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This critically acclaimed podcast from Oscar-nominated hosts Matt Watson and Ryan Magee, pushes the limits of humanity and searches for what it means to be alive. Nah, it's two friends who have a YouTube channel talking about whatever they feel like.

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  • Doofus, The SuperMega fan
    I have an explanation for you guys!
    I was listening to Episode 207 of the podcast. The hatred of sound is called misophonia.
  • Middlenamejack
    The funny funny podcast
    They're funny.
  • Supernatural doughnut
    Shut up about politics
  • fil macrack
    *soft anime moans*
    i touch myself the moment i hear them talk
  • ForestFire102
    really good podcast but i wish ryan would stop slamming matts face into his ass and fart every episode
  • Bumblebee5253
    these boys will give you the bones to grind your teeth on for centuries
    loved the movie review series !
  • snoozin b anthony
    I’ve never heard so many niche references to the movie Holes in a single podcast before. Incredible, life changing, easy on the ears.
  • LarryTheCroc123
    Good mmmmmmmmmmmmm mcfunny
  • Syndeern
  • Kirby506
    more like poopermega lol
    but really these funny poo poo men make me go haha
  • Frealish
    The moment Ryan farted brought me to tears. Truly a culmination of thousands of hours of hard work... truly a beautifully directed scene
  • Always read the desc.
    the poo poo men are funny
    make laugh
  • Something💩
    I eat sand
    I eat sand
  • O(-)O
    ... freakin hilarious.
  • RattleB
    Rat Watson and Ryan Magoo can be both chaotically funny and chill and serious in one episode, listened for a whole 12 hour road trip and never got bored
  • hand hurty
    They’re two best friends who share their lives with the world, they may be dumb Youtubers who make you laugh all the time, but they aren’t afraid to talk deep topics and sound smart.
  • Bakersjin
    I’m from YouTube
    I listen from YouTube and am currently burning through their podcast I’m at episode 74. These two bunions are a barrel of fun.
  • pandapuppy418
    Good job over there boys
  • ilsann
    awsom love💡👍
  • Nugget in a Biscuit 123
    Matt Watson and Ryan McGee from super mega
    Matt Watson and Ryan McGee from super mega Matt Watson and Ryan McGee from super mega Matt Watson and Ryan McGee from super mega Matt Watson and Ryan McGee from super mega Matt Watson and Ryan McGee from super mega Matt Watson and Ryan McGee from super mega Matt Watson and Ryan McGee from super mega Matt Watson and Ryan McGee from super mega
  • Bdoggerino
    5 Shtars
    The best bread since sliced podcast.
  • bigoldgorpy100
  • MeganTawa
    my favorite ppl ever
    i fall asleep to these podcasts
  • toto bruh
  • Mr cool567
  • Froddulent
    Love Supersmegan
    Weird that they say all that horrible stuff about Israel and the Lords chosen people but p good
  • MadisonHarder
    One of my favorite podcasts
    There’s a good mixture of comedy and seriousness. Both Matt and Ryan seem like the most down to earth people :)
  • But I still love it.
    You guys are my absolute favorites
    They are quite literally the most down to earth kind people. They go from talking about poop to deep emotional conversations, you can really sense how good of friends they are. I love following these guys and supporting their creative endeavors, they truly inspire me.
  • Kris Nino
    A Genuinely Funny Podcast
    haha supermega boys so funny!! matth and ryan magee from SUPERMEGA? All jokes aside, this podcast is genuinely very interesting and enjoyable to listen to. Matt and Ryan have a lot of wacky stories and have amazing chemistry together. Its a hilarious podcast about two guys and their funny youtube lives. Its funny, honest, and often pretty deep. They talk about everything from video games, to poo poo haha, to movies they watch, to their existential fears. A spectacularly chill podcast with two great hosts. Love you guys 🥺
  • jimble jambles
    Some Good Boys
    I love our good boys. They’re very funny and cute, although I don’t appreciate how much they force the fans to crush on them with their husky, sensual voices love you guys tho <3
  • Totes Amaze!!!!😊🤗
    oh god
    Matten Ryan make me laugh
  • renakauyyyyyyy
    subscribed from my friends phone just to give you boys 5 stars🤩🤩🤩
  • husky003
    Amazing entertainment 🧿_🧿
    Mack and Brian from soup or manga provide top notch hahas and hoo hoos for the whole family to enjoy while sipping hot cocoa around a fire😸😼😹
  • gbreadgamer
    Funny. I laugh
    Matt “The Rat” Watson and Ryan McGay once again redefine the word “entertainment”
  • this game is CUL
    Matt and Ryan funny😹😹
  • Mike norby
    These boys are funny. Ryan is the fat and nerdy one. Matt is the skinny and not smart one.
  • cutiepiefrom<3town<3
    hageegahgoogahgahgeeeeeehoo hoo hee hoo ho haggggggh i like man they like they make me funny liaugh’! ha yeah, i love supermegacast yee yee yee haw haw haw. THIS PODCAST MAKES MY MIND feel like it’s being stimulated on a molecular level. SHUT UP. IM LEAVING. bye mom. impressive banter. Love the topics i hope everyone has a nice day. You are beautiful, signing off.~yo mama
  • julaid
    The YouTube funny men do it again
    Haha good podcast, I like to listen while I’m on the toilet 10/10
  • lexy❤️hersidechicks
    Blonde boyz
    My favorite boys
  • JellySplash555
    They funny
    I like it when they talk about south carolina
  • Alexthelegomaniac
    I like it
  • Blakelikescake
    Great content with great people
    It’s got the YouTube video feel with extra funny bits. A true and good way to spent some time to unwind and laugh a whole bunch. Thank you dale Watson and Elijah Magee.
  • hdhsdbd
    I dunno lol
  • Matt and Ryan From Supermega
    Matt and Ryan from supermega
    Matt and Ryan from supermega
  • surmaddigan
    Why is this funny to anyone I don’t get it
  • oogieboogie888
    Like a warm blanket.
    Conversations you listen to to forget everything else. Takes you to places you would never expect but like a blanket you always feel safe. These boys are medicinal. I have been a patient of theirs for years and I don’t plan on stopping my treatment anytime soon.
  • Jada.Gale
    Tickles my f*kin fancy!!
  • Grea293
    Mega Super Super Mega
    This podcast is definitely one for the boys. Unless you’re not a boy, in which case it is for whatever you identify as because this podcast is for everyone. Show it to your kids and your parents and they’re sure to have a hoot and a holler.
  • Maka Albarn 01
    Fine Boys
    Been listening since the very start in 2016, and I’ve loved every episode. Thank you for providing such wonderful content. We love Matt and Ryan!!
  • Bryden C
    My favorite podcast!
    I’ve been a listener for all 200 episodes, and it’s amazing the growth of these two fine men! Hilarious stories, engaging political commentary, and famous Hollywood superstar guests! This podcast has it all! Can’t wait to listen in for the next 200 episodes :)
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