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By lovebirds Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold, Staying Up is a podcast. These lesbians have a sleepover every night, and every week, you’re invited to join. From deep talks to hot goss, Taryn and Cammie are awake and ready.

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  • Maddy Fern
    I love this podcast
    I’ve been listening to the podcast since it started. Taryn and Cammie are so comfortable with each other and able to be vulnerable while knowing so many people will hear it. It’s so nice to get to see their relationship from the inside, it’s so relatable and you even get to learn a lot of things from them that you can take to look at your own relationship with. There’s so much healthy communication between the two of them. If you’re looking for a reason to try out the podcast, this is it
  • onsixte
    best comfort podcast
    I've been following/watching Cammie since 2015, and admittedly was hesitant to start listening to this pod (respectfully, I didn't know much about Taryn at the time, so I wasn't very curious about it). I finally started it around January when I ran out of Shannon's podcast episodes (shout out to exes & o's), and I'm so glad I did. Cammie has always been one of my favorites, but Taryn has also quickly become someone I equally look forward to hearing from!! I now usually pick this podcast over all others because it's so familiar & comforting. Thanks for putting together such a sweet pod & cultivating a loving community.
  • BJ Swanky
    Finally a podcast that I can turn on and just enjoy. I swear it helps pass the time on my commute to work/ school or when I’m cleaning around the house. I love how Cam and Tar let us into their little world, relationship, and brains. They gave me the confidence to start my own podcast about meditation. Love to them and this pod!
  • branchedoe
    This show swells my heart!
    I never skip an eppy and I too flush my tampons. I’ve been a longtime follower of Cammie and I am so thankful for the content she produces and the community that her and Taryn have built through this podcast. My fiancée and I tune in each week and laugh about how she is so much like Cammie and I am like Taryn. We are also starting to brainstorm our baby making journey, so the recent content on this has been super informative and has helped create lil conversation starters between the two of us. If you want to watch LGBTQ+ content that is wholesome, feel good, and silly goofy fun, this is your show!
  • NikkiP42
    Awesome pod, disregard anything less than 5⭐️
    Can we review other people’s reviews? Anyone saying they have lost the plot- there isn’t one! That’s the point of a sleepover and I’m here for it. Both Cam and Taryn are honest and entertaining. As someone who is the same age as them and been married to my wife for 4 years, they are super relatable! They do an awesome job of respecting everyone, while also giving great perspective on life/relationships. This podcast is awesome and the first podcast I ever listened to-and now they’re 80% of what I listen to on my commute to work every day. Not going to please everyone-thank you for having this show the way it is. Not everyone is perfect, we’re all out here learning!
  • maddieepepe
    Lesbians Keep Podcasting Alive
    I thought I wasn’t a podcast girly, but quickly realized I just don’t care to listen to straight people yap. I could listen to these women talk about ANYTHING. Some episodes feel like epiphanies and others feel like a fever dream (in the best way). Love them!!
  • Mads939393
    Love the premise, needs some work
    Now I know this wont make me a PP of the Weeky, it must be said. While I love(d) listening to this podcast since its inception, it’s starting to lose the plot. In their most recent episodes, particularly on the ones about cis-her men in queer spaces as well as trans youth and identity, I’ve become pretty annoyed around Taryn’s sheer lack of awareness and knowledge. Taryn, stop inviting your straight male friends to queer events. Also, research how easy it is to be a “NYT bestseller” and the difference between a journalist and a opinion columnist. That’s all.
  • JVN9er
    Best lesbian pod
    For sure the best pod out for lesbians. Taryn is so funny and Cam is too. Must listen.
  • Soccer6969
    love love love this pod. feels like we’re all hanging out and I love the conversations they have.
  • socerbeast2012
    Added to my queue
    Definitely glad I found this podcast! It’s definitely getting added to my daily driving listening queue. Never change! Love y’all.
  • tesasssa123
    Currently commencing my third round of re-listens
    this podcast has consumed my life completely in the last month and a half. i have listened to all the episodes twice and it just wasn’t enough so i am about to go in for round three (real). i often find myself laughing and smiling to myself as i walk through the park while listening to cam and tar. sometimes people smile back at me, sometimes they turn around and walk the other way. sometimes i add my own two sense as if i am part of the conversation irl (weird? yes). in all seriousness, this podcast has been a saving grace for me the past couple months. it makes me feel like i’m not alone, it’s like i have two lesbian buddies giving me all the best advice when they didn’t even know that i needed it. i have been following cam since i thought i was straight and oh boy how far we’ve both come 🤍 love the pod, keep doing what you’re doing ladies!!
  • Roman soldier NBP
    whatever yall gotta say, im here
    this is my absolute favorite podcast and each week i cannot wait for the next, please don't go anywhere anytime soon!
