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Do you wanna hear something scary? Join Blair and Steffany every week as they bring you the creepiest ghost stories, urban legends, and folktales.
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  • Loganfool
    Too many commercials,
    Seems like it’s less than 60% actual story. The commercials should be at the beginning, and at the end night all through the whole thing.
  • 🥳🤩😘🥰😍
    Best podcast ever
    As a spooky fan, I love this podcast 78 more episodes to go until I finish everything! ❤️
  • peyton girl power
    I love this podcast so much it’s the best! I love hearing about some people’s experiences I haven’t had many experiences but my aunt has seen a ghost with only green eyes! Anyway amazing podcast and forget about those hater’s.
  • OGSlayQueeen
    Good, not great
    The old episodes/hosts are great. The new host Blair is also very good. Unfortunately Steffany’s reading style is really difficult to listen to, with a lot of strange and unnecessary pauses. It can be distracting and makes it difficult to get into the story. They also have gotten a little excessive with ads recently. I still enjoy the podcast, but I hope it’ll get back to the same level it was with the previous hosts.
  • toca world is mr fav
    I have a story !!!!!!!
    One day I was grabbing a snack I was walked though the hall and then the lights flickered and saw an old man staring right up at me while sitting balled up on the floor and he said I miss you so much and I’m still scared about that!
  • Noodles111611
    This is really cool but does need some improvement
    This is a really good podcast! I love the disturbing stories. A lot of people are annoyed with the ads, and I do think the ads should be quieter because I have yanked my earbuds out several times due to loudness. But like, quit hating on them. You can just skip them. But can we please have some warning? But anyway, great podcast. Good job Sapphire! 😁😁😁
  • Ghostbuster#2
    Love it so much
    I absolutely love this podcast, fun scary and disturbing stories. But y’all stop hating, you can skip the ads, it’s not that hard. Love the podcast.
  • CMKthebest
    Live to love it
    I remember listening to this on snap when I was like 7 I’m 13 now, and still love the stories! I can’t wait for another episode of this!Also, y’all stop hating, if you rlly don’t like the podcast why keep listening? How do you know that every episode has hella ads? You don’t unless you want to keep listening to these. So, jus shut your little foul mouth
  • SantismaMuerte
    Like listening to the radio, but not in the good way
    What’s truly scary is the 2 minutes of ads in-between each story. Seriously there’s an ad break every few minutes, and they’re the kind with people shouting at you over jangling music. I’ve been startled into yanking out my earphones more than once. I understand the need for sponsorship with free content and I truly don’t mind a few ads per episode, but this is nuts. The stories are fun Goosebumps-style horror but there are plenty of other horror podcasts that aren’t 50% commercials. Not worth it.
  • Cory/Lipithy
    I used to be obsessed with the show when I was younger I rewatch some videos sometimes and it’s kind of gone down hill since Sapphire left but I still listen to the podcast
  • bkwilson1996
    I used to love this show, but it’s gone down hill since Sapphire left.
  • kia liy lilly
    Love it
    I love podcasts because I can play something scary and I love it so much thanks for making it I love it so much 🥹😍😊And also if it was not made I would be sad 😢 but it is not 🥳
  • kDpW27
    Not paying to hear ads
    To wait weeks for a 30 minute story that is literally only 12 minutes with ads is not worth my time. I’ll pass
  • AsheTheMan-IshGirl
    Absolutely amazing, one thing tho…….
    I LOVE this so much. I’ve been listening to it for two-three years, and it never gets old. But the ads… there’s a lot ads between stories. Maybe fix that or add less ads?
  • heatherchurch
    Decent but too many ads
    Starts with multiple ads, then a few minutes of story, then more ads. So far I’m 9 minutes in and it’s been over 50% commercials…aaaaaand another ad break. No thanks.
  • RM Vice
    Great and Immersive
    I’ve always been into horror, I’ve listened to over 1k horror podcast episode spanning 10-12 productions since 2017 (Studio 71 being one of my favs). Never have I ever been actually creeped out (they are entertaining). Last night I went to get the mail (we have no street lights and it’s a new build area with almost no houses) and for the first time, I felt the darkness looming and this podcast had me looking over my shoulder. It was fun!!!
