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Lords of Limited is a podcast about Magic: the Gathering strategy. It is primarily focused on playing Limited, including both draft and sealed. The podcast is designed to help listeners get an edge in their next draft or sealed event, especially on MTG Arena

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  • banjothulu
    A Must Listen Limited Podcast
    This is not only a fantastic strategy resource for improving at limited, but very entertaining as well. The two hosts, Ben and Ethan, have great chemistry together, and include just enough nonsense to keep you entertained, without detracting from the educational value.
  • AllTheCards
    Good insight
    Good insight and the hosts go in depth. I’m pretty sure one of the hosts always has a fun all in his mouth because I can hear his the echo of his voice bounce off his gums. They go into politics too much, but it’s not surprising given that it’s MTG (MTG = misfits and SJWs).
  • DrMrProfThomas
    Much better content out there
    Show used to be good, but got political lately. I came for the magic content, not a lecture about how an unborn baby isn’t a real person.
  • Dydivfydogkb
    Entertaining, but average insight and can be unnecessarily political
    The guys are pretty clearly average FNM level players. Still their limited discussion is fun and interesting, if not terribly insightful. Unfortunately, they occasionally spout off on their extreme left political beliefs. If you are middle of the road politically like most magic players, this can be annoying. Stay in your lane boys.
  • GoHomeJerome
    The content is presented well, but I don’t think the hosts are particularly strong drafters. If you’re new to draft, then Ben and Ethan will help you improve (along with Limited Resources). I’ve played them before and was never impressed by their game play or draft skills.
  • clifgo
    Decent podcast but bad sponsorships
    Can’t support a pod that promotes BetterHelp, which sells patient data. I guess this is expected from anything associated with ChannelFireball and LSV.
  • VirtualParagon
    Learning from Lords of Limited
    I found the Lords of Limited podcast entirely by chance, while scrolling through posts online. Someone had off-handedly recommended the podcast. They claimed that the show’s advice had been incredibly helpful to them in understanding the game. My first thought, based on the name alone, was that it was a YouTube channel focusing on limited. A quick google search proved me wrong, and it led me to listen to my first episode. The ninety-minute length is a bit daunting, and I had assumed it was going to be mostly useless commentary and fluff. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After listening to a few others, my first episode “Episode 199: Strixhaven Set Review” is still my favorite. My favorite, and perhaps the most useful, moments are the mechanic discussions between the two hosts. These segments not only build an extensive knowledge of an individual set, they also build the ability to make accurate judgments. Looking at your differences in grading and listening to your thought process in analysis have built up my own ability to make an assessment. Previously, jumping blindly into a new set was like a death sentence. Now, I feel confident in my capability to do well. And it shows in the results. Every single episode is filled with so much information and not a single second goes to waste. It’s no surprise there is a long list of new Patrons every time. I personally don’t have the means to become one of them myself, but the access to the community Discord makes it tempting. Further, the prospect of the in-dept community engagement is very enticing. Enough that I felt the need to write this review to encourage others and support the show. My only problem with the show is that it can quickly turn into a thick sludge of material. A veritable bombardment of advice. The episodes normally have the sponsor segment as the final topic, but I would appreciate it being somewhere in the middle to segment the hour and a half more cleanly. Also, I’m pretty sure Ethan is the only one who changes his grading on the excel sheet throughout the analysis. I hope Lords of Limited continues on just as successfully into the far future.
  • Jdpaul1
    Frequently turn off podcast
    There is a lot of false statements made. They are only human but they are way to confident in how they present bad information.
  • Icetiberon
    Unlike Limited Resources, I think these guys are wrong a good amount of the time. It seems as if they are more interested in providing hot takes than providing sound drafting advice especially Ethan who is a good but not great player. For that reason, if you are a new player i would stick to LR. With that said, these guys go DEEP and I appreciate how timely their content is. Happy to have this as another resource for limited Magic.
  • Sheephead4786
    The Best
    A great show for both catching up with a format you are new to, and staying on top of the changes in a format you are deep onto. All love to Limited Resources, but they don't usually go nearly as deep into the nuances of the current format.
  • elstaple
    Data driven to get results
    This show has quickly evolved into my go-to podcast for all things MTG limited. Ben and Ethan go beyond just relying on their own experiences to evaluate the latest format; they make their evaluations based on data pooled from their massive following on discord. If you want to stay ahead of the game, this is the podcast for you.
  • Eric Lu.
    The Limited content you're craving
    Strategy-dense content that samples from across different schools of thought on Limited. The hosts really try to put their finger on the pulse of the metagame, keeping up with shifts, commenting on different trends, and helping people stay as prepared as possible for the current limited format. Really appreciate all the content they produce-- Lords of Limited is well worth a spot in the MTG content rotation, alongside Limited Resources and Limited Level-Ups. If I only had time to listen to one in a given week, I honestly think I would choose LoL.
