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In August of 1619, a ship carrying more than 20 enslaved Africans arrived in the English colony of Virginia. America was not yet America, but this was the moment it began. No aspect of the country that would be formed here has been untouched by the 250 years of slavery that followed. On the 400th anniversary of this fateful moment, it is time to tell the story.“1619” is a New York Times audio series hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones. You can find more information about it at nytimes.com/1619podcast.

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  • VHassoc
    1619 Project
    Great telling of the true history of the America founding. Unlock the truth. You cannot repair what you will not face.
  • moreno.ana04
    Great show and history telling
    Everyone should be listen to this, enlighten and learn true history. Very well told and the voices are clear and easy to listen to understand. My favorite was episode 3, about the music.
  • Dog Person328
    Everyone should watch this
  • Mkdkst
    I learned so much
    I was amazing by the amount of information I learned from this podcast. I hope there is a 2nd season.
  • Dalisbrother
    Beyond my expectations
    Within a couple days while working I listened to all five plus podcast which would have been a shorter listening if I wouldn’t have rewound as often. What a powerful podcast, between the shock & awe of the things I didn’t know, I was brought to tear. It’s a good thing I work at home because the emotions were to strong for sitting at a desk in an office setting. I’m so grateful for Nikole Hannah-Jones along with you worked on this for bringing this to us.
  • Triley1976
    Great Work
    I loved the history and powerful stories that felt so personal. These stories are validation of all the blatant and subtle ways that our people continue to be pushed down. I also loved how this made me know for facts that we are in so many ways brain washed. However it’s a 2-edged sword because our survival and growth is tied to all the lies! Thank you and can’t wait to hear more information like this one 💪🏽💕
  • Masonic Home
    Agenda at work
    This is absolute garbage!
  • Textdgh
    Utter Trash
    Left wing anti-American, anti-Semitic, racist garbage. Please leave this great country jones, and take American Pravda - the New York Times - with you.
  • Linab2000
    Please More!
    I can not express in words what this work has meant to me. The value of learning truths and nuance that is giving me context to what I see and feel. We need to know the truth of beginnings so that we can be better. If my daughter can read the crucible she can definitely read this!
  • ATXfromKansas
    So Powerful!!
    Every single American should listen to this podcast. It needs to be heard.
  • DTG08
    So glad I ran across this podcast. Such an eye opener & lots of deep deep conversations. Everything still so relevant in todays world. It’s unfortunate we, as black people, still endure so much. However, we will succeed! “Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise. I rise. I rise.”
  • docjb0221
    Heartbreaking and Eye-opening
    I have to admit I cried shamelessly while listening to parts of this podcast. Hearing the stories of veterans getting beaten and hardworking farmings losing their land all due to their race was heart wrenching. I’ve never experienced anything close to this type of treatment but needed to hear what has happened and is still happening. Thank you for telling the story.
  • Lunatopia Productions
    Historic claptrap
    Swallow them pills, sheeple.
  • ladytia82
    More episodes???
    Will there be a season 2?
  • Bilas Peles
    The history class I wished I had had in high school
    If US history had been taught like this when I was in school, I would’ve had the tools to understand current events. And I might just have wanted to major in history at university.
  • Tlex
    I’ve head the book since it dropped so now I have to read it and if the book is a reflection of this pod in any way, BOOK GOLD!!! I LOVED the story of her uncle and the story about music *chef’s kiss*!!! All the stories, truly & the story about the farmland in Louisiana had me in tears. WE NEED MORE STORIES LIKE THISSSSSSS. Thank you 💚💚💚.
  • wazjar
    Great historical journalism
    Excellent summarization of how the systems that built 250 years of slavery still drive our societal structures today! Compact but comprehensive series. Tells a true American history in an interesting, story telling way. Everyone should listen and absorb this; understanding our history will allow us to build a better future!
  • Stacy Smith Donley
    Amazing journalism of a sad but most be told history
    Thanks for your work. A brilliant account of just some of the realities of what it means and has meant to be African- American. Watching all the Hulu episodes now.