  • Kimera29
    Not scary , Too many adds
    This podcast is only in my library for something to listen to while I wait for new content for my other podcasts. The stories are incredibly short and are usually ended in ways that are supposed to be suspenseful but always fall short. Not one story has every come close to being frightening. I compare the feeling I get from them to Goosebumps books; maybe they would have creeped me out when I was nine, but now they’re just subpar. The annoying, sharp drum beats in between stories or in the beginning of them just adds to the general feel of blah. The adds are honestly longer than the stories. I would definitely not recommend this to anyone except maybe a twelve year old with an interest in horror.
  • Corvus Anduril
    Boring and SO MANY ADS
    Compared to other horror podcasts, this one is well made but the stories aren't scary. They're "horror genre" but their plots are generic. That plus the fact that this podcast has more ads than any other podcast I've ever listened to is why I'm no longer listening to this one.
  • kk so im a stick
    Love this forever
    I’ve been listening for 2 years of my live its so scary I I love it!!! But… the ads are so bed I can’t even explain it to you but the story’s Mack up for the ads keep it up not the ads the story’s I like how one story is so scary Mack’s me what to pee my pants and I like how the other one is not really scary so I gets me cooled down lol. I listen to this on really long car rides and well it helps me a lot thank you for everything. Never stop being scary ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💓💗💖💝💕💞❤️‍🔥
  • LukeInNH
    Hope you like advertising
    Content is ok but the ads are a big percentage of each episode’s time.
  • Zeegha
    Too Many Ads
    Heard 4 ads in 8 minutes and it interrupted the flow of the scary story. Count me out...
  • DJCat08
    This has been my favorite thing to listen to since I was nine and I have always loved how spooky it has been Sincerely DJCat08
  • myguy159
    i hope one of the hosts read this i’ve been a fan for years im not here to complain abt sapphire being gone or the ads which are all notable thing but changes happen and y’all need money so i’ll spare it in here to talk abt something i feel we are missing i feel as if i don’t want to hate and i’m not but i feel like we got more how to say… dulled is the word the stories are shorter, less scary and well less interesting. I understand that you might not have the best every single week but this is getting to be a trend so pls take this utterly respectfully and try to change just a little bit thanks and keeps up those spooks especially as we roll into spooky season with love…
  • I love Olivia Rodrigo26789755
    I love your voice😙❤️
  • Mungadai 7
    I miss y’all
    I miss sapphire and markia :( no hate love the newer hosts
  • Broadway_luv
    Good episode this week
    I agree with other listeners that the scares have been sort of lacking lately. This week had some really good stories though!
  • Player- 1234567890
    This podcast is so good! It’s been my favorite podcast to listen to for years!
  • KittyCollectur
  • holo_taco
    Listen to this religiously ❤️ although the eps feel shorter nowadays
  • Al I ❤️ scary
    Spooky night
    Wow! I just love all the creeps and spooks! these Stories make me look behind my back in my room lol 🥹
  • bfave
    Probably good, but too many ads
    20 minutes into a 40 minute episode and there have been more ads than podcast. Seriously, there has been one story and over 5 ads. This is worse than network TV.
  • l3sbian_Lov3r
    Extra care
    I always sit with my dogs when listening to your scary stories and now I’m always going to give them some more treats and care.
  • BellaLeckner123
    I miss markia
    Not to be mean but I really really miss her voice):
  • emiprceses11
    i miss markia
    i don’t wanna be mean but it was better with her hosting:(
  • CarolC4
    This show is mostly ads, now. Very disappointing. I understand the need for sponsors, but they definitely overtake the content and don’t match the tone of the podcast.
  • Strano20
    I love love love this podcast!!! No humor, no banter, no unnecessary talk. Just scary stories! Love the voice as music. It’s all around fantastic. So happy to have actually found a good scary podcast.
