Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain


Emma has a LOT on her mind. Good thing she has a podcast to talk about it all. Appropriately named, anything really does go on this podcast. Thoughts, conversations, and advice on topics from relationships and dealing with failure, to the trials and tribulations of being a cat mom, and ridiculous stories with friends we can all relate to. It’s raw, intimate, and nothing is off limits (seriously, Anything Goes). It may be serious, it’ll mostly be funny, and it’ll always be entertaining. New episodes every Thursday. 

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Recent Reviews
  • nathalieastorga
    I listen to anything goes when I paint my nails and when I start to feel anxious and sad. Love this podcast so much, it feel like I’m listening to a friend I’ve known for a long time <3 love you Emma ,
  • i h8 the update
  • sodjdnduysjr
    i love you emma
    this podcast had changed my life. thank you so much emma!!
  • thank you emma
    Best Podcast I’ve Ever Listened To
    Emma truly cares about her supporters and their well being and it shows. She puts in so much effort for us and genuinely helps my life. I love her and look forward to the podcast every single week.
  • gladi h.
    miss emma chamberlain youre my favorite! i love this podcast, i feel like we are best friends or something ily✨
  • zoella202
    uh yeah
    absolutely exceptional ;)
  • begone2212
    So Relatable
    Absolutely love this podcast! It’s so cool to be able to relate to someone on such a high level. It’s really refreshing and helpful in so many ways.
  • Not just anyone 1011010120-0
    I LOVE
    Her podcast make thursdays the best days of the week. It’s so helpful to listen to her because I can relate!! I have never loved a podcast more. :)
  • chcukypedroza
    The best
    The best
  • mickeymouse13313131313
    So good
    My favorite podcast ever
  • mekshish
    So good and relatable!!
  • LaughingNerd_19
    saved my life
    I’ve been a fan of Emma since 2017, so it seemed natural to listen to her podcast. I’ve always struggled with my mental health, and it has hindered the ability for me to live my life normally. When I listened to the “why do I hate myself” episode, I felt my entire perspective on life change. I don’t know how you do it Emma, but you genuinely helped me figure out how I can be happy. I owe you one.
  • Kay46795679
    Old Fan Returning
    Honestly, I loved Emma in her come up, I loved seeing her flourish. Unfortunately, I too fell into the crowd of people believing LA “changed” her and that she was too famous. In actuality, we saw an average teenage girl be jolted into the spotlight for being her comical self. We saw people shaming a teenager for putting on a front for cameras, or “changing her brand” she didn’t change her brand, she grew up 😳 she matured and now we see her amazing business ventures. If anything, I am proud of who Emma has become and I will definitely be happy to support her. Truly defined the “quirky” girl era.
  • destineeboston00
    I have never really listened to podcasts thought they were boring but Emba has chanced my ENTIRE view of podcast love hers so much!! Love how honest she is and she talks about real life things no just surfaced based you know? 10/10 ❤️❤️ she makes me feel better and understood🥺❤️❤️ always happy to see new podcast from her
  • Puppypink
    I’ve been a fan of Emma’s YouTube channel for 2 years and her podcast is just as entertaining as her videos. I do find this podcast to be very relaxing, I love it!💖
  • badteens0.134
    this is probably the best podcast i have ever listened to love you emma💓~ hailey
  • Ausly0313
    Anything Goes <3
    I love listening to his podcast. I look forward to it every single week. 💞 In my opinion, this shows a different side of Emma that people don’t normally see in her videos. She gives really good advice to her fans, and I really admire her.
  • strawberry candles
    love it!!
    This podcast has helped me going trough life as a teenage girl, it’s kind of a therapy to me!
  • Henrik Lynn
    I am still waiting for the podcast episode where Emma gonna give us forehead kiss .
  • sv523
    I fall asleep to this podcast every night and I love the insight Emma has on her advice podcast as well as her stories on her other episodes. I feel like best friends with someone I’ve never met and I think that’s really impressive. Love Emma, love this podcast!
  • XanderM10
    Love this podcast!!!
    I listen to this podcast all the time highly reccomend!!!
  • Tessg333
    favorite podcast
    i just love it. so easy to listen to yet i learn so much every time. honest, funny, captivating, and relatable. my favorite podcast :)
  • hellopanda1023
    Wow the illusion of money episode. Hands down best thing I’ve ever listened to. Thank you Emma I love you.
  • Z00m F1r3
    Don't personally care to much about her, but she is very talented and persistent, and she deserves good ratings
  • heyelliemaee
    free therapy!
    anything goes has gotten me through so much. this podcast genuinely feels like you always have a friend to help you and that is there for you. it’s amazing to see emma’s growth and just spend once a week to reflect on your happiness and how to be the best version of yourself. this podcast is perfect :)
  • MariaEF2613
    I look forward to listening to your podcast every week!
    my honest opinion!
