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This critically acclaimed podcast from Oscar-nominated hosts Matt Watson and Ryan Magee, pushes the limits of humanity and searches for what it means to be alive. Nah, it's two friends who have a YouTube channel talking about whatever they feel like. For advertising opportunities please email

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  • Havoc1220
  • Qraz.
    Supermega is supermega
  • stoofen137
    i hate them
    i despise them. good show though
  • Blakk_diamondz
    This happened to my Buddy Eric
    This happened to my Buddy Eric
  • AstroElephant
    I love these boys so much but it’s too much political talk now, I hope it’s just cause it’s election year and people aren’t really doing anything else but..... getting tired of hearing this everywhere :( I come here to get rid of that stuff :(
  • cockmearsandwich
    5 gold stars
    Two great boys with large hearts good show jolly good show
  • djmath7
    These darn white boys have been infected with liberalitis! But other than that, their pretty funny.
    My two favorite white boys
    I would let them hold my drink while I go to the bathroom
  • 🧃🧀
  • biggirlassa
    They are actually good
    I know a lot of these reviews are goofs but this podcast is actually really good. I love listening to them and I have yet to listen to a boring one!
  • nott_asshh
    Funny YouTube men
    Crank dat nerdy boy
  • TheLarge1
    Funny internet men go haha
    I can’t imagine anyone finding this podcast outside of SuperMega fans, and if you’re a SuperMega fan you automatically like the podcast. I seriously don’t see any sane mind scrolling through podcasts, seeing this, and saying “oh wow a podcast for me.” But hey, if that’s how that worked for you good on ya. It’s good, I like funny YouTube man haha
  • claire.a22
    Funny funny YouTube men. We love these doofs!
  • greenmena
    I love this
    i listen to them to sleep ever day for the past 2 years it’s a copping mechanism
  • ZiggyRoberts
    Best podcast out there
    Binged the whole podcast and became obsessed with everything super mega. Lots of different and interesting topics and very funny poo poo humor. You also see these two real friends grow and bond over the years which is just amazing. Both amazing hosts and great people at the super mega team love them all! 🥲
  • amaru pooman
    supermegacast review
    pretty good, they kinda talk a lot tho
  • potterheaddddd
    Matt watson knows ab Yellowman???
    Guys, Matt Watson knows yellowman.
  • Sonic686
    Blew me away
    I was completely blown away by how real and humble these guys are. I have been in a bad spot lately and have been feeling extremely depressed. But once I plugged in my earbuds and turned this podcasts on the laughs just kept on coming. I enjoy it very much when the funny YouTube men discuss the human feces and urine. Recommend giving this podcast a listen anywhere and anytime. Just not with your grandma like I did.
  • Jesus "holy ghost" Ghost
    Love them, love their jokes, love their laughs 🏃‍♀️🦶
  • ClashOfCats
    so seriously awesome. love these funny boys. it is kind of weird how every other podcast is only about the soviet union though...
  • 3815394615
    Is that Matt and Ryan? from Supermega?
  • Giuseppe Mamaguino PhD.
    Love Ryan, loath the other
    Ryan McGoggles is able to share an insight into his creative genius through this wonderful medium. Not sure who the other guy is, his incessant fanboying detracts heavily from McGoggles' creative topics of disscussion. Also did not like how the other fellow could not stop giggling while McGoggles shared about losing his mother, father, brother, and 17 cousins in the 9/11 terror attacks.
  • Fthbxdhkitc
    Funny Ha Ha Men
    Very good well done
  • kaitomomota
    Yo mama
    Is a funny joke I like it
  • wispy is a great egg
    just an all around good podcast
  • phuq this name thing
    This is pretty epic
  • javladalig
    The funny internet boys
    i've been listening to the podcast since episode 84 and just want to say the chemistry between these two is insane it's like they are lovers or something idk keep it up boys
  • Bill d tennor
    Funny YouTube men make satirical podcast
    It’s all unjust, take it all with a grain of salt
  • the_eden_wolf
    At first, I wasn’t too sure about this whole flat earth thing. But after listening to these good men passionately defend their beliefs, I’m proud to say I’m now a flat-earther. Keep up the good work, boys!
  • mamabearsara
    Not for me
    I really wanted to like this show. Two stars cuz they did make me chuckle a few times but it’s hard to listen to a whole episode when they get political or make fun of religion literally every single episode
  • PicklePizzaMan
    Yum yum white syrup
  • TypicalQuazi
    Truly great
    Wow thanks wow so good love it love the podcast love the intro wish I could smell Ryan’s farts and Matt’s microphone <3333 Also on a serious note the “ we take a look back” episode, the one where Ryan’s turns 25 and u guys talk about ex girlfriends and Cyndago and being home with family and stuff that episode actually made me tear up as lame as that sounds. I appreciate this podcast so much. Truly do. Love all the guys @ super mega tm incorporated
  • Doofus, The SuperMega fan
    Congrats, guys!
    Hey Matt, Ryan, or whomever from SuperMega sees this. I’m happy you’re playing Minecraft! I’ve been playing Minecraft since Feb. 2012, I played it on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One and iOS. As a Minecraft veteran, I have to say, good luck!
  • ElvinUnk
    It’s a causal conversation that goes wrong
    I’ve been listening to the podcast in order for a third time cause I’m bored at work but these boys hold my attention better than any other podcast Ps ep.217 Ryan describes a movie reviewer the character he “made” is literally the nostalgic critic
  • chiliomb
    lol kinda sexy
    2/5 stars
  • Always read the desc.
    the poo poo men are funny
    ha ha!!
  • theGrooler
    Hey Peter
  • KingCrimson_2112
    Holy crap Lois
  • Hgggb ghvvb
    Life Changing
    A story about 2 incredibly handsome lads, Join them as they talk about religion,death, and farting at ihop. To say this podcast will change your life is an understatement.
  • 5443ace
    Big funny
    Still don’t know who’s voice is who I’m on episode 18
  • Theweirddudeofweirdness
    yes yes YES!
    DADDY LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Get ready to waste your life
  • A_random_
    A real wacky experience
    Join Matthew and Ronald, two middle aged men who discuss the past affairs their wives participated in, the countless custody battles for Ronald’s two children, and Matthew’s 97 hours of community service from his DUI in ‘07. A must listen overall.
  • GDITmaster99
    The Best
    Love this show. Can’t wait for episode 10000
  • Ascher H.
    Games grumps 2
    It’s like game grumps 2!
  • £mm¥
    Fav podcast!!
    I’ve been listening to these guys for about three years now and not once have I gotten bored when listening to them God bless these boys🙏
  • Collin Chamb
    That’s it I’m:
    Simping for these lads
  • jeremy dermen
    i understand why the younger generation enjoys listening to these guys. i find their picture hilarious where the chubby one is holding the mic up to the skinny one. other than that not really funny.
  • boohooforyoo
    matt and ryan are truly the fruit of the earth . the podcasts always are either actually informative or embarrassingly funny. they don’t care about demonetization or whatever and do what they love .
  • koikoi987
    Funy men be funy
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