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Retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and everyday life.

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  • Pandora a Vanity
    All I hear is you swallowing with your cotton mouth and breathing all heavy, drink some water, bro
  • Partially Cybernetic
    The most epic moment in podcast history
    I’ve listened to every episode of this podcast some more than once. I am writing this as a record or even a nomination of what may be one of the most epic moments in podcasts history. You have to listen to the entire episode to understand. Here is the episode and time stamp. You be the judge. Episode 403 2:47:10-2:47:26
  • IceWol1988
    Molk flavor
    Jocko- please make an egg nog mölk flavor for the holidays. You can call it ‘Nuclear Nog,’ I won’t even charge you for this extremely good and creative idea, if you just ship me the first one for free. Thank you
  • Firefightersandpolicefamy
    LRRP or sea wolf
    Hey Jocko. I’m Mitchy from Chicago. Are you get more LRRP or seawolfs on you’re show??
  • Miles Gere
    Minus one star for entertaining Rener. The man is the SlapChop guy of jiu jitsu.
  • benjamin frankalin
    description of the podcast
  • muy123321
    Jocko 2024- the country needs you
  • _Nate23
    Powerful stuff
    Incredible podcast incredible stories, incredible motivation to change your life and make something of yourself.
  • Angry dude 79
    If you know you know
    If you know you know
  • BravoHotel11
    Best podcast
    Love this podcast
  • Клиент Этой АвиаКомпании
    Top 10 podcast Worldwide for Men
    True one of the few life changing shows, highly recommended for anyone looking for life’s wisdom and advice.
  • Bob Jordan
    Awesome interviews
    Great podcast. Unbelievable stories and content. First rate business management advice.
  • Hugh Glass
    Love the podcasts. I found them from the SOG podcast; those experiences are so wild they’d be unbelievable in a Chuck Norris movie. Jocko is awesome but BK actual is better looking and more tanned, not sure about jacked. God Bless Jocko.
  • DS56128
    Episode 392 with Peter Attia; top 5 podcasts
    Episode 392, with Peter Attia, is easily in the top 5 podcasts i've listened to. Not just Jocko podcasts, but all podcasts. Friggin legit! Reading the book right now, and its a game changer as far as shifting my perspective on playing the long game.
  • John in MN
    Deputy Chief of Navy Chaplains - RADM Carey Cash
    Love to see Chaplain Cash on the podcast. He’s an author, Chaplain of the Marine Corps, and Johnny Cash was his great-uncle. He definitely has some fantastic stories to share! Thanks for all you do to help people get and stay on the path!
  • Usmcdenney
    Mad Dog Mattis
    When is General Mattis going to make an appearance? Needs to happen!!
  • Koot0722
    World war 2
    Could you one day do a podcast on the history of world war 2. What led up to it, how the Japanese were tied into hitlers plans, America’s inevitable involvement, and our path to victory? I feel like you would do a better job at explaining then history professors do. Thank you for reading, I’m a loyal fan and airman.
  • Chicago Barb
    Best podcast out there. Thanks for all you do.
  • kings7415A2
    Best show on the internet
  • Fdalft
    Episode 393 is inspiring. Should be required in all HS am History courses.
  • lvp4peace
    Drago’s patriotism is deeply moving. One of the best episodes (and I’ve listened to them all). Sharing widely because our country needs to hear his perspective on why America is the greatest country in the world. We are lucky to have citizens such as Drago and Jocko. As a female I am acutely aware of how much Freedom I have (education, I can drive, go places without a chaperone, wear what I want, say what I want, etc etc etc) and it’s not lost on me that I am indebted to all those who have stood in the gap protecting my/our Freedoms. Powerful episode.
  • Alltheprettylittlehorses
    Best five hours spent
    I love Drago’s story so much I ordered the book! Also side note, I’m sorry they took your teeth away.
  • JasonRSchroeder
    Get some!
    Everyday motivation to make me better! Go get some.
  • TomB333@
    thanks for helping me be a better person
    Thanks Jocko and echo!!!! You guys and your guests have helped me find my way and stay on “the path” Thanks!!!!
  • Cur man
    Episode 390 E. Cook
    Great podcast! I had the privilege of hearing JP last week at my company’s safety / leadership conference. You do a great job JP, your faith and story encourages people. I have listened to your Podcast since you started Jocko. You men keep up the good work. Don’t forget, there are common men, like me across this nation listening to you and relying on you to keep getting after it. Thanks!
  • Roach Brothers Lawn Care
    I’ve always been a proud American. I own a landscaping business in New Jersey. Since episode one up to now, every person jocko and echo have had on this podcast is a hero to me and makes me proud to be an American. I have not served in the military, but to me they are all true hero’s to this country. I can live my life and create a business that employs people because of this freedom we have. Each episode is filled with value. Thank you jocko and thank you echo.
  • the boyyyy j
    Essential Podcast for Everyone
    This is creme of the crop type podcast. Expect professional audio production, passages and breakdowns from books, expert interviews, invaluable life lessons, the darkness in the world, the goodness in the world and ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. Highly recommended for everyone seeking valuable life lessons and a transformative experience.
  • KSM987654
    Let your guests talk please
    Jocko, you’re a great entrepreneur and you have succeeded in many things in life. I’ve enjoyed your podcast for awhile now, and your conversation with Jonny Kim is one of my favorite episodes. But please let your guests talk. Your episode with Chris Voss was almost unbearable because you kept explaining HIS concepts. You didn’t write Never Split the Difference; let the author of the actual book explain his theories.
  • CODeafGuy
    Life changing
    Every single episode gives me a different perspective that I can implement into my life. At the same time I am learning about the history that every civilian should hear about the sacrifice that our military service members have given for our freedom.
