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Hillbilly Horror Stories is a mostly paranormal show hosted by stand up comedian Jerry Paulley and his wife Tracy. They touch on all things eerie including true stories behind your favorite horror movies, Rock n Roll and the occult, unsolved mysteries and creepy true crime. Serious enough for the true paranormal fan but funny enough for the skeptics! Proud member of Dark Myths Collective.

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  • fidlar4
    Vicki D
    This is my favorite podcast in existence. They are so entertaining and open about their experiences to help others, and are truly dedicated to making a difference, specifically with mental health. I’ve struggled with mine for a long time and Jerry makes me so happy to hear how people are helping each other. This is my first and only review i’ve ever posted but they deserve the hype! Btw Tracy, i love your voice. It does not sound like nails on a chalkboard, i actually fall asleep to your voice because it’s so soothing! 11/10 podcast.
  • mojo lobster
    As always another great show this week. You guys are the best.
  • Annoyed to the bone
    Love it!
    The show is super funny yet scar and I adore how Jerry tells the story and I love how Tracy always asks the questions everyone was just thinking. Listening to you guys just makes the work day go by faster. I love y’all!❤️
  • hot tub girl
    Great podcast
    I love listening to y'all. I'm a Kentucky girl. Love this podcast
  • GoJimmer
    Best Podcast Ever! No one better!
  • jason b 007
    Old west/Tracy raps
    I love the old west stories- more please. Tracy is so cute!! Jason B
  • SamFerDem
    Get Tracy on Spotify!!!!
    We need to get more Tracy Raps and make an album of them on Spotify! I guarantee it will go aluminum!!!!!
  • Slay0830
    Love this show!
    I love this show so much! y’all help are helping this stay at home mom stay entertained while cleaning 😂 I also love that you guys always share that’s it’s okay to have mental Health issues and promote helping everyone out there it’s amazing!
  • Gregg4521
    Love the show
    You guys are awesome! Thank you for clearing that up. I heard it wrong. I do appreciate that you read the reviews and care enough to address it. Thank you
  • bubbag33
    Brandon Gamel
    Love the show Could you please say congratulations to my son Noah Gamel for graduating the police academy and he is now a Hamilton county deputy sheriff Thank you
  • Rushing ahead
    I’ll take it Tracy. The way you said my last name is how they would say it when I was stationed out there in Kentucky with the 101st. The way you’re supposed to say it is like if it starts with an H Himenez 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • TT ahxhddjs
    I love listening to Jerry ans Tracy’s stories. I feel like I’m listening to family stories when I listen to them. Great stories from two kind people.
  • Kcummins
    Talk to pets
    Prayers for you both, I have so many pups that I would love to talk to Carrie about, I am literally balling with y’all thinking about calling,be strong he’s safe
  • katgirlinvt
    1 million stars
    Update: I'm the silent one in back that listens daily. Honestly the only pod cast i can listen too! Keep doing you! Your the best!! Love everything about your show. Tracy please don't take what anyone else says to heart. You have a beautiful laugh. Love the accent from both of you. I would give you a zillion stars if I could! Mary chapman
  • littlegordis
    Love the show and the wife, but can’t stand the wife’s voice!!!! It’s like nails on chalkboard.
  • Rose AmiNice
    Love, Love, Love
    I Love that Jerry give a History lesson before telling the ghost story. I Love the fun facts also offered by Jerry. And I Love the questions Tracy asks. I myself wonder how, why or where. Thank you both. (Oops, I think I missed the stars)
  • ariezg
    Love the show!
    While I don’t get to listen as regularly as I’d like these days, I do my best to keep up. First, so sorry about Ninja. My heart has broken for you. The show has been amazing lately. The topics are on point and I have been thoroughly enjoying them. Thank you. Man, I just heard about the next cruise and am looking forward to it already! Keep doing the great work! Greg H
  • Ngf1984
    Amazing show great couple
    Great research and love the banter between Jerry and Tracy. Feel like it took forever for me to catch back up now I wish I had a couple more shows to listen to. Sending y’all my love.
  • JenSpringer<3
    Genuine caring people
    Love this podcast and these 2 beautiful souls. They will have you intrigued, laughing and crying
  • Woodchuck413
    Happy to have found you.
    I am new to pod casts and just started listening to podcasts in November of 2022. I learned about your podcast searching for things that interested me. My wife has been on a team and I always called them the ghost buster’s. Even though I have had my own experiences in life one being my dreams, I still was a skeptic. Anyway I love you two together. You both have a roll and I find it very entertaining. I just joined the Facebook page and I started with the January 1 2022 show. I’m in May of 2022 now. Can’t wait to get caught up to date but I just can’t skip any episodes. Thank you and I’ll write about some of my experiences in the future, Mike in Moore Oklahoma.
  • BReneJones
    Jerry & Tracy not only present wonderful content, but have built a community of friendship and love for listeners. I really enjoy the variety of content. One of my fave podcasts. Big thanks to Jerry & Tracy for brightening my days!