  • lilylovesceleberties
    Something scary
  • hello you are a nice person
    Good scares
    I love getting scared, but I have a very vivid imagination and have a tendency to involuntarily think about scary things until I am quite literally paralyzed with fright. On occasion, I have even imagined breathing that isn’t my own into my bedroom-when it very clearly isn’t there. This podcast gives me the chills I crave without too much overreaction. Advice for fellow scaredy-cats: 1. Only listen with one earbud. It’s less scary when you aren’t in surround sound. 2. Listen to fun music afterwards, and drive the terror out of your mind, leaving only the pleasant chills. 3. Only listen around other people. When you’re alone with only you and your thoughts, you’re more likely to start overthinking-and overimagining. Thanks for the great podcast. ~Torie from Wisconsin P.S. Come on, you totally missed a great pun on the looks episode! “If Looks Could Kill”. Bruh.
  • NewportBeachGirl
    My Ears Are Bleeding!
    I have never listened to, or in this case “tried” to listen to a podcast that has more commercials than content. Yes, I am a very active Patreon and enjoy ad free content, but in this case I cant even decide if this is a quality, entertaining podcast that I would want to a support as a Patreon because there are so many commercials I can’t even follow the stories. Hey, I get it, you need a cash flow to keep the lights on, but you can’t have it both ways. My recommendation? Unless the editor makes more appropriate breaks for commercials without being inundated by commercials more than content…DON’T BOTHER LISTENING.
  • avidlistenernomore
    New podcast host stephanie really ruins the stories for me
    I have been listening to this poscast for years and from sapphire hosting it, to the new hosts today. The new host totally ruins the stories for me because she tells the stories very ineffectively. All bubbly and happy sounding... for scary stories? Just no.
  • ollie bebe💩🌺🦄🍯
    I love this podcast I’m listening to it right now! I listen to it late at night, and I hear noises and I feel like I’m being watched… should I look outside? I’m just to freaked out… but still I love your podcast so much! But one question, should I share it with my family? Is it a family podcast??? Also I have a story! This happened to one of my family members, they were sleeping at night when they looked down and saw legs sticking out of the back of the bed, they went to my dad but he was asleep so was my mom, that freaked them out, it also freaked me out, ok well bye!! Love your podcast!.
  • Ummmmmm idk a good nickname
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since 2019 I think and before I found the podcast I watched their youtube video. I absolutely love this podcast because it makes me feel so calm when listening
  • 728378962223
    Wow 🤩
    I have been listening to this podcast since like 2019 and wow you guys got me shaking in my boots like how do you make this sooo good but my all time favorite episode was “books is thicker than water” 🥹
  • Mori-yaku
    Not that scary anymore
    I started out as a fan of Snarled’s YouTube channel and migrated to the podcast a few years ago. Unfortunately the quality of the stories seemed to have decreased since Sapphire left. What drew me to the original tales were the realistic elements that made them seem almost plausible. Urban legends, creepy pastas, and even stories based off of real life. That’s what made them so scary. Now it’s just all fan stories with lackluster characters and some supernatural/paranormal conflict that usually ends up with the character or people they know dying. Or being cursed. Or whatever else. The end. I’ll still listen to the podcast, but it’s definitely not scary anymore for me.
  • witchcraft _sage
    I have been listening to this show for a while now and used to love it. However, while it was a 5 star show when both markeia and sapphire were reading, the quality has definitely decreased since Blair took over. Overall the show is still a 4 star show, but I would do anything to go back to one of the previous narrators. :( We miss you markeia.
  • boopnoodle_owo
    I loved this podcast but I can’t say the same anymore. First Saphire, now Markeia. I would do anything to either of them back
  • Fredbear1884
    Overall pretty good
    I like this podcast quite a bit. I’m always excited to hear the stories that are told each week, and I like how detailed the stories are. The stories are usually bite sized, and that makes it nice when I’m in a hurry.
  • hffjfhdydhuf
    I hate this 😰😰😨😱
    I love your show but I have to tell you about my american girl doll😱😨😰one night I went to sleep with the doll and wen I woke up my doll had a knife 😱😨😰 ps this is not fake
  • dhdkfbe
    Where’s Markeia
    I used to love this podcast but the new voice just ruins it :( the rhythm of the story telling is off and it’s just not the same !
  • markeia plz come back
    Markeia,please come back.
    I loved when markeia were reading the story but who is reading it but anyways markeia, we love u
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