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Retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and everyday life.

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  • Hunter Scott bm3
    Pat Tillman
    Good afternoon, I’m a navy veteran and a fan of your podcast; I wanted to take this opportunity to ask if you would do an episode about the life and death of Pat Tillman. Regards, Hunter Scott
  • Big B 65
    I am a retired US Marine Mustang who has, during my career, work with or otherwise supported the special operating forces from all services. This podcast does not only stir a host of memories, at least two podcasts addressed incidents in which I was involved or witnessed. This podcast discussed Marine Corps Leadership traits and principles. Loved how they threw out the “el toro poo-poo” flag on certain topics, dissecting if a POG (person other than grunt) or a person with on-the-ground experience’s wrote a particular entry. I laughed at the fact Jocko made light at the more ridiculous entries. Thanks for focusing on love of comrades/country, dedication to duty, honor, courage, and commitment.
  • Purell345
    This podcast is super valuable. Never stop making them.
  • McBrizzle
  • 46Herm
    Get after it
    I’ve been listening for a couple years. I love the interaction between Jocko & Echo.
  • Kevinskii
    Tiresome, repetitive parade of snake oil salesmen.
    Much respect for Jocko as a person, but the podcast has long ago lost its value.
  • Nothing Nada Zip
  • AidanMac24
    Echo stop rambling please
    Jocko’s insight and view on life is why we are here, we want to learn more and see the world from a different perspective. His points are strategic and obviously thought through. Echo sounds like he just smoked a joint and is trying to make the world make sense, repeats him self a brutal amount, stutters and when there is actually really cool deep topic that could be talked about for hours he then doesn’t talk! Don’t want to see him go but when he chimes in bro have notes or a thought out sentence not just talk about nothing but say big words to make it sound more deep. Best pod out there definitely changed my life and learned a lot.
  • pwyup
    Best pod cast ever
    No doubt best ever pod cast. I learn something in everyone I listen to
  • Jesus1775
    Episode 385 was great, and a phenomenal job gentlemen. Thank you for all the content you share.
  • bee-rad1228
    Ton of leadership lessons available and good stories
    Really liked the two podcasts with Adm. Mcraven. Great stuff and good lessons on leadership. I must urge Jocko to watch more movies with Echo! Echo has a ton of insight and analogies with the movies and correlations to leadership.
  • Pdqxyz
    Losing its value
    Latest episode was nothing but a damage-control/marketing campaign for Cross Fit. As a paying listener, I am becoming disappointed in the content.
  • creatchaoifestl
    Love Rich
    Thanks Rich for bringing the CrossFit world to the hunting world, I think they go great together, especially if your back woods hiking!!!!!!
  • EmmyLou555
    I really loved the “try not to have an opinion about every FREAKING thing” mini episode. This world would be a better place if we all incorporated that philosophy. Jocko, I sincerely appreciate time and energy you put into helping inspire and uplift your fellow humans.
  • PU76
    Excellent show.
    Excellent show. Always good insight, stories, and advice. Also, it is so obvious that echo asks questions in order to troll Jocko and when he gets the big fella on the hook he runs with it.
  • JBW2400
    Best Podcast Out There
    Best podcast I’ve come across. Great insights on leadership from a great leader. Jocko and EC are fantastic hosts. I also love no advertisements on this pod!
  • Mariorhdz
    Great podcast!!
    As someone in the world of defense and foreign policy, this podcast does a great job of inspiring me and my peers. Keep up the great work!
  • j8511
    Great Show
    I try to listen to all your new episodes. I really enjoy your ability to let people talk vs other podcasters who talk over their guests. I give you 4 stars and not 5, cause we can all improve slightly, even though your show is excellent. As much as I appreciate you bringing people on who may have differing views than you or maybe you once disagreed, etc. please for the love of all your listeners, never bring Kelsi Sheren on again. I know the purpose is to get out of our comfort zone and face adverse things in life, but she is unbearable. Nothing about her is tolerable. Again, I know that’s the point you preach, but I guess I just fall a bit short in my tolerance. Too much to list, but she is just too much on all levels. Thanks for all you do, Jocko.
  • kings7415A2
    Sir I wish I’d started listening to you when you started, changed my life. I’m learning, and I think it might be making me a better leader and man. Thanks for your work Sir. I listen to your show everyday.
  • anti-skyper
    Best Podcast in the World.
