast.
    Can’t even begin to say how much I love this podcast. Such great opinions and reviews of games. Anyone who is a gamer should be listening to the Besties podcast.
  • Juanpibasketball
    My favorite videogame/comedy podcast
    I used to look forward to Fridays for the weekend, for going out with friends, partying and playing videogames. But since last year Fridays are just another day. I discovered The Besties through a good friend of mine and it quickly became my favorite podcast and what I look forward to the most on Fridays besides playing videogames and not having to work. The hosts’ chemistry is unparalleled, their silly and honest reviews are a gem, and their videogame recommendations always hit just right. Please give them a listen! Love you guys!
  • Ajschlute
    Really excellent podcast
    Love this podcast. These guys have really excellent recommendations for games and I havnt not liked a game they have recommended yet. Additionally, it is not an echo chamber. They often differ in view and have their own opinions on each game. Very interesting listen for someone who is interested in the subject or needed to know the next cool game to play. I love this Video Game Club!
  • Myz22
    The best video game podcast I’ve ever heard
    On it discovered this recently but this is the smartest and funniest video game podcast I’ve heard. Going through all the archives now and hoping it sticks around!
  • Nrjekakka
    Best easy listening video game podcast in the game
    I love listening in the background; even as not a super heavy video game player. Good friends, enjoyable content and makes me interested in certain games!
  • Mister Peter Moleneux
    It’s Familiar, But Not Too Familiar
    I am a big McElroy fan, and I love Polygon as well. I’ve been looking for a video game podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still has great chemistry, editing, and pacing. THIS IT! I didn’t have a Spotify subscription, so them getting canned was actually the highlight of 2021 for me. Sorry guys!
  • Myownsuperhero
    Great Video Game Podcast
    The Besties is a point-blank fantastic podcast about video games. You want to listen to professionals talk about their favorite video games? Here you go!
  • gaymermilf420
    Super fun, even for casuals
    I look forward to besties every week! Even if I don’t know the games they’re talking about, hearing funny conversations about games is a delight and keeps me exploring new stuff. The dudes’ accessible critiques and varied tastes always remind me that there’s no wrong way to be a gamer.
  • super mario illiad
    My favorite podcast
    These boys know the best game of the week, and I know the best podcast of the year, it’s this one. Funny relatable interesting thoughts about games and gaming. So so so very grateful it is now available on apple podcasts.
  • hot_todd
    Besties have great insight into Video Games
    The Besties have great appreciation for video games and have a lot of wonderful insight to share. There is an abundance of video game related content on the internet but these four rise above it with thoughtful approaches and healthy arguments that make you appreciate the work that goes into these pieces of art. Justin was so right about the sound design of Link to the Past - hearing that portal sound took me back to when I was a little kid and taking turns playing with my mom. Thanks and hope you guys find the right sponsor soon! (One Request if this makes it on the show - your favorite song from Super Mario RPG)
  • AttnAllRmntcs!
    Best New Old Podcast I Never listened to
    I am a huge fan of this podcast and was so disappointed to hear about the spotify and sponsor problems it had gone through in the past year. I listened to every episode since the reboot and even went back to listen to the backlog and watch their polygon videos. I am always interested in their opinions on games and take their recommendations whenever a game fits my preferences. I even got into the souls series because of this show. I would be crushed if they ever dropped this show and I really hope they get the same level of success as other podcast programs.
  • gingergurf
    Really Good
    It's a great mix of genuine, insightful video game commentary and comedy!
  • tehStripe
    Great podcast for game recs and smiles
    I usually don’t do reviews, but the number of great games I’ve started playing because I heard these guys talking about them is truly unbelievable (The Sexy Brutale, Hades, and Monster Train are just a few.) I feel like I owe them one at this point. The guys do a compelling job of highlighting the good and bad points of a game, and I like that they all have different tastes - it makes for more interesting conversations and is also a good bellwether for whether or not I personally am going to enjoy a game. (For instance, if Justin likes it, I’ll almost definitely like it too.) I was psyched when this podcast went back to weekly releases, and it’s such a weird feeling to be bummed when there isn’t an ad during the ad break. On a separate but equally exciting note - the theme music makes me smile every time I hear it. :)
  • dddaaannn
    The best video game podcast
    Not your typical friends-talk-about podcast! The Besties are smart and knowledgeable about video games, with a diversity of opinion, a natural flow of conversation, and a sense of humor that’s a pleasure to listen to. The crew have introduced me to new games and bettered my understanding of familiar ones. Needs more female and BIPOC guest hosts, but otherwise a standout show!
