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Call Her Daddy started as a podcast and evolved into a global movement. Alex Cooper bulldozed a lane of her own, spitting in the face of misogyny and putting a modern twist on feminism. The woman-led empire produces raw, relevant and provocative conversations that promote sexual liberty and personal empowerment while stripping away any barriers of judgement. Strap in and enjoy, and more importantly - welcome to the Daddy Gang. Episodes on Wednesday - only on Spotify starting July 21st.

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  • gydjfhek
    Used to love this show, but it’s so hard to listen to Alex…she’s really not funny, and she tries too hard. This show is only still popular because she gets famous guests that people want to hear from.
  • -&,7;!!.
    I freaking love you ladies! My friends and I are all in different states and listening to you guys is like having them close. We have the exact same conversations!!!
  • jeffvau1
    Spotify no thanks 👎🏻
  • luvinspoonful
    Sex and crime?
    What does that’s even mean? She just blurted that out! Like are you going to explain? Oof. Welp if that’s the case I’m sure she has hired writers to help her make it good cause she is going to need it.
  • db7130
    Congrats on the contract! Been listening since episode 1. Unfortunately I don't do Spotify so this is goodbye.
  • mbsw92
    I can’t
    The epitome of a pick me
  • JCfromBoston
    Absolute garbage! Why would anyone take relationship advice from this sell out!
  • camwower 345
    Yaaas gurl
    So proud of you! Can’t wait to listen on Spotify
  • harte325
    Want to love it but no
    I want to love it so bad but I can’t anymore with the weird voice changes and fake personality. It doesn’t feel authentic and funny anymore. I still try every week but end up turning it off mid way through.
  • NeverPostBut...
    Like your best friend had to move away while u sob bc she can’t afford to live there and you’re bragging about making the biggest podcast deal in history. Why don’t u pay her for being on ur podcast constantly so she doesn’t have to change her entire life GREEDY GREEDY 9000
  • BellaJuli12790
    Loved it before, love it more now.
    This very latest episode makes me so exited for what’s to come! Since the fall out with her cohost and doing the pod solo, Alex has thrived !!!! I’m excited for this new positive side of Alex, hopefully still alittle raunchy in the best ways !
  • Slootttttt
    Team Sofia
    Used to love this podcast. I think it was pretty telling on the finale episode that you were lost without Sofia and were scrambling for original content for a few months without her - but you claimed you were the backbone of the podcast… I also lost a lot of respect when you had to speak so poorly of your previous best friend in order to get on top. I don’t find it to be as relatable or authentic anymore.
  • been3489
    Trashy. Sofia with an F is much more respectable, funny and for real women.
  • AlyssaR07
    Your words of wisdom, guidance and sense of humor make my days go by! Thank you💗
  • carson xoxo
    Better than ever
    Congratulations Alex!!!!!!!! We love a Spotify daddy. Can’t wait to keep listening to you kill it.
  • camilleeeec
    Used to be better
    I always loved call her daddy but it’s so hard to listen to now , Alex is so annoying on her own I honestly switched to Sofia with an F
  • Youtheshitbaby
    Obsesssssed, I can’t wait for this season
  • kaykayjuliana01
    It’s literally so crazy how many negative reviews there are!! If you don’t like it, just don’t listen to it! It’s that easy. Alex is honestly so empowering to girls of our generation. And it’s not all about the sex. I mean she literally talks about mental health and advocates going to therapy! I can be having the worst day ever and turn on chd and she never fails to make me smile or laugh!
  • Beaverrrrrrrrrre
    I tried so hard to continue after Sofia left but I can’t handle how over the top fake Alex is. It’s clear all the good content came from Sofia. Sorry Alex- it’s gonna be an unsubscribe from me.
  • Deyan30
    Can’t get into it. Superficial
    I started listening when the whole CHD drama went down and was totally in your side... but Joe that I’ve listened to Sofia’s podcast I find her more relatable and entertaining to listen to. I hate to compare but I think the breakup was needed so Sofia can shine on her own
  • yomanyonerdito
    I’m UNWELL. CHD a “Spotify” is exclusive and we can’t keep 5star n leaving reviews.
  • jp8392003848363737373838
    Growing in the right way
    Father Cooper has really shown that her content is ready to mature. She still talks about her stories but also bring mental health, sex health, and other things to the ring that others are too scared to talk about. I will always get excited to listen every Wednesday. Love this daddy.
  • peach8402
    It’s okay but not great
    The single daddy era is okay, feels a bit disjointed and the episode with the girl who got cheated on (??) was very weird and out of context. I felt really bad for her but how does that fit into the CHD style? It ended up like a way to get views
  • Moose7498362728838386261
    Eh it was better with Sophia
    I miss the old call her daddy, this is trash
  • beansboi1347
    Best Pod out there
    So entertaining and informative. Everyone should listen
  • Chrisc333333333
    Not worth it
    This podcast lacks humor and is not about a bad b*tch. Anyone girl can jump on a microphone and start spewing sleazy stories. It takes talent to actually turn those stories into something that is irreverent, funny and a little relatable. The Miley Cyrus interview was horrible, the host only talked about how much she loved Miley. That triggered my gag reflex. I gave it an extra star because I feel bad leaving only one.
