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Retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and everyday life.

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  • Ineedanickname13579684
    Pure Awesomeness
    Love them all. Currently working out listening to ep.93, getting after it, totally focused on my squats..... then y’all start taking about ice cream. I was good until you mentioned moose tracks (Happy Tracks for us Blue Bell fans here in Texas). I had to refocus on my workout. Going to get a nice spinach shake afterwards, totally dissing these sugar coated lies!
  • Caio Malufe
    Awesome show
    One of the best podcasts i’ve ever heard, and one of the greatest sources of inspiration for leadership and how to conduct myself in my life
  • RayFein
    Killer Show
    This show is a great kick you need to get going and make things happen! Awesome topics and great host.
  • N8Dogg87
    Need some directions?
    Thank you for your guidance sir. My younger brother and I started a construction company together but I took all risk and liability. Before I found your podcast I was a horrible leader. I quickly realized I needed to make a change. It’s been emotionally difficult implementing decentralized command. It has paid off financially and emotionally though. We spent more money in the last 2 months training and purchasing needed equipment than our entire 1st year in business. The team is fired though and sales are through the roof. Firing on all cylinders. Can’t thank you enough for your continued service to this amazing country.
  • Frank Bellizzi
    AM Workout Everyday
    Don’t miss a workout out every morning, long before I began listening to this show. 60 pilot for 8 years, couldn’t imagine starting my day any other way. And I sure as hell need max brain power for each session. Love this show.
  • Andrew2cool
    Jocko’s podcast
  • That Paul Buckner
    Fun, informative, life changing
    Jocko and Echo Charles just have a way with words, an open and honest way of tackling topics and tantalizing the ear in the process. A must listen.
  • BoriWarrior
    Thanks for the Perspective
    Good evening Jocko, Good evening Echo...Thanks for sharing ur experience and knowledge with the world. Your insight about warfare and life in general has put things in perspective and I appreciate my life on a different level because of it. Listening to your podcast while working, working out or driving is like adding a shot of Nitrous to my day. Kudos!!!
  • disapointed312
    Great stuff.
    On the battlefield and on the jujitsu mat, he is known as Chocko Willink.
  • Amdyfyn
    Ghost Soldiers by Hampton Sides
    Great book on Rangers in Pacific Theatre. An account of the concern of Blue on Blue. “Our mission was secret on BOTH sides.” Colonel Mucci.
  • CamD45
    Best ever.
    Jocko coulda had another successful career as a voice for audible. No joke i wish he would switch out these little sissy soprano voices they use for action titles. He enunciates, he understands the use of pauses for effect, his grammar seems flawless from what I’ve heard on the podcast. Man crush, hate to say it.
  • Gin n juice III
    Love the unravelling episodes
    Loving the addition of different formats. Thank you gents
  • popsiclebearhug
    Life changing podcast. Constantly puts things into perspective. Powerful.
  • J-cutt
    In the wild
    I was supplementing my fitness regiment at planet fitness. (Don’t judge I’m getting after it on a budget. And I do have access to another facility for CrossFit, SQUATS and to throw chalk on the floor.) Here I was thinking I’m alpha of the gym because I was wearing my “take the high ground” shirt, and jacking steel. In my mind there were no other troopers in the building. As I was leaving for the night the PF employee behind the counter said to me “I like the shirt man”. I responded with “you listen?” He responded “all the time”. I live in the middle of nowhere northwest Arkansas and I was working out in Fayetteville, there are troopers infiltrating ALL OVER. Including the goofiest gym in all of the land.
  • DynaMikeKing
    Real talk
    #86 was my first experience with Jocko podcast. How to develop man skills hit home. I’m getting my swag back.
  • cmarcil13
    Get After It
    Get up and get after it.
  • iadampack
    Good, Better, Best
    The transfer of knowledge and perspective is amazing. Many people can feel alone in this world with not much guidance from parents, school, professors, companies, bosses, etc. Society usually falls short in attempting to teach real life lessons that can benefit all of us. Jocko picks up the slack. He is graced by God to teach and help anyone that is attempting to live and do good, better, and best. Adam Adam Pack ”Guidelines for the leader and commander” please keep reviewing the book. The whole book! Excellent commentary and value! Much Love!! Adam Publish that book “guidelines for the lesser and commander”. That reference needs to be in the hands of everyone out there. Standby to “get sum”
  • TeaPlatz
    Impressive Leadership Lessons 🇺🇸
    Thank you to Jocko and his guests for doing what Jocko indicated he was going to do in episode 001: “to provide lessons learned,” to listeners. The book reviews, the combat veterans interviewed (and even the detailed, reviews of published military manuals) are insightful and helpful for any scholars studying national security and any listeners who care about our military veterans (who deserve our unwavering gratitude and support) and want to hear what it’s like to serve on the front lines. I never miss a podcast episode. 🇺🇸
  • Ruben James Rodriguez
    Excellent Podcast
    I work in the corporate world and have learned a great deal from Jocko and his team. Thank you for your amazing podcast, I am sure it will continue to change lives across the world and help keep us on the path!
  • naddyho
    Getting after it!!!
