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It's Game of the Year meets King of the Hill as four of Earth's best friends – Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, Chris Plante, and Russ Frushtick – rank and review their favorite video games. Because shouldn't the world's best friends pick the world's best games?

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  • maximum steve
    Easy and informative
    Learn about games, enjoy great goofs, and just chill out with some fun fellas
  • A_Foreign_Flower
    One of my favorite parasocial relationships!
    🎮 HEY YOU, yeah you, the one with the face and eyes and stuff - you should listen to this podcast. Whether you’re only vaguely interested in vidya james, or you regularly have thumb cramps from fiddling with that drifting joycon, check out The Besties (and their recent addition, “The Resties”)! These delightful dudes are a joy to listen to; it’s like having a group of hysterical, nerdy friends without having to do any of the emotional labor! 😜
  • katieakin
    The best…ies!
    I love this show! I’ve been listening for years, and I never stop loving it. I have a limited gaming setup/budget, but I like to have familiar voices talking me through what is out there and what might be worth using up that budget. It’s also helpful that these guys know their own blindspots and biases and can point that out when discussing the merits or detractions of a game. Also, frankly, I just like their vibe. They’ve known one another forever, and it shows in a delightful way. I’m always recommending this show to people I know who are into games, and now with Resties I’ll redouble my efforts there. Good pod, y’all.
  • nyGiraffeFan
    Love the addition of the Resties
    Getting more of the besties is always a good thing! Keep it up Frush and Plante! also… wouldn’t hate if a certain vertically gifted New Yorker started making appearances on The Resties
  • LiterallyJustAlex
  • Halo1128
    Video games!
    This is one of my weekly must listen to podcasts. The hosts all have very different views on video games which really allows the listener to absorb multiple viewpoints and hear of the game is actually interesting. I have purchased multiple games over the last few a years based solely on their reactions. Thanks for making my week a little brighter with your video game chats.
  • Dwight W Davis
    My favorite McElroy joint????
    Listen folks, I’ve done em all. Even the Paul Blart one. And I think this one maybe takes the cake. Really REALLY enjoy Plante and Russ, looking forward to more of the Resties!
  • C. Ochmunch
    Love the besties and the resties!
    I listen to these fully though once and play the. to fall asleep to them once I’ve consumed the content fully (only feedback- make your intro/onto a little quieter for us sleepyheads 😜) Love getting weekly updates on the state of Home Interactive Entertainment ™️ throughout the year as well as the occasional bracketed debates and year end GOTY discussions. Plus, the additions of the Resties every other week is just more to love!
  • Aaaadfghhddfjjhfds
    A source of joy and fun
    The Besties gang bring happiness into our lives every week. My wife and I have been fans for a while, and every episode is full of insightful reviews, silly jokes, and Justin always having the best takes.
  • Fravelution
    The Besties of the Resties
    A fun video game podcast with a sprinkle of wonderful where two friends spend some extra time talking about what they like.
  • Seriouslysam
    I used to hate video games
    But now I don’t! They’re great! Like this show. Thanks Besties!
  • PJ McGinnis
    Love These Boys
    A great video game review/recap podcast. Love that they all have fairly different opinions and it’s not just a bunch of dudes who all love the same things. Super funny. Always thought provoking. 10/10
  • Ni_cho_las
    The Best
    Long time listener, first time reviewer. One of my all time favorites. Thoughtful commentary on games, the world of gaming, and the effectiveness of these games in world.
  • Jos-Bee
    the only video game podcast I listen to
    I trust their taste and enjoy hearing what they have to say, even about games I don’t play.
  • pogsrule69
    Highlights what makes each game fun and unique
    I am loving Metroid Dread but don’t know anyone who is playing it, so in this case The Besties are actually my video game besties. Since I started listening I also feel like I know a lot about the state of video games today without having played many popular titles myself after a 10 year gaming hiatus.
  • frillydilly
    Your ableism is showing, y’all
    Love the show, been listening for a long time and will continue to, but gotta say I’m disappointed in the difficulty/accessibility discussion on the Metroid Dread episode. I find it so hard to understand why we can’t all just agree that all games should be as accessible as possible to all people. Maybe not every game can have every accessibility feature added, and not every game can have a highly adjustable difficulty scale like TLOU2 for example, but what is wrong with some people having a slightly, or maybe even highly mechanically altered experience of a game? A person who needs, or even just chooses, to use those features will go in knowing they’re not having the “intended” experience. Who cares? If they want to try it, they should be able to. You can continue to play games the way you want to, or think is right. What do you care how others play? I’m tired of hearing the same circular discussions about this between non-disabled people. Please just check out the AbleGamers Charity.
  • mutesauce
    I love this show, it’s probably my favorite video game podcast. I appreciate the fact that all four hosts have diverse enough tastes and opinions that discussion never feels stale. Even when talking about games they don’t like, they are fair and will differentiate between things that just don’t click with them versus things that are actually poorly made. Very glad that we have the biweekly Resties episodes now too! I love the McElroys, but Chris and Russ are great too and I’m happy to have more content from them.