  • SpidersfromMars
    The best people
    These two have been through so much lately yet they still put out fantastic content and are so concerned for others. Many prayers and much love to them.
  • Babydust1974
    Love your show!
    So very sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved sweet Ninja. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. You both are truly the kindest people with the biggest hearts. I look forward to listening to your podcast while I am working. It helps get me through each day. Thank you for all you do!
  • Susan A Bowman
    I absolutely love your podcast! I’m a fairly new listener but I’m so happy that I found you guys. Tracy is just the sweetest & I enjoy her southern accent. I look forward to hearing every new podcast, as it’s never disappointing . Best wishes to you both & praying for a full & speedy recovery for you, Jerry. And Thank you both for being a source of Hope & comfort to those who are struggling. The fact that anyone can reach out to you & find a listening ear & a caring heart just speaks volumes. Love you both! Continue the wonderful work you do as it is needed & appreciated! Susan Bowman Dublin, Virginia
  • skylerbellaadalynn
    New to you
    I have been listening to you and the other guy, sooty, I forgot his name. Y’all were talking about ghost/shadow people. I live in the same house that my daddy died in in 1973. I had married after he died and when I was 41, I divorced and moved back here to take care of my mama in her late years. When my daughter and I moved back we lived in one side of our duplex and mama lived in the other side. It is an old mill village house. Pretty big when it is open all the way through. My daughter was 15 and one Sunday after Sunday dinner(lunch) she had some of her friends over. I was in the kitchen washing dishes and heard a lot of ‘things’ falling in her room. I went in there to see these 3 teenagers staring at pictures and what nots that FLEW off of her mantle. She had a glass vanity under the mantle but none of the items hit it! I had known that my daddy’s spirit was here so I just picked the stuff up and put it back. They were all saying, we didn’t do it! I had told my daughter before we moved back up here that daddy would come around sometime so she just looked at me. They thought nothing more of it and went off to play softball. I went to the kitchen to finish up and things started thumping in her closet. I came in there, opened the door and her radio and books were falling out of her closet. I just said, ok daddy, we know you are here. My brother had lived on this side after he got married in ‘72. After that day, for the next four years we had numerous visits. He was very prevalent in my daughters room but also throughout these four rooms. I sleep in the bedroom that he died in. He never came passed the threshold of my bedroom. Oh yeah, the 3 knock happened often too. Scared several of my friends to the point that one never came back, others were acceptable. He turned the lights on, the sink water, stuff like that. I’m the fall of 1999, my daughter went to college, I would get up in the morning and the teddy bears and pilllows would be moved and on the floor in her bedroom. He was so protective over her. One night at 2:10 a.m. I woke up and was laying on my side facing the hallway. I SAW his sillouette in my bedroom door. I closed my eyes, opened them really fast to make sure I was seeing right. He was still there. I sat up and said daddy, so I stood up and went toward him. He just moved back thru the hall, into the living room and back into her bedroom and went away. My mother got very sick, dependent on me for everything after this happened. I had also gotten custody of two of my grandchildren and was raising them. They were 4&5 and no, I didn’t tell them. Mama never believed us, my brother by this time had asked me if I ever had things happen and he had experienced the same things when he lived here. So one morning, the 5 yr old came to me and said ‘grandma do you know we have a ghost. I said yes, do you know who it is. She said it is granddaddy and he came to me in my sleep and told me not be scared that he was protecting us. Anyway, my mama died in 2006 and she finally saw him before she passed. I don’t see him as often or experience much anymore. He still comes around but not much. I miss him. I live here by myself but I did close the other side off and now rent it. Her grandson is 3 and she catches him looking at ‘nothing’ and laughing sometime. So, my question is, if I only see shadows are y’all saying they are demons? I do not believe that. I’ve only concluded that he was here waiting to take mama Home. One more thing, I don’t know about the Sally house event. I watched Paranormal Files go there and it was crazy! I would love to do one someday though.
  • Onebadmotherphucker
    Many Prayers and Much Love 💜💜💜
    Many many Prayers to Jerry for a speedy recovery 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 and Prayers for Tracy to continue being strong 💪🏼 God LOVES You both and You both are so LOVED by all of us, Your Faithful Family of Listeners 💜💜💜💜💜 Can’t wait to hear about the Pack’s on the next episode and Anna Smith 💜💜💜
  • Wrong Way Wright
    Y’all gotta check this podcast out !!
    This is not only a fantastic Podcast but it is hosted by two fantastic people. Jerry and Tracy have a talent for telling stories that keep us in Aww , Fascinated , Informed, Having our Hearts touched and during every episode they make us laugh. I’m proud to say I’ve listened to every episode, even the early ones without Tracy . The world is a better place because of what this couple does and I’m recommending that everyone give them your support. ❤️Blessings from Boyd “Wrong Way” Wright✝️🙏🏻❤️
  • Ecbceb1820
    You guys are so fun to listen too
    My husband and I listen to you guys all the time. Tracy you are the best. The stories are so interesting. We love your show.