  • ACastaneda05
    Best pody ever!
    I love you guys so much! My roommates think I’m weird because I talk back to the tv like I’m having a convo with you guys irl. Thank you for blessings us PP’s with fire content! Keep up the amazing work! 🫶🏽
  • Kyliemsmith
    Literally LOL
    Everyone around me (usually at the gym) or wherever I am listening to the podcast probably thinks I am having a psych break because of the amount of laughing out loud I do. I’ve followed Cammie forever, I’ve cried with Cammie through her downs, missed Cammie when she seemed to be MIA & now I am living to see/hear Cammie happy & thriving!!! Taryn— I relate to you on an extreme level. I enjoy your humor & your outlook on everything. Y’all plz keep making me laugh <3
  • jesssmc
    Love the pod
    I’ve been following Cammie for YEARS. I am thrilled that you two have made a podcast together. I love the back and forth and the conversations between you two. You two remind me so much of my partner and I and it’s nice to listen to such relatable content!
  • JosieGrace84
    Yinz give me so much joy
    I mostly listen to the good and not watch but would love an episode with Rigs and Frank. Miss their big sweet faces in your vlogs
  • Alex Danvers
    Hairy mics and all…
    Excruciatingly LOVELY to listen to. 😊 fav pod!
  • Bob huckleberry
    She’s giving
    I love this podcast, it’s so fun and easy to listen to, it really feels like hanging with some friends. I’ve been a fan of Cammie for a long time from YouTube and got into podcasts recently so had to check this one out. Immediately fell in love with Taryn too and love listening to them both talk. I listen to one episode every single day when I work out and it makes it so much fun (literally sometimes make myself get up and go to the gym just so I have an excuse to listen to an ep) and am literally dreading the day I catch all the way up and have to wait for the new ones haha. I love y’all and please never stop the pod because I’m a forever fan.
  • mihpareszi
    Love it!
    Always waiting for the next ep.
  • Allie A B
    Skip this.
    Excruciating to listen to.
  • TswizzlePizzle97
    Pet sittin’ listener 🐶🐱
    I love listening to this podcast usually when I’m door dashing or hiking through some nature trails. It brings me this warm ambiance candle cafe rain vibes 😆 One thing I really like is how the pod is Full of laughs Incredible visual stories Genuine and full of the human expiriences 😝 Seeing alllll view points, from both sides. I really appreciate that. 💖 I’m stoked each week for these to drop. Appreciate you both, keep the laughs comin! 😊
  • More_tiera
    I enjoy every episode of this podcast and it’s so much fun, listening, and it always get me through the day listening to the podcast and everything ❤️
  • PPalert
    Gorgeously Gay
    Love ya’ll. Favorite podcast, so relatable, fun and free. You two are such goals and never fail to make podcast day my fav day of the week. If i could give a million stars, i would! Just too good.
  • Big sleepover vibes
    What it feels like to have friends
    Did you ever want to go to a sleepover without having to drive to their house? Well do I have a podcast for you! Staying Up Pod is the best podcast I have ever listened to. They actually care about their audience and make you feel like you matter in the world. It feels like a true friend sleep over. They make me feel less alone inn the world, and like I have people that care about me. 5 outta 5 stars ladies!
  • T.T.54
    Thank you for this 🙌🏽
    Just what I neeeed, so relatable
  • marisa147354
    Dog eating peanut butter off vag rumor at my school 😅🙋🏽‍♀️ totally thought it was real. Thanks for filling me in on to the epidemic
  • ana._.mcbride
    I found this podcast just a couple weeks ago and I cannot get enough of it!! As a queer person myself, it’s so relatable. Definitely a safe space worth looking into.
  • Miracle1706
    Love catching up with you guys!
    Hello! I typically listen to you guys in the morning when the new episodes come out. If you guys don’t have a new one I’ll relisten to the older podcasts. Have been listening to you guys since you guys have started!