  • Jillyjiller
    Hoping for…
    Did I miss season 2?
  • Nabig630
    Very very insightful
    Whether or not you’re black, these are important narratives to know. I appreciate the approach of explaining systemic failures from different industries and aspects. Like turning history upside down and looking at it from the bottom up. Very well done!
  • Only.Me.8
    Black History is American History.
    These stories fill in the missing pieces of history that need to be told. Further more it shows how Black have the largest impact on every single part of America.
  • AJGW 3791
    A Podcast Every American Needs to Hear
    This podcast tells a perspective of American history I’ve never heard. So much of our culture is shaped by the history of slavery. I wished I’d learned this history in school.
  • epmoreno
    Thank you
    Thank you so much for this podcast, you opened up my eyes, incredible!
  • DebOChicago
    More, please!
    This is a really great podcast, combining broad swathes of history with personal accounts that make generalities visceral. Each episode is so moving and also informative. I look forward to subsequent seasons.
  • Adrew70
    Powerful stuff
    Very powerful stuff. June and Angie sharing the details really brought home that we still have a long way to go in this country. I hope their story fares better in the future.
  • Pat4812
    Read the Reviews
    Take a look at how people are rating and reviewing this show. You’re going to see reviews that celebrate that these stories and experiences are finally coming to surface after being swept under the rug for such a long time. You’ll also see reviews from people who more than likely listened to one episode and couldn’t handle the subject matter because they’re simply unprepared for a dialogue. If you listen to this podcast all the way through, you’ll discover where you fall on this spectrum.
  • phunky P
    1619 project
    We were not taught much real American history in school. I am glad I am getting this much needed information now! I will make sure my son, one way or another, learns our country’s truth!
  • emperorrowdy
    Don’t Drink the Koolaid
    The core tenant is totally inaccurate. Some of the things that they uphold about black people is offensive and infantilizing.
  • Ice Game Reviews
    Informative in a way I didn’t know I needed.
    So much of this history I did not know but needed to hear so I can truly understand. Thanks for teaching me. I like how you present it. Breaks my heart on so much of it but needs to be heard.
  • Fartbeans34
    one of the best podcast i have heard. Its ability to communicate informative history in a sonically perfect way makes for a full 360 experience. made me feel all kind of ways.
  • Coastieclan
    Wow just wow
    Absolutely amazing and eye opening. Please make more episodes. This should be mandatory listening in all high school history classes. Mind blowing
  • bunnyravitz
    Excellent and excruciating.
    This podcast was beautifully rendered truth. Hope for more seasons. This white woman learned so much and will use the emotional wallop of all of this story telling to improve my own anti racist efforts. Hoping for more seasons.
  • geminezmarie77
    It’s sad to just be learning a fuller version of American history but I’m grateful for this well done podcast. If I don’t read the comments opposing this discussion of basic facts, I feel hopeful for our country and the future of open discourse.
  • JingleBam!
    Beautiful Audio Production
    Excellent podcast! The audio production is outstanding. I should have listened to this sooner.
  • val4hope
    Very well done. Sad but so important
    Learned so much. Hope there is a second season. Love learning and growing. Black Americans are such strong, invincible and spiritual beings. We are all gods children. Different shades of Mother Earth. So sad that so many people just can’t get over telling themselves they are superior. And claim to be the victims?!?! So hateful and cruel. So impressed with their courage to keep fighting for democracy. Thank you.
  • ragaroo
    One of the most important series of our time
    So beautiful, so personal, so upsetting, and so so so important. Should be a mandatory part of education. Thank you for making this series.
  • lal_33
    How are you able to move on, when it is still happening
    Absolutely gut-wrenching, enlightening, and remarkably well done. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed this.
