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Technical interviews about software topics.

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  • Speakeasys
    Never ending knowledge
    I love this podcast. I get so much knowledge and benefit from learning from new technologies. If I want to know about new tech that could solve a problem at work I search here first. Thank you for this awesome podcast!
  • bayareareader
    Great podcast
    Since each user can only write one review, I am updating my previous review. I continue to be a daily listener of this high quality podcast. The lineup of guests on the show are excellent. The breadth and depth of the content are very valuable for people in the software industry and tech in general. I wish Jeff continue success and produce high quality interviews that listeners appreciate. ——- I was delighted to have found this software engineering podcast and have become a regular listener. I found the topics very interesting, relevant to current trends. The guests are very knowledgeable and, very importantly for an audio program, very well spoken. This makes it pleasing to listen to especially when discussing challenging and complex technical problems and system designs. Jeff usually asks the right questions and getting into right level of complexity that’s suitable on audio. This is definitely a great podcast for software professionals to stay current and expand knowledge base. Thanks for the great program.
  • JakeKay34
    Must Listen
    Great podcast. If you’re a developer, it’s a must listen. Enjoy!
  • hackworks
    Best engineering stream
    My journey into cloud and micro services development was made easier due to the wide coverage of technologies covered by this podcast. I get the right amount of detail and coverage to keep updated on current tech trends. Thank you!
  • enceladusdata
    Entertaining and informative!
    This podcast is a show I look forward to hearing on my daily commute. There are lots of diverse discussions that span many areas in tech. From software to data this show has it all!
  • Nick8090908
    Hit or miss
    This podcast has a lot of value for the type of interviewees that come on. I have a few grievances with the host as he often injects his opinion into the middle of a topic when by his own admission he hasn’t been in the industry for very long before leaving to follow a path in entertainment.
  • cck197
    Very helpful
    I value continued education and I want to stay sharp but don't want to make more time to sit at a computer and read. Therefore, this podcast enables me to learn about software and move! Great stuff. This is also one of the first podcasts I've heard where the ads don't feel like ads.
  • Rob Colburn
    Fantastic Range of Content
    Wide range of topics from cloud, server-less, crypto currency to web assembly and front end.
  • Lepetitp2012
    Enjoyable guests, thorough coverage
    I enjoy the majority of episodes. Most guests offer extremely valuable insights about their areas of expertise. The diversity of guests and extremely relevant topics are a plus. The few qualms I have with the show are the hosts desire to have his views of the topics heard above the knowledge of the guests and the desire he has for the guest to agree with his thoughts.
  • SaumiRa
    Jeff is the best !
    This is the BEST podcast for software developers, sales , start ups and so many others !
  • dkaush4
    Developers wet dream.
    The clarity and the flow of the podcast is stellar. In addition to the obvious goldmine like content this podcast has. Great work guys.
  • Cweldfwch
    Love this Software Podcast
    This is a great software engineering podcast. Jeff has a methodical way of interviewing that hits high and low level. The dialogue is interesting and is satisfyingly technical. By listening, I’ve been inspired and learned a lot!
  • dkamp14
    Great podcast
    Covers a wide range of topics and well done production
  • Mithun Manohar
    Great podcast
    Thanks for being integral part of my daily routine. Appreciate it much !
  • Alm0ndsz
    Very interesting!!
  • Garimelet
    Really too much to list out but if you are into tech at all, do yourself a favor and check out theirs podcast.
  • Coolguyisaweirdo
    It's okay
    This was an awesome find for me at a time, but as I've continued listening I've found less value in it. Jeff brings on a lot of awesome guests, but his questions are often loaded and steer the interview in confusing and sometimes arbitrary directions. He also has very strongly held political and social views that make certain conversations more about whether or not his guests agree with him, and less about software engineering. He's also very economically motivated, which makes these episodes feel tied to the bottom line, often circumventing the idea of programming/engineering for fun. Overall great guests, and a host that needs to take a break (maybe rediscover a love for programming).
  • bk10011
    Political Propaganda
    It used to be good, but then the episodes had nothing to do with software and just pushed his political views.
  • Pogodad
    In depth and great guest
    Love this podcast. Always in depth, to the point with awesome guests. Makes me forget I'm driving to and from work.
  • Qafui
    Well-structured & relevant
    SE Daily is generally the way I prepare myself mentally for work during commutes. I'm always intrigued by Jeff's ability to ask relevant questions on a plethora of technologies and concepts. Definitely recommend!
  • some_nckname
    Great Software Podcast
    I recently found this podcast due to a listener recommendation read on the Daily Tech News Show podcast. After listening to two or three excellent and informative episodes, I'm hooked. Thanks for the great podcast, and keep up the good work!
  • JDD1970
    Good information, wish it was every other day.