  • annemarie409
    Love my weekly dose of cammie and taryn🥹 your relationship is great to listen to and your peepees love you
  • Maria (the Greek pp)
    My neighbors definitely think I got new roommates
    I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had our comfort shows. The show you put on as background noise while cleaning, the show you watch in the morning while drinking coffee or the show you put on when you’re having a tough day and just want to feel better and feel cozy. Staying up with Cammie and Taryn has become that comfort “show” for me. Whether it’s in the morning while I drink coffee, or taking a walk, or getting ready for work or when the world gets a little too messy and I need a good laugh. I know I can count on Taryn to come up with a jingle and for Cammie to start crying laughing out of nowhere. So whether you have a show or don’t I strongly believe this podcast is better. So grab your cozy little blankets and little pillows and join us or whatever Taryn says at the beginning of each episode. If you personally know me then you know I never shut up about the podcast and I’m always texting my friends when new episodes come out. Thank you for keeping us company <3
  • myamfward
    a review from a frequent pp
    cam/taryn, deadass the only mofos i have post notifis on for every week. i suffer from severe anxiety, & when it does get bad, throwing on one of your guys pods always brings me back down to earth. the way you & taryn articulate words & your overall genuine connection is so warm/cozy to listen to. especially when taryn randomly throws in cousin bobby jokes. or comes up with insane phrases i accidentally caught myself using on a regular basis. example: “cement was once wet” -taryn scott 2023 anyway i’ve been subscribed to cam for years now & you can tell life with taryn has made her whole again. she is fully herself & so calm & genuine. you guys remind me so much of my girlfriend & i, just the gentleness you contain with one another. it’s so pure & it’s exactly what i envision my future looking like with my sweet girl. sorry for the tangent but y’all are freakin awesome & i love y’all love, your new pp of the weeky ? 😉 (mya)
  • AJS reviews
    Chatty birds
    I love listening to these two chat, the best when things meander and the topics aren’t too strict. The only part I dislike is the “pp of the weekie.” Maybe it helps consumer engagement so I get it, but it’s my least favorite for sure. Maybe it could be put at the end. Either way love hearing their dynamic and the honesty between them. If you want to feel like you’re hanging out in a room with friends this is the one.
  • Girl who always loses keys..
    How to explain this podcast to someone that's never heard it
    Two girls, one sleepover. Well, two married lesbians (that alone should get you on it). The podcast is a rollercoaster gossip filled ride where they dive into random topics, talk about their day, talk about their weekend, what's been on their mind lately but there's usually a main topic...most of the time. Until they veer off track and that's the best part. Sometimes Taryn gets distracted by making fun of how Cami said something and then Cami cries of laughter from how much of a silly goofy mood they are in. It basically sounds like you’re on a three way call with your besties and they’re just rambling and you’re all cracking up and you’ve hit an hour call and nobody noticed. They sometimes play little games or read a funny story from a listener looking for advice as if this was an old 19th century news column. Plus, if and only if we rate 5 stars, not 4, not 1, not 3, but 5 stars, we might score a little hat from their wedding with their slobber on it. And there's always a little "i love you honey *kissy noise*" and then I feel like I'm intruding listening to them kissing. It's the best thing ever and it makes my week hearing their snorting laughs in my loud car speaker. Gave 5/5 bc if not I won't get my hat but also be duh. Love u!!
  • kateval17
    unexpected comfort companions
    I firstly wanted to say thank you. You both are such genuine people on and off the screen and these kinds of people need to be appreciated! I’m currently in Undergrad and being a bit older than my peers it’s tough finding people to relate to. I’m worried about my car loans and health insurance shopping, while many others are worried if some person in class likes them back (no tea, no shade lol). Being a follower since Cammie’s tumblr days and Taryn’s early interview days (we’re talking like tigerbeat lol) I have genuinely felt us all growing alongside each other. Even if you start listening to the podcast from episode 1 to now you can hear the growth! The pod has sparked such insightful conversations while also having silly ones like “can you truly think two thoughts at once.” Anyway, I may be in my own head a lot but all this to say, thank you for being the voices of comfort when I needed it most! All the best. Val.
  • bcmoragas
    Feels like a weekly hang with your gang!
    I LOVE this podcast. My fiancé and I have weekly frates (friend-dates) with our only other lesbian couple friends. Frates typically include cooking dinner for each other while chatting about how our weeks have been, playing games, watching tv shows together, all while our dogs have zoomies over their highly anticipated puppy play date. This podcast feels like exactly that! — hanging with Cammie and Taryn on their couch, catching up with them on their latest endeavors, talking about relationships, laughing with and at one another because everyone’s in a silly mood! They make you feel like it’s an “open door, open book” policy. Raw emotions and perspectives, candid laughs and mishaps. Thank y’all for hosting such enjoyable frates!
  • eemiliaa :)
    If people think im weird, it’s on you
    Listening to the truth or drink episode and i haven’t even gotten to the actual game and I’m already laughing out loud. I’m sitting by myself studying at the library and smiling to myself like an idiot, if people think im weird it’s your fault! (It would be 100000% worth it though i wouldn’t have it any other way)
  • alisonmfar
    Pillow Talk with C and T: A PP's Paradise
    "Staying Up with Cammie and Taryn is the podcast where two fabulous and hilarious wives light up the airwaves with their wit and charm. These lovely ladies are out to prove that staying up late isn't just for the night owls; it's for anyone who enjoys a good laugh. An amazing duo for the lesbians to highlight healthy conversations and giving us the lesbian content we need (and not get canceled the first season). So grab your favorite PJs, join the party with your fellow PP's, and get ready for a wild ride through the night.
