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Retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and everyday life.

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  • d hi landlx
    Pat Mac lol
    Pat Mac is pure gold hahahah
  • KCollection
    I have listened/watched every episode and repeat listened to some episodes. After consuming an unknown amount of media(Movies,TV,music,audiobooks,ect.) I have gotten some form of help/insight/knowledge whatever you want to call it from every single episode of the Jocko Podcast.
  • J. Hams
    Still Bringing it!
    Apologies last review was a duplicate from a couple of years ago. However those words still ring true in my mind. I think this podcast is what Americans need to be reminded how blessed we are to live in a frat country like this. I thoroughly enjoy your episode with Dan” the man” Crenshaw, a warrior after Gods heart and who loves America. I also want to thank you for not being afraid to make mention of and the Bible and God, also allowing Dan to speak out his faith regardless of your religious views, it was a good thing you did. The way you and other vets pay homage to your fallen comrades makes me check myself about any complaints I have about life when you talk about the lives of these amazing men and women. Im grateful to had the privilege of listening to the story of their great sacrifice, makes me grateful that such men have lived and still serve to protect me with a love for their country and families most won’t know or understand. How also you pay homage to your men by delivering amazing and excellence content and pursuing it this platform, it’s a game changer. I’ve never walked away from listening to one of your shows and said that was a waste of my time, if anything it’s always “Man I need to listen to this again because there are so many nuggets of wisdom In there.” As always your simple but time tested philosophy of the way you do something is by stop talking about it and doing it, and if more people took the time to realize how simple and true that statement is, you would put the ten step guru’s out of business. Well boys all I can say is from a grateful patron you’re doing gooood work and keep it up. John
  • Lift to Eat
    I consider this required for myself. I listen to a few podcasts of Jocko three or more times a week. This a great tool for learning leadership and reinforcement for a motivated life of achieving goals. There are book reviews on real life situations and the lessons that can be learned. I love it!
  • bushidogaijin
    Jocko Podcast
    This podcast will give you the stones to wake up in the morning and get that run in before work when you don’t want to, help you make it through that last round at the gym, and most of all make you take a look at yourself and your surroundings differently. No factor.
  • Logan-J
    Glad Jocko got Pat Mac on! Great episode!
  • Eli Szuch
    Powerful yet comforting.
    I listened to the Jonny Kim episode and it impacted and touched my heart like no other podcast episode has. Thank you Jonny and thank you Jocko for exhibiting true behaviors and characteristics of strength through vulnerability and through loving and serving your fellow brother. I’m officially hooked.
  • chgfhhy
    Unique and powerful
    Learning will occur. Lessons learned.
  • Bluto81
    Got Some
    Back in 2017 I came home from a deployment & walked into a rough situation. I used the Jocko Podcast as one of the only effective ways to get through the darkness & back up on my feet. I got some. Nate
  • dylanmshea
    Thank you for your service & all you do. Love from Montana the 406
  • #TheBeardedWelder
    Life changing, absolutely need this podcast in our world!!
    My favorite way to listen to Jocko podcast is sitting in my gender neutral safe room, practicing my zaboomafoo yogitzue pose, wearing my one size too small “discipline equals love” crop top, while sipping my morning tea consisting of my normal gluten free, vegan friendly, el naturale tea, with just a lil hitter of some jocko tea, cause I don’t wanna get too crazy n rambunctious to start my day..... Mr. Willink, you and your team phauuken rocks sir!! This podcast makes me feel like a degenerate lil wus with NOTHING to complain about EVER, in the history of EVER, which motivates me to do and be better, thank you!! I’m gonna go clean my room... Respect!
  • ironeagle.lca
    Echo Charles, Good.
  • KojaCk M
    Episode 222
    Dan Crenshaw does an outstanding job of integrating Jordan Petersen’s studies of history, his philosophy on current world challenges with the direction we are heading and how we can fix it through our acceptance of responsibility. Some outstanding discussion on how to keep it simple and be a productive member of society. Could not agree more. Keep it up sir!!
  • 3/1 Motor T
    I love the podcast!
    My favorite parts are: - The book readings - The interviews - Your personal experience and lessons learned. (Not in any particular order) I’ve never thought a whole bunch about jujitsu but after a few more months of listening to your podcast I’ll probably want to start. I just finished the interview with Jonny Kim. That was very encouraging! Thanks to Jonny for coming on the show and sharing with everyone! I felt especially encouraged by his experience going from military straight to college and family life. I’m going through that right now. I did 9 years in the Marine Corps and then got out and started college and family life. I agree that it has been the most challenging time in many ways. People’s stories, experiences and insight are priceless and it’s great to hear them! Thanks!