    Easy listing,, while, getting after it... life changing!! God bless!!!! And a BIG THANK YOU SIR.
  • mrs.chuk
    No bull
    I love how every point made can be used in ALL areas of life! This is not just for seal team training... but for mamas like me who are raising the next generation patriots. No bull just relatable facts.
  • Jordan1818
    Love it!
    Really enjoy hearing the leadership lessons each and every podcast.
  • arukdnme
    Johnnie Kim
    I’m new to listening to podcasts, well I stumbled upon your podcasts a few weeks ago. And listened to a sog chronicle podcast. I was hooked. It blew me away! Then I heard the johnnie kim podcast wow what a great man.
  • Dartdude408
    Great listen
    I really enjoy this podcast really gets me going. US army 2002-2007 2-3 FA 1BDE 1AD Gunners. D Murray
  • GrustyJones
    You’ve turned me into an animal - Your surprisingly handsome Fedex driver
  • AA Ron tAppeR
    Jocko reading
    Jocko could read Winny the Pooh and amp you up with it.
  • Zombiekillllla
    Boy, was I wrong..
    I always thought Jocko’s pod would just be some meathead bull about kettle bells, and ya that’s part of it lol, but when I saw he had a personal hero of mine on (Episode 89, Mike Thornton) I decided it was worth a listen. Needless to say, it changed my whole media consumption. I usually look to the American Veterans Center for veteran interviews (great organization, check them out), but Jocko is just able to get the best out of people - even when discussing catastrophic pain and tragedy. Thank you for your service, Jocko, and thank you for what you do for guys and gals like me yearning for insight into the experiences and sacrifices our service people have made for me, my friends, my family, our democracy, and our nation. God bless.
  • Docvfr
    Jonny Kim
    The humility oozing out of this guy completely and utterly contrasts his accomplishments and how easily his life path could’ve gone horribly different.
  • diegolaris
    Great Podcast
    I was recommended to this podcast several years ago and haven’t looked back since. Good dynamic between Jocko and Echo, great guests, lessons learned. The “advertising” is at the end of the show, which is a nice touch, but you end up listening anyways bc it’s good. Warrior Kid Molk chocolate flavor is wife and kids approved. Just bought “way of the warrior kid” to read to my kids (5&6) we’re on chapter 3 and they are really enjoying it.
  • austinkat2188
    Get Some!
    Love the Pod Cast! Jocko and Echo are squared away. Thank you for the wisdom and entertainment. Keep fighting the good fight!
  • 8patrick7
    Thank you
    I listen to learn from the best.
  • 2AProud
    Best podcast ever.
    Get some, then go back and listen to older episodes for more leadership. Continue to get after it. Patches on.
  • hgg678
    Best podcast out.
  • 01270824
    Heard Dakota Meyer on JRE talking about the battle where he disobeyed orders and saved several men. He mentioned he went through in more detail on Jocko’s show. Went and found it and listened to it. It was so intense to hear Dakota talk to Jocko about the events of that day, more than any war movie. Went and started at EP 1 and the shows have been great. Jocko’s respect for our soldiers, first responders, and everyone that is “getting after it” is encouraging. Book time with Jocko is super entertaining. The leadership Q&A with Jocko’s civilian Jiu Jitsu buddy Echo Charles is good too. Worth a listen.
  • jplarr123
    The best
    Jocko has tangible advice about how to be better. Literally everything is tangible advice which is awesome because you take away more than just motivation from these episodes. Also the history is awesome. The Iraq War history from his perspective is among the most interesting I’ve ever heard
  • tlong1d
    Listen daily
    Good. I work for a company not lacking in ego but severely lacking leadership. These podcasts are relevant and applicable. What helps is Jocko’s insights and the insight from the EF team offset by Echo’s humor and his pop culture commentary to lighten things a little. My two critiques would be to read less of the book being reviewed and little less “I” in the conversation with guests and authors.
  • WestCoastPDX
    I had no idea I would listen to a dude for 4 hours either!
    As a 100% non-military guy… I was never sure I could fully buy into super long podcasts. Yes, I have all the books. I have the GOOD t-shirt (very soft cotton by the way, bravo). I do some business stuff, so I’m ‘busy’. You know? 'Busy.’ But, then, well, NOW? I’m less busy. Because, I have senior leadership at our team that stepped up, and now I have stepped out. I’m on the beach. Relaxed. In Europe during a pandemic. Traveling. Because I want to. Now, Jocko didn’t run my business, and if we met him, I’d be very intimidated. (I’m small, and not quite able to deadlift 8000lbs - YET). But, Jocko and Echo and their guests, in all seriousness, help keep me on my own Path. Maybe it’s not the exact Path they would prescribe, but, I work hard, I invest in my people, I am working to make the world a better place. And I think that’s ‘Good’ I like Andy F a lot, but this is different. The gravity of what some of these guys have done is… largely unimaginable. But, the story is the same - they all did their best. They all gave everything they could. In those moments when it REALLY matters. What do you do? Who are you. I am not Jocko, and I don’t want to be like Jocko. But, I do want to be just a tiny bit like Jocko too. After you listen to this podcast, you might just feel the same way. It’s worth finding out.
