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Somewhere in the Skies is a weekly podcast dedicated to discussing UFOs, the paranormal, and just plain weird. Hosted by author and UFO journalist, Ryan Sprague, the show features current UFO events from around the world, audio docs, and special guests. Join Ryan as he asks new questions, and perhaps even finds some answers to the mysteries that lay somewhere in the skies. New episodes every Monday. Learn more at

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  • Dannymac55
    Great Podcast
    I had been looking for a solid paranormal podcast, and am glad I found this one. It’s really a great mix of stories and opinions. Ryan’s enthusiasm is genuine and intoxicating. I definitely appreciate the conversational style of most episodes, especially the “let’s talk over whiskey” episodes.
  • noideawhattoputeverthingtaken
    Always entertaining
    Always entertaining
  • D L V
    Good Content
    My only critique is how perpetually interested Ryan acts in his guests; I’m sure it’s genuine but it comes off as booty kissing. Not even sure I’m not just being over critical.
  • Aether60
    Finally. A podcast with a focus on UFOs
    Coming from a multiple encounter experiencer, I am really digging this podcast. I love Ryan’s humble but determined approach on the subject. The interviews feel natural and not forced and the personal account recording stories are incredible!!!!. Original too?! Unbelievable! (Sorry Ryan but these are my favorite) ;) You can’t blame me man. You could do an entire separate podcast of these alone and I would be perfectly content, so please, keep these going!!! Especially since all the horror/paranormal/cryptid podcasts and narrators on YouTube rarely touch on UFO experiences and encounters. Why this is I’ll never know. They’re so GOOD! So dude. Keep on it! And if you’re a UFO freak like myself, you’ll love it.
  • dmack3511
    He’s good at this
    Great content, and the matter-of-fact concise intros to each episode are refreshing. This has a more professional feel than most podcasts. He does not consume the first 20 mins with “you’re great”...”no YOU’RE great” back and forth with guests. Good stuff.
  • apuck83
    New listener
    I’m a new listener and absolutely love the show. I don’t know how I made it through work before. 🛸
  • timdalton007
    Questions & Some Answers “Somewhere in the Skies”
    Having first discovered the show via Paul Cornell’s appearance on it, Somewhere in the Skies has become one of my go to podcasts. A fascinating kaleidoscope look at the world of ufology fact and fiction that takes in all corners of this strange world. Be it famous cases or overlooked ones, well known names or researchers starting out, witnesses and those who exploring UAPs on page and screen, Sprague proves himself a capable interviewer and presenter. I’m particularly a fan of the audio documentary episode Finding Mrs. Moreland on a fascinating 1959 case out of New Zealand, which showcases Sprague’s attention to detail and his ability to create a compelling and informative listen.
  • Kuolema13
    Into the unknown -
    I’ve been listening to Ryan and his guests for a little over two weeks now. I don’t see me stopping. The depth of perception and the openness to new ideas makes the topics not only interesting but enlightening. Thank you Ryan for bringing the facts, but also helping the listeners understand when there isn’t any. 💜🛸
  • Dixie 'Recked
    Excellent Podcast
    Excellent weekly podcast that does a deep dive into topics and events that remain unexplained. A must-listen for curiosity seekers!
  • Jona_1030
    One of the best podcast available around. Ryan is an amazing host and makes the podcast entertaining and engaging all the time. recommend!
  • sleepmelodies<3
    Opened Up My Mind!
    I believed in UFOs/aliens and other weird happenings but didn’t really think much about them before listening to this podcast. Now I’m really into these topics and have learned a lot/am forming new opinions since listening. I can’t stop listening and binged most episodes on long commutes. Definitely informative, entertaining and thought provoking. I love Ryan’s variety of topics and the way he presents them. So glad I found this podcast!
  • Dawnbz
    Kind, honest reporting
    I love Ryan’s style of complete open mindedness and care and kindness he displays with every interview. His subjects are current and his catalogue is varied and full of up to date info. Always a pleasure to listen to. Especially loved his episode recently of all of his podcast contacts leaving a 5 minute message. Keep up the great work Ryan!
  • CharlieHustle16
    Chris Holm
    That chip on his shoulder stuff made me not want to continue listening. I’m not in the weeds enough to know of anyone who says what he was claiming so on that note, I didn’t make through this one because I’m here for the topic, not your racial issues. “Chip on shoulder guys”, especially with his reasons, are miserable people to listen to. In athletics, it drives and motivates, in a podcast about UFOs, it ruins it.
