Still Processing


Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham are working it out in this weekly show about culture in the broadest sense. That means television, film, books, music — but also the culture of work, dating, the internet and how those all fit together.

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  • Derick Radley
    Please never stop
    Hosts are uniquely brilliant and their candor and chemistry will somehow lift you and ground you at once, all while making you smarter. It’s wbehrhitn don’t sleep. Love.
  • frida1567
    Incisive, warm, and comforting
    I have loved listening to Jenna and Wesley for the past 3 years and keep coming back for their clear-eyed analysis of pop culture, art, and identity as a bipoc person in America. I feel like their voices are old friends I turn to when I want to laugh and feel comforted. The chemistry between these two sparks truly compelling introspection and conversations I’ve continued with family and friends. I hope that they will continue the show on a more regular basis!
  • David Spitz
    Entertaining but they live in a bubble
    I like listening to these two hosts, but there is so much irony when they call out people for being closed-minded and unsympathetic when they themselves fail to recognize their own privileges as urban white collar elites who literally work for the New York Times.
  • Alessandra di Lampedusa
    Creme Fraiche for your Soul
    Excellent, thought provoking. It blew me away that Wesley knew of “Driver’s License” before Jenna! Dunno know how /why Wesley has not commented on the creepiness of The Weeknd’s videos for “Blinding Lights” and “Save Your Tears.” There’s a Joe Jackson lookalike-ness that screamed acknowledgement. Cheers.
  • deedeerober
    I’m late to this party
    I recently heard this podcast advertised on The Daily and gave it a try. Loved it right from the start but resisted the urge to jump around in episodes and started right at the beginning which is just before 2016 election. I’m filled with equal parts excitement and dread to go on the 4 yr fever dream journey of the Trump Years with Jenna and Wesley. I love their insights and the subjects they focus on. So far, I’ve laughed a bit, cried a bit but I’ve learned too. Yes this podcast is about books, TV, music, movies but it’s about people and culture. It’s about the good, bad and ugly sides of all that. When we shed light on tricky subjects we open up to learning and understanding and hopefully a little grace. Thank you Jenna and Wesley. Can’t wait to see where you take me next.
  • Le!$a
    Too many starts and stops with this poscast
    Will you guys be on longer than a few months this time?
  • idyllsunday
    This show is an embarrassment.
  • carla2692
    Nostalgia ?
    Wow. Listening to the reposted archived episodes makes me realize that I really miss what this show used to be. Jenna & Wesley used to be so much more engaged and thoughtful. I thought it was me—that I had a bad taste in my mouth when they started attacking pansexuality—but these two have clearly not enjoyed making this show since 2018. It makes me sad.
  • puravida_012
    Exceptional & Validating
    It has to be 5 ⭐️. This pod talks about what MATTERS!! The way it critically consumes culture is nothing short of brilliant. I’ve been listening to this pretty much since the start and feel like I have a relationship with these hosts. It is the content that this time needs. Not to mention it honors the nuanced aspects of our psyche, collectively and individually, that typically are not discussed. - Loyal Fan
  • Yakkos1
    New favorite podcast
    I absolutely love this podcast - the dynamic between the two hosts is natural, beautiful, and entertaining. They’re two brilliant, compassionate writers exploring culture and identity. I’ve learned so much and the “N word” episode is particularly powerful.
  • IndivisibleChris
    Ok but stop talking about “borrowing” log ins
    I thought the show started interesting and so decided to start listening. On the first show I listened to the host talked about “borrowing” someone else’s Peloton login. As someone who works to provide digital content this really bothers me. You’re stealing someone else’s property and labor. I decided to get over myself and try again. This time, the other host talks about “borrowing” the other host’s Disney Plus login. Can’t do it. Unsubscribe.
  • Taco man562
    This podcast is the best
    This podcast is the best because it has so many things to talk about and it’s just amazing so I think everyone should Check this out!