  • big mommy karen
    So pleased~
    It was so nice to be so aroused by the sounds of all the characters.. if your the type of person that wants to get straight to biz then this is the podcast for you my friend ;)
  • myb6969
    Dropping like flies
    Anyone notice how CHD went from top of the charts to only being in the top 75 now...
  • The healthy mama
    All down hill since Sofia left.
    Really disappointed where the show has gone. Used to be my favorite. At least we all have Sofia with an F now.
  • fappleiwantandroid
    Founding father
    Girl I can’t do this anymore. It’s getting so fake. Go back to og stuff not tiktok and YouTube drama. Please.
  • Foremans Mommy
    Anyone who gives this podcast less than 5 stars is horrible & prude in the sex department. This podcast is hands down the best. Male or female, you will be hooked. Must listen. Everyone is thinking it and wondering about it, Alex is talking about it.
  • Leeah Delfosse
    Look forward to this pod every wednesday, keep doing you Alex ! ♥️
  • kathendo
    Just no
    I cannot stand Alex since Sofia left. She’s ten thousand times more obnoxious now.
  • baileybizzlemutsch
    Love maturing along with Alex!
    I loved her old stuff before, but now it would probably be a little much for me, lol. The single father ERA has been incredible!
  • annab223
    Finally decided to listen to Sofia’s podcast, and sad to say you really pushed her over. Everyone’s right you’ve changed and your content just isn’t irrelevant anymore, I’ve listened to every episode and one after another I became less interested. Wish you could be more real, such a shame!
  • jsks dn
    Cringe and embarrassing
    Alex tries way too hard to be funny and it just makes me cringe, I can’t take it. She may be good at editing episodes, but that’s about it because the humor is NOT there. Even her sex stories sound fake to me, I can’t even take them seriously. Alex was never funny to me, but I didn’t realize how bad she actually was as a host until Sofia left. She comes off as that type of girl who talks too much and extra loudly just to gain attention from people because deep down she’s severely insecure. She wants to be funny so bad, but fails miserably.
  • housemouse3000
    Secondhand Embarrassment
    Lol eww Alex you are so cringe. I got major secondhand embarrassment for you while listening to an episode. I think the only reason someone would listen to an episode is to show someone how cringey you are and then never again. And you should try breathing through your nose you annoying mouth breather.
  • zma04
    Honestly I couldn’t even stand listening to a minute of this. I personally just find it all annoying especially the way that they speak.
  • kesob
    Makes me feel old
    I’m 24 and I feel like I’ve aged out of this show???? Content is immature.
  • mcaldeua
    Alex is so corny now and such a try hard to be relatable but nothing is original about her. Having guests back to back just proves how boring she is on her own, how incapable she is to fill an hour of genuine ideas/thoughts of her own. Used to listen since before the breakup of CHD but now it’s way too unbearable because she is boring alone.
  • somernickole
    Show has turned superficial. It used to be relatable and goofy and now it’s all about Alex and her superstar life. Sofia with an F is defiantly way more like the old fun show and she’s a lot more down to earth. I used to Stan Alex way more but she’s become conceited and boring to listen to. Her guests, especially the British dude, seem to be just like her.
  • niclfree
    Thank you for shedding light on the “dating scene” on all levels! Can’t wait for the season!!! 🤟😎
  • chiccheercrzy
    Just no. I can’t stand her boring content and her weird noises she screams into the mic.
  • Chiper90
    Complete garbage
    This podcast is a show about and for young women who are disillusioned with modern dating, and thrilled to be taking back their power…by allowing men to abuse and use them as the women fool themselves into believing they are controlling the situation. Don’t worry about the oncoming depression that follows the self-sabotaging behavior the hosts encourage, you can always self-soothe with copious amounts of alcohol like they do.
  • Kendall1991
    Alex is not funny
    OG CHD (with Sofia) was actually good. Alex alone is obnoxious, self obsessed, and sooo cringe. I have NO IDEA how anyone over the age of 16 listens to the podcast anymore let alone enjoys it. It’s so bad
  • NotValidUsername
    Alex is not funny or entertaining
    Lauren why you so basic? Being an alcoholic and druggie is not a personality trait. What’s next are you gonna be super into AsTROLOgy!? 🤪🤪🤪
  • Achomiewhatisgoodhomie
    Bring Sofia back
    Sofia made the show
  • mercuryl0ve
    Daddy gang or die.
    I’ve listened since the beginning and I love how far we’ve come together.
  • SabrinaBif
    Haters back off
    SINGLE FATHER ERA FTW!!!!! Ever since you know who left the podcast it has gotten 10x better. This podcast has helped so many people. I’ve listened ever since the first episodes launched and still do today. If you have a negative perception of this podcast it’s probably because you’re a Karen or jealous! This podcast isn’t just about SEX, it’s WAY MUCH MORE. Thank you Alex Cooper!!!!! God bless the daddies
  • halley h
    miss the old stuff
    i used to really enjoy this show but it seems like alex is just pretty uneducated honestly. it lost the humor and don’t even get me started on the inconsistency of when episodes drop. this show is good if u have time to waste otherwise a yawn
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