    Jocko Podcast is a highly-regarded podcast hosted by retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including leadership, discipline, personal growth, and military history. With his direct, no-nonsense style and wealth of experience, Jocko offers unique insights and perspectives that make this podcast a must-listen for anyone looking to improve themselves. One of the standout features of Jocko Podcast is the diverse range of guests that Jocko interviews. From fellow Navy SEALs to business leaders to authors and scholars, Jocko brings on guests who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields. These conversations are always thought-provoking and provide listeners with new ideas and ways of thinking. Another strength of the Jocko Podcast is Jocko's ability to distill complex ideas into simple, actionable advice. Whether he's discussing the importance of discipline, the value of teamwork, or the benefits of physical fitness, Jocko always provides practical advice that listeners can apply to their own lives. Finally, Jocko's own personal story is also a compelling aspect of the podcast. His experiences as a Navy SEAL and his dedication to discipline and self-improvement are inspiring and serve as a powerful example of what can be achieved through hard work and perseverance. Overall, Jocko Podcast is an excellent podcast that offers valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to improve themselves. Whether you're a business leader, athlete, or just someone who wants to live a more fulfilling life, Jocko Podcast is definitely worth checking out.
  • charlieb@1977
    Well I almost made it to the 6min mark.
  • sfbaykid
    Kelsi Sheren
    Refreshing listening to Kelsi’s story and enjoyed listening her scolding Jocko about taking down her podcast. Wonderful.
    Jocko Podcast
  • rallen2008
    The Seed from Which All Other Pods Should Grow
    This is by far the best podcast on leadership and personal growth for anybody- not just vets and business majors. Contains the bare minimum or plugging third party products, and it’s something I would be happy to have my child listening to when they’re old enough to understand the concepts. Jocko and Echo do a great job minimizing the influence from outside politics as well. Simple principles- “Get After It” and “Discipline Equals Freedom”. These are impossible to argue- if you’re still trying after listening to the pod with an open mind, you may be doing too many mental gymnastics in an attempt to avoid self-discipline. One thing I’d ask Jocko to clarify- when is it ok to skip BJJ? I have a shoulder and neck injury and started out with Aikido, which seems to be a solid fit. Guess I’ll just have to join JU. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Sgt0321
    Podcasts Frozen
    Jocko your podcast will not restart if I pause it. I listen while working out so I get one hour into the podcast then it will not replay when I hit resume.
  • milkman04
    Love the podcast as a dairy farmer I love the talk about the milk with the molk cookie
  • xbeingnalxb
    Life Changing
    Been listening to this podcast since 2016 and it’s a life changer. I have recently finished all episodes and have restarted them. Take these learnings and apply them to your life and you WILL see a change! Thank you Jocko, Echo, and all involved in this show!!
  • izcoG19
    I’m in the program. Listening to you guys everyday, during cardio, driving and waiting. Appreciate your work.
  • tcob17
    The best
  • 75th Ranger reg.
    As a man in recovery for 18.23 years or 6660 days . The only cure is abstinence . Lots of people shun the 12 step program because most don’t want to face their own faults or their past . Some alcoholics drink everyday other simply have what we call an allergy to alcohol meaning , “it breaks me out in spots, Vegas , Atlantic City , mustang ranch , Dallas etc “ you get the point , we don’t drink everyday but when we do we pass the buzz stage and go straight to blackout . Now after 18 years of work a program could I drink again, probably for a short time . The ironic thing with the last statement is alcoholism is the only disease that tells you , that you’re not sick , hence me thinking I could drink for a short time and be ok. That is a lie , no way I could drink and be ok. Through only finding the God of the Bible who I see as a power greater than myself was powerful enough to get me through the 12 steps and start to live a contributing productive life . ( this is my experience and doesn’t reflect on everyone else )
  • rjsushebeidhebdjjsbdj
    Perspective Shift
    The most valuable thing I receive from this podcast is perspective. Listening to all of the live guests share their experiences is eye opening. Some of the accounts, such as Captain Charlie Plum’s, are borderline unbelievable. If I am ever under the impression that I’m having a “bad day”, I remember what Captain Plum endured. It’s also good to know that actual superheroes exist. When I listened to John Stryker Meyer’s account of jumping out of a helicopter into a jungle canopy in Vietnam, I had to rewind the program to make sure that I heard it correctly. This madman bailed out of a chopper with no rope, to save others. No gun. No rope. He just landed on a tree and made his way down it. He definitely expanded the scope of Airborne. Most families in this country have veterans among them. My great-uncle, Sgt. John “Junior” Jones, was one of the special operations advisors that went down on Tiger Flight 739 on March 13th 1962. He was on the All Army rifle and pistol team. Junior was one of the most accurate marksman who ever lived. His deer hunting feats of marksmanship, in the mountains of Cache Valley, Utah, were the stuff of legends. Jocko, Echo Charles and their guests provide an invaluable service by sharing the selfless and extraordinary events of real human beings who have proudly served this country. These real-life accounts are now secured for future generations. Outstanding work gentleman. Sam Nelson
  • erdfhhuh
    Civil war episodes
    The Civil War episodes were awesome, do you know what I mean! Semper Fi
  • IronOak-Kelly
    I defy you!!!
