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  • Crcksnr
    Great Podcast to Maintain Peace after Mormonism
    This is an intellectually honest set of podcasts that helps people recover from a very harmful religious world view. If you’re finally ready for the truth about Mormonism I highly recommend.
  • _j_o_
    the third dissident daughter 💯💯
    i really appreciate the dissident daughters podcast. im the only one in my family that is not mormon and this podcast really helps me feel validated and not alone as ive grown up in the toxicity of the church. thank you for being an advocate and a voice!!
  • Gordy Roberts
    Bill reel
    Love this podcast we’ll research, thoughtful and great topic
  • nick123murp
    Great podcast. Everyone in utah should listen to the president Nelson flight of death episode
  • stu-b
    Awesome Post-Mormon podcast.
    Great information. Love the hosts. The tone is a lot less derisive than many other Ex-Mo podcasts. One thing I would like is the organization. They have a bunch of different shows, which makes it harder to find episodes in the iPhone podcast app. It would be nice if they could organize the feed of episodes by show. I mostly listen to Mormon Discusions live.
  • abritmix
    Great family of podcasts
    Each podcast in this family of podcasts is a different but has a lot to offer!
  • Duluthreba
    Almost Awakening: 078
    So Bu Mo? Morbud? Not sure. I know some JewBus. UniBus. Mormon Buddhism Interesting. 🐢
  • old lady with issues
    Favorite podcast!
    I can’t tell you how much I love this podcast!! I’m always excited when a new show drops!! Thank you for sharing your personal journey, it has helped me so much!!
  • haileyjanie
    Many great episodes
    There are some absolutely fantastic podcasts under this umbrella. Some of them I am not as interested in of course, but to each his own. The newest one – Rameumptum Ruminations — seems promising and interesting even though it has the worst podcast name in history.
  • MJlover67
    Love this Pooodcast!
    This is a great podcast for people seeking the accurate information about LDS historical truth claims and doctrinal problems.
  • Geraldine Clavinsky
    This Body of Podcasts Helped Me Stay Sane
    Growing up in the church I had been taught to believe their very simple and often repeated narrative. When the essays came out and essentially admitted that what I had been taught were anti Mormon lies was actually truth I was thrown into confusion. Bill Reel and RFM really helped me understand the reality of church history and gave me the information I needed to push through the manipulation from the church. They produce excellent content that is delivered in a useful and digestible way.
  • jimstclare
    No thanks!
    It deserves 1 star
  • Meeee2456889
    Love it!!!!
  • jaxon claxon waxon flaxon
    Wrong about Terryl Givens
    I’ve listened to a number of episodes that I find interesting, but when reviewing books you have to meet authors for where they want to go rather than where you want them to. Givens doesn’t want to go down the road of historical criticism but he wants to look at lds texts as literature. I think to call him subversive on that point is a little extreme.
  • Zelmont04567
    RFM is the best
    This review is just for Radio Free Mormon (RFM). I don't listen to the other shows on this platform. His shows are well researched and highlight interesting nuances within Mormonism. I enjoy the rigor which his legal background and analysis provides.
  • txrjok
    This review is for RFM. I find his show interesting and enjoyable. Bill Reel - not so much - I’d only give him one star.
  • Shayjakec
    Best Mormon podcast out there.! .
    If you like thorough, honest, well researched detailed info. Mixes in great analogies and 70s, 80s and 90s pop culture. He is a lawyer so he goes into great detail.
  • Nessa*momof5
    Don’t be fooled by the name
    I was looking for some good discussions about the gospel. It’s not here! He uses the “Mormon” on the title in the hopes of getting an audience. Nothing of value here! Also his voice is monotonous and will give you a headache!
  • HonestlyCommittedMe
    Honesty at Last
    Thank you for all you do Bill. best podcast ever!!!
  • Fi cal
    Inspiring and refreshing!!
    These podcasts are so real and honest and inspiring! It’s just what I need as I make big life transitions for myself and my family. It’s feels comforting to have somebody walk through these difficult conversations with me-that’s what it feels like. Like I’m not alone on this journey and I have a friend to walk with. Thank you Bill for inspiring me to keep being brave and strong.
  • zion child
    Love it
    When Bill and RFM team up it’s sensational!! Love it! Thanks you two 👍. OMG! This interview with Jim Bennett is the greatest podcast ever! This should go into the podcast hall of fame!! Love your work Bill!
  • BumpnDump
    What a couple of losers
  • Tzaneen85
    Entertaining podcast
    I've been listening to Bill's podcasts for several years. I used to love his objective approach to the many complex and concerning issues of the church. As Bill has moved from a questioning perspective to a position of former member with unresolved answers, I have realized that this podcast is moving into a new phase. I surmise that it will most likely keep the current tone of attacking the leaders and burn the bridges that have helped many like me in the past in trying to find the good among the messy details. I now listen to this podcast as a form of entertainment rather than as a helpful resource that it once was. I still like Bill and will keep listening, but my listening perspective will be different going forward.
