BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry

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The unlikely trio of Josh Richards, Dave Portnoy & Brianna Chickenfry team up to talk all things pop culture, celebrities, influencers & TikTok. You never know what to expect from this trio from breaking entertainment news to generational differences they’re sure to make you laugh while keeping you up to date.

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  • Pattyac05
    Love this podcast
  • AromiKinosian
    Remember when josh Richards exposed himself to a bunch of kids on a livestream! Why give this dbag any opportunities after he showed his bits n pieces to his underage “fans”?! What a privileged weirdo.
  • jaxonbernstein12
    Effort Issue
    I listened cuz of Theo and this is just a bad product. Tons of potential but it appears as if no one wants to be there. Even Theo was bored.
  • em.bogaudo
    There’s one thing..
    Love the pod. Listen all the time. Hate when Dave is always criticizing what is put on the sheet to talk about.
  • Ciaraswim
    Favorite podcast
    10/10 realest cast I heard “I wonder when our last episode will be” last episode please never end this the dynamic between the three of you is so cool and unique
  • Matt8363891)3
    Not sure if it’s because they can’t get good guests on but it’s become just them 3 talking about headlines. I enjoyed the 50/50. Partial headlines and then partial interview of a guest. From early days, they’ve lost a lot of ability to get guests. Also, this last episode felt like zero work out into it. Almost like they show up just to put it out and go on with their lives. Dave, you stopped your other podcast because you thought it was bad content. This isn’t bad (I still enjoy it somewhat) but it’s like the tv show that was incredible and now is only good but you still watch because of the early days. Still a chance to redeem it and turn it back around
  • Paisley Hunt
    Why is O’Malley here
    I normally love this podcast, but please stop bringing on O’Malley. She brings the vibes of the podcast down all around. Otherwise, I vibe with this podcast and the content but she is hard to listen to
  • itsMur_duhh
    Bri needs to grow up
    I’m not going to rate the podcast poorly because I love it but I will say I lost a lot of respect for Bri. She has been caught in multiple lies about the boa situation and still won’t have a drop of humility about admitting her part in things. She obviously took the boa off the ground then made a video acting like an unhinged drunk Karen attacking the mother of the underaged girl. She claims this woman ripped it off her neck, but since she lied about wearing it all night and only having two white claws, who really believes anything she says? She could have used this situation as a learning opportunity but instead double down saying disgusting things. Such entitled bratty behavior. Bri holds a lot of influence and setting this example for young women is very concerning. Dave and Josh are the realest though so I will continue to support.
  • lindsiferr
    Best podcast
    I just started a new job with a long commute and I’ve been listening to the pod non stop, absolutely the best. Bri, Josh and Dave make me feel safe. 🫶🏻
  • tpwk Harry
    Brianna Chickenfry is liar!
    Brianna Chickenfry lied and claimed that the feather boa she had been “wearing all night at MSG” when it was actually stolen off the bathroom floor and she refused to give it back. The original girls mother took it back from Brianna Chickfry (should she have ripped it off of her, no) But to say that mother needed to be run over for stealing what was here’s from you when you knew you stole it. You even posted a video of you saying you lied about it all and you found it on the floor and then deleted it. Maybe don’t drink so much the next time you go out so you don't act like that and ruin other people’s nights.
  • Lamelo=future
    5⭐️ bc andrew tate
    They had the top g on this podcast so it’s an automatic 5 star review #FreeTheTopG
  • Rbbbbbbbbinnn
    Love this podcast!
    I’m living for this trio!! Been a huge fan for awhile and definitely my favorite podcast right now. I need a new merch drop
  • ofwgktafoster
    This podcast is the best. Guests, content, hosts. 10/10
    Y’all never miss. Thank you for being the best podcast here.