  • AT&T. must do better
    I’m a 65 year African American women, who lost my grandmother because she was in a car accident need care for a blood transfusion. At that time they didn’t want to mix white blood with negro blood. The white hospital refused care , so friends , to get care to the negro hospital, where on the way she died. My grandmother. I heard a similar story in the program. Which took me to my family history . At times I don’t know how to feel , the anguish , hardship, and despair, mixed with the blessings that God gives us every day. there are times my spirit & my soul is just tried of the struggle. We as a people endure the inability of white people that wanted to know the truth, see the truth, and ignore the truth and the hatred that runs through some white of them and souls it’s enough to make me tried. It’s a enough to make my people tried .” How long King said not long”. Not long must be Gods time. Because my , God it’s been a long Long LONG LONG TIME. Thank you so much for the History of African American , that some White’s don’t want us to know. I pray that every year this, program goes on & on to TV everywhere that all are people can know & embrace our heritage. Why can Black farmers receive any help when it was promised to them. God Bless you Nikole I’m so so sorry to hear about your uncle. And so many more of families that lost love ones.
  • Ios6=awful
    Misinformation Grifter gets another platform
    The fact that NHJ is still pushing what she personally called not-history is pretty disgusting. She has one goal with this drivel: destroy American society. If you want to hear some comedy please listen, but this is not representative of American history.
  • Ed’Ji
    Where is the rest of this podcast??!!! This is so good. Loved it even the parts that were hard to hear. Wonderful and rich
  • Katrina8318
    Amazing! Absolutely Amazing! The TV series prompted me to research more and I came across this podcast! The details and emotion! This is awesome!
  • jazaye608
    Loved it
    Thank you for this ✨
  • MartyandFranky
    Should be required learning for every American
    Excellent and eye-opening podcast, one that makes you think. I learned something and/or gained a new perspective in every episode. These are the voices and the history white supremacists don’t want you to hear. I understand this country so much better now because I more clearly see the connection between our brutal past and the problems that confound our present.
  • grneies
    White & listening
    My mind is open to this, can understand this history, find it is more in-depth. What made me continue to listen was when she said I now understand why my father loved this country and with time she has come to love it as well. I am tired of hearing racist this racist that in some of the reviews. The adults in this world realize we all have had our struggles & horrors. There is nothing wrong with this podcast. We are being given actually information most may have not known. I for one am listening.
  • armchairargonaut
    Reluctant tongue in cheek
    Almost had us 😉
  • Beverly Chandran
    Disgusted with America’s Racism and Discrimination
    The egregious acts of racism and discrimination in the USA is beyond disgusting. The systemic racism used to take June’s and Angie’s land just breaks my heart. It’s so hard to see how Black farmers are struggling to produce crops because they can’t get loans or support from the banks nor the government today. The 1619 Project is a phenomenal body of work and a great go-to for Blacks to re-educate ourselves and our children which should make a huge difference in how we move forward in fighting against systemic racism. Education is power.
  • tellthetruthyoupagans
    Pure, unabated, liberal, propaganda. Revisionist history. Intellectually lazy and agenda driven rubbish. Nonsensical dialogue with creative impetus lying about American History. We were founded in 1776. Period. End of story.
  • Boston History Teacher
    Untold History
    As a history teacher I try to bring the voices of those not usually heard from throughout history. The 1619 Project does just this! It is an historical work that tells the story of real people who have and continue to live in a country that tries to silence them. It is clear through this work that both interviewers and interviewees love this country and desperately want it to live up the potential that it has. Highly recommend this, the original article, the book, and looking forward to the documentary!!
  • Unbrianwashednmind
    Everyone needs to hear this!
    I love that those who are in opposition to this podcast have not offered a single example of something that was not historically accurate. That should be your first sign that you should listen and not just take some reviewers word for it. Ironically, everything in this podcast can be researched and verified. A denial of history can only lead to history repeating itself.
  • SoulYoga.81
    An absolute gem
    Thank you for this eye opening project. This project is the essence and start of finding oneself (roots, ancestors, communities). It all started somewhere and now we have a pathway and the highlights to begin the work. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May you continúe to be blessed and fortunate on all your endeavors.
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