  • Hunter Scott bm3
    Pat Tillman
    Good afternoon, I’m a navy veteran and a fan of your podcast; I wanted to take this opportunity to ask if you would do an episode about the life and death of Pat Tillman. Regards, Hunter Scott
  • Big B 65
    I am a retired US Marine Mustang who has, during my career, work with or otherwise supported the special operating forces from all services. This podcast does not only stir a host of memories, at least two podcasts addressed incidents in which I was involved or witnessed. This podcast discussed Marine Corps Leadership traits and principles. Loved how they threw out the “el toro poo-poo” flag on certain topics, dissecting if a POG (person other than grunt) or a person with on-the-ground experience’s wrote a particular entry. I laughed at the fact Jocko made light at the more ridiculous entries. Thanks for focusing on love of comrades/country, dedication to duty, honor, courage, and commitment.
  • Purell345
    This podcast is super valuable. Never stop making them.
  • McBrizzle
  • 46Herm
    Get after it
    I’ve been listening for a couple years. I love the interaction between Jocko & Echo.
  • Kevinskii
    Tiresome, repetitive parade of snake oil salesmen.
    Much respect for Jocko as a person, but the podcast has long ago lost its value.
  • Nothing Nada Zip
  • AidanMac24
    Echo stop rambling please
    Jocko’s insight and view on life is why we are here, we want to learn more and see the world from a different perspective. His points are strategic and obviously thought through. Echo sounds like he just smoked a joint and is trying to make the world make sense, repeats him self a brutal amount, stutters and when there is actually really cool deep topic that could be talked about for hours he then doesn’t talk! Don’t want to see him go but when he chimes in bro have notes or a thought out sentence not just talk about nothing but say big words to make it sound more deep. Best pod out there definitely changed my life and learned a lot.
  • pwyup
    Best pod cast ever
    No doubt best ever pod cast. I learn something in everyone I listen to
  • Jesus1775
    Episode 385 was great, and a phenomenal job gentlemen. Thank you for all the content you share.
  • bee-rad1228
    Ton of leadership lessons available and good stories
    Really liked the two podcasts with Adm. Mcraven. Great stuff and good lessons on leadership. I must urge Jocko to watch more movies with Echo! Echo has a ton of insight and analogies with the movies and correlations to leadership.
  • Pdqxyz
    Losing its value
    Latest episode was nothing but a damage-control/marketing campaign for Cross Fit. As a paying listener, I am becoming disappointed in the content.
  • creatchaoifestl
    Love Rich
    Thanks Rich for bringing the CrossFit world to the hunting world, I think they go great together, especially if your back woods hiking!!!!!!
  • EmmyLou555
    I really loved the “try not to have an opinion about every FREAKING thing” mini episode. This world would be a better place if we all incorporated that philosophy. Jocko, I sincerely appreciate time and energy you put into helping inspire and uplift your fellow humans.
  • PU76
    Excellent show.
    Excellent show. Always good insight, stories, and advice. Also, it is so obvious that echo asks questions in order to troll Jocko and when he gets the big fella on the hook he runs with it.
  • JBW2400
    Best Podcast Out There
    Best podcast I’ve come across. Great insights on leadership from a great leader. Jocko and EC are fantastic hosts. I also love no advertisements on this pod!
  • Mariorhdz
    Great podcast!!
    As someone in the world of defense and foreign policy, this podcast does a great job of inspiring me and my peers. Keep up the great work!
  • j8511
    Great Show
    I try to listen to all your new episodes. I really enjoy your ability to let people talk vs other podcasters who talk over their guests. I give you 4 stars and not 5, cause we can all improve slightly, even though your show is excellent. As much as I appreciate you bringing people on who may have differing views than you or maybe you once disagreed, etc. please for the love of all your listeners, never bring Kelsi Sheren on again. I know the purpose is to get out of our comfort zone and face adverse things in life, but she is unbearable. Nothing about her is tolerable. Again, I know that’s the point you preach, but I guess I just fall a bit short in my tolerance. Too much to list, but she is just too much on all levels. Thanks for all you do, Jocko.
  • anti-skyper
    Best Podcast in the World.
    Jocko Podcast is a highly-regarded podcast hosted by retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including leadership, discipline, personal growth, and military history. With his direct, no-nonsense style and wealth of experience, Jocko offers unique insights and perspectives that make this podcast a must-listen for anyone looking to improve themselves. One of the standout features of Jocko Podcast is the diverse range of guests that Jocko interviews. From fellow Navy SEALs to business leaders to authors and scholars, Jocko brings on guests who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields. These conversations are always thought-provoking and provide listeners with new ideas and ways of thinking. Another strength of the Jocko Podcast is Jocko's ability to distill complex ideas into simple, actionable advice. Whether he's discussing the importance of discipline, the value of teamwork, or the benefits of physical fitness, Jocko always provides practical advice that listeners can apply to their own lives. Finally, Jocko's own personal story is also a compelling aspect of the podcast. His experiences as a Navy SEAL and his dedication to discipline and self-improvement are inspiring and serve as a powerful example of what can be achieved through hard work and perseverance. Overall, Jocko Podcast is an excellent podcast that offers valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to improve themselves. Whether you're a business leader, athlete, or just someone who wants to live a more fulfilling life, Jocko Podcast is definitely worth checking out.
  • charlieb@1977
    Well I almost made it to the 6min mark.
  • sfbaykid
    Kelsi Sheren
    Refreshing listening to Kelsi’s story and enjoyed listening her scolding Jocko about taking down her podcast. Wonderful.
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