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True Crime #171

The murder of 18-year-old Rhonda Sue Coleman in 1990 has been a thorn in the side of the small community of Hazlehurst, GA for over 30 years. No arrests, no answers, and no justice. The family, friends and townspeople have never let go of the hope of finally getting the answers they so desperately seek. 
Fox Hunter is a 10-episode series with new episodes publishing Tuesday mornings.

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  • any1sane
    Top notch delivery
    I know there are always going to be haters, but I don’t understand the negative reviews. I think the interviews are professional, the reporting is solid, and the respect for the missing girl’s memory and family exceeded my expectations. I cannot wait until this case is solved!
  • K-soDilla7
    I really want to give a positive review.
    Unfortunately, all of Sean’s Imperative Podcasts leave the same unsatisfactory feeling. None of his podcasts provide any resolution for victims or listeners. The only I am learning from all of his podcasts is that I hope “GBI” or any agency in Georgia will ever be responsible to solve something for anyone close to me. I’m trying to keep some hope that other law enforcement agencies around the US can be more efficient, forthcoming, and trustworthy. If not, I fear for my kids and my remaining years. 😭🤷🏼‍♂️😢🤦‍♂️😭
  • j_thirteen
    Passing a polygraph just means you believe what you’re saying or you’re really good at lying. It doesn’t mean what you’re saying is true.
  • MaverickAbundance
    Thank You Sean!
    I just listened to this entire Podcast. I pray the people involved and responsible come forward. If not, the DNA will force them too. I’m sick over the GBI dropping the preverbal ball. I pray they have now picked it back up. I know you have made a difference and I look forward to hearing this case is solved. Thank You!
  • Mrs.Anderson731
    Excellent podcast!
    Excellent research. Excellent writing and delivery. This is an, all around, awesome piece of work. This man is making a difference in the lives of these victim’s families and is bringing awareness to the much needed reform in the criminal justice system. I look forward to his future projects!
  • CaboAlexMom
    What an incredible job with this investigation and presentation! The corruption in Georgia seems to be the devils work in perpetuity. Sean Kipe really knows how to deliver the facts eloquently. I’m praying his persistence and tenacity on this case will help bring justice for Rhonda and peace to her sweet family. I’ll be following this case to the finish line. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • MylissaR
    Amazing! Hoping this podcast keeps bringing dark to light!
  • Cartercowan
    All of the podcasts that I have listened to have been great. This one hit me more than the others, I feel so sorry for Rhonda’s family after all of these years. I can’t stop listening, I am addicted.
  • K-yo722
    Sean Kipe is, by far, my favorite narrative podcaster.
    All three of his shows have been absolutely enthralling. A wonderful storyteller, and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the last episode. beautifully written and captivating. I cannot hype his work enough. And as a fellow Georgia-native, the “localness” of all of them is pretty cool, too. Can’t wait to hear more from him!
  • Adub0602
    Hopefully solvable
    I really want justice for Rhonda! This family deserves a new investigation and justice.
  • Biff123
    Way too drawn out. Basically a bunch of he said/she said that goes absolutely nowhere.
  • nixfinity
    Waste of time
    Don’t waste your time. This story is dragged out over too many episodes and goes nowhere with way too many commercials
  • DrWEW
    With all things Sean Kipe. This story is compelling and informative, and it is even a little reminiscent of the small town feel from In The Red Clay- another must listen.
  • quackin2004
    I can never listen to any of your podcasts anymore!!!!!! Because there is going to be anything better than this one here this podcast was by far the best I have ever herd hands down!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MGK1996
    Hard Pass
    Started off on the right foot then became very choppy and hard to follow. Narrator began throwing suspecting people which he believed to be the culprit without any hard evidence. Way too many interviews to follow. This was really all over the place and *SPOILER ALERT******* still a cold case which seemed like a waste of time after thirteen episodes.
  • MishiBurg
    Solid podcast
    Very well put together podcast — good pacing, good research. The only negative from my POV is how much the host insinuates himself into the story. The focus should stay on the victim and her family.
  • littlesunflowersoul
    Top Listen!
    Great (in an oxymoron kinda way) podcast. Concise, easy to listen/follow reporting. The story is engaging but most of all I love the true crime podcasts like this one that fill multiple roles. A heartbreaking story that keeps you wanting more information & a mode of awareness for legal/community action and reform that is more importantly an AMAZING outcome for this type of platform. In full support of this work! Will be following indefinitely for any updates or future calls to arms for this family. Thank you for the dedication and reporting. Will be recommending to all my people!
  • Tuml
    Great podcast
    Entertaining and informative
  • mollyfn
    Skip this one, it’s unnecessarily dramatic
    Hard pass on this one. Why not just tell the story - you dont need to make it more dramatic with all the “gotcha” moments. It’s clear that Sean Kipe has no journalistic experience and seems to think it’s ok to throw peoples names out there as suspects with nothing but people’s anecdotal stories and relying on 30 year old memories. There’s a reason investigators need actual evidence to accuse someone of a crime. Sean clearly doesn’t care about that. The music was also pretty terrible - then I found out Sean also made that so I guess that’s why it’s in his podcast. It’s really inappropriate for the story and overly dramatic.
  • sueleemar
    Another binge 💯
    The problem with Sean’s podcasts is I can’t pace myself. Everything about this and “in the red clay” is pure gold. Thank you Sean for such amazing content.
  • Rachel3524
    The best!
    I didn’t know if it could be any better than “In the Red Clay” but you knocked this one out of the park! Being a native Georgian I love these podcasts. Being a native of Gwinnett County I’m really excited about the upcoming Mike Chapel podcast!
  • Enobobino
    Listen While I work
    Love this podcast! The way Sean tells it is like a movie in your mind.
