Theories of the Third Kind


Explore the unknown with us. Conspiracy Theories, Aliens, Paranormal, Demons, Occult, Bigfoot, Reptilians, Cryptozoology, Conspiracies, Supernatural, UFOs. We seek the truth & provide the most interesting, thought-provoking questions & conspiracies. Dedicated to seeking the truth & waking the masses.

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  • BossladyTanya
    Vacation from reality
    I enjoy this podcast very much. It feels as tho Aaron and Dan are like my buddies and we are just hangin out chatting about weird stuff. Sending a hug to them both.
  • borat voice very nice
    Really enjoy your show. Can you do a show on la palma volcano and maybe a possible connection Nostradamus
  • Wonderful,excellent,incredible
    ToT3K is the best podcast of its kind that I have found. I love the way the guys approach each episode with an open mind and a sense of humor. I think it’s important to maintain an inquisitive and light-hearted attitude when discussing this genre of topics and they nail it. I look forward to each new episode every week and it’s the highlight of my day.
  • v-force714
    Top notch entertainment!!!
    I’m a new listener to the show. Love your guys way of thinking and the topics of the shows are phenomenal!!! I’m into the truth and love going down the rabbit hole. Thanks for the awesome listening content, best wishes. Your fan Tony Villegas.
  • Gabbs2001
    Love this podcast
    I’ve been searching for a good conspiracy theory podcast for a while and I stumbled across this one on Spotify and it did not disappoint. Been listening to y’all every day at work for the past two weeks and I love it. By far best conspiracy podcast I’ve listened to. Keep up the good work can’t wait to listen to more!
  • njb629
    My Favorite Podcast
    I was looking for a conspiracy podcast years ago and the first one I came across is Theories of the Third Kind. At the time, I was very into the Las Vegas Shooting, so that was my first listen. I was instantly hooked. The show does an excellent job of giving you facts and theories and allows you to come to your own conclusion instead of pushing theirs. I have since began listening to most of the episodes for a second time and subscribed to their Patreon so I could continue to expand my mind with all of their knowledge nuggies. With my current job, I spend at least 4 hours of my day listening to the soothing sounds of Aaron and Daniel. 10 out of 10, would highly recommend.
  • latenightslistener
    The best podcast!
  • panchis00
    Amazing podcast
    Good podcast! Just hate the girls voice lol
  • Kings square
    Knowledge nuggets!!!!
    Keep dropping them please!!!!
  • Evan11101010108374738384)5
    Great Podcast
    This podcast is amazing for conspiracies and interesting theories. I personally can’t speak on whether or not I wholeheartedly believe everything, but it makes my imagination go places I never thought it would. It’s genuinely fun to listen to this and think about what they have to say. They’ve convinced me on some things, but with things that I’m personally on the edge with believing, I at least gained a great deal of knowledge and fun out of hearing the interesting things.
  • PrincessTiff92
    Great Podcast ❤️👍
    You guys are hilarious. Found you guys on Spotify but I’ll be listing to you on the podcast through iTunes. If you haven’t subscribe yet you should. Please do a part 2 and 3 on the JFK assassination 🙏 FBI will be releasing part one of information on his case coming December 17th, 2021. Then part 2 will be released at a later time. 💕 - Keep up the good work. And remember to thinking while it’s free!
  • Bigdickdaddycris
    Love it!
    I listen to it all the time at work
  • eazykf757
    Hey you guys
    I love this show
  • FuzzyNavel1265
    What is your contact info, I would like to tell you what I’ve seen in the world these days
  • TitoOrtiz27
    This is the best podcast i accidentally stumbled upon. They are very very open minded I think and it’s not bias on these topics they talk about. It actually gets you thinking about all of these theories that could’ve been or is. I love this podcast, Aaron and Daniel son are the best, they speak very clearly and loudly enough for you to hear also. Subscribe to their Patreon!!!
