My Climate Journey


A podcast about a recovering software entrepreneur (me!), and my quest to reorient my career around helping solve climate change for this next chapter and beyond. Includes interviews with people in the thick of tackling this problem, and commentary from yours truly. I'm glad you are here!

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  • leepnet
    Best way to learn about climate fast
    Jason’s podcast is the best way to quickly learn about the climate crisis. He interviews a variety of guests from startups, funds, non-profits and other organizations who are deep experts. If you want to learn about climate, this is the place to start.
  • adamaflynn
    Awesome podcast!
    This podcast is great for anyone trying to wrap their head around climate change. It’s a big, complex topic covering a huge range of disciplines with a mix of serious institutional inertia and fast-moving changes in science, technology, finance, policy, and public opinion. It's daunting for a newcomer to make sense of, but critically-important that the best minds from all sorts of backgrounds come together to work on this problem. These interviews are a fantastic supplement to books for anyone trying to get involved. His guests provide depth in their specific areas of focus that can serve as jumping off points for more research and add nuance (or contrarian views) to the material available in the books that try to discuss the big pieces of this problem from 30,000 ft. It’s been extremely helpful to my own climate journey. Thanks Jason!
  • PistachioLaura
    It’s everyone’s job.
    The reality is that responding to the climate crisis is literally everyone’s job, no matter what field you are in. Billions of dollars and thousands of lives are already being lost and the longer we all wait on the sidelines, the worse it’s going to be. Following Jason’s journey through the economy of fighting the climate crisis is an excellent way to educate yourself about what you can be doing about it right now from the seat you already occupy. As he says, pick up a shovel and start digging. Listening to this podcast journey will help you carve your own path.
  • Armchair5000
    The climate change (crisis) show I've been looking for!
    I am really enjoying the diversity of experiences, perspectives and depth of knowledge that Jason's guests bring to the show. He queries them with a humble, open mind but doesn't hesitate to press on the hard questions. I look forward to more episodes!
  • dtmcc95
    Important podcast for those just getting their head around climate change
    Jason is doing something really important: showing people the entire landscape of climate related initiatives. It’s really hard to even define what this area of focus is called, let alone map it out. But Jason does a great job through this podcast. It’s digestible while covering so many major themes. He’s also approachable and has incorporated listener feedback very well. Highly recommend!
  • Alr3adY Tak3n!
    Must listen
    I have been in the energy/cleantech sector for over a decade and still find Jasons's climate journey informative and inspiring. I learn something on every episode - even when he interviews people I have know for years!
  • ryanh021
    Fantastic listen!
    Jason gets amazing guests and has a natural knack for interviewing. Definitely check this out no matter where you are on your own climate journey - you won't regret it!
  • Desquared2
    Masters course on climate & sustainability
    Truly a Masters level course on climate & sustainability: science, policy, & finance. Tho could you slow down? I cant keep with the ‘required’ reading on two episodes per week.
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