  • aaalexevans
    Comment on hunter moore
    Okay, I hear Bri but I have to disagree. I don’t just bank nudes for MY viewing. I think that’s actually a little weird. If I wanted to see myself I’d just look in my full length mirror 😂
  • tod7895453564
    I would be lost in the internet if it wasn’t for this show
  • ashley pour
    Lost Brain Cells Listening to Andrew Tate
    5 stars because I love the podcast but I just lost brain cells listening to Andrew Tate speak (maybe because I’m a woman so I’m stooooopid🥴)
  • Emac187
    Disgusting guest
    I will not be listening to any barstool sport podcast after they had Andrew rate on!
  • Lisafbabbbbbyy
    Why is O’Malley on this. What did a I miss…
  • driving-.1 six
    hot dogs slay or ney
    this is random witch is why i love it talks bout gossip and tells both how they feel
    Love it
    The chemistry is finally all there.
  • Zombiezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Brielle Chickenfries is insufferable.
    How does anyone listen to this?
  • BrittanyHCherry
    I just keep coming back for more!
    I’m a barstool fan, I listen to some of their other podcasts as well. I started listening because I was curious and I really love it! The guests have been super interesting, Dave and Josh seem to have great chemistry. I was a Dave fan before but now I’m a fan of Josh too. I’ll keep coming back! **Im hoping they stick to weekly episodes! — Briana is the GOAT.
  • victoriashh1997
    5s for Bri and Dave
    Josh - you’re starting to get a little big for your britches. You’re becoming cocky and rude. Get it together, slob kabob. Love Bri and Dave!
  • meeeeshlol
    Dave Portnoy put Tana in her place!
    Daaaaamn he literally pulled the words out of everyone’s mouths and all their thoughts about her. She’s an unprofessional, unreliable, unappreciative, and deadbeat loser.
  • AnthonYSanchez88
    Love the podcast. But when you guys do the games you should announce the names first. I just listen to the pod so I can’t see who you guys are talking about. But I do love the pod. Keep it up.
  • jamiekeb
    Dave is so hilarious! It cracks me up how he pronounces everything and trying to use any technology
  • cely62
    Sienna Mae
    Your team obviously knows very little about sexual assault. It is not uncommon for survivors to proceed with a relationship with their perpetrator for various reasons. I suggest next time you have a guest discussing such a serious topic that you A. Educate yourself B. Stop taking a side of a perpetrator. Do better. It’s people like you that make it hard for victims to come forward.
  • ljgilder
    Should not be called a podcast
    I love the show and listening to all the new drama but it’s so frustrating that when they record they record it for a video. They don’t explain what they’re looking at and they play TikTok’s all the time with no explanation as to what happened in the video. I’m sure this is entertaining to watch but it’s frustrating to listen to. They shouldn’t call this a podcast because it’s recorded for someone watching.
  • KLap95
    A sexual predator giving platforms to sexual predators.
    Why would you give Sienna Mae a platform? Disgusting. It’s clear no one is holding Dave Portnoy accountable for his sexual assault allegations, so he thinks it’s ok to let her come on and “tell her side of the story”. 🤢
  • abwiiwiw
    i cant believe you would have sienna mae on. disusting sick boo🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅
  • joshrichardsfangirl
    OH MY GOD!! IM LITERALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS PODCAST (and josh😏). I could listen to this for hours and never get bored! They cover the most entertaining stories on the show! its literally perfect!
  • Ende Elizabeth Duerr
    so distasteful
    the way they talk about sexual assault and other sensitive topics is just disgusting. genuinely couldn’t stand listening to them.
  • Alley Cat 
    Love it
    I absolutely love the podcast I love the perspective that each of you bring to the table. I hope y’all have a great year !! Love from Tennessee 🤍
  • ayealrightt
    It is a good hate listen
    I listened to part of the podcast and they didn’t really know anything. I knew more than they did just by being on social media and three hosts have no information. Dave wants everyone to agree with him and he’s wrong a lot of the time. Listened to this part where he said something like “she’s so stupid. I don’t mean that in a negative way” ??? Feel like he is old enough to know that adding “I don’t mean that in a negative way” doesn’t all of a sudden make your comment positive. It was also funny how they say “everyone” as in the whole internet when really it is only their biased opinion.
