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Recent Reviews
  • Meowzebub
    Good Story Telling But Turn Down the Ads
    The stories are fun and sometimes scary. The storyteller usually has a soft voice drawing you in, but it forces me to crank up the volumn. Then the ads come on and blast through the speakers. Please, bring the decible levels of the stories and the ads in line with each other.
  • beast3858
    My mom showed me an episode a couple years ago and ever since I’ve listened to every episode!!!
  • ftdbufyyfhhf
    Sleep tight
    I always Watch this before I go to sleep
  • ReviewMaster24
    Gives Me Chills
    I’m not usually one who likes scary things, so not only does this not scare me too much, it scares me enough to check behind me when the episode is done. Good job, please keep bringing us more!!!
  • so glitchy!
    Really good! I listen to this so much and it scares me so much, yet I still listen to it. 5 stars.
  • survival rule 8
    BOTH HOSTS are good
  • meghaks98
    if you’re lookin for something diverse and spooky, keep listening…
    i love this podcast!!!! i love being spooked while simultaneously absorbing different cultures and practices. the fact that the host branches out and makes us feel like we’re right there… love it! and i really appreciate feeling seen as Indian culture is mentioned a ton!
  • Sharkattack22
    Something scary💕
    My absolute favorite podcast to listen to!💕
  • Leni-- Bear lover
    Thoughtful, pleasantly creepy, and oddly eerily calming
    This is the best horror podcast I have ever heard. The stories are well told and the sound effects make them come to life. They post frequently, very high quality audio and clearly lots of effort was put in. Extremely impressive! I really look forward to their podcasts every week!
  • Jra4776
    Awesome show! Great work! Definitely recommend
  • boo boo baby queen
    10 outa 5
    Love this podcast been listening to it since i the 3rd episode and it never fails to spook me every time ! ❣️❣️
    Amazing! I don’t have to watch YouTube anymore very nice! :D I am so happy about this. keep up the hard work!
  • 96kid!
    Awesome Host!!! Awesome Stories!!
    Got hooked instantly!!! Some crazy stories and great presence from the host!! A++
  • unicornlol🦄
    Hi :]
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  • Bowss!
    That voice!
    Thanks for your stories every week!
  • vampiredragon555
    This podcast gives me the chills! I couldn’t sleep last night! Love it!
  • Koolguy11536
    Creepy in a good way
    I absolutely LOVE this podcast. I love the variety of stories you tell and the feeling I get when I listen. I first heard about you when I was watching CoryxKenshin, and decided to check out the podcast. I had NO IDEA how many episodes were here and I started listening every day. Keep up the great work and keep scaring me into leaving the light on!
  • bbygubygbu
    I love these stories they always leave me with a chill and scary vibe
  • Boom chan💥🔥
    Just found this and it’s now one of my favorite podcasts
  • Kermit D. Frog
    Used to be good
    I’d watch the YouTube channel snarled for a little bit until I discovered they had a podcast listen to the episode immediately three minutes of ads rather listen to the YouTube stories
  • 🤫 yessir 😬
    These stories always leave me with a thrilling chill and are so calming to listen to!! They help me to sleep at night and leave me with very pleasant dreams. I def recommend for ages 5+!! Amazing to calm down a child, works wonders on my younger cousins. YAY SOMETHING SCARY!!
  • Unicorngirl346285
    😜 great stories
    I love the show and I think that these are some good scary stories because I always try to give myself a scare. These are some intense stories that are in great detail and the way they are said is amazing. Best podcast so far
  • bcb0706
    I love sapphire and it took me a while to get used to Markeia and I love this podcast
  • cgcnhc
    Genuinely love it
    So I’ve been listening to something scary for a while, ever since 2018 so about 3 years. I really love both the hosts. Sapphire and Markeia both very talented. I also love the stories too!!!♥️
  • Bree/undertaker
    Love this podcast!! 🥰🤗
    Love this podcast! This is amazing. But I wish there wasn’t as many ads- but if your reading this Markia, UR THE BESTTT!!!! Love you!!! 🥰😄🤗 ( ^ω^ ). (^з^)-☆ ♡ Stay Scary! ♡ ♡ Love this Podcast, but wish it was like 2/3 times a week! Still love it anyway!♡
  • hfjfhdbZk
    I LOVE this podcast. I have only heard ONE episode and I LOVE IT!!! Ok two, New Year, Old Horrors and Wicked Witchcraft. OMG soooooo scary!! Ok it is A lot of episodes later and it is too scary for me and I am like nine years old so I think it’s too scary for me. Amazing stories. Keep it up! P.S, only four stars because omg THE JUMP SCARES
  • southgirl562
    The best!!!!!!