  • my wiiiiiife
    Best video game club I’ve ever been a part of
    I dont know hardly anything about video games, yet its one of my favorite podcasts, and i have episodes and bits that go back and listen to over and over (the crime-solving bit in the Kentucky Route Zero/AI Dungeon ep? Absolutely SENDS ME) I love these best friends, i love that we are welcomed into their friendship dynamic by way of their banter, and i am so excited to finally be a part of a video game club!
  • Astrobotic
    Necromancer? I barely knew her
    After listening to the loop hero episode, I was afraid that the necromancer was going to be impossible to use. But as soon I started using them I realized that Justin is just a big baby. 5/5 stars
  • AndrewMDK
    Delightful podcast with great chemistry
    I have recently become a huge fan of this podcast. The four presenters have great chemistry with one another and each shares an important point of view. I love listening to their thoughts on the video games and it has made me start to think about games more critically - much like you would in a book club. Even the “bit segments” are at the very least charming or self-aware. I would listen to these guys talk about other best-of topics too.
  • Khailee
    The best
    This show brings me so much joy :)
  • Tpennell
    For when your besties are far away...
    As I march inexorably into my mid-thirties settling into married life, the days of sitting around with my buds and talking video games seem a distant memory. I fact I feel so behind in knowing what’s new and great in interactive entertainment. Enter: The Besties. It delivers that nerdy fix hearing these guys dive into what makes or breaks a good video game while keeping me up to date about titles I should check out. Thank you Griffin, Justin, Chris and Rush!
  • albear the white
    It’s so good
    I’m perpetually going to buy the t-shirt.
  • anna__elisabeth
    will make you play video games
    I started listening to the besties because I needed a comforting, friendly podcast. Now I own a switch and play Hades. Cause and effect???
  • Joe 3131
    Better than the others out there
    BUT you are wrong - Super Metroid is in fact better than Link to the Past
  • Sly_Devlin
    The BESTies
    You can always depend on The Besties to provide a nuanced and fair review. As someone who is always looking for new games to play, I trust the opinions of these four when it comes to deciding what is worth my time. Above all, the chemistry in this group is excellent and it really feels like a group of buds chatting over their shared interests. If you’re looking for a new video game podcast, make this the one.
  • jkkejsjakja
    pretty dang good guys
    i’ve literally only played like three video games including the sims but i never feel left out. these guys have great chemistry and the goofs are so funny my friends and i quote them on a regular basis. it’s so nice to have an accessible pod to make me feel more comfortable in the gaming space as i try new games. i got both Hades and animal crossing new horizons because of this pod and both are super good and fun!!! can’t wait to hear what the boys chat about next week.
  • imChrisxLam
    Just my luck
    I started listening to this podcast the episode they announced that Spotify would no longer sponsor it and it might not last long. To my surprise and delight, the besties are still making their podcast and it’s back on Apple podcasts and I could not be happier. I love video games and I genuinely find analytical discussion of video games to be really interesting, but I’m also too broke and too lazy to play all these games, so this podcast is perfect for me. It’s a great mix of humor and genuine discussion and it’s just something I find myself coming back to when I want something easy to listen to but still engaging. Hope it survives
  • ben radley
    Good vibes
    Such good vibes all around from this show. Every host has such good chemistry and whether they’re discussing game mechanics or being idiots together it’s always very entertaining. Would highly recommend this show!
  • CMeghan
    The BEST
    The Besties has something for everyone: gamers, sports fans, sports medicine fans, home entertainment users, giraffe lovers, and anything in between. All the more accessible now that it has no association with books or book clubs. You need to check out this podcast.
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