  • slothmickey
    Fave podcast ever
    BFFs podcast is one of my fave podcasts because it’s so action packed!! Every week I look forward to the new guest and when drama strikes on the internet I know they will be on it. I love hearing the different perspectives especially from josh bc he is one of the bigger influencers and then Dave who’s not on Tiktok a lot and briana who I didn’t know before the pod. I feel it’s fun to hear their opinions and thoughts on situations like on upcoming fights,Tiktok posts and DRAMAMAMAMAM. I like josh being vocal because the people they talk about he mostly knows and has personal experience with, which makes the pod a lot more interesting because josh can talk about how they act and how they talk. I think it adds more character to the pod.
  • Lovely Peaches 18
    Dave is a sexual predator
  • Braves Stoolie
    Jesus Christ
    Biggest waste of 30 seconds in my life. That’s all I could listen to before turning it off.
  • yes, hire me dave
    the only podcast I listen to
    I look forward to this pod every week. Never was a fan of podcasts until I started listening to this one. I love all 3 of them together I think they do great. Now, can y’all hire me? I will work for free thanks.
  • Family idiot
    Love Dave, Love Barstool, but….
    I’ve been following Dave and Barstool for years!! BFF’s is great! However, Josh, STOP INTERRUPTING the guests! Wow! That Banks interview was super frustrating! Josh, you do realize that there’s 2 other cohosts, right? You don’t have to jump in every second. Tbh, it came off like you were trying to impress Banks to get him to like you. Chill out. You’re a 20 yr old kid. I mean, I enjoy the dynamic of the show, but I had to turn this one off. The “ehhhh” every other sentence was a bit much. Love you guys!
  • mehubbard
    Started great
    Show started off great with good guests and now the guests aren’t as good and the topics they cover feel more disheveled and unprepared
  • j173637
    How do they not tell Bri to STOP sniffing in the mic after she says ANYTHING. Literally won’t stop sniffing
  • JessicaS2323
    So close
    I want to love this podcast so bad as I love them all separately, however, the logistics of this podcast ruins it for me. There is so much dead air time as they “watch” TikToks on their end in order to talk about them. As a podcast listener, we don’t hear anything and have to try to piece what they are watching together. Their gust line up started off strong, but has fallen off. Poor Bri either sounds like she just woke up or is sniffling throughout the show. I feel with some better producing and logistical changes this podcast could be 5 stars.
  • Dhfffhvfdsfhj
    Too much dead air
    Stop watching videos on the pod and not playing the audio. This is a podcast not a video.
  • Family Feud Loverr
    Get rid of Brianna
    Brianna is a horrible edition. She’s always on so much adderall her jaw is shaking. Never adds anything important or interesting and she’s just dying to become famous of off this. So sad and pathetic.
  • khatley12
    The Best!
    My favorite podcast! Keeps me in the loop on tik tok drama i didn’t know I needed! Love Barstool and this podcast !!
  • jorjarayy
    BFFs podcast MUST LISTEN!!
    These people are the real deal. I know them all in person and all three are visionaries. They assisted my grandmother the other day in crossing the street. My grandmother stated after, “BFFs Podcast is the single greatest podcast on Apple, Spotify and YouTube. It’s a must listen.”
  • GB#86
    I look forward to listening to the pod. Keeps me in the know.
  • sophia48 :)
    The best
    I’ve never been big on podcast but josh and Dave changed that!! I love everything abt this podcast! Thanks for the amazing content guys! I’m a huge fan🤍🤍🤍
  • SharKenzee
  • sammychad
    The best
    This is my favorite podcast! Absolutely love it. Josh, Dave and Brianna incredible
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