Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain


Emma prefers to share her thoughts with a microphone rather than a physical human being, so thank god she has a podcast. Recorded from the comfort of her bed, Emma talks at length about whatever is on her mind every week. Anything really does go on this podcast. Sometimes philosophy, sometimes a random story from 10 years ago, sometimes advice, and sometimes nothing at all. You never know what you are going to get, but that’s what keeps it interesting. New episodes every Thursday.

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Recent Reviews
  • yi++o
    Top notch
    Chill podcast Thank S
  • ممـا
    Love love love
    My favorite podcast 💓💓💓
  • thanksemma
    Talks w the bestie
    Honestly Emma is so normal. She really is just like your bestie that you’ve never met or spoken to but listening to this podcast it’s like having a conversation with someone you’ve known forever. The topics are current yet not boring or over talked about. Even if you haven’t followed Emma’s YouTube journey or any of that part or even social media I would still recommend this podcast because it really just feels like a convo with a good friend. So impressed and will definitely continue to listen ☺️
  • avfj18482950
    out of touch??
    i love emma don’t get me wrong but recently it’s been painful listening to her go on and on about problems she seems to be a part of? the series she is doing about fame and social media is literally the pot calling the kettle black! her nostalgia for the uber rich and famous to come back is delusional as classist
  • Aaaaaaaabnm
    Taking advice from a 20 year old. Pass. Also very obvious advice stated over and over again
  • Pink_zzz
    Awesome Podcast!
    Anything goes is the deal! I’m telling you guys it’s like she can literally read my mind!! I just started listening like a day ago and I’m already on my 3rd episode. Thank you thank you so much for all the relatable stuff that you’re sharing. This is all that I need in a podcast.Keep doing the amazing work you do👌
  • lucy 1099
    I was just listening to your “we need to read books” podcast. You were talking about reading earlier in the episode, and later you were talking about how u love the movie coraline. Try reading it! It’s really good - I’m walking to the library to pick up a physical copy so I can stop reading and t on my phone rn.
  • avery✨
    i bought the nuts
    buy the salt and vinegar pistachios
  • ca$hman 132
    Really funny
    Her voice is so hot, and raspy. haha. And she has a great sense of humor.
  • maxtimsah
    Life Changing
    This is no joke the best podcast to listen to. It is the definition of character development that plants the idea of healthy living into the brain of millions. Amazing.
  • NikkiNov
    Hours of saying one obvious thing ad nauseum
    Emma is better short form. Love her on YouTube. She talks endlessly making the same (not that interesting) point over and over. The podcast seems lazy. Hit record and ramble. Part of her allure is the visual. Vogue interviews were abysmal though. Teen Vogue ok. Not Met.
  • hixis
    Tampon rec
    Hi! Try the OB tampons. They’re applicator free and the string comes tucked inside the tampon. You use your finger to like hollow it out . I put the tampon in and then pull the string out when it’s time to remove it. I’ve been doing half naked activities (ballet, swimming) my whole life and have never had a string go rogue.
  • ~~LC~~
    Spot on
    I loved the past two episodes about the cultural shift. I think we all feel it when it comes to the pressures/boredom from both social media and celebrities and it seems like they are feeling it too. I love that you made this an open conversation about culture happening right now. So cool
  • jailena siler
    my absolute favorite. I listen to her podcasts every night in the shower instead of music and it’s the best way to end my day. Everything she says is so perfect and true.❤️
  • lb09338
    Literally the best podcast i’ve ever listened to. You are so relatable. I look forward to listening every week, you make my day better ((:
  • the cookie effect
    She’s so honest
    Emma always feels very real and transparent to me. Love listening to her podcasts and hearing her opinions are relevant topics. Totally agree with the culture shift on the way as well!
  • Kcskate
    Love you
    Love you Emma
  • Fgm83
    I’m really disappointed. I was excited for the new episodes but to talk about cultural shifts and not mention the political parts is sad. There are people who use social media in non-capitalistic ways…like to educate and advocate for marginalized people. It feels tone deaf.
  • eslayer420
    Beyond grateful
    Over some time I became very secluded and trapped in my own head. I want to thank you for not only breaking a comfort barrier that needed to be broken but also undeniably accepting the flaws and struggles of the world from both POV’s of an “average” teenager to a self employed celebrity. The way you word things are beautiful and match the descriptions in my head of the things I am too chicken to say out loud. You make me know my own boundaries and you make me open my eyes. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for so long that I feel as if we are actual best friends, i wouldn’t change that though. Thank u emma ❤️❤️
  • Jessi4vr
    Culture shift part 2
    your episode was good but I had to disagree in some places, I don’t think the hype on celebrities won’t ever go down because most of us aren’t trying to work normal jobs because it’s hard out here , being a celebrity would solve a lot and I think u have to mentally be ready to be in the light and if you aren’t then that’s when being a celebrity can be bad. im a guy and I think this podcast is so fire , i love you so much emma, the best podcast in the game, so fun and authentic and you can learn something from each episode , you are the dopest 🖤
  • shawneypoo
    I do agree
    I’m bored of people
  • MaddieMorgan4
    Cultural shift with social media
    I could not agree more. You out my feelings into words.. I never knew how to say it .. I totally agree tho. Love this pod
  • louithegreat
    Big slay
    I LOVE this podcast. So good, I look forward to every Thursday to see what Emma is talking about this week. Ily Emma ❤️
  • Jailene M
    My favoriteeee
    Everytime Emma posts I know it’s gonna be a good day😭. So relatable and funny I wish we were friends fr
  • Skinny-Elmo
    One of my favorites
    Might be the only 35 year old who listens to this podcast lol but I love Emma! She just has such great vibes and is an old soul with a great sense of humor and incredible self-awareness.