  • D.J.28
    I just discovered your podcast and it humbles me to listen. Thank you sir for your service and what you are doing now. God Bless DJ
  • gschneid2477
    I’ve listened to two pod casts so far and I’m hooked! I will be listening to everyone you’ve done and will do. Thank you
  • AO--LESGO!!
    Something to ponder.
    Dan. Thanks so much for your service. I’m with you 110%. I’m a 36 yr old Caucasian male. In the south. But I have to wonder. Had you or Jocko been born into a home in the worst projects in Chicago or some other place, would you have turned out the same? If your parents were drug addicts? If you had nothing to look up to but the hustler on the corner with big rims? Would you have the framework to stand in your position? Would you be wired to be a go-getter? Who knows? But what I do know is that my children, and the children of a home in the projects, dont have the same opportunity. I was lucky enough to be raised by people who taught me to work hard. How do we break this cycle? We’ve got to consider each other’s position more carefully. Again. Thank you for your service.
  • Sambeaux5
    Best advertisements of all advertisements ever created.... should be called briefings and debriefings. Thanks for helping myself and my son mold ourselves into disciplined creatures Thanks Sambeaux
  • gride6
    Excellent program
    I have listened to the podcast for some time and value it. I just finished the conversation with Jonny Kim... Excellent show and one of the most exhaustive ones I’ve listened to.
  • ydk426
    My favorite podcast.
    Has helped me immensely.
  • Kc5wmm
    Great opportunity completely blown
    Was very excited to listen to the Auschwitz story, but instead of letting her tell her story, you read her book to her. Next time, please put the book down and ask her to tell her story. A great opportunity completely missed. Shift fire 1000m right.
  • SVAZ12
    So Much on so Many Levels
    There is so much to say. I’ll limit myself to just a bit. You learn about people, life, war, and DISCIPLINE. The stories told here are of the utmost importance. GET SOME by listening to this.
  • NoahBrandt
    Changes your life
    Greatest Podcast out there. Plain and simple.
  • August Burns Ridge
    Life Changing Material
    Not a service member? No Factor. The life, leadership, and relationship advice that comes from this podcast is Factually guaranteed to improve your quality of life. 100% improvement in productivity as a manufacturing engineer. Thanks for doing what you do.
  • donekirk
    Jocko and Friends Life Lessons
    Want to be a better man Wanna be a better human being Want to begin, improve or just polish leadership capabilities Want to learn the WAY of the warrior Listen up Jocko, Echo Charles and friends
  • sogwanabe
    What a great help this is for many people,so many wonderful topics and helpful new ideas helping humanity believe it or not. God bless and please keep them coming and stay on the path!!
  • wgold147
    Listening to this podcast has helped me achieve a new PR dead lift....out👊
  • schmidtyNIDAHONOHICK
    Dear Jocko,
    Your Ted Talk made me wonder why you had one. 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • Morrisonscott38
    223 👍👍
    Johnny kim was 100% legit! If you disagree go choke yourself! Seriously cool in same vein as the rose schindler but different tone
  • cvtuj
    Simply the best
    I think there are a lot of people out there that have a lot of thanks and owe so much to what Jocko and Echo provide in every single episode. The hard work is appreciated!
  • Dirty Dave 0311
    This podcast gets the people goin
  • Kunz31
    1,000lb deadlift.
    I drank the Jocko White Tea and got a 1,000lb deadlift...then I woke up. Anyway, great podcast. I don’t get to listen to every one but I love the ones I do get to listen to.
  • Travie91
    This podcast is up there with late night infomercial Television as far as entertainment. Love it, I would definitely recommend this to that demographic, but I would especially recommend it to not that demographic 10/5 stars
  • Angerhole
    Quality Merch!
    This is the only Podcast you need, and the t-shirts make you look a lot buffer, I have 4 now. No lie the hoodie i have (Trooper) is super warm! Trust me I live just oustide Buffalo NY. Needless to say I listen to the advertisments out of repect and entertainment. Warning Jocko will cuzz/swear only when other SEALS are on. Jocko is my Hero. Echo is just cool. If I could get Morgan Freeman to narrate my story, I would push him aside and ask for Jocko!
  • truth77
    Most northern place in Alaska
  • puggy p
    Mission Critical
    Took me from Warrior Kid to Warrior Man
  • bored Blizz fan
    Get after it
    Now with 17,001 reviews. Life changing podcast, get after it. Johnny Kim’s story was incredible.
