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Welcome to the podcast I’ve been dreaming about for over a year now. I feel so blessed that each of you get to be apart of it. Through this next phase of my life, I’m taking you with me & we’re getting through it all together. We’re all on the same team, and I believe in you❤️
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  • ggfvvdccddggg
    LOVE !!!
    It’s so cool to hear you attempt to share the things in life that have positively (or negatively) impacted you, while also reflecting and learning as you speak. You can hear in your voice how passionate you are about this podcast + the topics you choose and it’s refreshing to hear somebody else validate and spark new thoughts and perspectives the way you do with your episodes. Thank you for this Lexi!! ❤️❤️
  • emilyg_ireland
    absolutely incredible
    I literally cannot thank Lexi enough for creating this because I feel understood when I listen. She is so open, honest, and kind that I soak in every moment of her podcasts. I’ve been following her for years now and all I can say is that I have followed her and seen the growth she is talking about and I feel like I’m part of it. This is the best part of my Monday honestly. She is so real and it makes me feel like I can truly be the person I wanna be because she gives advice and real experience that I can apply to my life. Lexi has made me see my life as full of possibilities and I now know I can achieve my dreams. Thank you so much Lexi, you are a beautiful soul and you inspire so many people 💗
  • Charley🌞
    such an inspiring podcast!! i absolutely love these episodes, i feel like we are best friends just listening to this you go into such detail and it really helps me relate to my life and my struggles and helps me. i’m sorry for all of the negative comments you receive you don’t deserve it and don’t let them take your happiness away 🤍🤍
  • Taylorberry15
    I love Lexi!
    She’s the best and she deserves all of the success she’s getting.
  • sjoy111
    This is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. It’s so motivational, inspirational, and helps me get through hard days. I used to take screen recordings of lexis tiktoks to compile them into mini podcast episodes and now we have a REAL Podcast… YAY! I love you Lexi and you inspire me to be the best version of myself. You guys need to listen to these podcasts they will change your life for the better of you really take them to heart. I know they’ve changed my life in amazing ways. ❤️❤️❤️
  • binastarch
    Lexi is so inspiring and such a wonderful human being. This podcast is already starting to change my mindset and inspire me in life. And it honestly just brings me so much comfort listening to her. It makes me feel like I’m not alone, knowing that she has similar struggles and we’re in it together. 100/10 recommend listening, especially for teens/young adults. Love you Lexi!
  • Caglebabyyyy
    Leave it to the pros
    I know you’re trying to help but you just drag out the same thing over and over. Get to the point and stop fronting
  • musiclover6283
    Brings me so much peace!! Love Lexi so much
  • audreygarrett_
    i’ve been following lex since she lived in hawaii so when i found out she had a podcast i was stoked! this has been my running listen every monday since it’s started and really helped me just with the way i think about things and treat myself. love this so much!
  • latina for trump🇺🇸
    Lexi is so inspirational
    I love love this podcast and look forward to it every week. She is so raw with her life and so honest with her fans with the good and the bad #queen👑👑
  • PoppyEmma17
    I love these podcasts so so much! I have never really been into podcasts in the past, but since Lexi released this one I have absolutely loved listening to them while at work! I really feel like I am sitting right next to her having a real conversation with her! They make me feel so calm and happy!
  • em_marie8
    I have listened to all of your podcasts! and since the first two i have been trying to listen to little parts each day so that i can still listen to it all week before the next one comes out. I just absolutely love them the are so inspirational and inspire me to be the best version of myself.
  • MaddieF5505
    this is seriously my fav pod ever. Lexi gives the BEST advice.
  • madi:))))))
    happiest podcast:))
    this podcast makes me !!SERIOUSLY!! so happy inside! i absolutely love her youtube channel so i thought why not give her podcast a try?! she’s so funny and always makes me feel good! lexi hidalgo is the best! please listen give her a listen 💘
  • Avatyp
    This podcast is honestly the best one yet. I never can stay on a podcast and commit to listening to one, I always get bored. This one is so different though, Lexi is so young and so wise. This podcast has helped so much, I listen every Monday!!
  • kyyyyydawg
    thank you 🤍
    i have really bad anxiety and having lexi talk about it has really helped me. she is so inspiring! i’m almost 18 so hearing her talk about social anxiety with college has helped🤍🤍
  • Princess of G.W.
    Took 10 minutes to absolutely hooked me
    I am starting a new chapter in my life and I’m trying very hard to rework my life for the better and I’ve been trying to find podcasts and books that resonate with this idea and I was having a hard time and it only took 10 minutes for me to know that this podcast is one of resources that’s really gonna help me go on this journey. Incredibly excited for the future podcasts💕💕💕 Thank you so much!
  • Cherry T. Lee
    im gonna start off by saying that lexi’s story is so inspiring. she gives such amazing advice and i have learned a lot of valuable lessons from them. this podcast feels so down so earth and i love that!