    I’m very picky about my podcasts. This is the best one i’ve found so far. Emma puts a ton of effort into making these episodes interesting and exciting. She goes over every topic you could possibly want to hear about; body image, bullying, school, sports, living alone, friendships, day to day occurrences and more. She makes it feel like you’re having one of those deep talks with your friend at a sleepover. Emma also does advice sessions every episode and even has entire episodes JUST for advice. You can ask her anything and she’ll probably respond. This is another reason i love it so much because i feel like i can interact with what the week’s episode is on. Emma has created an amazing podcast that’s friendly, fun, interesting, shocking, and an overall amazing experience.
  • charbs425
    fav podcast
    best podcast i seriously love emma 🤍🥲
  • alihoffss
    such a relaxing and relatable podcast. I look forward to going on a run or walk every week and tuning out the world listening to it 👍🏼
  • Matejeck
    She’s a genius
    Love this podcast so much. I was never a fan of Emma and never watched her YouTube videos (not that I didn’t like them I just never have watched them) but one day I decided to click on her podcast and I fell in love with her. She’s so smart and wise for her age and is truly so encouraging. Wise beyond her years for sure. She’s my age but she feels like a mother figure. Her advice is perfect and her voice and vibe is so fun to listen to. Obsessed with her and her podcast and her views on life. Keep it up Emma you have so many people who love you. You are killing it and you deserve every bit of happiness and love the world can give you♥️
  • sharerun M
    I hate podcasts but, I love this one
    I love Emma’s YouTube videos so thought I’d listen to one of her podcasts. I actually do not care for podcasts but, Emma’s did not disappoint. She spits mad facts and speaks from the heart giving some extremely insightful advice! (I think I almost like the podcasts more than her YouTube videos. Jk hehe)
  • IzzyK727
    Literally My Therapy
    she is just the best
  • Plllover03
    love it
    always has something interesting to say and love hearing her perspective on life
  • Bellah01424
    cool pod
  • stellajacobsonnnn
    best podcast ever
    this podcast is truly amazing emma is so well spoken but also so funny. i listen to these so often. emma is so naturally entertaining and i never get bored listening this. I actually hate podcasts because they bore me but this is so entertaining and I love it. I have convinced all my friends to start listening as well. BEST PODCAST EVER ILY EMMA
  • cahops
    love you emba
  • Mia Rodriguez11
    Favorite Podcast Ever
    This podcast is the only one I listen to because I don’t think anything will top it
  • Miyo's princess
    i love her sm
    i literally fall asleep to her podcast everyday. i love her so much and it’s like youtube videos with just her voice. i really love her so much it hurts ❤️😭
  • Jumblo7891
    Love u Emma
    One of my favorite chill podcasts :) part of my me-time
  • miracle2raw
    10/10 recommended !
    Very relaxing and reliable ! Not very much ads which makes it better. Great advice overall !!🌻
  • Syrine.1994
    Very good
    Im a 26 year old and I gotta say, i really enjoy this. some of the things Emma talks about on this podcast show so much maturity, wisdom and intelligence, and for her age is just incredible. Sometimes I think wow I can’t believe this is a 19 year old speaking. Plus, I really love her sense of humour.
  • noodlehan
    funny & has good advice
    honestly had only seen a couple of emma’s YT vids but after listening to 6 episodes on a long drive I’m kinda obsessed with her? she keeps it real, gives good advice, and is very funny. she seems very mature for her age. yay emma keep podcasting!
  • dleon05
    Probably one of my favorite podcasts and the only one I listen to. I understand everything she says and how she puts in her perspective and it’s very interesting how she thinks and puts her thoughts in certain subjects.
  • briana ochoa-espinosa
    i don’t think you understand, i listen to this podcast religiously. i listen to it every thursday while i clean my room in the morning. i love emma and all my great advice.
  • Japangirl 567
    Love it!
    I love this podcast & Emma!!! I look forward to it every Thursday!!!
  • peaches mom👁👄👁
    I love listening when I’m bored and when I’m about to go to sleep, keep doing what your doing Emma because it’s helping me. I just want to say I love you and thank you for helping my boredom
  • Popsoda001
    most insightful podcast
    she's so insightful and geniune. i listen to it every week. her advice is so kind and amazing. i highly recommend! my favorite podcast ever.
  • skodofnfhd
    This podcast is my favorite... so Emma, you killed it man. I listen to this when I’m working out, before bed, while I’m cleaning or if I’m just bored... it’s oddly soothing and I love that some of them are chill, or funny or really serious which is interesting!!! But anyways I love it and I’m obsessed 😌😘
    i love it
    really has gave great advice and helped me get to know emma more. one of my favorite podcasts.
  • Hayes :))
    Love it
    I love it Emma
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