  • jbrooks74
    Jocko Podcast
    Outstanding podcast. I think it will prove to be an invaluable resource of military history. Along with exceptional commentary regarding the triumphant nature of the human spirit.
  • Kwgarrison
    Gold Standard
    This podcast is solid gold. Some of the most moving conversations and stories I have heard. Thank you Jocko.
  • Lurking Shrubbery
    A summery of this podcast
  • LGT (scase)
    Life changing
    It is truly inspiring. Makes you want to go outside and tackle every one of life’s challenges as though they are mere blades of grass in the path to a greater goal. I had to start at Ep 1) because I do not want to miss anything he has covered. Thank you!
  • claudsmuntean
    Advertisements are phenomenal! Love this podcast
    This podcast is the only podcast that has support advertisements that are of more value than the podcast itself... In all seriousness, this podcast has truly made me realize how easy my work, life, marriage is. As a non serviceman, It has helped me realized my everyday life is EASY. Problem? Easy. Detach, prioritize, plan, execute. Works for everything. Looking into what servicemen and women have lived through, accomplished and sacrificed really gives you a new outlook on life.
  • No feet31
    Dude the support notes were soooo beneficial a must listen to..... Yo Thanks Jocko & Echo for representing the Veteran community in superior fashion.
  • juan2141
    Great Podcast!
    I love this show. It can be a little dark, but I think what Jocko and EC share is worth learning. I also started Jiu-Jitsu because of the show, it’s great!
  • Pete Hummel
    For Every American
    Just finished #220 with Chris Bussler while on a long car ride. I didn’t realize I missed an exit for at least 10-20min because I was so engaged. I’m 20yrs old and today I learned the real truth behind what our American flag symbolizes. Every American citizen should at least take a few hours to listen to this entire episode so they can appreciate the privilege to be an American.
  • arpatton86
    Great podcast!
    Great podcast and very humbling, always entertaining even if I don’t speak grunt. Looking forward to what you guys put out next.
  • Doc.41
    Echo Charles and the Molk Factory
    Sit back as Jocko guides you through the dark tunnel of real life on the chocolate Mölk river. His facial expression of No Factor. Delivering life lessons and golden tickets to the hard truth in a calm and collected voice from the bow of this magical Mölk river boat. Boys and girls would be wise to stay on the path or end up in some unforeseen predicament of their own ego or desire for selfish prosperity. Through all the lessons Charles sticks by Jocko and receives a pair of Delta 68 jeans despite tasting his preproduction sample of new fizzy GO drink. Anyways, sometimes the podcast can be a bit of a downer though like when Jocko is giving an answer to a question that somebody asked him and you realize that clearly that person didn’t get that 1st edish...
  • johnnyjohn13
    Most valuable advertisements you’ll hear.
  • skafreakdude
    I love this podcast
    After reading “Extreme Ownership”, I found the Jocko podcast. Jocko has a voice that can turn the straightest man on. It is deep, yet silky, a voice truly second to none. His voice is perfect for radio, with the face to match. His messages are always inspirational, sometimes funny, sometimes tear jerking, but I always listen to every episode as it becomes available. It is a beautifully done podcast, which credit can be given for that to Jockos built in fan girl, Echo. Echo is a fantastic director of the show, and don’t let his voice fool you, the man is buff. His support messages at the end of each episode are not to be missed. Also, I look to Echo for comfort advice. I joke because I love, and that isn’t spoken lightly. Listening to Echo and Jocko, reading all the books, and implementing the lessons have helped save my marriage, made me a better father, made me a better leader, and made me go after long term goals I had otherwise given up on. Do you want to be held accountable, man up, get some new leadership skills, and prove to yourself that you are worth it, and need to learn how to get discipline to get it done? Listen to all of these podcasts. If not, you’re wasting everyone’s time. Go away.
  • Mdc264
    Jocko is a modern day Lavar Burton
    If you liked Reading Rainbow you will love Jocko Podcast. Like the PBS classic each episode is filled with life lessons for all. Many episodes also come with an overview of a book with Jocko taking the place of the legendary Lavar Burton as our guide through literature and life. In the same vein as Reading Rainbow featuring guest readers and contributors, Jocko is often joined by the author of the books to provide extra insight. After the show is over stay for the ads and conversations between Jocko and his partner Echo. Echo is the perfect partner for Jocko and really brings the whole show together. Overall I enjoy the podcast and I think you will too....But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it.
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