  • Jessicarb
    A favorite!
    Love all the commentary on apostle’s talks! Keep it coming!
  • Parkzee
    Listening to this made me want to scream!! To be in the graces of Mormonism, you are accepted when you attend the Temple or can acquire a Temple Recommend. PERIOD!! It has nothing to do with “SPIRITUALISM”!! Dance??? Song?? What about the “Moon” WHAT!!??
  • TyleDurden
    Hate cannot drive out hate neither darkness drive out darkness
    Some of the podcasts are really good others not so much. I don't find myself defending the church very often but I do prefer to see the good in all places and not find reasons to regret my life or past decisions. For this reason I'm not in love with the malicious direction Bill has gone although I do recognize it as a stage of development he must go through and I'm glad that there's a network that presents most sides. The ones I can recommend are "mythical jesus" "marriage on a tight rope" and "Mormon awakenings" most of the others I don't listen to and the few I do I must separate fact from commentary.
  • Dbh141414
    A little one sided
    Interesting thoughts, his apostles today sound like the apostles of the new testament , imperfect yet doing their best to lead the church of Jesus christ. Nothing has changed, the lord places people in positions and trusts them to do the right thing and guess what they are human and make mistakes just like Christs own apostles did. I wish bill saw that instead. He unfortunately leaves out a ton of information and I have found many fallacies in every one of his podcasts. extremely biased in one direction, he puts on an apologist hat and then leave out important facts.
  • 65pioneer
    Over the top
    I think that the main concepts of this episode where well put forth, however making fun of the Eyring‘s softheartedness was a little over-the-top. I don’t think it was necessary.
  • catnicbrown
    Not Worth Listening To
    Using Suzette Smith as an authority for Mormon feminism is dishonest seeing as how she has embezzled money from a Mormon feminist organization (Exponent 2). Very hypocritical and definitely undermines any other authority your podcasters claim to have on subjects.
  • theemcyclopedia
    Protected a podcaster who embezzled funds. No thanks.
    While this podcast has put out some episodes in the past that I have enjoyed and benefitted from, I cannot in good conscience continuing listening since it has come to light that one of their podcasters embezzled money from a mormon women’s group for ~5 years and attempted to cover up the extent of the crime even after offering to come clean. One of my main struggles with Mormonism throughout the years has been the church’s lack of financial transparency and use of funds to support causes that I morally disagree with, and finding out that mormon discussions has been aware of this person’s actions all along and still allowed this person to contribute *before* proper restitution was made is disappointing to me. I will not be listening anymore.
  • ColoradoMiks
    "Mormon feminist" podcast by the woman who stole $200,000 from the oldest Mormon Feminist magazine.
    Bill Reel knowingly gave a "mormon feminist" podcast to the woman who just this year pled guilty to stealing at least $200,000 from the mormon feminist community's oldest and most important mofem magazine, and is defending her actions and publicly trying to cast those who want her held accountable as unforgiving and "trying to cause maximum harm." She has shown no remorse, and most insulting of all, continues to use her "work" with that institution as credibility for her podcast, even using the name of the magazine in multiple episodes and pretending that none of it ever happened. She should not be representing the mofem community in any way, let alone claiming the influence of the magazine while she did everything she could to hide her crimes and has never admitted to the full extent of her theft. Even her logo for the podcast (Ashreah Grove) was stolen with funds stolen from the community she claims to be representing! I will no longer be listening to any of the MD podcasts until they sever their wildly inappopriate association with the woman who almost succeeded in bringing down a historical institution of the progmo community. And I hope nobody will trust MD with a penny of their money as long as a serial embezzler is involved in the company.
  • The Iron Daisy
    Don’t donate to this podcast
    This podcast group gives a voice and platform to a convicted felon who embezzled over 200k from a non-profit. Even her logo was purchased with stolen money. Bill has defended a perpetrator while shaming her victims for not “forgiving” her fast enough, even in the face of her continued deception. He is no better than the leaders of the LDS church he criticizes who protect perpetrators while blaming victims. Just because she’s his friend. If you want to continue the toxicity of the LDS church, this is the podcast for you.
  • mtuft121212
    If you like ethical podcasts, don’t listen to this one
    Just FYI the host of Asherah Grove stole about 200K from the Exponent II and is/was being investigated by the FBI. (Not fake news, you can look it up in the Salt Lake Tribune.) It’s a little hypocritical for a podcast host to sell herself as some sort of champion for Mormon women when she literally stole money from us. It’s especially upsetting coming from a podcast series that claims to be all about trying to hold the Church accountable for unethical practices and helping those of us on the fringes of Mormonism. I’ve enjoyed the podcast in the past but since it’s clear that the whole Mormon Discussion thing is yet another Mormon safe harbor for criminals I’m moving on to something else.
  • Onelittlemama
    Best podcast to survive a faith crisis!
