The Turkey Hunter Podcast with Andy Gagliano | Turkey Hunting Tips, Strategies, and Stories

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Quick and Effective Turkey Hunting Tips for More Successful Turkey Hunts

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  • jp/360
    A Turkey Hunter Must
    I’ve been listening for a month and the information they share has made me a MUCH better turkey hunter. Keep it going!!!
  • Jackie1492
    A podcast that focuses on Turkey
    This podcast is unique because they only discuss Turkey hunting. The hosts are honest with the listeners and realize that the Wild Turkey needs our help so that we can continue to look forward every spring to hunting these majestic birds.
  • MonkeyseamonkeyDoo
    Talkin’ Turkey
    Awesome podcast to subscribe to. Nothing but real conversations about the Wild Turkey. Thank you Andy & Cameron for making this available to all of us!
  • stupidassnicknam
    Great podcast
    Really enjoy it. It’s like Hank Hill is teaching me about Turkey hunting. lol good stuff!
  • Biloxi1
    Best turkey podcast
    Best podcast on Turkey Hunting around! These guys keep me going throughout the year. Do yourself a favor and support these guys!
  • Joe's bigscreen
    Turkey Hunting talk at it’s best!
    These guys are the real deal. Listen not only for the advice and knowledge, but for the relatability to the veteran turkey hunters Andy and Cameron interview.
  • George. P.
    Great Podcast
    Awesome content and great people!! Thanks Andy and Cameron!!
  • MADsk8411t5
    All turkey, all the time!
    I’ve loved this podcast since the say I found it when I first got into podcasts. Andy and Cameron are a hoot and put out tons of useful knowledge as well as quality interviews. If you’re an addict to the thunder you have to subscribe!
  • JaydenBarnes
    Will be back!
    I just listened to my first podcast with you guys. Gonna be honest I was attracted to the episode with Chubbs. But hey, I have listened to several and I really like what you guys are doing! Subscribed!
  • Bob06141775
    Great podcast
    Andy and Cameron you guys do a great job. Every time I get in the truck or am tinkering around in the garage thinking about hunting, I’m listening to your interesting guests and stories.
  • WildTurkeyReport
    Great podcast for the obsessed turkey hunter
    Thoroughly enjoy this podcast! -Wild Turkey Report
  • SC Gobbler
    Welcome Back
    It’s free again! That’s all that needs to be said. Gentlemen, I will gladly take the monies that I was paying to PodBean and gladly support your sponsors! Couldn’t be happier with your content. Well done Andy and Cameron, well done!
  • ScottDeaton
    Enjoying the interviews, awesome info
  • michaelbarrett0318
    Best Turkey everything Podcast
    Thank you both for all the content, it was worth paying for but nice of you all to put it out for free. I learn a ton of information.
  • 0231187
    Excellent podcast
    Turkey talk at it’s best.
  • longbeard1024
    Thanks Andy for making this podcast free again!!! Great show and I really enjoy listening.
  • One more morning
    Great Podcast
    Wonderful content keep up the good work.
  • CLB9er
    Awesome and Free!
    This is a great pod cast. Even with 20 years under my belt, I learn something new in every episode!
  • Chris McEwen 12
    Great content!
    You have some of the best podcast content around on turkey hunting. I have been listening to your podcast for a few years now. I am thrilled that I am able to listen to entire episodes for free now. Leaving a review is the least I can do. Keep up the great work guys!
  • Bryan Absher
    Good Stuff
    Thanks so much for your time and effort with the show, guys! I really enjoy the podcast and look forward to each episode. Keep on truckin’ and good luck this spring!
  • BourbonMan334
    Terrible Show
    Don’t waste your time
  • Biggin7944
    Love the show!!
    Really enjoy listening to you both!! You keep the fire burning threw the off season and bring great shows during season!!! Really enjoy the guests you bring on, especially the call makers and collectors!! I’m a die hard turkey hunter, call collector, and literature collector from WV! Got lots of spots and turkey anytime you or Cameron want to make the trip!!!
  • tbcotto
    The week after my yearly subscription ran out you go free.99.... I feel like that blind squirrel your dad always told you about! Keep the good stuff coming!
  • Wprice87
    New Listener
    I saw Andy at Unicoi with his podcast shirt on and immediately looked the show up before he walked to our booth. First thing I noticed was the amount of episodes and quality of guests. Now that I’m listening, he and Cameron are awesome hosts and I’ll recommend this show to anyone. Thanks guys!
  • Pow Harrell
    As a young kid with a short attention span and not a lot of money I love it,Worth the subscription.
  • Zach.Marsh95
    Bs you don’t get anything good with out paying.
    Looking for turkey hunting tips. But evidently you have to pay to get the good stuff. Screw that. Plenty of other free podcasts out there. Get lost man.
  • derekm1977
    Great podcast!
    I’m a fairly new turkey hunter from north Louisiana. I will be taking my oldest daughter on her first turkey hunt this April. The podcast has taught me a lot and different strategies to try. I’m only on episode 100 working my way up! Keep up the awesome work and thank you! Oh by the way geaux tigers!!!!
  • JGCSW241325
    Can’t get into paid podcasts
    Right or wrong podcasts have evolved as a free form of content. So, even though it’s not a lot of money I can’t get on board with paying for something I can get for free. What little I’ve listened to has been pretty good, I can’t imagine the paid content is significantly better or worth paying. I get people need to make a dollar, but IMO charging folks to listen to a podcast isn’t the way to go about it-
  • JPx200
    ????<< Turkey heads
  • paasaaaul
    Free content isn’t worth crap. Don’t pretend to have content and than spring a paid prescription mid-way through. You’re waisting people’s time.