    Hi markea I use to love this podcast and scary things until I started having nightmares because of it so that’s why I rating one star if you could do stories that are a little less scary than maybe I would think about rating a batter rating thank you in advance if you ever read this
  • A-dawg1234598765
    I love this podcast and the animations on YouTube. I kinda miss Sapphire tho.
  • ctfuguduf
    Love it but Sapphire needs to come back.
    When Sapphire introduced Markia, Sapphire said that she would return to something scary, she didn’t though.😢 If you are looking for Sapphire then go to the podcast called stories with Sapphire I’ve heard that one is as good as the old podcasts on this one. Still love it though! Btw I have nothing against Markia.
  • AlphaGoddess83
    I love scary movies/stories.
    I initially found this on Snapchat and would always crave more because the stories aren’t that long. I deleted all my social media but realized I wouldn’t have the stores anymore. Then while on YouTube I found the page which lead me to the podcast. I’m now back in heaven and won’t have to wait until Thursday’s to get a new story. AND I have 3 years of stories to catch up on. Some days you receive small gifts that seem humongous! Thank you!!! Markeia’s voice is also so calming and keeps you wanting more of the story. Thank you guys!
  • urlocalshorty
    love this podcast
    this podcast is by far my favorite of all time. I love the stories they always send chills down my spine.. :)
  • 👽Monster13👽
    Love this podcast
    Omg the story’s are actually scary and I love them 🖤🖤🖤
  • Lake!!!!!!!!!!
    Really scary!
    Every story in this podcast sends chills down my spine
  • Eclipse_Shadow
    Wanna Hear Something Scary?
    The podcast is chill, I have been listening since Sapphire. Miss her, but Markeia is amazing as well. Not as scary as before although probably just a change.
  • Anonymous😏😝😜
    I just love this podcast I would join the patreon but I’m 14-
  • shhxxjbjduddhcbh
    I love the horror and the spooky shadows lurking within it 😋😋
  • KittyCollectur
    I REALLY like this podcast! But can you please limit the sound effects? I’m just a kid, and I don’t want this podcast taken away from me.
  • the 5-star reviewer
    While not all the stories have me shaking and shivering, the Something Scary podcast is honestly amazing. I love all the stories and listen to them on repeat continuously. So, wanna hear something scary?
  • Tom Glynn43
    Something Scary
    I absolutely love these podcasts and the stories are absolutely scary
  • heyheyforani👑
    Horror for 3
    I love this podcast! Especially the animated episodes! Even though I don’t get scared much anymore. Some stories though :/ can be rip-off and not originals. Like the “auntie” one (when it actually was supposed to be “mother &the two cups of milk” in the Walls Could Scream one.
  • Mrs.NicoleT
    I love your podcast scary stories
    Hey markeia I want to FaceTime you I haven’t i will join you on YouTube I hope you injoy your birthday on the 25th on august love you my friend markeia mc carty and happy huntd holidays I miss you markeia
  • Little rat 27
    I LOVE this podcast but...
    Thank you this is a great podcast I’ve been listening to it since 2019 keep up the good work but I’m only 11 so when I say that I fall asleep to the sound of people dying my parents get concerned so it would be AWESOME if you would go a little chill on the noises because I love this and I really don’t want to lose it and trust me I like the sound but you now BYE!
  • crt8888
    I love this podcast I miss Sapphire but I like the new person also I can listen to Sapphire on her YouTube channel (you can find it by looking up Shapphire scary story’s) <3
  • Santiago Georgi
    Santiago Georgi
    I can’t find today’s episode for 4/20/2021
  • 🎧🐛
    this is my comfort show on youtube, so it’s great to have a pod cast of it to listen to while trying to go to sleep. although sapphire is gone, the show is still great and i love it just as much as before. 🥰❤️ also, those of you asking for sapphire to come back, realize she’s moved on and just enjoy the podcast as it is. Markeia does great things too. :))
  • B.r.Reynolds
    For ppl who want sapphire back. She id doing another podcast this is now tetnechly markeias
  • ~Mya McCarty~
    This is the best podcast ever I wait for every Tuesday now and wait for the new episodes on YouTube to this is one of my favorite things to listen to during my free time honestly I hope this never gets canceled😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
  • horrror-podcast lover003782
    OMG I love this podcast I wait for every Tuesday it’s my favorite day✌🏿 I give it a 1 million out of 10
  • sjebvwoplsnwkww
    Sapphire come back!!! ❤️
  • Poop-82
    Rip Safire but still good
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