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Explore the unknown with us. Conspiracy Theories, Aliens, Paranormal, Demons, Occult, Bigfoot, Reptilians, Cryptozoology, Conspiracies, Supernatural, UFOs. We seek the truth & provide the most interesting, thought-provoking questions & conspiracies. Dedicated to seeking the truth & waking the masses.

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  • Moniiesmee
    Love this podcast
    Im always at work bored just on my headphones this podcast helps me keep entertained in between patients interesting theories with good context i love it
  • kaveree
    i love a good conspiracy theory. you learn so much, followed by so many facts. also, the fact that Q101 yesterday had a mention of aliens & i said, “if it aint TOTK, i don’t wanna hear it”… THEN THEY SAID IT WAS YOU GUYS. i love that you’re becoming wide spread because this podcast is ✨everything✨
  • Rreona
    Love IT
    we are different
  • RoJo Soul
    Great listen!
    Just a quick review, great episodes. Entertaining and informative.
  • Mejgdryggsfgvvh
    Could be amazing
    Theories of the nerd kind would be a better name. Potentially very interesting topics ruined with constantly going off on tangents on other topics. Older episodes have some female on them who is clearly reading from a script and sounds like the kid who has to read to the class in second grade and is very unsure of herself. Constant hawking of the pay to listen platform gets very tiresome. Juvenile joking also takes place and makes it appear that the hosts themselves do not take the topic seriously. There are very many interesting topics discussed and it’s listenable but I wish the hosts realized this. *edit*. They should possibly do an episode of themselves. I know find most of their theories to be contrived and a “ con” as one of the hosts has admitted to being a Branch Dividian in Waco and also the leader of a cult. They expose secrets while keeping themselves a secret.
  • PetrolUnicorn
    All a bit too vague; if they are not interested in the stories they tell, why should I be?
  • fathfjid djdkjdnnkl
    Amazing show and they actually talk about the topic!
    I found these guys by chance on a long car ride. I have always been interested in random theories and happenings around the world. These gentlemen do a fantastic job of clearly unpacking situations and laying out all the facts. They constantly put out interesting pods and don’t take anything to the extreme. I have personally listened to 30 or 40 of their podcasts and still haven’t figured out policy where they sand. If you are looking a funny to the point quality podcast look not further.
  • cdavis8547
    Great show!!!
    I listen every week!! Definitely recommend
  • OmarC13
    Great when it was the beginning
    The female ruined the podcast. She keeps talking way too much. Tried to be funny but isn’t.
  • basahahn
    Best podcast EVER!
    This is the only podcast that I have really followed consistently for the past few years. I have given almost everything a try but nothing is as entertaining as these dudes. They cover everything weird and Aaron and Daniel(son) have a great chemistry and I genuinely laugh out loud at least once or twice EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. Much love.
  • Lindz smith
    Love it!
  • carolyn232
    Thank you
    For affirming my belief in aliens 🙏🏾
  • jrmrHmtjnhf
    This is my absolute favorite podcast. They are incredibly funny and can make light of anything! I love how they do a wide variety of stuff, including UFO’s, government coverups, and other stuff. They are so fun, and it is really an amazing poscast
  • cumbucket909
    A really great podcast. Super funny guys and they always have me dying laughing and I’m not the type of person to laugh at many podcasts or videos even but these guys are really funny and the conspiracies are great. They do great research. Very non-opinionated & they let you come to your own conclusion.
  • Kdawg.001
    10/10 Show
    I love the show and you guys so much. I’m from Nevada but y’all are saying it wrong😂 You say Ne-Vduh, it’s Ne-VAD-uh😂
  • p124
    Ana’s voice
    Is insufferable. I’m listening backwards and I’m glad it’s just Aaron and Dan.
  • jessecam22
    Love checking in and listening , keeps my morning commute to work enjoyable
  • Jakeuhp
    The Best!
    This is probably hands down my favorite podcast I’ve ever listened to! Literally amazing!
  • ghmyahooka
    these people sound like little kids
  • Tslldaa
    I love listening to this show!
    Y’all are the absolute best! I love the show and the way it is presented! I love your humor too! Thank you for doing what you do! Free the weird!