  • AlohaPaul7
    Audible, OF COURSE!!!!
    I've read the actual book, About Face, as anyone on The Path is required to, however, I am also a fan of Audiobooks, IF, the extremely hard to find combo of great book/great narration goes down. I will maintain the High Ground here as best as I can, but I gave the Audible version of About Face a recon, and let's just say, the guy currently reading it is NOT a former Navy SEAL Task Unit Commander with an English degree who used to brief the highest levels of the military and government, owns a leadership development company, hosts The Best Podcast On Earth, is used to speaking in public, deadlifts 8,000 lbs, you get the idea. Along with the epic new forward to an incredible book, I reckon it's time for Jocko and Echo to get to VMMA&F, put the cans on, get the levels right, and Get After those 800+ pages!!!!
  • theDAD365
    Echo ... ugh.
    Jocko’s best episodes are when his co-pilot Echo Charles DOESNT TALK AT ALL. Such a distraction n asinine comments/questions. I think Jocko keeps him around as a mentee. But there are places to mentor. On a podcast isnt one of them. Triple UGH.
  • Foxlewis77
    Eminently useful podcast!
    Jocko Podcast is truly in a league of its own. I find the simple principles he espouses to be essential and powerful: Extreme ownership. Periodic detachment from the situation. Prioritise and execute. De centralised command. Unmitigated discipline in all things. If your reading this Jocko, thank you for inspiring me to define and stick to the path.
  • Scotal103
  • Peopolipee
    100+ episodes I’ve been through. Got my kids a kids book. Got myself a book that I’m slowly reading. Have changed a lot of things in my life since. Can’t explain we’ll enough what these guys do for people. But I certainly do appreciate it more than I think anyone will know. Heard they linked up with vitamin shoppe in the recent podcast, so I think I need to check out the 8000lb deadlift. Thanks warriors and keep up the great work.
  • Nbk1311
    Only needed “good”
    Discipline is only for those who truly understand what chiseling into your soul for as long as it takes to conquer the unconquerable.
  • RickAz50
    About Face is the Best Leadership Book
    Regarding Episode 249……I first read “About Face” when the book was first published 30 years ago. I was early in my civilian management career after nine years in the US Navy. My impression at the time… was truly a great book on leadership… reinforced everything I had learned and experienced in military and civilian leadership positions. I retired four years ago. At my retirement party, someone mentioned they had just read “About Face”….and how much they liked the book. The first words out of my mouth were “the greatest leadership book ever written”…… Thanks so much for bringing Colonel Hackworth’s book back to life. R. Church
  • beijing a.4
    Can be a little preachy and don’t appear to want to look in the mirror
    In general, I enjoy the interviews with military members that have written books about their experiences. The Top Gun interview and the SOG chronicles were awesome. I also enjoyed Jocko talking about his own experience in Iraq, and when he speaks to the men he served with about their experiences. Also, the tribute to his fallen friends and the music they all love was very moving. However, when the hosts comment on social issues, they have a very clear point of view and are very preachy about it. They don’t seem to want to look in the mirror and use “extreme ownership” to understand another point of view. They come across as trying to feed into the mind set of people that already agree with them, instead of taking ownership of their own point of view and trying to understand why others might see the world differently. If you give the podcast a listen and find yourself agreeing with the hosts political viewpoint, then you will love this show. If you want to learn about military history skip around, and stick to the interview episodes.
  • Rose Family Farms
    Always in the fight
    Thank you men.
  • cavemanforreal
    Small action big reaction
    Good evening, Found out about the podcast from a friend and started listening since episode 12 (went back and listened to 1-11 obviously). Been on the path since. This podcast is constantly teaching me something new. The leadership lessons learned directly translate to life lessons learned. Finally got around to writing this review. I’ll note that I’ve been subscribed since I started listening just to add the data point for Echo. Life is always changing and when you listen to this podcast you can be prepare yourself for life. And when life gets crazy you can calmly say good, and standby to get some. Mahalo, Jocko, Echo, and every guest who has shared their incredible stories and knowledge
  • Shelldreaaa
    I wish he was in so i can follow him around and learn
    I could do without Echo and his seemingly ignorant insights(especially about his awkward and stumbling questions during the resiliency episode-sorry couldn’t and can’t get over it) but, they’re both interesting and help with my approach and perspective in the day to day. Plus their hilarious so, there’s that lol
  • TheNix!
    My Best Days Start With Jocko
    Jocko's is my go-to morning podcast. His stories of endurance and darkness helps me to keep perspective throughout the day whenever I face "challenges" which pale in comparison to what he and others have faced. I'm eternally thankful to Tim Ferriss that I was introduced to Jocko.
  • Zee-ez-climber
    Solid, every single time
    Jocko reviews captivating leadership books and interviews authors and operators who everyone should be listening to. Each podcast is packed with useful information and vibrant discussions. The conversations with some of America’s most experienced and tested leaders is something everyone can learn from. Their stories are worth sharing and a brought to life by Jocko’s curiosity and humble nature to grow, learn, and get better! I love this podcast!
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