  • Dr. Lazaroff
    ok i want to start off by saying this podcast found me at such the right time. i’m in middle school now and i just started a new school. socially it’s been a bit hard and the positive messages lexi gives, gave me so much motivation. thanks so much lexi for letting me know that i’m in the happening and i’ll figure out the reason later. that’s gonna stick with me💕
  • myasunrae
    Best podcast ever
    I’ve been watching Lexi since she started her tik tok and have since then been obsessed with her energy and positivity! I’m so glad she made this podcast to share more of her joy and I can’t wait to see where she goes! Love the little moments 🤍🤍
  • sophia(sisla)
    LEXIII I love listening to your podcast while doing homework! As a teenager your podcast has really matured me🤍🤍🤍
  • ally grac
    i heart lexi
    this is my favorite podcast & i now look forward to mondays. you are full of wisdom and im so happy you share & spread positivity with the world; you are an amazing. you rock lexi, i hope you continue this podcast for so so so long
  • Samantha Rittenberg
    In love w Lexi
    Lexi, I love you and am so thankful for you. I was scrolling on tiktok two years ago and came across your coffee talk. I instantly followed you. Your bright and cheery background and soothing voice brought me into a new world. I since then have followed your journey on Instagram and YouTube too and I can officially say I am obsessed w you. I’m kind of picky about my podcasts, not all keep my attention and this one is amazing. Please keep being you💕💕
  • mariaPro:)
    thank you so much for this podcast lexi:) it is so amazing seeing how far you have come and all your experiences. it’s truly refreshing to know that i can reach my full potential one day, even through the struggle it will be worth it at the end of the day. love you lex!!❤️
  • jjdjdldlfllfmfnfnbb
    Lexi is such a raw, beautiful, kind, funny and awesome person and her podcast reflects that so much! 10/10 podcast I love you lexi! ❤️
  • sofia grande <3
    love it!!
    everything u said was so relatable to me, im couldn’t be more excited abt finding your podcast 💗 ur an amazing girl, keep it up!
  • rachelvinik
    i adore this podcast. plz.
  • Miaceccarelli
    So inspiring 🤍
    I absolutely love this podcast so far and i can’t wait to listen to more. Lexi is someone who i can relate to and it’s so motivating hearing her story. Growth is beautiful and we all live our own magical stories. I truly believe this podcast will help me gain my sparkle back. Thank you lexi for being you!!!
  • kaylaaskye.
    Absolutely Loved it
    Lexi your mom is amazing. this was a very good episode and it was touching to hear everything you talked about. keep going!! you’re doing great 🤍
  • margo jane
    Super motivating :)
    This podcast has really helped my mindset and I can’t wait for more episodes. <3 <3
  • dgjfryv
    i love u and when i heard abt this podcast i was very excited and i love listening too it even some of the things i don’t relate too i like knowing what other people are going through. Also i’ve been following you tiktok for a long time and i need some merch🙏🏼❤️
  • Claudia 💟
    Helps so much with my mental health, and makes me feel so uplifted afterwards. Definitely recommend listening to this podcast!! :)))
  • no thank you✅😻😹✨
    sooo proud of lex and all that she’s done!!! definitely worth a listen 🤍🤍🤍
  • arriana.eckard
    so so good!!!
    lexi i adore you. your absolutely beautiful and i love to see you smile. you always give me motivation! i love listening to your podcast when i’m cleaning it literally makes me so happy. i would loooove for you to talk more about your dream board!! i’m about to make one for myself right now. so much love for you🤍🤍🤍🤍
  • take accountibility
    It’s okay
    Some of the advice or things she says is pretty cheesy and cliche. I think it’s almost shallow advice sometimes like too upbeat for my liking. I feel like she doesn’t really go deep. I was excited to watch the “rediscovering” episode because it’s something I am going through currently and I felt like she wasn’t really in it? Also feels like she’s not casually talking sounds more like a speech, church pastor or a TED talk. It’s a new podcast so it may just take time to develop?
  • Emiegolden
    I am so in love with this podcast! Lexi is so relatable and she describes everything that I feel like I'm going through perfectly! I love all of her self love messages and she gives such good advice! Love Lexi and love this podcast! I HIGHLY recommend!!
  • akdbarker
    I can’t even describe how happy this and you shining your light and sharing your story makes me!!
  • G-Mason
    loved it
    it was my first time ever listening to a podcast and i don’t think i can express how much i loved this. it covered every topic and i cant wait to hear more. it made me realize somethings about the period of time i was struggling in and i can’t wait to hear another next week, love u!!
  • lunatatiana
    obsessed with this podcast already!! raw
  • Calgal405
    Literally such a cute podcast! She gives amazing advice and is such a sweet girl!!! It’s like you’re talking to an older sister! 100% recommend
  • Woodford my doggo
    Lexi, thank you so much for this. you have truly helped me through a lot. i literally love you so much!! keep smiling too:) thank you so much!
  • The guuvtfycg
    This podcast is so good for just resetting you mind set!! It’s so helpful!
  • zi🦋🍄🌷💫
    I love you.
  • alex_h67
    I love this podcast so much. When listening it feels like your talking to your friend and Lexi is so well spoken. I definitely recommend you give this podcast a listen.
  • Bihemolanlgeaey
    absolutely incredible, super inspirational, motivating. I’ve been going through a hard time lately and this helps me get through and see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • Wendy7468$$$
    favorite podcast
    lexi this is amazing!! so happy to be hearing more of your story, you’re so inspiring. can’t wait to see where this podcast takes you! thank you for being real with us💗
  • Samham101
    free therapy
    i feel like i am talking to a friend ❤️
  • Maya Massengale
    Lexi Hidalgo, you inspire me.
    SO OBSESSED WITH LEXI & EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PODCAST. 🤍⭐️🍀🧠🦋🌞 Finding the good in life, embracing the small moments, & our youth are all things i’m so so so passionate about. Lexi hits allllll the points i wanna say. Feeling so inspired ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • shelby.robinson
    Love it
    Lexi I love this podcast so so much!! So inspirational💗
  • popofflexi
    Lexi, you literally changed my life for the better!
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