  • Aspen_1994_
    Best podcast
    I’m so so so happy this podcast is back! The discussions are always interesting. The hosts are so thoughtful and smart, I love their banter and the way they allow disagreements to spark even deeper examinations. I love pop culture, and this is one of the only Pods I’ve found that discuss culture in a way that feels important. Their conversations always feel necessary and I recommend to anyone who will listen.
  • Claire McDonahue
    I love!
    I LOVE this podcast! The banter is amazing but I also feel like I learn so much and think about culture differently (:
  • Djm2516
    Rented Promising Young Woman after listening to your podcast. Wow.
  • MissOsann
    My new favorite!
    Wow - I’m officially in love with this podcast. My first listen was to the “N- Word” episode and it gave me all the feels - reminded me of my own journey with it. Thank you for sharing your experiences and for being vulnerable.
  • ElanaRoss
    Favorite podcast
    This is my favorite podcast. It feels like talking to your smartest friends about what’s happening in the world. It’s funny, touching, and helps me see the world in a new way. I look forward to it every week.
  • Mrl PA
    A new favorite podcast find
    I just recently discovered this podcast. And I have been really enjoying it. I really like the smart and thoughtful conversations between Wesley and Jenna. They are both very funny and they have an ability to make you feel like you’re just hanging out with friends talking and dissecting pop culture.
  • Drinkologist
    So easy to listen to. Excellent!
    I find your perspectives so refreshing, fun and enlightening. It really helps me to see another side of things. So good to listen to while in the car, cooking, doing chores. Love, love, love. Good for the soul. @wesley - I heard you first on the episode of “The Birth of American Music” from the 1619 project podcast. Both my husband & I loved that episode so much, we listened to it again!
  • Citizen Deb
    They missed the first pitch
    I gave up on the discussion of “Promising Young Woman”—which I watched a few nights ago—because the hosts missed the very first twist, which is that Adrian Brody’s character is NOT taking part of the douchey convo w/his friends, and seems to be an actual nice guy who’s gonna help her, and then...d’oh! A pretty important moment for the hosts to have missed.
  • reneonk
    The episode about the N word was paradigm shifting for me. I’m going to relisten just to make sure I internalize as much as I can. Thank you for being so patient.
  • Sara190019
    Stellar, thought provoking, entertaining
    The reporting is so spot on. They do an amazing job of bringing context to complex issues while also entertaining you.
  • Margaret 819
    Keeps getting better
    “The N-word” was one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. It changed the way I think about that word. I look forward to this show every week, and it just keeps getting better.
  • Temujin Taft
    I absolutely love listening to your podcast while I’m doing my morning chores. It really brightens my day!!
  • Mokomokosama
    I learn from this podcast, and I value it. Deep, earnest, creative, thought-provoking. Thank you.
  • amacTX
    Smart, funny, necessary and welcoming
    Big ❤️
  • rayalexsmith
    The Bridge
    Big fan but this episode was their least convincing or compelling.
  • RCA 2000
    Thank you!
    Brilliant and wonderful podcast! Thank you, thank you!
  • YogiMLD
    Yay! you’re back
    I am so glad Still Processing is back. I love you guys. You give me a window into a world that I can’t experience directly as an aging white woman. And it’s not just the deep and fascinating discussions you have about otherness and the world of people who are not like me. It’s also the playful and loving friendship you have with each other. Your podcast is the only one where I have gone back and listened to every single episode. And I hope this doesn’t sound too invasive, but I have the same birthday as Jenna and I went to an Ivy League school like Wesley and I am from the Philadelphia area. I just feel connected to you on some level and I am so grateful for the insights on culture (and life) that you provide. Mary Lou
  • basicbitch1
    Smartest podcasters I’ve listened to
    Absolutely brilliant analysis of our culture, so perceptive and mindful. I’m bingeing their older podcasts and they’re all wonderful, introspective, and sharp
  • rldlifelearner
    I love listening to these two think!