  • mkmegadeluxe
    Dumpster fire
    I can understand having an interest in conspiracies and wanting to know more, which would lead most people to do actual research and not just pull Wikipedia and 4chan posts as a fact. Half of the time the two morons (especially Danielson) cannot even pronounce the people, places, and things correctly that they are trying to raise others’ awareness of. Trash trash trash.
  • noodlecarl
    Lots of fun
    Really entertaining and hilarious!
  • attackkitten11
    My guilty pleasure! Asking for a patreon membership for Christmas!
  • Jcalhoun0537
    Top Notch👌🏻
    Deez guysh are fantshtic!! I wuv wistening why I woork!! Gweat job guysh!! Keep un gweat woork!! 😵‍💫🤺🤺 😆😆😆😆😆
  • be swam sim
    Why this podcast is the best
    Hi I love this podcast because it’s really interesting and easy to lose track of time listening to. I also fall asleep to it because when I put on something interesting I wanna listen to it and it relaxes me, they also sour a lot of time into theses podcasts and they have patrion(sorry if I miss spelled it) witch they make and extra episode which they also have a guaranteed episode every week. Anyways this is why I love this podcast if you read this thank you for your time and I hope you like it too.As always BIG FOOT 2024 🤘🤘🤘🤘
  • puhwee
    Ok. You take a p-I-c-ture with a camera. You pour milk out of a pitcher. Not interchangeable.
  • collin lafferty
    If y’all don’t respond to my email I’ll expose y’all for what y’all really are, reptilians. Hope y’all are well. I love y’all. Proud of y’all
  • eronemos
    So the episode that dealt with dimensional travel was great. Aside from all the technical jargon, the simplest answer is that the universe is consciousness unbound. The complicated language is just to confuse certain individuals and those that do not understand that go around in circles. Each “religion” has certain rituals to shift the mind to those other vibrations (not a fan of religion!). Scientists I'm sure are aware of this and haven’t told us.
  • Pexkerhead
    want to give it a 5
    Great topics. great humor. Its just that there are a lot of times they talk way too fast, to the point I cant really listen. Ive noticed that some of the callers on voicemail are talkin way too fast as well. Dont know why...
  • Hickenstien
    Falling out of love
    Use to love the show but now I feel as if I’m falling out of love. I hate the fact that you guys now allow ads to run on the show my heart breaks 💔. I’ll do my best to keep listening but it seems like your running out of topics the last few episodes have been duds. I don’t know if you all have been busy in your personal life and not had time to the research but they have been boring 😢
  • OceanUrine
    Love this!
    I got this podcast as a recommendation from a friend and I absolutely love it. She calls herself an alien, which has a backstory behind it, and loves this kind of stuff. I do as well but I didn’t know there were podcasts about it. Keep it up!
  • 40KC5
    A Must Listen
    Absolutely worth a listen!
  • thrashey
    story time feels
    This podcast makes me feel like I’m 15 and my uncle is telling me about almost being abducted
  • trfrbhfgf543
    The best podcast and really nice people
    This is by far the best podcast ever
    i’ve been looking for a good conspiracy theory to listen to and i finally found one that literally explains everything and it’s easy to understand, love it!!!
  • Cubbington
    Fun stuff
  • will not open after 3wks
    I’m trying to see who gave 1 ★
    You a hater!!! These guys are amazing!!heyyyyyy Hannnnnnnnnn Ig; iyogiiam holla at ya girl Aaron 😍😍
  • H1he
    Best podcast
    This is the best podcast ever
  • santoscali
    Great podcast
    Great podcast can’t get enough.
  • Stupidmcstupid face
    Absolutely fantastic!
    I’ve been a fan of Conspiracy Theories, Cryptids, Hauntings, True Crime, all that good stuff since I was looking up creepy tales on my dial up, AOL account. I’ve searched and listened to countless podcasts that touch on any of these topics. This one is without a doubt, not only the best one that I’ve ever come across, but it’s also my absolute favorite. All of the hosts are fantastic and incredibly enjoyable to listen to. One of the other things that I absolutely love about this podcast, is the amount of research done for each topic, as well as the sheer variety of cases and topics covered. Even when listening to episodes on topics I’m familiar with, I still learn more facts and information that I was unaware of. Over torn through the back catalogue of episodes with a week and a half. Once my finances are a bit more in order, I’m without a doubt signing up for Patreon and I look forward to devouring those episodes as well! Please keep up the fantastic work guys. I love every single thing about this show and I think it’s an ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone who even has a passing curiosity in conspiracies. You’ve without a doubt have a fan for life. Thank all of you for the work that you put into each episode.