    There is no better podcast than this when you are going through a faith crisis and looking for real facts surrounding tough issues with the church. Bill is gentle and errs on the side of faith. As a bishop he is an extremely intelligent guy and is coming fully from the perspective of faith while diving into hard questions.
  • 2thfixr
    Honest seeker of truth
    I’ve had doubts and questions that caused me anguish for years. But due to mormon culture doubters are shunned from family and friends I kept them hidden. I’m so thankful for voices like this podcast that have the courage to ask hard questions. Thank you.
  • waitingToHear
    Outstanding and honest. Heartfelt and thoughtful. I am grateful for Bill Reel and his efforts to fight for truth and treating each other with kindness.
  • ...........,,........
    Listen With the Intent to Question
    I've been listening to this podcast for a while now and I've found it very insightful. If you are an "active" member of the church it will cause you to question your thoughts and preconceived expectations or knowledge (which can be healthy if done properly). If you are "in-active" it can make you see things in a new light. If you are "anti-mormon" it'll probably just add more fuel to the fire (so, I'm not sure if it's worth your time). Regardless of where you fall, don't take everything in this podcast as 100% truth. As with everything you hear/learn: listen, observe, research, think, and come to your own conclusions.
  • Splendidsteve12
    Thoughtful and empowering
    Thank you for taking about the things that we should know about. No god would condone ignorance, and this group of podcasts sheds light on the parts that everyone should know and understand- the parts that don’t get discussed in church. Thank you for your honesty and integrity.
  • TheCount2254
    Some of the shows are okay. I noticed as I continued to listen, various hosts are just angry and frustrated with Mormonism, it almost feels like this is there therapy, to vent all their issues. It just got old, so I moved on to other podcasts.
  • Sr134
    Great podcast that offers multiple viewpoints on Mormonism
    This podcast is very entertaining and gives alternative views on Mormonism. I’ve enjoyed Bill’s open approach to these topics and think that anyone could benefit from engaging with this podcast. As a former Mormon and current atheist Bill has shown me that the Book of Mormon and Bible still have some beneficial teachings to offer
  • J_Runnels
    Has really gone down hill the past 2 yrs. has diluted his brand my allowing other podcasters on, and by exactly copying mormon stories. Really has nothing unique to add any longer. Podcast has gotten stale for sure.
  • Joseph Smith Mormon
    Praise for Mormon Awakening Podcast
    Just found the Mormon Awakening Podcast. Love the insights into the restored gospel and the current state of the Mormon church. I like Jack's blend of his life experiences with insights into how the gospel of Jesus Christ informs us on our life's journey. Jack seems very well read from traditional Christian as as well as Eastern mystic sources. One of my new favorite podcast. Encourage your friends to listen who are bored in chruch or general conference, and looking for meaning and insights.
  • Zachy
    Each episode has been such a breath of fresh air for me. I love Jack's messages and his delivery. Only wish I could be so lucky as to have him as my Sunday school teacher. Those who are in a faith crisis or find themselves believing things outside of orthodox mormonism will find comfort and love while listening to Jack. That's been my experience at least. God bless.
  • Derrick_J_F
    Completely dismissive of personal testimony
    Found the podcast pretty elitist and dismissive of my testimony
  • aliciaderr
    Mormon awakenings
    Great podcast, love it
  • fhghhgfhfg
    Holding onto Faith
    Great podcast! I started listening about a year ago. I have since listened to almost all the podcasts and my life has been enriched for doing so. In my times of doubt I was given strength by some of these podcasts. In my times of misunderstanding and questions I was given information and enlightenment. The one overall thing I find in these podcasts is the drive to keep searching for the answers. Much Thanks
  • carlileson
    Amazing content
    Honest and accurate info on everything Mormon.
  • Mamabug24
    Faithful LDS can listen without worry
    Bill has always done an excellent job at presenting difficult material in a way which can make sense to the believing LDS person. He recognizes the challenges of the traditional LDS narrative, and helps offer a safe place to explore for people in a faith crisis. It helped me tremendously when I was processing the troubling information found in the LDS Church "Gospel Topics" essays. Thanks for all the work you do, Bill, and keep up the great work.
  • Dr. Naneek
    Great perspective
    I've found the last few episodes of Mormon awakenings to be a source of new perspective on Mormonism and things spiritual in general. We all struggle with disappointment and Jack Naneek acknowledges difficulties with our church yet also gives the listener some tools to transcend our experiences. Thanks Jack
  • Funts7
    Misleading premise...leads with doubts.
    I've been listening for just under three years. The podcast has always claimed to "lead with faith", a premise that was a refreshing alternative to so many other Mormon podcasts. But in my opinion Bill Reel has abandoned his efforts to lead with faith. He is certainly free to podcast how he likes but I believe the premise of the podcast is misleading now. I don't recognize attempts by Bill Reel to lead with faith anymore. Unfortunately he has become just another opposing voice in the podcast world (and we already had plenty of those).
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