    I like the podcast. My only complaint is trying to keep up with the daily updates. I think this podcast would be better if it was a little less than daily. Maybe three times a week.
  • zincir472
    I love this show
    Well-researched and in-depth. The host is serious but welcoming, modest and gets to the point. You can tell that delivering a high quality product is important to him. Thanks to him for creating this valuable resource.
  • nyylbhejvirfnerorybatgbzr
    Should be a TV show
    I wish mainstream media was geared towards us people who value education and actually know what really drives the innovations in our world. We are not all mindless consumers. So until mainstream media stops shying away from technical reality, this is the next best thing. Thanks for giving people with a hint of intelligence something to listen to during our commutes. If you listen to shows like Changelog then you would like this.
  • itsLogic
    Interesting and entertaining
    So many AWESOME episodes on data science! Diverse topics and interesting interviews.
    Highly recommend to software professionals
    In depth discussions about a wide ranging topics in modern software engineering. Topics covered include distributed systems, data processing, programming languages, databases, JavaScript and so on. I really appreciate the opportunities to hear from the experts in the fields and Jeff is a wonderful host!
  • MickeyFan100
    A great podcast for engineers
    Tech topics are diverse and relevant
  • PiePants6
    Good and getting better!
    Really enjoy the show, and the work Jeff does. Interesting guests!
  • Ccierants
    Good but needs to drop the political stuff
    The verge, recode etc already have far too little on actual programming and way too much on social/political topics. It be nice to just hear about.. you know.. software engineering?
  • Edgelounger
    Great stuff
    Great interviews about a wide range of topics. Highly recommended for the technologist who want to keep up and stay ahead of the curve
  • New Kid on the Blockchain
    Awesome Podcast
    Terrific interviews and depth of knowledge. A very valuable resource for any software engineer.
  • LegalizeAndIWillAdvertise
    Captivating Subject Matter
    Not afraid to dig deep across several subjects in software engineering. Love it.
  • Mattkrea
    Great, frequent show
    Love that, unlike many other shows, SE daily goes in depth
  • TiBuRin
    Straight to the point!
    Almost finished all episodes... One of my favorites so far.
  • Pluteski
    Well prepared interviews
    The interviewer does a good job of preparing the questions, and does his best in getting the guest to provide answers that don’t assume prior knowledge of arcane knowledge by the listener. Of the three I’ve listened to, two were information-dense (Uber stream processing, and Spark creator Matei Zaharia). The Alluxio interview was a real clunker though — not any fault of the interviewer, who did his best to get good answers out of the guest but it seemed like pulling teeth from an old horse. The guest gave nothing but overly abstract and generic non-answers; I learned nothing new about Alluxio from that edition and I listened to the entire thing. Two out of three isn’t bad though.
  • Thetowncity
    Great for engineers!
    Ditto title.
  • toomanytells
    On point
    Nice technical 1 on 1 style interviews. All that I would suggest is that the audio needs to be calibrated. I can hear the reverb and sometimes it just sounds like you’re yelling out questions. Content is A+ though.
  • Btn1992
    Awesome range of content!
    I really enjoy the the interviews that SWED does. I also liked the philosophy episode that was done a few weeks back.
  • GatorCoder
    Straight to the point technical information
    Many podcasts spend time bantering with the hosts, pontificating unrelated topics and going on tangents. You won't find any of that here. The interviews are well done, digging in to the technical details on many topics but keeping it attainable if the topic is new to the listener. Keep up the great podcast!
  • Leonardo dhan go
    Well curated and clear content in each episode
    Good one, higly recommend it.
  • a sound cloud user
    Engaging show on a dynamic space
    Have been listening regularly to the pod for a few months and feel that my understanding of software development, and associated topics like data center management, machine learning, and data processing, has been expanded exponentially; recommend for anyone seasoned or new in the space. Thanks for producing a dynamic show Jeff!
  • vermontpodcastlistener
    must-listen podcast
    This podcast is a great resource for staying on top of emerging technologies and trends in the software industry. I mentioned the React Native episode in a cover letter when I applied to work at Facebook. Aside from that episode, my favorite is “Language Design with Brian Kernighan”.
  • chriscasano
    Fantastic for non-engineers too
    I have been listening to this podcast for awhile and every show is informative. It's difficult trying to keep up with all of the tech these days and Jeff has great SMEs that he interviews on various hot topics in the software industry. I'm not a software engineer by trade but I am able to keep up with the deep dives; so if I can do it, so can you. I would recommend this if you are a developer, consultant, solution engineer, student or just interested in what's going on in this space. Keep up the good work Jeff and team.
  • buchweizen2
    I look forward to getting technically relevant interviews daily. So far the list of topics look very promising.
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