BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry

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The unlikely trio of Josh Richards, Dave Portnoy & Brianna Chickenfry team up to talk all things pop culture, celebrities, influencers & TikTok. You never know what to expect from this trio from breaking entertainment news to generational differences they’re sure to make you laugh while keeping you up to date.

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  • Eleeper16
    Love the pod
    Love the podcast & how brash Dave is. It’s truly appreciated. The most recent episode with this guy Adam on 🤢🤮. I could barley sit through it. I wish Bri was on, you needed a woman on this one.
  • Alwayslistening305
    So good!
    Love the dynamic between these 3! Also, as a millennial, I appreciate Dave’s perspective and opinions on everything!
  • StephD_44
    But daddy I looooooove him Dave is the best - Josh n Bri are cool Dave you are royalty, Amie is obv a fool
  • Courtney Aziz
    Truly like all of them
    Dave scares me but I also like him a lot. He truly roasts someone every episode. I do like the information on hot goss and what I need to be updated with. I like that Josh is middle man most of the time and I love Bri! I think they are a good group together and Dave does not tip toeing around some people do on their pods about certain celebs.
  • indygal4
    These people sure can dish it but they can’t take it. Fine with gossiping about other people’s lives but god forbid anyone talks about theirs!
  • Lisafbabbbbbyy
    Bri needs to stop podcasting from tour buses
    It’s 2024 can she at least film from the studio?
  • lindsiferr
    Constant technical difficulties on Every. Single. Episode.
  • kk21234
    Top pod! 🤩
    Okay, I love you both so much, but my absolute favorite part of this podcast is the people laughing in the background! LOL obsessed! 🤩😍🤩😍
  • driving-.1 six
    love this podcast
    i love barstool podcast so much this is one of my favorites the friendship between the 3 is incredible and the realness of the podcast makes it so much better i love dave mispronouncing things, claiming to be the owner of words, and his jokes i re listen to this podcast every day i wish they released it twice a week instead of once
  • GregMcKen
    Downward spiral
    Was good until zero of the hosts were informed on any of the topics they talked about And refused to bring up any topics people actually cared/know about. So pointless to listen to
  • j_finesse
    Great pod. An unexpected but incredibly entertaining trio!
  • Line124
    The comments about who work 9-5s were inappropriate and disgusting and demonstrated that you are ungrateful , and have lack of empathy and self-awareness. I used to listed every week but Bri has truly ruined the pod.
  • withfbdiiwbfhd
    Shut up, Dave
    I literally wasn’t jumping on the people criticizing for the working drama but like - shut up Dave. I don’t want to hear your rude response just let it go. I work in critical care procedures and you will never feel the hours or the drag that the job takes on your body and soul. When you have your heart attack from pizza I’ll remember this when you roll into the cath lab and need a bazillion stents to fix your clogged up arteries.
  • Case714
    Love this group!
    Love the dynamic between them and enjoy the realness behind the pod, technical difficulties and all. Please bring in more clips of Dave mispronouncing things. Highlights of my days 😂🫶🏼
  • add me on sc: sorryimlorraina
    Unoriginal Stolen Content
    Bffs released merch with stolen art as the logo. Never crediting the artists and deleting comments everywhere that mention this. Absolutely terrible and disgusting behavior. Not to mention, these podcasters are so out of touch with reality. Tone deaf, ignorant, and just disrespectful.
  • Karabee15
    Out of touch losers and a pick me
    Painfully unfunny.
  • sparkly fairy princess p
    Out of touch influencers
    Hated how they treated brielle. Take accountability and own up to what you did wrong
  • raisinkayne23
    Cancel chicken fry
    I will no longer support Bri and help pay for her entire face reconstruction. Get a grip
  • SammiWammi
    out of touch
    comments made about the working class were so insanely out of touch. get a grip. i dont expect much from a podcast but insulting the majority of your listeners and fans real life struggles when you pretty much just got lucky you went viral online and got famous is so scummy. lost my listen follows and support.
  • rootiemckie
    So out of touch
    Out of touch millionaires that have no compassion for any of their hardworking fans… just sad, do better.
  • 65478zxy
    Not good at all
    It’s boring tired and unfunny
  • marie8256
    Boomers cosplaying as 20 somethings
    Out of touch and not funny
  • Dre bay bay
    The technology problems are funny anymore. Edit it out.
  • fllllleeee
    technical difficulties
    i like the pod but can you guys pleaseeeeeee edit out the technical difficulties... no one wants to hear this
  • michellemtn
    Brittany hate gets old
    Love barstool, love Dave, but I get so tired of hearing Brittany Mahomes hate when it’s so unwarranted. Find someone else to spew the hate about.
  • Wingsvb
    Awhat in the actual f. 15 mins of nothing but this team trying to figure their sht out??? This isn’t a livestream it’s a PRE RECORDED PODCAST. I’m getting so gd sick of having to listen to fumbling around with no real talking while this crew of du f.uses figures out how to get a mic or camera or whatever going. 15 seconds of that? Sure. 15 MINUTES? F off. This is becoming a pattern and you’re adding more and more minutes of this træsh. ITS NOT CUTE ITS NOT FUNNY I CLICKED OFF AND IM DONE.