  • Mrs Adoo
    Love the podcast!!
    I like the info & the humor 🙏
  • Kernalsanders13344
    Super Entertaining!
    I found this a couple weeks ago and can’t stop listening, I just subscribed to their Patreon too! The hosts are amazing, and the way they lay out the history, facts, and theories allows the podcast to flow nicely, and prevents it from turning into conspiracies being shouted with no evidence. Id highly recommend for anyone to check out, even if “conspiracies” aren’t your thing. I’ve yet to listen to an episode that wasn’t intriguing. Looking forward to future episodes!!👽👽
  • Dj_FlipBeats
    Awesome show
    They’re such a relaxed pair and present things in such a comprehensive but open view. Also my go to podcast and always my go to for when I need something to listen to at work or on my drives.
  • JRGrijalva317
    Best thing since sliced bread.
    Just found y’all today. I’m already hooked. Update 4/26/23 YUUUUP!!!!! I love you, and I’m proud of you! Stay awesome!
  • M5Tor
    y’all are my favorite podcast! and soon to become patron member! love your personalities!
  • J6ahn
    Racist episode really disappointed me.
    Was enjoying the show until i came across the Japanese episode and their true colors really came out. Having an Asian background it really rubbed me the wrong way and frankly was disgusted by their mockeries and imitations. Its 2023… what y’all were doing was lazy, not funny, and really racist.
  • DiscerningListener01
    Poorly Researched
    Do your homework. Your ‘facts and findings’ are as well-researched as a junior high school project.
  • Nestabean
    Beautifully done as always! ❤️
    I binged the entire podcast in less than 2 weeks. I usually start from newest to oldest (I’m weird I know) & holy cow, it’s great! I made sure to sub to their Patreon because I can’t get enough! Aaron & Dan, thank you for all you do! I know it’s not easy doing what you guys do! I do wish Hans & Ana would come back, or else make a special appearance, but I understand everyone has their own path. Please keep up the great work! we love, appreciate, & are so proud of you both!
  • Don_v305
    New topics perhaps
    Wassgood yall, back with another review and perhaps a suggestion of a few topics. I started from your older casts working my way up and I’m currently on the pyramids cast, which sparked a thought that I remembered concerning not the Egyptian but the ancient pyramids in Mexico actually. There was reported to be a pool of mercury I believe found underneath the pyramid which if I remember correctly proposed a deeper use of the pyramid than just a ceremonial space or burial chamber—— Also y’all should definitely, definitely, definitely look into the supposed hidden truth of the properties of Mercury. Especially red Mercury if not mistaken. Very interesting stuff, from anti gravity properties if subjected to super fast rotation and even alchemically turning it into gold with the right electrical pulse applied. It’s crazy. It’s even been suggested that’s what ufo’s are powered with. Keep it guys 💯💯💯
  • abbylahren
    Best podcast I’ve came across
    I have about 8 podcast I keep in circulation but theories of the third kind is by far the best one. I found this podcast while searching for something new to listen to(all 8 podcast are about murder-I’m a huge crime junkie) 🔪🩸 I currently have 4 new episodes of my other cast but I’m HOOKED to theories of the third kind. Thank you for all the info and laughter. I love y’all and I’m proud of y’all. ♥️
  • v-force714
    Top notch entertainment!!!
    I’m a new listener to the show. Love your guys way of thinking and the topics of the shows are phenomenal!!! I’m into the truth and love going down the rabbit hole. Thanks for the awesome listening content, best wishes. Your fan Tony Villegas. Ps turn down the bass on your guys voices. It distorts speakers.
  • scubbaaaasteve
    Great set ups and professional but funny
    Aaron and Dan are hilarious but serious about every topic they address… Too bad we cant all live burn a bleezy together … I bet dans eyes get extra low 😉😂 jk love you guys . Waiting for the bledso alien family encounter episode - staged? … need to cover more third kind things and less political and human mistake theories , need some more ghosts and aliens , a few episodes are covered a few times over the seasons … hitler* episode is almost word for word of a theories Thursday
  • Jayson3577
    Interruptions all the time!
    Jacob cant shut his mouth and let his Co host and the guest say what they’re trying to say. He is by far the worst podcast host I believe I have ever heard.