  • JoshTit
    Great Listen
    You are going listen to a video game podcast. If you don’t want to do that, then try to figure out what’s brought you here. If you did mean to do that, then you’ve come to the right place! Chris, Russ, Justin, and the media luminary Griffin break down games in a way that is diet spoiler and exciting. I’ve listened for a while but the Dread episode filled me with dread. I just got the game but was only 15 minutes into it. Still, as someone who has played most of the Metroid saga, they affirmed my choice to try this game without blowing the plot. Recommend 💯
  • Borngus
    bideo james it’s fun idk man
    love that chris plant has an aunt named chris human justin i wish you were my dad sometimes listen this is good stuff idrk what else to say. praise be to stalin i guess.
  • Endersgame09
    Awesome Podcast
    Listening to the boys give their opinions on the latest games is honestly the highlight of my Friday's. They explain the games in a way to help me get a sense of if I will enjoy the game at all. These guys always bring a smile to my face when I listen. Thanks for the content guys!
  • abby oakes
    i started listening six months ago because i was looking for a show that made me feel like i was hanging out with a bunch of friends who were excited about things and excited to be with each other (and i was a longtime mcelroy fan), and this fit the bill exactly - it never mattered that i’d never been into games before, or that my only console was a recently purchased switch to play animal crossing. this podcast is a pure joy to listen to, and i’m so glad it doesn’t feel like a chore to any of the hosts, and when they need to, they take the week off. what remains is a truly wonderful collection of good analysis, love, and ridiculous humor. oh also, i play video games now! overjoyed at the addition of the resties, which even after just one episode has me feeling completely spoiled. i never thought i’d be even remotely interested in this show considering my lack of context and now, i’d recommend to everyone. thanks for sharing with us, boys
  • cucumber317
    amazing podcast
    GUYS I CAN SETTLE THE RUSS/MARIO DEBATE. this is not a joke: i am friends with charles martinet’s niece. if you guys see this, i can ask her to ask her uncle how he said “mario” in the video games. but uh anyway yeah amazing pod. everyone should listen.
  • jdbailey28
    i don’t game
    the only game i play is diner dash, and i listen to this podcast faithfully. i love it and i love y’all.
  • Red the Rose
    Video James
    Very good, must show support, low key don’t even really play Video James, just enjoy very pleasant nerdy funny bois
  • Sheidjhshaksjsh
    If you like video games, you will 100% enjoy this show. If you like Polygon or the Mcelroys, there is no chance of you not loving this show. Heck, if you enjoy human laughter and have passing video game familiarity you will enjoy this show. Please listen.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Listener
    Love not needing to waste time on games that I’m curious about but have no desire to play. These are the best boys.
  • Clay3476
    Fantastic Video Game Book Club Podcast
    This podcast has been such a pleasure to listen to, it’s by far one of my favorite video game review podcast. The guys always give me a ton lol of laughs, and are amazing to listen to during long drives.
  • big_poss22222
    Good games info
    I like to hear all of the different reccs they give, as well as just discussion of a variety of games. Love the resties, too!
  • Wompitywompwomp
    Resties love
    Love this show!!! The besties is where I get all my game recommendations from, and it’s really helped me during the pandemic when I can’t see my friends in person to have discussions like these. It’s always a good time! I also loved the Resties pilot, can’t wait for Plant and Russ to crank out another one!
  • ag22222222
    The BEST gaming podcast ads and also podcast
    Justin does the best ad reads on the internet. I wish I had a reason to buy premium quality audio cables just so I could more directly support his ad reads. The podcast is also very good.
  • clay kramer
    great stuff
    the most recent episode was great! really excited for metroid dread episode!
  • theunkool
    Excellent as always
    My favorite video game bookclub. Always look forward to listening to The besties and now the resties. Don't play as much as I used to but it's a delight to hear about and try the games that are covered and recommended.
  • Emmythemac
    Besties just keeps getting bettersies
    Love that Plante and Frush added the Resties! (Motion to rename the main pod to Resties Days?) I've been a Besties fan for years, and the hosts have such great chemistry and genuine friendship that you can tell they all just love having a chat with each other. I’ve found so many games through this podcast, and I’m not a person who plays a ton of games. Including my now-favorite game of all time, Hades. Even though I’m not someone who normally plays rogue likes, from their conversation I could tell that I would still have a great time dying over and over. And Plante describing the art as “Tumblr horny gone legit” sold me and several of my friends on the game, lol. Anyway, this is an amazing video game book club with really funny and insightful discussions, can’t recommend highly enough.
  • HuskySushi
    Enjoying both shows now!
    It’s very much the “oh boy two cakes!” meme, it’s great.