  • 1cuchita
    Surviving death
    This episode touch me on a personal level, having an experience with a medium with my deceased father, hearing this episode validates this experience. Similar accounts as the one I had. In our western culture we don’t take pause to think about our life after death, it is something we need to meditate about and realize our conscience never dies.
  • fisherking711
    Great Podcast!
    Ryan you do an excellent job with your podcast. It’s truly a favorite of mine. I think your work and your guests are top-notch. I’m a huge fan and appreciate the quality & effort of your work. Thank you for sharing with us all that you do. Cheers!
  • golden vimana
    Absolutely fantastic
    Very sober and yet open minded take on the UFO topic. Great guests. Very informative. This guy’s been in the field for a while and always brings a thought provoking angle to the table. Would recommend to anybody who’s even slightly interested in UFOs.
  • SedonaJocelyn
    One of the Best!
    If you're interested in the UFO subject, this is a "must listen." Ryan Sprague is genuine and honest and very knowledgable. Highly recommended!
  • TimmyHugs
    Interesting show with intelligent guests.
    Ryan does a nice job treating his topics with an intelligent demeanor. Looking forward to hearing more from Somewhere in the Skies!
  • 97 Daxamite
    One of the best!
  • K Downing
    A thoughtful look into the phenomenon
    Ryan brings a fresh eye to the UFO phenomenon and delivers new thoughts to new and old information with a total lack of attitude or ego. He keeps the show interesting and engages with the greater UFO community to share in their thoughts about current events. He is not pushing any particular theory or agenda and keeps an open mind. I also like that fact that Ryan is clearly a kind and thoughtful person and obviously well liked by the community. Keep up the good work Ryan! Ill be listening!
  • KidDeft
    Incredibly Fascinating!
    Ryan Sprague does a GREAT job interviewing and telling stories from the UFO-ology world. There's a lot of knowledge he drops and his episodes are well researched. I'm constantly getting schooled in new phenomenon that I've never heard of. I look forward to each episode because they're so well done!
  • The Diplomat
    Essential listening on the UFO subject!
    I’ve been a fan of Mr. Sprague since his first (hopefully of many) book was released. He is a thoughtful and intelligent writer on the wide-ranging ideas and theories across the vast spectrum of the UFO phenomena. This podcast is always impeccably crafted and a delight to listen to, particularly the witness account episodes, which is a concept I hope to steal someday. Somewhere in the Skies is essential listening for anyone even remotely interested in this strange and wonderful phenomenon.
  • S D Wick
    Fresh and Unbiased
    Ryan’s podcast is well worth a listen. He has a fresh, unbiased look at what can be a stale field. The topics he covers and the people he interviews are interesting. I love what he does and Somewhere in the Skies is by far one of the best out there. My favorite part is that he has no agenda other than seeking the truth and being a voice for experiencers.
  • Chad Hines
    Excellent show
    An honest approach to what a magnificent phenomena that has been happening even before us. Detail and quality conversation that we should all be having.
  • Mariska318
    I was a fan
    I used to love this podcast, but lately, it’s been hard to stay interested. All of the recent episodes are just interviews with people plugging their TV shows. Or worse, playback of episodes from other podcasts that review TV shows. Enough. Get back to the stories, please, before you lose a subscriber.
  • kade1ooo
    This guys is so I knowledgeable it isn’t even funny.... he should definitely work on his ignorant, baseless rebuttals
  • donnie griggs
    Great show!!
    Great voice for podcasts!! Love the intro music as well! One of my favorite podcast channels.
  • BrandonJames88
    New to the Universe!
    So I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal. My heart has always been with ghosts & the afterlife, with a touch of cryptozoology. I’ve recently gotten into UFO’s, Aliens & the like. This podcast is a perfect introductory. Ryan’s passion and energy are apparent, and it’s a total pleasure to listen!
  • Jeremejevite
    Swarmy Host
    The host seems utterly insincere. He brown-noses a guest and totally agrees with everything he says. Then the next week he has a guest on saying the opposite and kisses up to him saying he is the one and only with the right ideas. He also occasionally makes it clear that he is only doing a UFO show so he can get his name out there and someday hopefully make it big in Hollywood. Pathetic.