  • Asenesac
    Excellent MTG podcast
    As far as I am concerned, Lords of Limited is second only to LR in terms of being a go to for info on the Limited format. Ben and Ethan do a great job week in and week out with analysis and I appreciate how they focus on the way their evaluation of cards shifts throughout a format. In addition, they seem like good guys, and I enjoy listening to them interact. I’d recommend to anyone with the slightest interest in Limited.
  • brandonleetaco
    Lords of Innovation
    I can’t believe I missed out on these guys for so long! From the work Ethan puts in streaming and solo-commentating on live tournaments to the many pots Ben stirs on discord and Twitter the Lords of Limited are everywhere. Their latest Historic Cube that can be pod drafted and played on Arena put me over the top. I’ll be listening to these guys for a long time and you should too.
  • JesterSB
    The best Limited podcast!
    This has surpassed LR for me as my favorite Limited podcast.
  • Cdboland
    Literally love listening to Lords of Limited! These lads love leveling-up, lists, lingo, and the like. A labor of love for loyal listeners!
  • colin addington
    Well-written, good quality content
    Ethan and Ben have a great perspective on limited, aren’t just parroting LR, and have an awesome rapport.
  • Cr0nd0r
    Great Limited Analysis
    Listening to Lords of Limited is great because of the level they approach the game. These guys go deep. If your looking for high level limited analysis give it a listen.
  • Sbress
    Excellent hosts and advice!
    This has become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to because i really like playing draft and thats’s all they talk about. Always up to date strategies (well usually haha), and very good at talking about commons and uncommons.
  • Eminemberry
    Great podcast
    One of the only podcasts I listen to! I'm a big limited fan and I've found Lords of Limited to be extremely helpful!
  • UncleSamHS
    Amazing content
    I have improved so much by listening to LoL over the past year. Their content is very analytical and takes a deeper dive into the format than any other podcast available.
  • Dragon yoyo
    If you want to Learn and improve at limited! Listen to this podcast!
    This podcast goes over all the happenings of the latest limited format ( and cube as well) they have segments for things to improve at in limited. They have their opinions but are not afraid to admit they were wrong when they are, the two hosts are friendly and have great chemistry!! Their discord is the best bang for buck in magic the gathering content! A big community but is very responsive and receptive to new people and amazing discussion without being condescending!! The hosts are always receptive to feedback and is always trying to improve and provide the best content on their podcast and discord!
  • Haifbdhd
    The best limited podcast
    This is the best MtG limited podcast out there. Ethan and Ben always have timely updates on the current meta. If you are a limited grinder this is the podcast for you.
  • Ben Horkley
    Best limited podcast around
    Absolutely top-notch content every week; Ethan and Ben know what they're doing and explain things clearly, and if you listen regularly and put what they're teaching into action you're guaranteed to get better at the game. Also great to hear a podcast with two hosts who don't always agree, but are always willing to back up their reasoning and have a fun back-and-forth.
  • jnq-t
    The home for serious limited players on the internet
    Lords of Limited is the gold standard for limited magic players. The podcast and discord have drastically bettered my game.
  • fredx11
    Wonderful magic content
    One of the best limited podcasts around. really gets into the nitty gritty that many other podcasts don’t. Great if you’re trying to get that extra little edge from good to great at limited.
  • TheComingOfDoug
    Best limited podcast(I dare!)
    That other limited show is good too, but hearing 2 ‘regular joes’ wax on about limited (while offering good advice and insight) is more of what a ‘regular joe’ like myself is interested in hearing... they do seem to easily acquiesce to each others opinions a tad too often, but it could just be a general respect and their pleasant demeanors(the masses demand contention!!). Either way, you can count on quality weekly content in the MTG limited realm— so subscribe already!
  • langevinj
    Incredible podcast
    My favorite podcast of the week. Have had the patreon for a bit and have used that to help me at multiple PTs! Love this show!
  • nativedelirium
    big fan
    cool podcast, very informative!
  • abcdeabcdeaabbccddeeaaa
    Incredible Resource!
    Very good
  • Matt in PA
    What you need to excel at limited MtG
    Is this podcast entertaining? Are Ethan and Ben great to listen to? Yes to both of those questions. But that’s not why you should listen to Lords of Limited. You should listen because it will make you a much better limited player, and who wouldn’t want that?
  • ZypherMTG
    Keep it up
    Ethan and Ben take deep dives into topics and make sure that their listeners know not only what they think, but why. The majority of episodes are a master class in how to draft a format, and what lessons from the format can be applied across formats. Every podcast has the occasional clunker, but even LoL’s down episodes are full of actionable content that will help their listeners improve. If you are an MTG player who wants to improve at drafting there is no better podcast to put on and help you achieve that goal.
  • Weewaw
    Great podcast, this was the first Limited podcast I found after LR, and I feel like I have improved my gameplay, drafting, and deckbuilding skills as a result of the hours of content Ethan and Ben have produced. Deep analysis, great chemistry between the hosts, good quality of audio production, I simply can’t praise Lords of Limited enough and I eagerly await each episode. Stay safe everyone!
  • EtherAMP
    Solid, Entertaining Advice
    I started listening to LoL on the advice of some Twitter folk, as a way to get over some of those mid-level draft hurdles. What I found was good advice wrapped in an entertaining shell. Pretty much exactly what I was hoping for, really. I’m going to keep listening, for sure.