  • berni-e-sports
    Wikipedia Horror Movies
    Just happy to have a podcast where I can relate to the host, because we both read plot summaries of horror movies - as we are too scared to actually watch them Long live New York Giraffe
  • ZForce915
    This show is just a delight. And the Resties is just what the public craves.
    Listen, I covered this in the header. What more do you want from me the show is great, go listen.
  • Eric [One of the Hosts :-D]
    Busy Parent - Great Games
    As a recent parent - my time for gaming has dimished. This podcast is awesome because 1. They are all parents too - so the get the struggle of finding time to game! 2. It provides dope recommendations for the time I do have to game. (Thank you for Hades and Stardew Valley) 3. Are all generally pleasent and funny people to listen to! In conclusion - I just really like being in this video game club. Give it a listen!
  • Ertapp
    Love the besties and the resties!
    This podcast absolutely makes my week! I’m a pretty casual gamer and besties has helped me decide which games are actually worth my time and find some hidden gems! Im so excited about resties starting up too!! Hearing about other games/media that don’t always get the spotlight is so fun and I can’t wait to hear more.
  • ScottieNYC
    Resties is a great new addition!
    The new bi-weekly resties podcast is a great compliment to the main show.
  • Journalist user
    4 boys - 4 all
    I found The Besties through McElroy stuff, but at this point I’m so down for anything anyone this group is willing to try out. (Very much including the resties!) They all come from really different points of view, which makes their suggestions so fun and different from other places you might go. I specifically love Justin’s take on games. We couldn’t be more different in terms of what we like, but he’s fair and funny and somehow has me considering getting into FMV games?!?
  • KevinHupp
    Only Getting Better
    Resties is really exciting since I could listen to Russ and Plante talk about games all day. Very pumped to have more episodes and game recs, appreciate you guys sinking more time into this.
  • yellowisthis
    Thanks husband
    Discovered this podcast through the husband, and now I’m a regular listener. Keep the recommendations coming!!!
  • James2132
    It’s good!
    I already love the Mcelroys but it has been such a joy to get to know (sorta) Chris and Russ. These 4 boys know what they’re talking about and it’s been so fun to get good recommendations now that I have a switch and have jumped back into gaming. They also jut started doing 2nd episode a week with just Russ and chris and that’s great too! We love more stuff keep it up gang.
  • JasperLikesTacos
    Bought an iPad so I could finally leave a review!
    Just like the title says, I’m finally able to leave a review for them!!! I’ve been a fan for a few years now and hope they’re here to stay! I didn’t know I needed besties resties, but it’s clear I do! Love every iteration of this show they’ve done! Keep up the great work!!! Russ, you’re the clear best! Don’t forget it!
  • dalexgray
    The Finer Things in Life
    Thanks for doing Resties. I appreciate the extra ear candy. Of course, I love the energy that Hoops and his sweet baby brother bring to the main feed too.
  • LeRoy Jefferson
    Never Miss An Episode
    The show’s criticism and thoughtful analysis is genuinely interesting and I really love hearing the boys talk about any game, even when I have no intention of playing games that they feature. I’m also staunchly in favor of the ranking franchise episodes, though I might (?) be in the minority. Also, the first episode of the Resties was a delight and I can’t wait to hear more of it.
  • Flex_Capacitor
    Favorite Games Podcast
    Thoughtful, fun, eclectic reviews that include all the new releases and deep dives into favorites via “The Resties” I recommend this podcast to anyone looking for podcasts and plays games, look forward to it every week!
  • timperdoody
    Solid Videogame Podcast
    Love the banter and chemistry. It’s a podcast that’s turned me onto some fantastic games. Restive is a great deep dive and a super valuable addition!
  • preiring
    Just some good boys and (usually) good games
    As someone who doesn’t have the time to play a lot of games, it’s great to hear some guys with some varied interests talk about the games they’re interested in. They’ve turned me onto Dicey Elementalist, Beat Saber, Wildermyth, and many others that I would not have checked out had I not listened. Glad to get more content from the Resties, as well! After listening to their first episode, I believe it will be a great addition to the podcast. Also, I enjoy the stupid characters they bring on sometimes, such as New York Giraffe, if only because the exasperation from the other guys is hilarious.
  • PassProblems
    Best video game podcast
    Update: Russ and Plant are doing an extra episode subtitles “The Resties” and it’s fantastic. Could use more giraffes though. Do better Russ. Original review: My favorite thing about this podcast is that they rarely agree on games. Their differing tastes in games provides a lot of good criticism and highlights the strong and weak points of games. As someone who doesn’t have a ton of time to game these days, it’s extremely helpful to find games worth the purchase and worth my time. If you like video games, this is a podcast for you. Also they got jokes. The jokes aren’t always funny, but when they hit they hit. This is probably the 2nd best podcast featuring a McIlroy (Sawbones is #1 bc Sydnee rules).
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