  • Rules His Sun
    Always Interesting
    I love the topics Ryan covers. His rapport with guests and his ability try o get them to open up and share their experiences is a gift most interviewers aspire to achieve.
  • Cookie Carr
    Witness of another world
    What an amazing documentary! The best i have ever seen! Great podcast about it also. Thank you Ryan! 5Stars
  • Mark Delaware
    Very Unique!
    I've not yet heard a show about the UFO and Alien communities but this was definitely a breath of fresh air. Loved listening to the host and the guest discuss alien con, which I had no idea was even a thing. And Now I'm pretty interested in buying some of these DVDs and seeing what these discussions and talks on UFOs and aliens might even be. I'm definitely going to be checking these out to see what rabbit holes I might go down. A definite must hear if you're into aliens and UFOs!
  • thedubster
    Great podcast
    Well what can I say! I've been binge listening to this show for awhile now and I love it.ryan brings on great guests and great topics. And I've learnt some stuff on the way.😀
  • TheeJakeDee
    Been listening for a few years now and the podcast never ceases to deliver A+ content. Ryan is not only a great host but genuine person that cares about the accuracy of his information as well as the subjects that are both discussed and on the show.
  • Earl C Grey
    The Best!
    Ryan Sprague’s excellent Somewhere In The Skies is the smartest, best produced, and simply the most Interesting podcast on the UFO subject out there. Ryan shuns the sillier aspects of Ufology, he asks the best questions, has the best guests, and always seems to have his finger on the pulse of what’s interesting. It’s really fun watching his star rise in this field.
  • Kittycatzrulee
    Great podcast!!
    Such a guilty pleasure of mine and what silky voice to listen to!
  • User2222zxerpop
  • SCrzmtman
    A Blue Chip podcast
    Ryan presents programs that are among the best related to this topic. I have seriously followed this for 45 years and can say that with some “authority”.
  • TXUFOGirl
    There’s more to the story
    Ryan Sprague is a charming, engaging and skilled investigative journalist with an uncanny ability to bring out interesting - sometimes surprising - insights on topics of anomalous character. Did I mention this is my “go to” commute podcast?
  • BrookeRN76
    I love this Podcast and Ryan is wonderful! Highly interesting topics, intellectual discussions, and great guests! 👏🏼🙌🏼👽🛸
  • prsimps
    Well done!!!
    I’ve been listening to the podcast for about 2 years now and I must say it’s very informative and entertaining. Ryan does a great job interviewing the experiencers and is very well spoken. Keep up the good work Ryan!!! 🙏👽
  • doc holloday
    Great podcast!
    One of my fav’s. Ryan is intelligent and open minded, but willing to call b/s when he sees it. Loved his Roswell series too. Wtg Ryan!
  • #BlueAlienonVacation
    That’s Right. This is it. This is the One.
    This is the podcast you’ve been looking for. Your search is over. Ryan quickly became a favorite of mine in the UFO podcast community. Great topics, solid research, interesting guests and a genuinely awesome human. Subscribe and enjoy this ride.
  • parafan#1
    Great host, interesting topics
    The thing that I really like about Ryan is that he is always open to hearing about people’s experiences and engages his guests rather than being judgmental. Also, with many podcasts the host just seems to talk about himself for hours on end but Ryan is genuinely interested in hearing people stories. It’s the perfect mix of Ryan and the guest.
  • Jeffrey Williamsburg
    Mass market low brow tv franchise tie-in
    If you like the history channel, ufo and crystal consciousness conferences or other big money tv franchise tie-ins, then this is the right podcast for you.
  • Bad Wolf09
    The Best
    My favorite paranormal podcast that focuses on the UFO phenomenon. Ryan is passionate about it and you tell with each episode. I highly recommend it to anyone!
  • Carol22l
    It’s my favorite UFO podcast. Complete with highly regarded guests and intellectual discussions.
  • podcaster817
    Love it!!
    Ryan has such a way with words! He’s awesome 🛸
  • @mike.muldowney on ig
    Great show!
  • S4TURN69
    Ryan is curious, enthusiastic, and thorough in his research. I like that he reaches out to so many other people, inviting new ideas and new topics to the table. I’m glad he’s made this show! I recommend it to everyone.
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