    I’ve find Jenna W. and Wesley M. to be so brilliant and so thoughtful, each episode expands my mind. From Pop music to Black history, and the misuse of spray sunscreen, my attention is wrapt. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who enjoys thinking deeply about complex aspects of our culture. Thank you NY Times for bringing it back for another season, keep them coming!
  • nguyenontherun
    Required Listening
    Jennie and Westley are incredible hosts, taking us on journeys through culture, personal stories, and history as they take on different race issues. So happy that another season has started. Their energy is everything!
  • mi55hi55
    Guests please
    I would live for them to invite guests as it’s becoming uncritical.
  • miascamp
    Thank you
    I so appreciate Jenna and Wesley’s humor, insights, deep dives, and challenges to how our culture has reinforced white supremacy. Thank you for welcoming us into your conversation!
  • Roy Stan
    Smart, timely conversation. The two hosts work well together, and provide a lesson in actively listening to each other while informing the audience. Well done and appreciated!
  • BV in MO
    I cried in Peloton class
    I do not, for a second, doubt his discomfort at the use of the word. If the use of a song lyric in a Peloton class is upsetting, I most certainly don’t trust the journalism of someone so I’ll equipped to handle the world. Journalists are being killed all over the world for serious, consequential work. Some really good journalism on this subject is out there, it just isn’t coming from him.
  • Theatregal28
    This show sharpens me, it challenges me, it educates me, and it invigorates me. I’m grateful for Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris’ vulnerability, courage, brilliant insight, and willingness to push the listener toward sitting with discomfort.
  • bhujnikkol
    N-word Episode
    Thank you both so much for doing this! I also had similar experiences on Muni but was too scared to say something. I felt the last few minutes of the podcast where Wesley was describing his feelings on the word today. Thanks again! Such an amazing my podcast!
  • Dslice175
    Undeniable chemistry
    It’s a joy to listen to Wortham and Morris
  • becky's hair
    Whitney Houston
    Your opinions and observations had me shouting (in agreement), crying, and laughing. Thank you for making me realize how we’d taken her legacy away. I’m about to listen to her whole back catalog. Whitney, we will love you always and forever.
  • The Ken Demetri Show
    Well, this is a specific kind of “EN WORD”
    Would’ve been nice to get the perspective of someone who wasn’t socialized to abhor the word. This whole conversation feels stilted and inauthentic to a person who was raised in the 80s in New York, in a revolutionary framework that understood the history and etymology of “the word”... ...which is WHY we use it. Like Paul Mooney said...keeps my teeth white 😏
  • PoC Listener
    Black people hear the N word with our ancestors ears.
  • Josephwhitedp
    Love love love
    How am I just hearing about this podcast?! It’s absolute perfection.
  • Luminous Connector
    Thank you!!!
    I love you Jenna and Wesley, and love your wise and enlightening your conversation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, unique perspectives, and for teaching us, by your loving examples, how to have vulnerable, innovative and critical-thinking conversations around challenging, perplexing, and fun issues. PS: Again, I’m so happy you are back!!!
  • brittney.nixole
    The return
    Yasssss love to have y’all back ♥️
  • DocLouIowa
    Great job on N word
    Nice to have you back. Can you do a segment on which movie did you like more. Moonlight or Get Out. If both were nominated. Who would you vote for
  • asilerednaxela
    Moving and illuminating. Thank you, so much.
  • basso54
    The N word
    Bless you babies. Wesley I had the same experience on MUNI a few years ago. I have lived since 1986 and I am here to tell you it is a racist city. I moved here for sexual “freedom” however there is more racism here than is discussed. On any given day the N word is used openly by non Black people. For me it is a matter of respect which is lacking in today’s society. Love your podcast, I learn for babies no disrespect. Your elder fan
  • BikeShareLady
    that word conversation
    Thank you.
  • echo dog
    So happy you are back.
    So many podcasts are interesting, informative and engaging. But NONE can accomplish what Jenna and Wesley do to get me to view and interpret what’s happening in the world from a broader/different perspective. They are insightful, smart, funny, unapologetic and knowledgeable. Still Processing should be in everyone’s library for sure!
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