  • frataeeee
    from a crying b
    i love you my comfort person :,) <3
  • Krystine K
    Shift in social media has got me too
    This episode is crazy. I feel like the “influencer” is trying to sell you something when a celebrity is just based on talent. Crazy Revolution we’re going through this.
  • shasityr
    Comfort podcast
    I am literally so obsessed with this podcast. Like guys, I don’t know but there is something about it where I feel as if I am talking to an old friend and we are catching up and just talking about anything. That one specific aspect of it makes me love this podcast. Emma keep doing what you’re doing, don’t change a thing :)
  • JustSoani
    please start having guest
    I think the conversation and discussion would be much more productive if there was someone else who could agree or offer a different perspective
  • Jjjjjjjjjjjjjjdddddd
    Emma- you are an internet celebrity
    I hope the purpose of the recent episode was to describe your current lifestyle
  • Jules101020000000
    the realest
    so comforting and always makes my day. helps me feel more okay with just being me :)
  • Gordon mini doodle lever 87
    i loveeee you!!! i literally wait every thursday to come home and listen to you! you are like a big sister to me and i feel so safe when i listen to your podcast! you are a queen emma and so relatable and relaxed like girl yasss💕👑
  • Top-notch podcast
    Lovely, top-notch, down-to-earth, young human.
  • snapsforyou
    the most recent episode about the culture shift. YES EMMA YES. i’m a huge fan for years since early youtube but you just always nail it.
  • ♡Maddie ♡
    Emma Chamberlain💕
    I have been a fan of Emma for years, especially on her YouTube. She’s so inspiring to me because I relate to her so much. I’ve recently gotten into her podcasts, and I’m literally obsessed.
  • Zoezerzz
    Love 💜
    I thought the last episode about social media was super interesting:) It would be super cool if the more creative side of social media comes next. P.S. love the podcast and am exited for more episodes on the topic :D
  • contentluvr13
    So wise, so insightful
    Emma rules! I love her podcast. Her commentary over the past year has helped me so much with reducing screen time. I’m much better for it. Thank you, Emma!
  • delaneygr
    Anything goes
    Emma has a grate personality and every podcast she sends a grate message💜
  • AlyCas003
    Love this
    I recently got into podcasts because I’ve been having trouble sleeping for whatever reason and I just can’t get over how relatable and actually helpful this podcast has been for me. I definitely will be binging all of the episodes and then become a dedicated follower
  • PIKACHU9374
    Hi emma if you are reading this 😈😈 This podcast is amazing in so many different ways. I love emma and this podcast and I know many of my friends do as well. It’s amazing for just focusing on what emma has to say, or in the background for a walk or my personal fave is too listen to the podcast while trying a new recipe. I struggle with my mental health sometimes just like most people do and for some reason listening to emma share her struggles makes me feel less alone. I also enjoy that she covers so many different topics whether they are more serious or mainly just for fun. P.s. I am ordering some of those salt and vinegar pistachios 😏 definitely worth a listen for anyone of any age or background ,100 percent recommend -maisie
  • gracie7774774447777
    emma girl..
    okay i actually can’t with this most recent episode and in general emma’s discourse about the new age of celebrity as if she ISNT EXACTLY what she’s talking about. in this most recent episode she said “you know you might even consider me an internet celebrity” obviously! what else would you be?? i used to love emma but this podcast infuriates me, she belabors the most basic points as if she a saying something groundbreaking and talks in circles over and over. she should have sticked to youtube.
  • anomolutes
    yes yes yes
    the today’s episode is so good. social media and the internet is getting inherently boring.. i feel we’re all gonna lift up our heads from our screens more and live real life again. hopefully
  • beatmolecular
    Emma is joyful seeing you grow in all the ways a person can. I followed you since the begging SF days, I always considered old to watch you videos. But I’m so proud of you. I hope you are right and everyone kinda forget about social media and make connections in real life. ❤️❤️❤️
  • New young mom here
    Emma Rocks
    Out of many podcasts this one slams. Emma you are doing awesome this is something your naturally good/talented at. I enjoy listening to you and feel like you are my friend. You are so funny and crack me up. However the main reason I listen to you is because I STRIVE to be like you, our brains are very similar yet different and your vocabulary is far impressive. Don’t change for anyone continue to be yourself. Continue to educate us because your podcast is nothing but fun and comforting. I would definitely love and aspire to meet you one day and collaborate. Feel free to reach out to me if that doesn’t creep you out. Sincerely, Ameli Magnon ( insta @amelimagnon) much love always.
  • sarahholland7701
    listening to this makes me cry
    emma’s words are so meaningful and true things everyone should hear and be more conscious of. ngl a do cry listening to this sometimes just because i can relate to so many of these topics, and just hearing her say these things also brings me joy. love you em<3
  • Caljeand
    Best Podcast Ever! Great advice and insight! Very relaxing!
    I really appreciate you just talking about how you are doing in life or giving us advice because I have learned so much from you and I’ve grown because of the advice you give! I really appreciate you and I Love you girl! Keep it up!<3
  • sophia54565456
    As I teen girl I really love this podcast. Hearing someone with a platform as big as hers and what seems like a much more important life going through the same things I do, somehow makes me feel better. I love how she has some podcasts for more light hearted things and some for deeper and darker subjects. Overall I really like the depth and amount of different subjects this podcast has.
  • jilli b.
    my fave podcast
    i love listening to this podcast 24/7. it feels like i’m talking with a friend the entire time. love her advice, love to listen, love the vibe. it’s just fantastic.
  • angeleebandzzzz
    literally one of the best podcasts ever! opened my eyes so much, thank you emma! this podcast helps me wake up and go through my day.
  • zorelyyy
    This is my favorite podcast ever, I love hearing Emma in the morning while I do my routine. It’s really relaxing and inspirational.
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