  • Dogfreak9k
    Love this Podcast!!
    I love this podcast it’s so interesting and crazy how much corruption took place and maybe still taking place! I hope they can finally have closure in this case the family needs it the community needs it!! Great work keep it up and God Bless you all.
  • LaceyJ11
    Amazing work! Great podcast ✌🏼
  • whatthe@@@@
    Sounds like Obstructing doesn’t it
  • littleporkbao
    Binging! Great show! Can’t wait for updates!
  • Middle TN dude
    Another great show !
  • Teri in Mt
    I am about to listen to the final episode, and I must say, this is my new top favorite. Nice work Sean. I will definitely be a follower of your work. Thank You!
  • froggiepaula
    Great Job!
    I love reading/listening to crime type stories. This one hit close to home. It’s sad that law enforcement has delayed or not done their job in a respectful manner as they are servants of the community. In time, it will all wash out, and the killer wether law enforcement or not, will be named. Unfortunately there are many that were involved that have long since past, but her parents need complete closure. Somebody , somewhere knows something…….
  • Tracker.6
    Marvelous job revealing the macramé of details, contradictions, and confusion. Those responsible, directly or indirectly, will be held accountable thanks to Sean’s determination. Production quality, writing, interviews, and music are all masterfully done and perfectly balanced. Can’t wait for the next show!
  • bugsy562
    Another five stars!
    Sean, I think a successful, intriguing keep you on the edge of your seat podcast, comes down to the host. I have written a review on the red clay, (my favorite podcast I’ve listened to it a dozen times) you do such a great job at telling, reviewing informing and all the above on every story. Another great one, please keep them coming!
  • wu library
    interesting story
    …with an unfortunate amount of ads interrupting the mood.
  • martleize1988
    Great Podcast!
    Everything in this podcast works! It’s very professional. Music does not overwhelm the voices, sound is great, host’s voice is easy to listen to. Beyond that, it is also well organized, fair, logical, and respectful. While you don’t know the final outcome by the end, it will make you want to keep it in your library to get updates!
    Love this pod cast my dad stayed at marky halls house when he was a lil boy and I think I know who did it and if I had to guess who it was that killed her it was marky john and Greg and I know one of the fox hunters his name was Samboe me and my lil brother and dad fox hunt and win trophies money but please add more episodes I would love to talk to you
  • ChronicallySilly
    This mentality…
    “You can’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch” stopped listening at episode 10, after the host said the quoted in sentence in regards to corruption in law enforcement…🙄🤮
  • MwestTenn
    Fantastic investigating!
    I’m really enjoying your story telling and the people who truly cared for Rhonda. I’ll keep listening and can’t wait to finish this! God Bless Rhonda and her family. You’re awesome!
  • RabunMtnGal
    Great investigation…
    I hope you are continuing on behind the scenes, and will provide updates. Great podcast!
  • Prisstail
    I NEED more Georgia true crimes told by Sean. I’m addicted!
  • AllyStankie33
    A murder podcast expert 😂
    I’ve listened to them all. This is a 5 star murder mystery podcast. From interviews to the podcasters voice to theories on the case to movement in the case from the podcast…Enjoy it’s amazing
  • Jill-Grad
    Best I have found!!
    Sean has great voice for story telling!!
  • BThompson2915
    A must listen
    I’m only on episode three of this podcast and I’ve already fallen in love with Rhonda and her parents! Just in two episodes you feel like you’ve lost a friend or loved one with the way her parents tell stories of her growing up and all you want to do is give them the biggest hug imaginable.
  • rm30427
    Praying for justice
    Great listen.. my heart goes out to Rhonda’s parents.
  • ...jac...98
    So good!
    This podcast is so good! And heartbreaking. It’s the only one I’ve donated to. Yes to Rhonda’s Law!
  • Mzleigh2000
    Thank You
    I’ve only listened to Ep 1. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that way you are telling this story. I’m a true crime podcast listener of 15 years and no one has started with the family telling so much about their child. P.S. I just finished In The Red Clay. Loved it!!
  • JessicaJonesMCU1
    Simply outstanding
    I’ve listened to many true crime podcasts. This is one of the absolute best. Sean Kipe’s storytelling envelops the listener. His diligence to parsing the facts is impressive. The music is subtle and appropriate. I’m a fairly ruthless critic in reviews, and I have to give this podcast very high marks in every area. God Bless the Colemans. I hope they find peace, truth, and rest.
  • bv nana
    You continually say you’ve ‘done all you can do’ but it’s agonizing that you CALLED John so many times and never once went to see him. You evidently never left the comfort of your home. Please watch RELENTLESS to see how investigations really work. You do have a pleasant voice, but you’re just not doing the work
  • dog_rules2008
    Immediately hooked…
    Well done. Amazing podcast. God bless Rhonda’s family.
  • kdb4459
    The LIGHTS have been turned on!!
    Best Podcast yet!! Sean really knocked this one out of the park. Although these people have not been brought to justice this podcast brought out a lot of TRUTHS. I believe you have proved that after the party Mickey, John, Greg and Marky Jr saw her that night. Why will Rhonda’s Best Friend, Tish??not talk or even advocate for Justice? I understand John not speaking but not her. Marky Hall Jr. made me so mad when he kept calling Rhonda “that little girl” she has a name and for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to say her name. The Coleman family is truly blessed to have her cousin come in and advocate for them and she is going to knock down doors to get answers. Can’t wait to hear about the DNA results!!!
  • mccleara
    Must Listen!
    This is by far one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. Every podcast I’ve listened to done by Sean is done extremely well. I’m looking forward to more. Well done!!
  • The Crown44
    Love your podcast! They have all been awesome!
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