  • gobblerguy92
    Lol seriously?
    Who in the world would pay for this garbage?
  • BeauJAG86
    Great Podcast
    I have been hunting turkeys (on and off) for twenty years and haven’t killed one yet! This podcast has been so helpful for me. Hopefully I can get one in the truck this year! Great content. Thanks for all you do!
  • 10thLegion
    Great for a die hard turkey hunter!
    Lots of great info, news updates and hunting stories any die hard turkey hunter should enjoy! I personally don’t mind paying $1 an episode, that’s cheap! I really like this podcast compared to some of the other hunting podcasts where it appears it just a bunch of goofy college kids telling their hunting stories, giggling and making fart jokes. This podcast is informative and well put together! Highly recommend!
  • 79bowhunter
    Great content
    I really like the podcast and Andy. Andy puts out some great tips, tactics, and his stories and classic. However, this day and age I cannot pay for a podcast, to be fair I wouldn’t pay for any podcast.
  • fdept56
    Not bad but not great
    I really don’t mind paying but don’t want reruns of the same episode or audio of a hunt. If I want to listen to a hunt I can go watch one on YouTube and get better audio to go with it. The interviews are great and I wish Andy would focus more on them. I don’t care if he reinterviews the same people, I could listen to most of the guests for hours and not get bored.
  • ricknwsm
    The turkey hunter
    Outstanding podcast!
  • upstate curly
    The turkey hunter
    Awesome podcast lots of information from all sorts of experts biologists and hunters young and old
  • T.C.Snakeskinner
    It’s 2019 and you want people to pay to listen to you talk about turkey hunting?
  • TheSnoodSupreme
    Don’t waste your time
    Used to be halfway decent for a free podcast but was never great. With charging for “premium content” now, which just means you have to pay to hear an entire episode, it’s not worth listening to at all. It’s definitely not the caliber of podcast worth paying for.
  • JAKEforkillingTom
    Just a sales pitch...
    This has the ability to be a great podcast but, unfortunately the podcaster is just using this platform as a teaser to send people to his “pay for” content. I have not found any information useful to me from this podcast and I am beginner turkey hunter.
  • LongBeardAL
    Can’t get into it
    Feels too much like the host is reading his content instead of talking to his audience
  • MtnBowHunter
    Charges for “premium content”
    Good show, but just when you get interested the show stops, and Andy pitches a “premium content” purchase which will allow you to finish listening to the show. What about getting a sponsor?
  • dbake35
    Not paying for subscription
    Need a sponsor, good podcast are free. I used to really enjoy.
  • AH2015____
    18$ ?
    I really like his stories but there are so many other podcasts out there that are completely free and tell the whole story. This is the second year I’ve started listing to his podcast and like the previous ended up frustrated with half a story
  • CVMA_Bulldog
    Audio Quality is Poor
    I started listening with the oldest episodes first and was trying to work my way up to the current ones. The auto quality is really poor and his “Fun with sounds” was just a horrible exercise that he tried. After several episodes I decided to fast forward and go to the current episode. Much to my dismay he now has premium content that I should pay $18 for an annual subscription, but his audio quality is still lacking. Additionally, he still has that same sign off audio clip with birds tweeting in his backyard and with the fake sound of shooting a Turkey. I think it be better if it was more realistic, and he needs to spend less time with his audio editing software and more time focusing on the art and science of turkey hunting.
  • Punchphoto&videolabsintheballs
    Great Podcast
    Man...there are some cranky bottom-feeders out there. You're telling me $18 for the year is too much? How much do you spend in beer? I've learned a ton from his podcast. He talks about turkey biology, behaivor, calling, and hunting techniques. Thanks for stepping up to mentor the rest of us
  • TomTaylor1911
    Good info but tacky delivery
    Really wish he would talk less in the beginning and get into the meat of his podcast rather than talking about a bunch of stuff most listeners aren’t interested in. Also, get some sponsors like most other hunting podcast have rather than trying only listing half an episode. I get it everyone has to make a living but I think it’s tacky and the only podcast I listen to that does this. Please try to get sponsors instead. Improved audio quality would be nice. Great podcast if you only listen to old episodes that don’t cut off halfway through before your hit with the “but wait! If you want two more secrets it will cost you 12.99 a year” and also if you just randomly skip forwards till you hear him talk about turkey hunting and skip the extra long intro. Great information just needs to be packaged cleaner with less fluff talk. I really enjoy what I’ve listened to, just get on topic sooner and get some sponsors. Your podcast has great info and it’s clear that you love turkey hunting, just needs some different approaches to polish it off.
  • jcoons
    I really want to like this podcast...
    The host seems like he really wants to provide great insights for the listeners. The audio quality isn't great. The countdown clock and the speed questions are not worth the jump ahead the first 3 minutes to skip past that. The 3 aspects of the show I really like are... Whoops, that competes the FREE portion of the review...if you were a paid subscriber you'd get the rest...oh, wait...that's the worst part of this podcast...the host apparently can't get a he wants listeners to pay.
  • Sun Rise Phantom
    Decent Podcast
    Was interested in podcast as I am a big time turkey hunter but I am not going to pay for it. Good luck with you podcast.
  • tkhntr
    Pay subscription is a loosing model
    The podcast would be much better and make you more money if you didn’t charge!
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