  • 1Bob045
    I’m so glad I found this! Thanks again guys for all your hard work! Also ppl if your sleeping on getting their Patreon don’t. Its worth more than five bucks a month. Great show guys!
  • Duke Nukem21
    Finally glad you guys found the right partner in State Farm. 👍keep up awesome content love you all and I’m proud of ya.
  • GanggangBuzzbuzz82
    Great show
    Great show, just found you guys a week or so ago and I’ve been binge listening while I’m at work. Keep up the great content!
  • laceface25
    Pretty good
    Ana sounds like the girl who takes fat bong rips from the movie knocked up. Love the show tho.
  • Angelina Noelle
    Literally LOVE the show, never was crazy about conspiracy until I started listening to this show. This show & the Patreon is the only thing that gets me through work 😭😭🤣
  • Aero kinisis
    Ya’ll are amazing!
    My friend from work started talking to me about these crazy conspiracies a few weeks ago, so I decided to find out where he was getting his info… mind blown! You guys are amazing, the research, the humor, everything! I’m always looking forward to your episodes! One topic you might find interesting is the Star Children. I know History Channel has done an episode about it through Ancient Aliens, but I am very curious as to your opinions. Thanks! Ya’ll are amazing! -Caleb
  • Clongnion
    I’m a fan
    This is an amazing show. Love the content.
  • Thug28
    Deep thoughts for long commutes
    I have been loving this podcast for the last month or so since I moved a little further from work. It gives me something to ponder throughout the day. Every single host is great and I love the features they add to the show. I just followed and always look forward to my long drive to work now because I learn how crazy this world really is. Keep up the great work everyone! BIGFOOT 2024!!!
  • twin falls dad
    I have bad anxiety attacks while I drive and have found these reptilians to be the best medicine lol jk but really it help me get my mind off all the worldly things n just let my mind wonder off as they tell these stories and go over theories absolutely love that I found them am hoping to become a patreon member 5$ months sounds better than anxiety meds lol
  • jorged003
    Great Podcast
    I just recently started listening to this podcast and I love it. Great topics, and the host are not only great to listen to as well as presenting the topics in an interesting way but they’re also pretty funny.
  • readingfreak2594
    New listener!
    So I recently found this podcast and I’m into any and everything weird,mysterious, or down right unbelievable. This podcast is everything I am into and so much more. I love the variety of topics discussed and all the humor and jokes between hosts! Keep it up guys! Currently bingeing past episodes 😂
  • Vek714
    Just found this show and I’ve been listening from the oldest episodes first then to the newest ones. These guys are conspiracy gurus(I assuming other hosts being brought up are no longer part of the show since I only hear episodes from Aaron & Danielson) but I love it with just you guys so far! I thought I knew every conspiracy out there until I came across this podcast. The way the episodes are played out are interesting and I love the different theories at the end of each episode along with the funny sarcastic personalities. I would love if on the website you could provide additional episode information under each episode along with pictures and links to the references (if there are links and aren’t from the dark web) might be asking too much but after listening to your episodes I’m wanting to do research on it all and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Keep up the great work and doing you guys!
  • Terrellthegod
    Best show
    I tend to get lost in the podcast. Never a dull moment. If you’re a outside thinker this is a podcast for you
  • Dx3Savage Toast
    Awesome show
    I have binged this podcast over the past few days and can say y’all are by far my favorite! Not sure if you have yet but y’all should look into Betty and Barney Hill.
  • ol.r3liable
    Cream of the crop
    These guys are not only funny but have good content. I like the hitler episode the most the accent was golden
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