  • Seacandy
    Hillbilly Horror Stoties
    Still fantastic, Tracy keep being goofy. Girlfriend you make me laugh!
  • Gzge3
    Just heard you guys on the love murder special and came to check y’all out. You guys are hilarious I am loving the show!
  • ThorLCLFMC
    Awesome Show!!!
    I needed a break from my normal daily podcasts and I enjoy listening to stories about the paranormal. I came across several shows and listened to all of them to narrow it down to which one I was going to keep. This show was one of the last ones I listened to and deleted all but this one. I seriously love the way it is not just another monotone podcast and it is also very informative. I went back as far as I could to listen from the beginning. Keep up the great work!!! —Doug Towns
  • Catastrify
    Love you guys
    Great listening always fresh. I look forward to each episode. And love when Tracy brakes out in song and her laugh.
  • Mark Bouthillier
    Thank you
    I stumbled upon your podcast and I absolutely love it. I started bingeing the episodes from the beginning. I would love to try and reach out to you because well I’m not a ghost Hunter but I don’t have a lot of “useless 😉”information on some of your subject matter. I also love the way you’re handling people needing help with depression and suicide and reaching out I’ve been suffering from depression and those thoughts for years and I feel from listening to you both that you both have been like close friends to me and that is a beautiful thing. Any way sorry for rumbling take care Mark
  • Jeni puppy mama
    You guys Totally ROCK!!
    I can’t even tell you how excited I am whenever I see your new episodes pop up on my phone!! You guys are legit and So funny, I love the interactions you have between the two of you…..you make me laugh so hard!!!! keep up the good work love you heaps!
  • Bearded Gem City Bulldog
    Not just a scary story to tell in the dark.
    If you want to hear scary stories with a little bit of humor, come on in pull up a seat. If you need more, don’t hesitate to reach out to the group on Facebook. Seriously we have enough hauntings, reach out in this life. Ps..Jerry get stronger soon.
  • SFC Graham
    Love the show
    I love the back and forth and relationship between you both. The stories and story telling are great but the honest interaction makes the show. I’ve almost completed your catalog.
  • kimroseh
    Good scary
    I love listening to you guys. I hope to meet you someday! The new clip of Tracy saying “get off my nuts” keeps making me laugh!
  • The Evil Never Dies Podcast
    Get well soon Jerry!
    Sending out good healing vibes to you! Thinking of you , Tracy and your family !
  • *TMH
    Love the Show
    Great show! Jerry and Tracy have an amazing chemistry, they are a hoot. Tim & Dana
  • Tildilio
    Just Incredible new to it and I love it
  • npgirl64
    Love Animal Stories
    I love the animal stories of pet spirits who come back. I laugh & cry with the stories from so many people, confirming what I already know is true. Our beloved fur babies have souls and we’ll see them again someday.
  • M0mma
    Love it all!
    You two are great! Great podcast, great hosts, awesome stories. Informative without being boring.
  • DoomBuggy93
    Fantastic podcast
    Hillbilly horror stories is one of my faviorte podcast. yall do a fantastic job with each episode, i love all of them but i especially love Tracys laugh and her commentery one each episode. i always crake up and laugh, she really does say some of the best things sometimes. i love listening to your podcast on my daily 2 hour commute to work and while i work, it makes work go alittle bit faster and easier to work in retail. and thank you for acknowledgeing veterans every episode as my grandfather was a gunner sergeant for the marines for 25 years. keep up the great work guys, love ya
  • The Crazy Dragon Momma
    Love Hillbilly Horror Stories
    This is one of the greatest podcast of all time! I love it! Jerry and Tracy are amazing people and tell a great story. Thank you for all you do! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!
  • AmSuPoEm
    Just found you… LOVE!!! Listened to one show and promptly went back to the beginning to start fresh. May be a while before I get caught up, but I’m enjoying every episode. Keep it up!! 🥰
  • KariCrawDaly
    Thank you
    From a mental health nurse, THANK YOU for always talking about mental health. It makes such a difference!! Anyway, great show!!
  • WilsonFisk1605
    So glad I stumbled upon this podcast
    Absolutely love this show, been listening for the past few days. Started with your very first episode and working my way up. Great show keep it up.
  • J&Sc
    Great podcast
    How’s it hanging! Lol! Loved Seeing you on the cruise! S&J C
  • Bebe Unicorn
    Great Podcast
    Love you guys. You seem like family even though I don’t know you. Tracy and Jerry seem to have so much compassion for others. I love the podcast!
  • Sonora0818
    Love y’all
    Y’all are great podcasters and beautiful souls! I love your true concern for your listeners and others. I look forward to listening to you each morning while I work. Have a great day!
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