  • nadialovesdogs12
    no homo but chefs kiss
    I straight up downloaded the Podcasts app to rate it 5/5 & follow even though I listen/watch on Spotify and Youtube, if that’s any indication at all of how much I love this pod & cammie/taryn 🫡 Me and my gf are longtime #camdenites and individually stumbled upon cammie’s youtube videos 8 years ago and have kept up ever since…. Then somehow, years later into our little gay lives, 6 months into dating eachother (we met as 2nd year dental students but that’s a whole diff story) we realized we both were huge fans of miss camden (literally the one and only social media person we both liked like what are the odds). Then we discovered and like the rest of the the pps, got to meet and learn more about taryn and fell equally in love with her too. Needless to say, we put on Staying up literally whenever we’re on a roadtrip, eating dinner & need a quick youtube vid moment, or cooking together. It’s the ultimate pod to make you giggle and smile and the love you two share is amazing. we learn so much from you every single day. Sending so much love! Thank you for making us smile <3
  • BreatheAims
    singlehandedly curing my depression
    I love staying up pod. I have been feeling low and lonely lately, as I’m a busy pharmacist in residency. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing a new episode pop up. It feels like I’m right there listening to them, and they always make me laugh. I appreciate all that you do Cam and Taryn! I love unpacking these episodes with my girlfriend too.
  • ilovejaykatieandashley
    This show is hard to listen to because…
    I feel so bad for Cammie. Taryn seems super controlling and full of herself. She is manipulative and gaslighty to Cam. You can do so much better, Cam!
  • sydpoo842
    a PP’s review in a poem
    I’ve listened since the beginning but I wanted to wait to leave a review You see at the start the volume was not quite equal for the two I had to be sure to give five out of five So I waited until I could hear both while I drive When I heard about the baseball hat I knew it was my time The audio lately has been just fine Better than fine, might I say Hearing these two always makes my day I recently lost who I thought was the Cammie to my Tayrn The tears often fall down to my chin :( But I love these two and their chats so much Because whenever I’m sad, this podcast comes in clutch I can always count on them to make me giggle While I’m on the treadmill working off my jiggle I really feel like we could be friends I hope this podcast never ends <3
  • Marlena S
    What more could I ask for?
    Taryn & Cammie (Camden? I feel like a true buddy if I call you that, not just a “follower”) I have been listening to your podcast since the first episode and I cannot tell you how much joy it has brought me. As someone who has struggled in relationships, both due to my own history and partner incompatibility, it has been beautiful to watch and learn from you two about healthy dynamics, tough conversations, and an example of a truly positive relationship. I have listened to every episode thus far and will listen to every single one that comes out in the future. Thank you for bringing light to my days, I’m so grateful. Sending all the love. Pls give the dogs a smooch for me.
  • wowIcan'tbelieveit
    Please keep over hour eps. If you can!!
    Love you guys!!
  • GeoNerdMakana
    Love from Hawaii
    Love the podcast and really appreciate you guys talking about the Maui fires and being open to sharing info/resources 🤙🏼💙 I listen to you guys while doing chores or meal prep. Y’all make it easy to get in the zone with something comforting and interesting. Kinda feels like catching up with friends ☺️
  • __.mikki.__
    Sleep is for the weak
    Who’s needs sleep when you have Cammie and Taryn? Staying up late just got so much better. I’m absolutely obsessed with these two. They’re fun, relatable and just plain entertaining to listen to. My girlfriend and I started listening together and will not stop until we’ve heard them all. So keep the episodes coming and we’ll listen forever 🫶🏼 thanks for keeping us up
  • Evi🐥
    Never a dull moment
    Love it ❤️❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
  • jullieao
    I love the podcast so much ❤️.
  • Tokeyo.Nico
    i’m a new PP 🥹😅
    I’ve known (not personally of course lol) Cammie for years and I’ve always loved listening to her, whether it’s from her YT vids or on Instagram, but hearing her and Taryn in a podcast, is my bed time noise 😅 and I absolutely love them and this podcast! and I am so glad to be a pp ☺️🤍
  • Izzy_frey
    Love this pod
    This podcast is amazing Cammie and Taryn are hilarious and real. They hit all the right emotions in the span of an hour. Wasn’t much of a podcast listener before finding staying up now that’s all I wanna do is listen to them talk about random things going on.
  • ehhhhok
    favorite podcast ever
    this podcast gives me hope for healthy wlw relationships
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