  • Adnama Neslo
    I was hopeful
    I wanted to like this podcast. Either the editing or the hosts pronunciation of words are awful. One of the hosts pronounce -ing words with “k” at the end and I just can’t get over it (example: driving = drivink). Besides pronunciation/editing, the entire thing sounds so scripted it’s awful-it honestly sounds like you’re listening to first graders read paragraphs in class… It’s rough.
  • oldamethyst
    Great conspiracy & murder mystery content. A perfect combination of deep dark facts/ ideas, curiosities, humor and open minded conversation. The best is the lack of biased political opinions. They keep the discussion on the subject matter without deviating to opinionated, subjective run-on. Hard to find a podcast that doesn't do this. These hosts are smart, funny & humble. If you're into aliens, conspiracy theories and having Bigfoot run for office, this podcast is certainly worth a listen.
  • kavoc91
    I have been listening to you for years now and have never been disappointed love the content love the people who have come and gone. Keep up the amazing show!!!
  • Thrillz!
    My new favorite
    Information and research are extensive and I love it. Also the Audio is TOP NOTCH!!!
  • Smikesmum
    Great content and structure🖖🏻
  • Shawnski01
    Love this podcast! Aaron and Dan are the perfect duo. They make me laugh while bringing theories based on facts. Keep up the great work guys. Don’t need anymore hosts. Just you two is the perfect formula
  • Battlebirch
    You can’t tell the hosts’ political affiliation if they even have any, even in topics that seem covered in political filth. More professional fact finders than 99% of journalists today although it’s generally on far more interesting topics that MOST people would rather hear than red vs blue cheerleading. Great stuff!
  • donutlover14
    Keep up the great work!
    By far my favorite podcast!!
  • Tat2dCowboy
    Awesome show
    Great content!! Also the host have a great cadence to their voices also the content is covered in a perfect amount of time!!! Not too much not to little. Great show all the way around, Im
  • Ronald Mcdiabetes
    Amazing podcast worth a listen if the topics interest you.
    I love this podcast! The audio quality is great and the topics are things I want to listen to just wish it was longer sometimes. Give me a five hour talk on the secrets of the Great Pyramid lol.
  • seanyoder1982
    The Truth is Out There
    I love this show! Happened to come across it just searching for something to listen to and I was hooked after listening to one episode. I love how they don’t pressure for money and haven’t sold out yet they give incentive to join as a patrion if you have the money. Keep up the great investigative work and keep bringing us great listening!
  • Monte Quile
    Great Podcast
    I love this podcast. I just started listening a week or two ago and have been bouncing around past episodes. I happened to listen to an episode where a lot of feedback towards Ana being added to the squad. I just wanted to applaud you guys for prioritizing negative feedback over positive. Personally I wanted to let you know that I think you three make a great team. Specifically I enjoy not only how you guys segment the episodes, but you’re all hilarious. Thanks for the awesome podcast. You have a true fan and I’m going to join your Patreon shortly. Stay frosty. 🇺🇸🚀 SB
  • Warlocknutbuster
    Best podcast
    Y’all are the best thanks for all you do ! Please do a show on the Porterville California evil gnome . I want to know more about this creepy little MF .
  • Edward deanda
    Decrease in quality
    I discovered this podcast like 4 months ago saw all the normal episodes then bought the patreon. I noticed they recycle lots of episodes and end up releasing exclusive content to the normal podcast so I ask myself why bother paying. Also I miss a full cast it was more alive it feels deadbeat now.
  • islifereallyreal
    A good respectable podcast
    I just appreciate they haven’t sold out and they always release an episode even when it’s clear they can’t make a new one for the week. Plus they may have weird opinions or pronounce things wrong but honestly I think it makes them more relatable and it reminds me of someone I could just hang out with and talk to irl which is cool. So yeah 5 stars don’t hate I love you and I’m proud of you 👍
  • El brownie loco
    Very entertaining!!
    I anticipate episodes every Thursday! This podcast is fun and interesting. You guys do a great job! Keep up the great work!
  • et ultor
    Great podcast
    Great interesting podcast. Just wish they’d pronounce words correct sometimes.
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