    Listen to an entire Jocko podcast and then tell me you haven’t learned something useful. It cannot be done. There is value in every episode.
  • aristole503
    Vicarious Mentorship
    My Dad was killed when I was 3..I never had a mentor.. joined the Navy in the 90’s but only signed for 2 yrs.. when I’m feeling close to the edge and feel like giving up... Jacko gets me back on track with a military mindset.
  • Ppdcast lover
    My go to podcast
    I often find with so many options at my finger tips for entertainment I am often frozen with what to watch or listen to. I always come back to Jocko though. I’m not only entertained, but I feel like I’ve always learned and have grown even if just a little bit from listening to this podcast. Listen to this podcast. You won’t regret it.
  • EPell13
    Wish I Knew About This Podcast in 2016!
    Discovered Jocko & Echo’s podcast only 4 weeks ago. Now on episode 33. It will take me a year to get current(listening at 1.25 speed), but it is incredible. I do not want to skip any. This is “must listen to” for teens as well as our awesome, brave military, business owners, leaders,….I can’t think of anyone who should not listen to this. Start listening and “Get After It!”
  • Dirt754
  • Foshin
    Afghanistan —Episode 375
    Thanks for your podcast and outstanding interviews. A note about your discussion in episode 375 re; our disastrous exit from Afghanistan. Your guest rightly pointed out that the USG negotiated the end to the US presence (known as the Doha agreement) with the Taliban, without involvement of the Afghan government. Listeners not versed in this history should be aware that the Doha agreement was negotiated and signed off on in February 2020 by the Trump administration, before the 2020 election. Trump went on to announce a September 2021 departure date while he remained president, and the withdrawal was advanced by a month to August and executed by the Biden administration. It’s important that we, as a country, confront facts and acknowledge that the blame for this shameful policy disaster rests on both parties, both administrations, each inappropriately trying to win approval of a US public disinclined to continue a presence in Afghanistan. Sadly, many Americans no longer understand the importance of the United States remaining engaged, even in small numbers, in strategic areas of conflict like Afghanistan. In fact, the trend, sadly, is towards isolationism. Eventually we will all pay the price for this naïveté. Keep up the excellent podcast!
  • mo's ex boyfriend Massimo
    Great podcast
    Great podcast
  • Mikewizhousekey
    Reflection and opening new doors
    Jocko's pod has fantastic subjects and content that have me reflecting on my past experiences while relating them to present day life. I really enjoy how blunt and simple these lessons are presented because it makes that reflection so easy. Also, thanks to EC for always asking questions.
  • jmachain
    Jocko, not sure if you read these but was with RCT 5 1st marine division 2003….been listening to your podcast for past 5 years and just want to thank you man! Amazing interviews and no commercials. I now but my boots and jeans from your company because want to support American brands. I also listen to Mike Drop and Shawn Ryan podcast but your breakdown of books qnd interviewing skills are unmatched. Used to like Rogan but for a more intellectual listen you are the go to! When I run out of podcasts I will go back and listen to old episodes. Not sure where you find the time but just wanted to say thank you!!!! Not only thank you for your service as a SEAL but thanks for continuing your service to this country with your podcast and American industries! God Bless Semper Fi!!!!
  • 22cheapster
    Episode 373
    I’m often asked why I listen to so many podcast? I’ve often asked that myself. Do I like the noise in the background of my day? Do I like the entrainment value from each podcast? Am I edified by random pieces of information dropped, or from the POVs of the host(s)? Well, those questions were answered in full today with episode 373 (Booker T. Washington). I listen for the episode like this episode. An episode that is not only entertaining, with great back and forth from the host but 🤯absolutely epically mind blowing. Which happens more often then not with the Jocko podcast line, there are several to choose from.
  • Foxlewis77
    Play the game, stay on the path.
    This podcast has taught me more things than I can count. It’s made me want to get on the path and stay on it. I highly recommend giving it a listen.
  • gorilla_mask
    One of the best
    This is absolutely one of the best podcasts out there
  • worsethanGoogle
    On the path
    Life changing. Thank you Jocko and EC, respect.
  • freiheitX
    I would prefer listening only Jocko
    I like the podcast and I would prefer listening only Jocko. The second guy with his pronunciation makes it hard to listen as I really don’t like his voice. I have just started listening this podcast and seems like the second dude is in every episode.
  • TrentonNZ
    For the JOURNAL
    Great pod
  • 8patrick7
    This is the way.
    See above.
  • Vampirebat92
    Best podcast out there
    This is so amazing. It’s real, raw, funny, tearjerking, uplifting, and motivational. Jocko and Echo make a great team.
  • Youmeanits 12345
    Listen to 368
    Episode #368 made me cry, laugh, and sit on the edge of my seat.
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