  • Revival31313
    Worst audio sound
    Josh Tard Bri okay Love Dave
  • Kelly Pasko
    Hard on the ears
    I love the show but can we please do something about Joshs’s voice? It is so EXTREMELY angsty, aggressive and often way too loud that sometimes I sadly have to stop listening the episode. Today was one of those days. I cold not take it anymore. Maybe if he tries to relax a little before the episode and approach it more calmly his voice won’t make my ears bleed. Love you guys! 😀
  • LilyLayla4
    8 PM release time is lame
    8 PM release time is not practical. Ppl want to listen during their work days. Don’t say it’s coming out tomorrow if it’s tomorrow at 8 pm.
  • geee9595
    Audio is trash
    Ain’t this a multi million dollar company, why is the Audio always stupid. Can barely hear Dave at the start of every episode then everyone else is 100x louder. Get it together.
  • danielaricco
    Josh’s laugh
    In the last 2 episodes Josh has actually laughed so hard at something and it CRACKED ME UP this last ep when he laughed about the girl apologizing on her own post I literally rewinded 3 times to listen because it was so funny I love it
  • listener2468
    Dave is DEPLORABLE to Bri
    The most misogynistic, gross and degrading bashing from a 46 year old man to a 24 year old woman as she’s trying to navigate a new relationship. I was physically cringing so much that I had to turn it off. Bri should break whatever contract she’s in for BFFs - she deserves so much better!
  • nicr1234567
    Great pod
    Love listening to the pod every week
  • Kb223377
    Be kind
    Please be nice to the behind the scenes guy. It’s giving entitled a-holes. Pop culture topics are very easy to come up with yourselves instead of shaming a guy for doing the work for you.
  • Kat D!
    Love the BFFS
    This is the only podcast I have consistently listened to and haven’t missed an episode since it started. Being 31 - I am not sure how I got sucked in but I love this trio!
  • Matt8363891)3
    Can someone point out the blatantly obvious fact: Dave checked out many months ago and shows up just to finish it. He practically says it each episode. So much potential just lost on him. Bri and Josh should find another Dave who actually cares. Give a man $100m and you’ll see someone with no drive
  • =)imwickedawesome
    Vibe check
    Josh Richards needs a vibe check. He’s being a jerk lately.
  • Sarah 😘
    Bri is clueless and adds nothing
    Bri never has any idea what she’s talking about why is she even on here? Unless you’re talking about her she gives nothing. You’d think if your job was talking about headlines you’d actually pay attention to at least some of them. She’s infuriating.
  • big bad and mad boy
    Goated podcast
  • t______C
    Unoriginal thoughts
    Nothing about this is interesting. They typically have no clue what they’re talking about - they forget that this is a podcast and not just a YouTube video because half the time there is zero context to what they are talking about
  • Coley0420
    BFFs or Frenemies?
    Why does it always sound like they hate each other?
  • Pattyac05
    Love this podcast
  • AromiKinosian
    Remember when josh Richards exposed himself to a bunch of kids on a livestream! Why give this dbag any opportunities after he showed his bits n pieces to his underage “fans”?! What a privileged weirdo.
  • jaxonbernstein12
    Effort Issue
    I listened cuz of Theo and this is just a bad product. Tons of potential but it appears as if no one wants to be there. Even Theo was bored.
  • em.bogaudo
    There’s one thing..
    Love the pod. Listen all the time. Hate when Dave is always criticizing what is put on the sheet to talk about.
  • Ciaraswim
    Favorite podcast
    10/10 realest cast I heard “I wonder when our last episode will be” last episode please never end this the dynamic between the three of you is so cool and unique
  • Paisley Hunt
    Why is O’Malley here
    I normally love this podcast, but please stop bringing on O’Malley. She brings the vibes of the podcast down all around. Otherwise, I vibe with this podcast and the content but she is hard to listen to
  • itsMur_duhh
    Bri needs to grow up
    I’m not going to rate the podcast poorly because I love it but I will say I lost a lot of respect for Bri. She has been caught in multiple lies about the boa situation and still won’t have a drop of humility about admitting her part in things. She obviously took the boa off the ground then made a video acting like an unhinged drunk Karen attacking the mother of the underaged girl. She claims this woman ripped it off her neck, but since she lied about wearing it all night and only having two white claws, who really believes anything she says? She could have used this situation as a learning opportunity but instead double down saying disgusting things. Such entitled bratty behavior. Bri holds a lot of influence and setting this example for young women is very concerning. Dave and Josh are the realest though so I will continue to support.
  • tpwk Harry
    Brianna Chickenfry is liar!
    Brianna Chickenfry lied and claimed that the feather boa she had been “wearing all night at MSG” when it was actually stolen off the bathroom floor and she refused to give it back. The original girls mother took it back from Brianna Chickfry (should she have ripped it off of her, no) But to say that mother needed to be run over for stealing what was here’s from you when you knew you stole it. You even posted a video of you saying you lied about it all and you found it on the floor and then deleted it. Maybe don’t drink so much the next time you go out so you don't act like that and ruin other people’s nights.
  • Lamelo=future
    5⭐️ bc andrew tate
    They had the top g on this podcast so it’s an automatic 5 star review #FreeTheTopG
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