  • ChongoChingi
    Great Limited Magic Advice
    I really love listening to Ben and Ethan. The show is very well done and informative.
  • Bill Adams Photography
    Biggest Game in MTG Limited Content
    The Internet's highest quality podcast on MTG limited, hands down. Ben and Ethan give the strongest detailed discussions on specific card evaluations, up-to-date state of the meta game, and broad strokes assessment of the current format. Listening to this podcast will help you master the current format and hone your overall Limited skillset at the same time.
  • Ritzo 28
    The best magic limited podcast
    The best place to get in depth, game improving information and lessons on magic limited. Easily the best thing for my game i have done is listen to this podcast.
  • Stark
    The Best Limited Podcast
    Ethan and Ben have created the best MtG Limited podcast currently broadcast. Deep Dives into each format and most importantly a dedication to learning as the formats evolve. They don’t always get it right on day one, but they put out the best most informed content from day 1 - day 100 of each format. If you’re a LRCast listener definitely give this a shot. You won’t be disappointed!
  • Cory Enriquez
    Contrasting Opinions are a good thing
    Having listened to other limited based shows for a long time, it was with some trepidation that I started listening to LoL. But I came to learn that the back and forth between Ben and Ethan was the best thing the show had going for it. They create good conversations around limited formats with a solid back and forth. Great show, gentleman!
  • Chainfire VII
    I look forward to it every week!
    This podcast is one of best things to happen to my progression as a Magic player. It has leveled my game up in so many ways. Ethan and Ben have great chemistry and dynamic personalities. They are intelligent, talented speakers. They clearly communicate loads of valuable information and concepts every week. Also of note, the show is profanity free and family friendly. I am always impressed how they are able to be so entertaining while remaining extremely professional. Their down to business approach is quite refreshing. Ben and Ethan have inspired my growth in more than just Magic skills. They provide methods to approach problem solving that can be applied to many aspects of life. The podcast is informative and fun! -Sam Allen
  • andywitt64
    Improved my game
    Ive been playing magic on and off since revised, arena got me me back on for the past year, dragt has always been fun but felt like I was donating my gold. Just hearing the theory crafting has really made me look at cards I draft better and have been much more successful drafting these last few weeks. Andy Witt
  • Seth Talley
    Why I prefer LoL to LR
    Now the title itself may be a bit hyperbolic, but I assure you not by much. Listening to Lords of Limited has truly helped me up my limited play, and MTG play in general. Ben and Ethan are fantastic hosts and you just hope to run into them at a GP to tell them how much you appreciate their stuff, and that you hope to be in a draft pod with them. Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.
  • David L@
    Concise up to date content
    I appreciate their weekly take on the changing meta-game of Magic. They also have a familiar cycle of episodes with each new set which are helpful (Crash course, Sealed, 50 takes in 50 minutes, etc). The length is just right for my tastes at about an hour. They also stay on topic, make their points, and move on.
  • descendent1
    Excellent Limited MTG Content
    Love this podcast as a counterpart to Limited Resources, and it’s better in some ways as well. The hosts Ben and Ethan are constantly grinding the current limited format, streaming on Twitch, and creating YouTube videos so you can see their advice and skills in action. These guys are always on top of whatever the “new hotness” is in each format and are very community oriented, integrating their Discord forum’s knowledge as well. I’ve significantly improved my drafting skills and gameplay from listening to this podcast.
  • TheLexington?
    Excellent Content
    Really love that the hosts are all about getting better, having fun, and not letting mistakes get in the way. Always appreciate when they reevaluate their past statements about cards and why they got something right or wrong the first time around. Helps us all grow! - TheLexington
  • zackholt
    Superb limited content! I love hearing their in depth thoughts and tips to level up your limited game!
  • Adamjay42
    Extreme value added!
    If I had give anyone advice on how to improve their limited game, it would be to watch Ben stark draft. But a close second would be to listen and subscribe to this podcast. It’s fantastic! They really do a great job of going through the “why” that helps people become better thinkers and players overall and not just for the current set. Additionally, their discord channel is the best community I’ve ever been a part of. 6 stars.
  • Abagail #PopularAwesomeKid
    Great Limited Magic Content
    My go-to podcast right now for all things limited. Ben and Ethan do a great job explaining how they evaluate cards and archetypes in the current meta, while also giving excellent advice regarding gameplay and drafting.
  • cmschex
    Best Magic limited podcast
    This is the podcast to listen to if you want to really go deep into a limited format. Ben and Ethan are both very open about their initial preferences and thoughts and are also very good about continually re-evaluating their opinions. Also, the LoL Discord has amazing discussions and you can always get feedback on your drafts.
  • drshepenlov
    Dare I say?? Best limited podcast
    Really a big big fan of the Lords of Limited. Has helped my draft game immensely! I enjoy how the top commons are discussed throughout the life cycle of the format. Also love how they give the contexts of what to play and when to play it! Keep it up!
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